Friday, January 27, 2006


ASSEMBLY. Daniel J. Hooker, whose 127th State Assembly district includes most of GreeneLand plus parts of four more counties and all of Schoharie—in short, a goofy seat, made to give a Republican life tenure—has announced that he will not seek-re-election later this year. He has only nominally been ‘in office’ since last April, when he was called up as a Marine Corps reservist to report to Camp Lejeune. According to reporter Joe Prout of Hudson Valley Newspapers, he made a parting statement affirming “fundamental virtues of free enterprise, limited government, individual liberty and traditional American values.”

Four men have emerged so far as prospective candidates for the Republican nomination to succeed Hooker. One is Peter Lopez, Schoharie County Clerk, who is rumored to be Hooker’s preferred arch-“conservative” successor. Another is James Powers of Butternuts, a dairy farmer and Otswego County legislator. Two are GreeneLanders: Michael J. Camadine of Cairo, who is a furniture store manager and a member of the Greene County Legislature; and Matthew Tully of Hunter, a lawyer with offices in Albany and Catskill. Tully came to public attention when he took on pro bono, and won, the case of a Muslim law enforcement official in New York who had been the victim of workplace discrimination in the wake of 9/11. As a major in the National Guard, Tully served in Iraq; but he also denounced the war. He also succeeded last July in winning an administrative ruling that entitled thousands of National Guard and Reserve members who also were government employees to back pay for certain days spent on weekend training. Furthermore, Tully is evidently a man of candor. Speaking to Seeing Greene about normal realities in Albany, he said "Let’s be honest: this is the best part-time job in the country ($79,000 to work a couple of weeks a year in a dysfunctional body)."

VILLAGES. Catskill Republicans meet Jan. 31 (Tuesday) in Town Hall to endorse candidates for Village Trustee (two terms are expiring) and Village Justice (Charles Adsit’s term is expiring), and the Democrats meet for the same purpose the following night. We expect incumbents Forest Cotten (Democrat) and James Chewens (Republican) to seek re-election. Economic development guru Peter Markou has announced a bid for Republican endorsement and Chewens may solicit Democratic cross-endorsement.

Coxsackie's Joseph Zanchelli, most vociferous of opponents of the United Mobile Homes scheme, has been appointed by Mayor Dianne Ringwald to complete the late Bob Baker’s term as a Village trustee; and he will run for a regular term at the March 21 elections. Mr Zanchelli, 43, is a Republican, a bereavement counselor at Community Hospice, and an ex-Marine whose career got a nice write-up by Terry Brown last December 12th in the TimesUnion. With regard to the UMH controversy, Mr Z was quoted by Anthony D’Arcangelis (Daily Mail, 1/13/06) as saying “I know people may not believe this, but I am going to be fair about this.” That could be a challenge. His faulty policy reasoning was dissected in the Nov. 18 issue (“Rationality-Hunting”) of Seeing Greene. That blog elicited a lengthy rejoinder (click Comments; see the 10:42 am. Entry). It was heavy on ad hominem twaddle (my motives are pure, so my position must be sound; your motives are suspect) and light on cost-benefit analysis..

THE CONGRESS. Kirsten Gillibrand of Hudson seems to be making a serious effort to challenge our incumbent Republican Congressman (20th District), John Sweeney. She has family roots in Albany politics and, in addition to being a wife and mother, is a high-powered New York lawyer (with the David Boies firm). She’ll make a formal announcement of candidacy for the Democratic nomination on Monday in Saratoga Springs, with Attorney General Eliot Spitzer as star attraction. Her campaign has claimed that the seat is no longer a Republican sinecure; but it is still rated “likely Republican” by the authoritative Cook Political Report. The Gillibrand forces will attempt to tie Sweeney closely to Tom DeLay and the corruption scandals. Already in circulation is a video publicizing “how Congressman Sweeney spends his weekend: skiing with lobbyists!” Expect more about weekending.

HEALTH BENEFITS. Should local government employees and elected officials be given free health insurance? Cairo’s Taxpayers Association thinks not. Judging from two reports in The Daily Mail (Andrea Macko; 1/18/06, 1/19/06), Taxpayers Association chief Charles Umbach says the town’s councilors gave themselves, along with the full-time workers, full health insurance in what was virtually a stealth action. He estimates the cost to local taxpayers at $700 per beneficiary. Query: what are prevailing local policies on health insurance for employees and (especially) for part-time elected officials?


MISNOMERS Dept. “Vedder will also discuss the literary and artistic precedents for the Hudson River School.” “With the Hudson River frozen over, Cedar Grove was essentially isolated in a world prehistoric to modern technology. An excursion to a local frozen waterfall will ethenticate the event.” (Daily Mail, 1/23/06)

NEOLOGISMS Dept. “If this was the Marines he would have been arrested for going a-wall.” (Anonymous blog commentator).

SALES PITCH Dept. "Make a Fast Friend" = slogan on behalf of commercial invitation from Paula LaPorte to adopt a retired greyhound.


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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the history of health insurance for elected officials in Catskill? I haven't been here long enough to have seen the brouhaha of a few years back--in the Village or the Town--where a public outcry led to the withdrawal of health insurance and (perhaps, I'm not sure) its quiet reinstatement.

What do Catskill village and town representatives currently receive in the way of health insurance?

I'm not trying to stir the pot here: just trying to find some reliable information :-)

Anonymous said...

The Press is reporting this week that five Republican candidates and one Democrat are interested in the 127th Assembly District seat. They even interviewed all of them.

Anonymous said...

Health Insurance answer?

To the best of my knowledge

Catskill Village Elected Official receive no health insurance for the elected office.

Town Official receive health insurance, which includes the judges.

Joe Kozloski said...

Yes you are right. we/I receive no Health Insurance of any kind through the Village.

Joe Kozloski said...

When I said we/I I mean the 5 Village Trustees.

Anonymous said...

