Friday, March 10, 2006

Marching Along

BUZZING. Lexington beekeeper John Sturman recently “packed up a nuc [sic.] of bees” plus “smokers, veils, brushes, queen pheromone (2 kinds), and several jars of honey” and drove to Manhattan for apiarian art’s sake. There he induced the bees to land on the word IT demarcated in honey on the chest of graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister. Read all about it in the Spring 2006 issue of About Town (whose previous issue’s big story, crafted by a local hack, was “A New Catskill?”). Mr Sturman is vice-president of the Catskill Mountain Beekeepers Club (

GRANTED, to the Town of New Baltimore, by the State’s Environmental Protection Fund, for wastewater disinfecting equipment and hence for participating in the effort to achieve a cleaner, swimmable Hudson River: $37,400. It’s just a fraction of the nearly $2 million that was disbursed also to the Albany and Rensselaer county sewer districts, to the towns of Coeymans and East Greenbush and to the Village of Castleton, according to a Times Union report (Ken Thurman; 3/7/06), but it helps.

GRANTED, by the National Endowment for the Humanities, through the “America’s Historic Places” program of the “We the People” initiative, to GreeneLand’s Thomas Cole National Historic Site: $40,000, for--as the application says--“conceptual planning and design development of a new permanent exhibition [including] an introductory audiovisual presentation, attendant interpretive panels, display of collection objects, printed educational materials, docent tours, and related public programs….” The exhibition will “address Cole's art-making process and the significant role his appreciation and interpretation of the American landscape had in shaping an emerging national identity.” The money will be used, then, to figure out what should be said and shown, where, in what forms. Then we’ll need another, bigger implementation grant. Regarding Cole’s influence, Raymond J. Steiner notes, in the March issue of Art Times, that “There was a time that it was something of a put-down to be called a “Hudson River Painter’—as if traipsing around the wilds of upstate New York was somehow…beneath the artist who took his craft seriously. [According to European canons, good artists might go on cozy] sketching tours…but only to get a taste of nature—not to immerse oneself in it, and especially not in the unkempt landscapes that skirted the Hudson River or were tucked away in the Catskill Mountains. Painting was a gentleman’s pursuit, and [artists and buyers alike felt] that it had little to do with the uncouth business of tramping through the forests like some rough backwoodsman. “Still, under [Thomas] Cole’s persistence and a growing belief that God might just really speak through nature, the New York City clique began to take a closer look at…those ‘wild men’ who sought their inspiration and motifs directly from the source.”

ADVERTISING NOTES. “New Ownership: Grand Opening Soon” says a West Bridge Street banner at Catskill Buick (& Pontiac & GMC & Cadillac) dealership. Which has been under new ownership for months. Also noteworthy is the campaign folder touting Paul Rosenblatt and Chuck Adsit as “Republican Candidates for Village Trustee & Village Justice.” Inside the fold are two panels devoted to Mr Rosenblatt’s credentials. The other two panels are blank. Moreover, a “Greene Pride” campaign will soon be launched by our Chamber of Commerce. It may reinforce the effect of what comes about when we use the terms GreeneLand and GreeneLander. NOT of local origin are classified advertisements (noted on WorldWideWords web site) for “a radio alarm saw” and for “salmon canopies.” .

MAULED, as usual, by local newsfolk: the English language. “The local investment in today’s youth has been a topic of question [sic.] ever since….” “Widewater has said they…would consider razing the building rather than demolishing it.”

HONORED at the latest Sundance Film Festival, with an important screenwriting prize, for the script of her GreeneLand-made movie “Stephanie Daley”: Catskill native Hilary Brougher. She also directed the film (starring Tilda Swinton and Amber Tamblyn), which was shot in Hunter, Tannersville (the high school), Phoenicia and Catskill (the courthouse, with Mayor Vincent Seeley visible in some shots, playing a pesky newsman). According to early reviewers, “Daley” is emotionally harrowing in places, but (or and) the location shots in GreeneLand are excellent.

