Monday, March 06, 2006


I have just imposed a total ban on Comments. I have done so after seeing that my Guidelines as just published have been ignored; the comments are anonymous, scurrilous, cheap.... They bring the Seeing Greene enterprise into disrepute. I had hoped that they would be self-discrediting to their authors, but their volume and sleaze-bag character has not diminished.

In making that decision I am going against the advice of at least one correspondent who was deeply wounded by an anonymous comment (or two or three), asked for its removal, but at the same time urged me to keep allowing anonymous comments, as they were necessary for bringing to light some facts and issues that merit public attention. With that in mind I invite would-be tipsters, commentators, advisers and the like to e-mail me directly. They can supply information that may warrant publicizing through Seeing Greene.

The suggestions need not (please!) be limited to fire company issues, although I certainly do wish to help to air what deserves to be aired. (Confession of bias: my paramount interest is in getting A Good Story). E-mails can be sent to me at (yes, it's dickmate not dickmay) or at

Maybe in the future we can work out some way of having lots of comments that are freely contributed without requiring a censor.

Dick May

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