Today, Saturday, December 28, the Greene County Council of the Arts, 398 Main St., will host 'Art and Soul', an exhibition celebrating Black History Month .. from 5 to 7 p.m. Other galleries and shops will be open, many offering refreshments. This is one in a series of Evening Events that mark the renewal of Main Street. The public is invited. See what all the excitement is about! H. M. Hanson, Verso .. on behalf of Main Street Merchants.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least JZ is willing to run for office and stand up for the community and his beliefs. Of course, other people like you Mr. May can only make ignorant comments because you don't have the guts to do anything yourself.

Anonymous said...

can anyone in the Democratic Party run for election on ideas instead of smear tactics? the Democratic Party is the biggest threat than any terrorist today, if you are a democrat(except for Zell Miller) show us some ideas you have to could make things better, smear campaigns don't!

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget to vote no for jim chewens, he seams to only be for one thing, reopening disbanded hose 1!!

Citizens against corrupt leaders!

Anonymous said...

Has everyone forgotten about chewens nocking out a DJ's front teeth at an illegal party with under age drinking???????????

Vote NO for bad leaders like Chewens!

citizens against corrupt leaders!

Anonymous said...

Has Chewens done anything for the village besides firehouse politics?

Why is chewens aloud to call him self fire commissioner when the village doesn't have such a thing?

lets vote him out!!!

tax payer

Anonymous said...

Mr. May who do you support?

Hopefully not chewens!

Anonymous said...

To the small minded person who attacked Mr. May. Mr. May did run for village justice and was not successful. He layed it on the line.

What have you done other than attack people. It is easy to attack people and sit on the side lines. if you have nothing constructive, its time you take a calm down pill and relax.

I would be more concerned with the $500,000 lost my Dr. Kosich for the county when he failed to file reports.

Anonymous said...

He probably lost because he was the village potato head and people recognized it. Now he is bitter and only knows how to attack others and recycle old news stories rather than do his own reporting.

Anonymous said...

At 8:01 PM, Anonymous said...
Hey I thought Chewens was a turn coat at the last Republican Caucus?Didn't he state to the caucus that if he didn't win he would support who ever did. He lost the caucus and within a week he jumped on another ticket I thought he switched and ran on the Democratic ticket, but maybe it was independent. His word means very little to me.
I'm a long time republican, and I'll leave the republican party if the Republican Caucus were to choose him to run on their ticket. Especially after what he's done to the fire department. What ever happened to integrity and honesty. It seems like it just doesn't mean a thing in GreeneLand. Please tell me it aint so.

Anonymous said...












Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I wonder, I just noticed Vinney Seeley donated $1,000.00 to Spitzers Campaign for Governor.

I just feel so dirty.

i'm going to bed.

Anonymous said...

This Monday (January 30th) at 7pm, there will be a joint Village/Town of Catskill meeting at the Senior Center. The goal of the meeting is to identify any opportunities for the two boards to work together on projects that will collectively affect our community. If you have any concepts you would like brought up, please feel free to send them to me or post them here. There is no specific agenda or "hot topic", only a start to a more strategic approach to continuing our progress. Let's see how it goes. Hopefully you can make it there.

Thanks, Vinny

Anonymous said...

To 8:24 PM,
So what is your point? Why would that make you feel dirty? I am supporting the political process for a candidate (who is a person, not a political party) who I believe has decent ideas. Is that not the way it should work? When will all of this Red vs. Blue end? I want to think we have progressed past that as a society.


Anonymous said...

I think that Vinny deserves a chance to do the right thing. As far as him donating money to Spitzer I think you'd be surprised what "high ranking" republicans have donated money to Spitzer. They fiqure that Spitzer will be the next Governor and they want to make points with him. Vinny has been given a chance to do the right thing and lets see if he does it.

Chewins was a "high ranking" member of Hose 1 and Hose 1 insisted in the stipulation of settlement that all fire companies would keep a corporate identity after consoladation of the fire department or none would. Having decals saying Hose 1 on eta 311 and having a Hose 1 sign visible from the road on the fire company property is keeping a corporate identity since Hose 5 was taken off the other trucks still in service and you don't see Hose 2 on anything in service.

Chewins has a choice and he can either be in favor that NONE of the former companies keep a corporate identity or he can be a hypocrite and allow the Hose 1 decals to be displayed on the truck and on the Central Avenue property.

I wonder if they will take a stand before the election. It is required by the stipulation. It ain't rocket science.

Anonymous said...

Reply to VJS 8:48 comment

The point is that the person who wrote that is an idiot. You have a right to donate and support candidates who share your philosophy and who you think will be best for the state and maybe best for the village of Catskill.

You are being up front about it which is something that you can't say about many around here. Who are the Republicans running anyway? Collansano? Who? It makes me sick that someone would support a loser just because of his party or what party he runs on. I think that is the mentality of the person who wrote the comment you replied to.

Anonymous said...

Before some trustee or someone else makes the suggestion that the old Hose 5 decals be put back on the truck and allow Hose 1 to remain on eta 311 that would take consolodation back a step. To move consolodation forward the decals MUST be removed off eta 311.

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen, the correct spelling is "C O N S O L I D A T I O N"
There you all go again showing your Catskill School District Education. Anyway that is your spelling lesson for the day.

Anonymous said...

However you spell it the writing is on the wall and on the stipulation and if the stipulation isn't enforced, then it spells M O T I V A T I O N to elect trustees who will enfore the stipulation and get rid of trustees who wont.

Finish Consolodation now.

Anonymous said...

con·sol·i·da·tion (kn-sl-dshn)
a. The act or process of consolidating.
b. The state of being consolidated.
2. The merger of two or more commercial interests or corporations.



Anonymous said...


A merger in which a new corporate entity is created from the two merging companies, which cease to exist.

Anonymous said...

2006 Goals

Take hose 1 off eta 3-11

Vote no for jim "potato head" chewens

Vote no for forrest "gump" Cotten

Make the village a better place to live ie close hose 1

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget the reason for mr. mays blog, taking hose 1 off 311!

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between jim chewens and a magnet?

Magnets have a positive side!

Q: What would happen if forest cotten got Alzheimers disease?

A: His IQ would go up.

Two peanuts went to the chewen's party at the firehouse..
One was a salted.

Anonymous said...