BUSTED, inside the Greene County courthouse, for alleged possession of an illegal substance (marijuana): Joseph Vanleuvan, 24, of Valatie. Reporting for possible jury duty, he went through the magnetometer (electronic security), was adjudged by the deputy on duty to be packing pot in a cigarette box. Well, at least he did not have to wait all day before being excused.

FURLOUGHED, by order of the Roman Catholic diocese in Albany, pending disposition of a complaint that he abused a child sexually 30 years ago: Fr Jeremiah Nunan, pastor of Sacred Heart parish and of Our Lady of Knock mission in East Durham. According to reports in The Daily Freeman and The Daily Mail, local parishioners are skeptical of the charge and devoted to the pastor.

CHALLENGED, in Federal district court in Albany: the New York State Health Department’s revocation of the medical license of Martin Kosich, erstwhile private practitioner, physician of the Greene County Jail and director of the county Health Department. His attorneys are preparing to argue that the Health Department’s action came in the wake of hearings and rulings that deprived their client of due process of law and a fair shake. Argument on their request for a restraining order against the Health Department is due for submission by March 18th. Revocation was imposed on February 24th, on recommendation of a three-person Committee, after a series of hearings in 2005 that culminated in a “determination” of “demonstrated negligence and incompetence in the practice of medicine.” That evaluation was based largely on patients who were treated by Dr Kosich in a detoxification program at his Greenville private practice. The committee spoke of “slipshod and unprofessional” care, wherein

Respondent consistently failed to obtain adequate histories or conduct adequate physicals, did not order appropriate tests when needed, illegally prescribed methadone, inappropriately issued prescriptions for potentially dangerous substances, and failed to address a number of his patients medical conditions or refer to an appropriate specialist. By doing so, he put his patients at risk. Respondent demonstrated negligence and incompetence in the practice of medicine.

With regard to the procedures leading to that conclusion, the Committee said “The Respondent presented no expert on his behalf and offered no testimony to refute the Petitioner’s experts’ opinions, nor did the Respondent testify in his own behalf.” Neither did he submit documents. That version of history, according to the Kosich side, is wrong. James E. Morgan of Delmar, who with partner Sheila Galvin is representing Kosich, told Seeing Greene that “In large part, we were prevented from cross-examining their two ‘expert’ witnesses—who, incidentally, lacked expertise. Similarly, our attempts at presenting relevant documents, and at presenting our own witnesses, were thwarted.” Mr Morgan also assailed the Committee’s judgment that Mr Kosich lacked proper authorization to dispense and prescribe methadone.

WARNED, THREATENED, INVITED, DAMNED, at the Catskill Fire Company’s Tuesday meeting, by Village Trustee and quasi-commissioner Jim Chewens: perpetrators of scurrilous Comments following Seeing Greene entries, along with, perhaps, the permissive blog administrator. Mr Chewens said he’d just spoken with “a federal agent…who’s investigating this crap. We don’t know if we have criminal charges or a civil case yet, against Dick May or…these [anonymous, “sick,” family-bashing] bloggers….” Moreover, “the Attorney General has been contacted [and] they’re investigating with their computer team to figure out who these people are” and “we’re gonna find out” and “we’re gonna take care of business.” Mr Chewens invited listeners “who think I’m bluffing” about the investigation to check with Village Police Chief Dave Darling. The chief told Seeing Greene that nobody had asked for confirmation. He added that he has indeed received complaints about the blog (or Comments thereon), has received one formal complaint, has indeed contacted State and Federal agents. Techno-sleuthing may be under way. Good hunting.

BANNED, as announced in a special Monday (3/5) blog: Comments on Seeing Greene. Too many retardates took malicious advantage of the open door policy, scorning the spirit of Guidelines that were posted last Friday. Readers who wish to pass along messages to the boss blogger, with a view to investigation, edification, entertainment, denunciation or publication can do so by clicking the green “Dick May” below, or e-mailing

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