Let us give Cotten a chance by seeing what he does about eta 311 and the fact that Hose 1 maintains a corporate identity when NONE of the other old companies keep an identity.

boycott eta 3-11 I don't know how to operate it ... I forgot and I'm not going to be near a truck that is supposedly owned by a fire company that isn't a part of the village company. If I get hurt will the insurance cover it?

Anonymous said...

the other blog said it would stay even if no one commented but then it said that it was going to close because no one commented.

It is now closed.

Is Evan going to run for trustee on the Democrate line?

Anonymous said...


A merger in which a new corporate entity is created from the two merging companies, which cease to exist.

If the fire companies were consalidated that how can Hose 1 own a truck if they no longer exsist?

Anonymous said...

I am proud of Catskill and its recent stirrings of renewal along our Main Street...and especially proud of guys like Pat Walsh who hung in there through all these years, holding on to the ideal, the idea of what Main St. once was and could become again, with energy, cash and positive ideas...I am equally proud of newcomers like Forrest Cotten who have recognized the beauty of our small village and the inequities and good ole boy network that contributed to those inequities for all these years....Forrest and others like him are good people who work hard for their village, who have given much of their time and energies to making this a better place to live, with decent housing, decent wages and all the good things that come from being fair and positive...not negative and ignorant.....if that's being a Gump...then, so be it... that was the underlying meaning in that movie...Gump was a good, loving, decent human being....and we need more of him......we won't even go down that road touching on intelligence...If you don't know enough to recognize a good, caring, intelligent man like Forrest Cotten, then I feel very sorry for you...thank you Mr. Cotten for caring and running for trustee again...this village needs you..

Anonymous said...

I think that Cotten is caring and he's a bright guy. Good things have happened since he's been a trustee. But, I would like him to show that he has integrity and will stand up against Chewins for what is right. I hope that he see that there is true consolidation of the fire company and that happens when Hose 1 gives up their corporate identity just like Hose 2 and 5.

Anonymous said...

I think cotton is a piece of shit scum bag! Does anyone else think that he's gay?

Down with gump!

I rather elect a crack head!

Anonymous said...

You got Chewins and Cotten and Marku and maybe Even, Evan whatever his name is ....

Which two will be best for the CFC and will move the company forward and make Hose 1 give up their corporate identity?

Chewins, Even? I don't think so.

I know what you are saying but the lesser of two evils makes you have to consider voting for Cotten. Maybe Cotten will grow a set and force Hose 1 to follow the stipulation. Chewins and Evan NEVER will.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Interesting Political Facts:

1) Jim Chewens lied to the Republican Caucus when he said he would support their nominee if it weren't him. Then he ran independent.

2) Chewens ran on a platform of change & out w/the ol boys network, but in fact, he continues his own ol boys network w/his cronies at hose 1

3) Chewens, a registered Republican is now running for re-election as a DEMOCRAT.

Confused? Me too. Is he a Republican, Independent or a Democrat? Where are his loyalties: Hose 1 & himself.

Anonymous said...

More Political Interesting facts:

1) Evan ran as a Democrat for Trustee and won. He then ran for Assemblyman & withdrew due to no Democratic support. After that, he trashed the Democratic party.

2) After trashing the Democratic party, he somehow convinced them to allow his wife to run for Village Justice, which she lost.

3) Evan than ran for the Town of Catskill Board on the Democratic line, and lost.

4) Now that the Democrats have selected Chewens & Cotten to run on the Democratic line for Trustee that leaves Evan w/o a party line to run. What will he do? Rumour has it, he is going to run on his own Independent ticket.

So where does his loyalty lay? With the Democrats & supporting their candidates? No, only with himself.

I thought he was supposed to be the Vice-President of the Village of Catskill Democratic Party?

Still confused? Me too.

Anonymous said...

Vincent Seeley contributed $1000 to Elliot Spitzer's campaign. So what. He has a right to.

The only question it does bode answering is this:

A) Vince is registered as a Republican, yet ran on the Democratic Party ticket for office.

B) Vince supports the Democrats, but is still enrolled as a Republican.

Question: Is he a Republican or a Democrat?

More to come..

Anonymous said...

What do Vince Seeley, Jim Chewens and Evan Ultsch have in common?

They are all out for themselves. They have no loyalties to anyone but themselves. They are flip-floppers who don't care what party they belong to, who they tick off, who they stomp on as long as they get their way.

Talk about lack of integrity and loyalty. These are the leaders I want running the Village! (not)

Anonymous said...

Here's a question: why doesn't someone from this blog actually run for office? Isn't there a saying, something about "God helps those who help themselves?"

Also, if someone took the time to examine this stipulation, as I just did, they'd probably realize that there's nothing to enforce:

- The clause about retaining identity speaks to running an active incorporation. Since Hoses 2 and 5 have not, to my knowledge, disbanded their incorporations, why is Hose 1 obligated to? Obviously, since all three companies have retained their incorporations, they all possess some form of "identity," in accordance with the stipulation.

- If the answer above is correct, and all of the companies still have identities, why is it illegal or even immoral for Hose 1 to keep their lettering on a truck they own (again, clearly noted in the stipulation)?

- The Village's interest in 3-11 is that of a lienholder - the truck can't be sold or transferred without their approval, but that is it. Just as Chrysler Financial doesn't tell you that you must put a bug shield on your Dodge Ram because you have a loan on it, the Village is in no position to force the lettering of a truck they don't own, even if they pay the maintenance on it.

The Village Board hasn't taken a step to force this issue because they know there's not much they can do. The stipulation clearly states that Hose 1 owns the truck, and until or unless the village pursues a judicial dissolution, Hose 1 Inc. has every right to keep their lettering on the truck.

Anonymous said...

If you cant take the decal off of the side of ETA 3-11 in 6 weeks, how are you going to accomplish anything major in two years?

Every single trustee knew and did nothing to correct the problems at the fire house! They had two years and yet the only acomplishments were to allow Chewens to do what ever he wanted.

Are we simply stalling until after the elections?

Anonymous said...

The pres ran for office because he wanted a water line on his property, did he get it yes. Did he use village equipment yes!

Did Hose one removed the decals off of the other trucks Yes. Did the Chief a district resident remove all reference to the village of catskill from the trucks, Yes.

Does Hose 1 lay ownership to ETA 3-11, Yes,

Did Hose 1 lay claim to all trucks, Yes.

Did tax payer dollars ilegally go directly from the town to Hose 1 with out being controled by the village, Yes and is this against municipal law, Yes.

Did tax payer dollars pay for the trucks in the first place, yes.

Can tax payer monies be used to maintain a private entities equipment, no; did it yes!

Should every tax payer write or call the ny state comptrollers office and make a complaint, yes.

The comptrollers office stated that they cannot inspect every municipality at once and the Village of Catskill will be inspected when they get a chance.

However the more tax payers that make a complaint or ask for a review the higher priority it will become. the comment made at 5;53 proves that its been done and everyone should contact the comptollers office. Otherwise this could be up to 2 years before they come. Everyone will still be acountable even if they are no longer in office. Why wait.

As far as claiming that Hose 1, 2, and 5 are all in the same boat your totally wrong. Hose 1 collected $118,000.00 per year above what Hose 2 and 5 received. Theirs was budgeted and Hose 1 had their additional monies to do what they wanted.

This could have all been avoided accept the trustees failed to direct and supervise consolidation.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

To 5:01 pm,

Who cares what political lines somebody runs under? In this day and age, at a micro local level, it really does not matter.

A - True, I am a registered Republican who ran Democratic.
I am new to all of this political BS and still learning my way around the arena. I have witnessed old school "political" things happening that have left me shakening my head in amazement.

B - I will support the candidates who have the skillset for the job, regardless what political party they belong to.

Question: Is he a Republican or a Democrat?

Answer: I share ideologies and values from both parties. Is taking the best from both so bad?

Last thought; I feel that it is very irresponsible to vote for someone just because of the political party they are signed up with. VOTE for the PERSON and not for the party.


Anonymous said...

mr. or ms. 5:53
You sound like a lawyer and so here is some questions

So is it you are saying that if Hose 2 and Hose 5 dissolve their corporations that the lettering must come off ETA 3-11 as those corporations no longer have an "identity" which would then trigger the "all or none" language?

When two or more corporations consolidate, don't they merge to form a new corporation and then no longer exsist. So when the membership of Hose 1, 2 and 5 voted to consolidate and form the Catskill Fire Company didn't Hose 1, 2 and 5 dissolve once the Catskill Fire Company was created?

Wasn't the whole purpose of consolidation to dissolve the old identities and create a single fire company? Doesn't a Hose 1 decal on a fire truck in service defeat the intent and purpose of consolidation?

Isn't it hypocritical to insist on the "all or none" language but not take steps to promote the intent that their would only be one identity that being the CFC?

Wouldn't it promote unity to have all trucks in service have CFC decals? The Hose 5 trucks that are in service had their decals removed. Why is it so important to hang on to this decal? Why is owning property so important that you don't care that it hurts moral at the firehouse?

Hose 1, 2 and 5 for all practical purposes are dissolved. Let them die so that the CFC can grow.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Seeley, you reply to the 5:01 posting seems a bit defensive.

The facts are the facts. When you call yourself one thing, then do something different, you call into question your intergity and character.

True, one should vote their conscience, however, why be registered for one party, yet run on another line and support that party? Why not just switch or be independent?

It leads one to question your loyalties and character. It makes one wonder if what you say it true, or a bunch of BS.

By the way, has the decal come off of 3-11 yet? What's taking so long? Why haven't you acted? Are you still "studying" the situation?

As for your "taking it all in" and "being new", I think that's a bunch of baloney to just BS your way through and try to make people believe you.

In any event, I was pointing out the facts. Facts are facts, no matter how you want to color them or try to disuise them. After all, you're just concerned with facts, right?

Anonymous said...

I think that the new round of seeley and cotten attacks are being written by people who don't want removal of the decal disquising as decal removal supporters.

Anonymous said...

They do have a point though. Seems like a lot of flip flopping to me.

Call in the comptroler and the Attorny Generals Office!

Oh wait, secretary; send Eliot anther $1,000.00, we want to be sure that he knows we support him when they come to investigate SLOP Handlings in GreeneLand!

And Book me for the Republican, Democrat, Independent, Social, and Communist caucis's. They will all support me because they dont know who I am!

Anonymous said...

Having inactive corporations is keeping an identity which allows Hose 1 to keep a very visible identity? I don't think so but let's get rid of those old identities for once in all anyway because they really don't exsist and Hose 1 better do the same.

Trustees, will you work with us and enforce the stipulation and take steps to have true consolidation? Tell us (hose 2 and Hose 5) what you need us to do!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Just exactly what are you all teaching the future generation of Catskillians? That it is ok to do what you want no matter what? That fighting amongst yourselves is a good thing? That you should disobey anything you personally do not believe in? What are the children in the homes of Hose 1 learning? I cannot imagine how those children are being raised because they hear things the public do not in the privacy of their own homes. Nice going. I can see how in 10-20 years these kids will be running this town and going oh wait my dad did such and such when the village disbanded his fire company and got away with it so I can do whatever I want and get away with it too.
Nice lesson to teach the children.

Anonymous said...

the fifth Republican candidate for the 127th Assembly, as reported in The Press, is Joe Roberti of Saugerties.

Anonymous said...

What do you do when you support someone and discover that he has violated certain basic principals?

Abused His Power?

Abused His Authority?

Participated in a cover up?

Assaulted tax payers?

Embarrased position on Village Board?

Participated in character assasination?

Jeapordised the reputation and integrity of the village board.

Displayted lack of integrity and honesty?

Disenfranchised volunteer firemen and tax payers.

Can only defend his actions behind closed doors where no one can point out his lies.

And after all this would you tell the public that he is a honorable man worthy of your support? or dump him as un worthy of your support?

Honesty, integrity, truthfullness, Its a hard thing to find and harder to maintain!!

Anonymous said...

So many times we sit back and bitch, yet choose to really do little else. Either get involved and at least try to change things for the better or just shut the hell up already.

Anonymous said...

Point Blank We NEED to ask the village board what we must do to have true consolidation. Get rid of ALL former corporate identities and remove all former corporate identity from any truck, etc.

We as non hose 1 fire fighters need to ask what we have to do, if anything, so that the village can and will enforce the language of the stipulation.

Does Hose 1 really think that an inactive corporation (like 2 and 5) is an identity? We will get rid of ours totally, if it even exsists after consolidation) and then, if what they say is true, then who will own 311? They better be careful what they say because if that is an identity then the stipulation will require them to totally dissolve there corporation and they will loss there truck WHICH THEY SO LOVE TO THROW IN OUR FACES. WHEN 311 IS A RUST BUCKET WHICH WILL HAPPEN SOMEDAY THEN THEY WILL HAVE SHIT BUT THEY CAN SAY THAT WE WERE ABLE TO DESTROY MORALE AT THE FIREHOUSE BECAUSE THAT IS THE ONLY LASTING THING. THESE HOSE 1 GUYS SHOW TIME AND TIME AGAIN THAT OWNING THINGS IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO THEM.


Anonymous said...

1:26 asks, "What do you do when you support someone and discover that he has violated certain basic principals?"

Send him to Washington, of course!

Anonymous said...

I think it time to have a positive statement toward the CFC. Sunday I attended a breakfast with my wife for one of the fire Company member who has an illness and no medical insurance.

I was impressed and elated to see all members of Catskill Fire Company performing a common goals, helping a member of fire company, who needed assistanace.

Twenty four hundred dollars was donated at the free will offering community breakfast.

The fire company presented the donations to the fireman. I must say you could feel the pride of all who particiapted.

It appears you can work togethor and it's about time everyone moves on. Nice job working togethor.

Bob I mopped the engine room floors, you owe me for my service, Have to have a little levity.

Again, Nice performance by all working together.

Chuck Adsit

Anonymous said...

That was a good story from Chuck about the members of the CFC working together toward a noble cause.

There can be unity at the CFC!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the petty, vindicative and mean-spirited behavior of some of you firemen posting on this blog. If this is how you behave, in my opinion it certainly amounts to a vote of no-confidence on your ability to concentrate on the job at hand--firefighting, not politicking. Maybe a revamp of the membership is in order, not a change in leadership on the village level because some of you didn't get your own way. Please reconsider your role as volunteers and behave respectfully and responsibly or you will continue to lose the community's faith.

Anonymous said...

Hey vinney,

whats going on with eta3-11?

Before I get all upset I want to hear from your mouth or blog were
we the taxpayers and you stand!

Please for the best of the village strip 3-11 of the hose 1 name!!

all keep some, or non keep any!

Anonymous said...

over 17,041 visiters and comments pouring in by the minute. The taxpayers do care about removing the lettering off of eta 3-11 does Vinney? I thought he was going to save the day? What happened to him?

vote no for cotton and chewens.

Anonymous said...

to the 4:14 pm blog. not all of us are dumb ass firemen. This site has a lot of tax payers wanting the same things. learn the facts.

citizens against corrupt leaders!

Anonymous said...

Volunteers can do anything they want at home! We are paid nothing. They certainly dont train any more like they use to. When we agreed to consolidation and voted on it we were promised that it would be equally done. All we got was hose one schemes to run every one off.

After two years and nothing has yet to be done to Hose 1 and they cant have their name taken off of ETA 3-11? The other two companies lost trucks, fire houses, equipment, and continue to constantly be harrased, belittled and insulted as a small group of Hose 1 die hards continue to try and run everyone off.

You say petty and vindictive, your absolutely right and the victims are simply fighting back. They have been on the receiving end for to long, Why stop and allow the two boards to start ignoring the problems again. More action has at least been promised in six weeks than has been ofered in 2.5 years.

Anonymous said...

Vinney, I was going to go to your meeting tonight, but I thought what the hell for?

Nothing but a bunch of promises that will go no where. Hell you cant even take the Hose 1 emblem off of ETA 3-11. Potato Head and Oh my God showed more fortitude when they went in and removed emblems and the villages name off of all the trucks.

Your holding out with your partners until after the elections. If you cant do the job get out of office!

Anonymous said...

I can tell you that I am not a fire department member but a resident of Catskill. While maybe some of the comments have been dumb not all the people here are dumb or dumb firemen as you say.

I always appreciated the fact that fire fighters volunteer their time to make my village safe. We are lucky to have a fire department whose members have risked their own safety to protect life and property.

While I respect fire fighters, I lost all respect for Hose 1 when they started talks with the Town of Catskill to start a town fire company. It was very clear to me that they wanted to start this new fire company because the village was not going to let them keep all the town fire protection district contract money and it was also clear to me that they would start this new company and take fire fighters out of the village fire department all because they wanted money going into their coffers. They risked making me, my familily and my neighbors less safe all because of money.

I am reading all these comments and these selfish Hose 1 people are doing the same thing again. They voted to consolidate all three fire companies under one roof but they insist that this truck you have all been talking about proclaim "Hose 1". It seems that all this lettering is doing is hurting morale in the fire company. It is not furthering consolidation and only seems to divide the members. A divided fire company can't be as good as a unified company.

Who cares if you "own" a fire truck. Is announcing that to the world by a decal more important to you then having a unified fire company? If you can't sell it without village permission, you really don't totally own it do you?

In the past, you put your bank account ahead of public safety. Now, you put lettering on a truck ahead of the good of the fire company and the people who rely on the Catskill Fire Company.

Hose 1 keeps on dissapointing me and I have lost even more respect for them than I lost when they tried to take fire fighters out of the village. I am not the only non fire company member who feels this way. We are not all dumb you know and it is obvious to us what this and you are all about.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Hose 1 has ruined their reputation in the community. What a great legacy to leave behind!

Anonymous said...

Here is an update status as it seems that we are slowly sliding back into crazyville

If you think doing research, setting up meetings, and investigating facts is stalling, too bad. I am not going to go into this without a solid plan, period. That may be how this situation got created in the first place.

Let's recap where we are at:

1. You asked that the stipulation of settlement be put out for viewing. Done.
2. You asked that I review the comments and concerns. Done.
3. I said I would talk with counsel. Done.
4. I said I would set up meetings with Hose 1. Done.
5. I said we would investigate the alchohol policy, etc. - There is a meeting set up.
6. I said safety first. That is what is being addressed as a priority.
7. I said I would give this forum a shot. I am.

As far as I can tell, I am keeping to my side of the deal. All I asked for was that this forum be constructive not destructive.

So drop it down a notch, it seems that it is pretty easy just to sit in front of your computer and question the speed of decal removal. You are not the only issue in town.

Instead of appreciating the progress made thus far, you would rather promote reckless satisfaction.

Other readers of this blog, specifically taxpayers, should know that this is not just about a decal on truck 3-11, it also encompasses other pieces of equipment on Village property that say something other than "Catskill Fire Company". This situation is far more complicated than what first surfaces.

I am not going to jump into anything that will have a negative cascading effect.

Oh yeah, to the 5:20 pm, sorry you did not come to the meeting tonight, it was attended by many people who want to make our community better. I guess I'll set up an anonymous phone in for you next time or you can come with a bag over your head to protect your anonymous armor.

Chuck was right in that we need to bring some levity to this.

CFC members, keep your heads up. The positive FAR outweighs the negative.

Have a good night, Vinny

Anonymous said...

Dear Vinny

I think that the fire fighters are frustrated but they should know that there are many people in the community who want to see the fire company truly be consolidated. We apprecite what you have done so far. Some comments think decals and such are petty but a divided fire company is less effective and that impacts on public safety. In fact, some comments said that the fire company was going down in a heap and I think that is directly a result of the apparent division in the ranks.

Hose 1 really doesn't exsist does it if they aren't an active part of the company charged by the village with fighting fires? For that matter, Hose 2 and 5 don't exsist either. All these companies if they exsist only exsist on paper only. Hose 1 "owns" a truck? Like the comment before, if you can't sell it without village permission, "ownership" is really only on paper alone because this restriction is the opposite of what "owning" something means.

From talking to people around Town, I think the last comment was right and that by trying to start a town fire company and by holding on to their identity, Hose 1 has really damaged what people think of them. They can repair that damage, maybe by putting fire protection first and be a part of the consolidation process. If the other old companies maintain an identity other than the catskill Fire company, they must be willing to give up those identities too or they are going to start to be viewed just like Hose 1.

I know that this process is more than removing decals and I thank you for all the effort that you are putting in this vinny.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vinney, Things really move fast in Catskill.
The cover up of the Chewens sponsored drink fest fiasco last year. Remember it? Numerous under age children drunk at the CFC. A DJ's teeth knocked out and required transport to Columbia Memorial, six stitches, bruises.
Now that speed there. Speed to cover up the incident and delay, delay, delay, and stall tactics to release the findings. Speed to pay off the DJ to keep his mouth shut. When is the public going to be told about this?
Dick, I wonder what that fiasco alone cost the Village tax payers. Eight months investigation by three law enforcement agencies and nothing found? District Atty had nothing to go by? What was the real denominator that determined the nothing found out come?
Was it,
Catskill Firemen,
NY State Corrections Officers, Catskill Police Department,
Greene County Sheriffs Department NY State Police,
Under age children of the above?
Catskill Village Property?
Greene County District Attys Off.
How much did it cost the Village tax payers? Gees, I guess asking for a breakdown of the initial cost and the cover up would be out of the question?
Investigating alcohol abuse at the fire department? Why waste our time. It will take eight months. Hey who did you select to chair that committee. Is the fire chair investigating himself and reporting back? The only one that could come into Greenland with clean hands is the NY State Attorney Generals Office. Otherwise everyone is investigating themselves. Conspiracy nut or the truth?
You belittle the individuals using this blog so lets see. Right now we are batting a better average than you. I think the 90 village residents who had to get rid of unregistered vehicles should sue you for having what was it 4 unregistered vehicles on your property during the course of your clean up of the village? Why do the trustees and law enforcement live by a separate set of rules? Many of those vehicles ran fine. Abuse of power?
Did you or did you not utilize tax payer equipment to install the $50,000.00 water line that you purchased onto your property? Who delivered the equipment? Who did the installation. Is that considered abuse of power?
Who covered up the drink fest at the fire house? Was that abuse?
Who's encouraging the hiring the lawyers to try and attack bloggers on this site?
Who told the firemen that he would find out who's writing the blogs and there would be hell to pay?
Threats and intimidation's have been at the CFC since the start. The bloggers don't have to be concerned with manipulation of votes for elections. Its not that we don't appreciate action. Its just after 2.5 years of no action and really simply ignoring the volunteer employees of this department.
Your only dealing with it because Dick May provided an avenue to expose the hypocrisy. I predict that nothing will be done until after the elections. Voters get out and vote!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm not as optimistic as others. All we wanted was to get along. We busted our asses for the CFC and what did we see happening?

You got it intentional conflict to veil the actual intent of a few die hards. There really is nothing left of Hose 2 and Hose 5. They meet to keep the historical recognition going. Hose 2 has no real thing left. Hose 5 has the old 1937 pumper, and Hose 1 has the 1949 Mack. You dont see Hose 2 or Hose 5 trying to take over the department and push their selves. What did Hose 1 loose, nothing. They have all there trucks etc.
So the fighting will continue until the Village board demands equality!

Anonymous said...

To anyone who is interested, these are the topics discussed at last nights joint Village-Town meeting

Joint Municipal Center- Merging the Village and Town Hall

Administrator – is either board at a point to hire full time administrators? If we do, we could recruit together.

Joint Comprehensive plan – current status

Housing: Will our community be able to provide housing for all income levels in time with our current growth rate?

Assessment – should we schedule a re-assessment of the Village?

Recreation/Arts: Should the current Joint Village/Town recreation committee be expanded to design/oversee a broader range of programs?

Grants - is it more beneficial to apply for Grants together?

Water and Sewer - How could each of us benefit from the expansion of the Village Water and Sewer system?

Catskill Commons – how will this affect traffic patterns and overall quality of life for the community? How can we capitalize on this for overall economic development?

Emergency Services Center - Should we plan for an Emergency Services Center? It could house all three entities; Ambulance, Fire, and Police

Taxes: What type of tax rate stabilization can we provide? Can we stagger large projects so as not to double tax burden for that year.

Heart of Catskill – how can we leverage this organization?

Visitors Center – should we develop a joint visitor’s center?

Sales tax – is it really “robbing Peter to pay Paul”? Should we conduct a sales tax informational forum and invite communities to discuss? Will this help us in the end?

If you have any questions, or would like to know how each discussion went, feel free to comment back. I am going through the notes and will come up with plans for each of the topics. There are several spin off meetings that will be set up.

Thanks, Vinny

Anonymous said...

The old 1937 pumper and the '49 Mack should go to the CFC because the old companies don't exsist. The decals shouldn't be changed because the CFC didn't exsist in 37 and 49 and they are historical out of service vehicles. The in serivice truck should be decaled CFC because it is in service and being used to fight fires.

Historical trucks and modern in service trucks are apples and oranges.

I think that the attacks on Vinny are not by people who want the decal off 311 and want consolidation and elimination of the old companies. I think that these attacks are being done by the old die hards who want to keep the Hose 1 identity and get vinny upset so he won't do anything to help us get consolidation.

Anonymous said...

Vinny is the reassesment Town wide since the village doesn't have an assessor?

Anonymous said...

I regret that I wasn't able to atten the 'Village/Town' meeting on Monday evening. As a resident and merchant on Main Street, I wanted to share a list of topics I believe merit discussion .. in a constructive way. Yes, I assume many of these topics are already under discussion.

1) Fire safety;
2) Retailing renewal for Main Street;
3) Renewal (infrastucture) of West Bridge Street as a commercial/residential thoroughfare, and good signage from Catskill Commons to Main Street;
4) Community center, with services, activities and skill training for youth;
5) Expanded community/tourism-oriented activites at Catskill Point;
6) An emphasis on community outreach by Police officers to residents and visitors;
7) Short- and long-term planning on enhancing appeal of Main St. and W. Bridge St. as a shopping destination .. i.e. trees, benches, new sidewalks .. a partnership between property owners, merchants and the Village;
8) Addressing properties in the village in disrepair or unsafe condition;
9) The lack of parking in municipal lots or on Main Street (minimal spaces available on a rainy Tuesday morning, 1/31), and more cooperation from County Building employees;
10) Respect by all for the growing diversity of people living in and increasingly visiting our Village of Catskill.
I'm sure I missed a few!
Harold M. Hanson

Anonymous said...

We only have a Town Assessor but we do have both a Village and a Town Assessment roster. It was brought up last night that if we were to go through a reassessment, it would have to be both the Town and the Village at the same time. I think that there is enough interest in this topic to pursue the next steps.

thanks, Vinny

Anonymous said...

Harold, excellent list! Many of these topics were discussed: I'll take it from the top of your list.

1) Fire safety;

We discussed the possibility of moving forward with a Fire District. The Fire District would be run by a set of publically elected officials and they could levy their own fire tax to pay for the service. As I understand, this model works very well.

2) Retailing renewal for Main Street;
I have put this on the agenda for discussion for the Village Board Meeting on Monday.

3) Ditto

4) Community center, with services, activities and skill training for youth;
This is being championed by Hudson Talbott and now Rich Ahlberg has offered up passion and assistance. We talked about this topic (actually it went broader then just the community center) at length last night. There is a spin off meeting being planned right now to focus on youth programs and facilities. Town Councilman Joe Leggio and Village Trustee Forest Cotten have volunteered to represent us in this effort. I'll publicize this meeting if anyone wants to attend.

Harold, I'll be back later to hit a few more of these. Thanks for your input.


Anonymous said...

I suspect that a fire district, if cost remains stable, would result in a decrease in the cost for fire protection for the village and an increase in cost for those in the fire protection district because I doubt a little over $100k would be their share per parcel for the entire fire protection budget. Did anyone crunch the numbers?

Anonymous said...

Will the fire protection district pay for the trucks and equipment or will the village tax payers make a gift?

Anonymous said...


Joe Kozloski said...

We are in the preliminary stages of gathering the information on making a Fire District or Fire Protection District. There are a multitude of questions that have to be answered in order to make informed decisions to move either one forward. Just two of those questions that have to be anmswered were suggested in the above. The contract that the Town has with the Village for Fire Protection expires at the end of the year. If we are going forward with this those questions have to be answered in a timely manor or we will have to start negotiations on a new contract for Fire Protection of the Town.

Anonymous said...

Just talking about forming a Fire District is a slap in all of our faces. 3 years ago we were forced to consolidate. Now you just want to form another company? Boy thats the best way to get the fire companies problems out of your hair.

Who brought this to the village boards attention? Its not something that Vinny would bring up. He has made it very clear he knows nothing about the fire dept.

Way to go Village Board. You sure know how to make things better dont you!

Anonymous said...

Underage drinking & assaults still being investigated?????

Why can they solve murders faster than the above mentioned.What an embarrassment!! STOP THE COVER UP! you mean to tell me nobody was charged? didnt the DJ want to press charges???

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to comment on the possibility of forming a "Joint Fire District".

This topic was discussed at length by the Town Board the last time the contract was up. With everything else going on it never went anywhere.

Since the last Fire Protection District Contract was negotiated the Village of Catskill DID consolidate the Catskill Fire Department from three companies down to one company for the purpose of fire fighting. The Village Board NEVER told the other three companies that they had to stop existing as "social companies".

I feel that looking into forming the "Joint Fire District" is the way to finally finish the consolidation of the Catskill Fire Department. In forming this "Joint District" it should include disbanding the Catskill Fire Department, Hose Co. No. 1, Inc, AM Osborn Hose Co. No. 2, Inc., Citizens Hose Co. No. 5, Inc. and you might have to disband the Catskill Fire Company, Inc. and reorganize. (Not sure on the legalities, but might be able to keep he Catskill Fire Company, Inc.). That will solve all the problems of any "bank account" and "assets" that each company has.(What happens to the money and assets I dont know, would have to look into the legalities. Something a lawyer would have to determine at that point).

As far as the equipment and building goes, that should be turned over to the "Joint Fire District" since it has been paid for by taxpayers of both the Village and Town for many years.

As far as the "Joint Fire District" having control to levy taxes to pay for fire service in that "Joint District" there are procedures that the Commissioners (who are elected by the residents of the whole district) must follow and the meetings are all open to the residents of the entire district. Right now the way the Fire Department operates,the residents in the Town of Catskill Fire Protection District pay the Village of Catskill for services and have no voice in the type and quality of service they pay for. (The contract laungage is "outdated" and states very little in regards to the type and quality of service that must be provided).

As it is right now the Village of Catskill residents are getting away cheap compaired to the town residents. (Look at the past 8 years and see how much the Village Portion of the Fire Budget went down once the Village took over the contract money).

In forming the "Joint Fire District" EVERYONE (Village and Town residents) would pay equally for fire protection and would have the same "voice" in the type and quality of service that is expected.

This is nothing I have not said openly before, and yes I am from Hose Co. No. 1, and I am a resident of the Town of Catskill, but it was the Village of Catskill who wanted consolidation in the first place, and I feel that now is the time to look into this as an option and to move consolidation to a conclusion.

I do agree with Joe Kozloski in say this is in a very preliminary state and alot of questions and issue need to be discussed and addressed. I support opening these discussions with the Officers and Members of the Catskill Fire Company as well as the Town and Village Boards. The decision to move forward will have an impact on both the Town and Village as well as the firefighters who will be providing the service.

I just hope that both the Village and Town Boards include the firefighters in the discussions, unlike what happened last time, and that is one of the reasons we have some of the problems we have today.

To the Membership of the Catskill Fire Company, I will tell you that I am here to serve the Catskill Fire Company and move it forward in the right direction and I feel this is worth investigating. It might turn out that this isnt the way to go, but it should be looked into and I hope further discussions come in the future.

Thank you.
Harold Rivenburgh

Anonymous said...

Do you remember that when the Town fire dep't wasn't going to happen that Hose 1 then started talking fire District.

It is a slap in the face and when the numbers get crunched, you will find that the town residents will be paying substantially more then they do now or ever will under a contract.

Will the town be willing to make a contribution to the fire district in an amount equal to the value of the firehouse, trucks and equipment? I don't want someone to say but we bought the trucks with contract money because if you reduce the town expense by that amount then the town winds up having paid ZERO for fire protection.

Anonymous said...

The village shouldn't break even providing fire protection to the town. The village providing service in the village isn't the same as the village providing a service to non-village taxpayers outside the town.

How much was it going to cost hose 1 to start a new fire company in the town? A lot that is why the town backed out. The town gets off cheap when you consider how much it would cost if they tried to provide the service themselves.

Anonymous said...

Every municipality in the world, except the village of Catskill, understands that when they provide a service .. whether it be water or fire protection ... to non-village taxpayers, that the service is run like a business. Maybe Vinny understands that the town should be charged and it should benefit village taxpayers by making some profit. The benefit to the outside service users is that we provide the service cheaper than they can provide it themselves.

Vinny is a bussinesman and finally we have someone as a trustee who might understand this

Anonymous said...

to 5:03 PM, Anonymous said...

Since when do fire depts run like businesses to make money????

Anonymous said...

When the fire protection district people see what their tax bill will be for a fire district the idea will go the same way as Hose 1's idea to start a town fire company. Nowhere!

Anonymous said...

when do fire departments run like a business to make a profit?

1. When they provide service to people outside the municipality


2. When they are Hose 1 inc.

Anonymous said...

then my fire dept should be charging ever time we are called for mutual aid.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how long it would take for the swine to come out of the barn! Way to go! I couldn't put my hands on how the Hose 1 cronies were going to get their Fire District. I kept trying to peice the indicators together.

Remember the secret negotiations between the Town and Hose 1 members? Remember three Trustees belong to the fire department? I knew there was some reason why they were holding on to there plans to have a fire district.

After all this bullshit Harold, Vinney, Joe, Jimmy you all are as dumb as the Fu-ing idiots that sold this county out of its Hospital. Those jerks bought the Bullshit from Columbia County; hook line and sinker. What did we gain from their venture versus what we lost? A yearly bennefit dinner held in Greene County every other year? What did it do for green County? Cost us millions in developement and prosperity. What will your schemes cost us who knows?

Harold your camilion! Maybe we should turn over the Water treatment plant and the sewer plant to the Joint Town ( wait why have a joint anything, just give it all to the town, they had to pay for something along the way to justify it. How many village tax payers other than potato head is involved?

Every tax payer should emmediately send a letter to the NY State Comptrollers Office and the NY State Atty Generals Office with complaints. Send a letter for each complaint or individual topic. Please before its to late. Its time to start exposing these guys and let the chips fall where they may? I always wonder why Village theives would be welcomed back in to rob again. Their crime was getting caught because this time they are going to get it from the front door.

I guess I should claim ownership of Mid Hudson Cablevision, I pay them over 130.00 per month. I pay sears and Mobile oil money every month should I claim ownership of them to? What about the alcohol we purchase?

Harold you vermon, Consolidation had nothing to do with giving it to the town and you know it. This is Hose 1's way of winning. The Fire Commissioner, the fire chief the trustees are all behind it. The town is simply sitting back and waiting for it to happen!

The problem with the consolidation was intentionally done by Hose 1 members and you all know it. You all were dragging your feet but you didn't expect members with the guts and fortitude to fight your childish games.

You dont give a shit about the tax payers and the truth detectives suspicions have proven to be true! How trivial will the tax payers think this is when they are forced to pay for these indiscretions?

Tax payers get ready for the biggest screwing of your lives! I cant wait untill these finacial wizzards come up with the costs for this! I knew all along you ignoramuses would try and prevail! Its been all about money and getting even. You think the ambulance service is expensive! This will easily cost three times the amount and I hope you all advertise your names so they know who srewed them out of their money.


Anonymous said...


YOUR NOT AS SAFE AS YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







YOUR ALL ON THE CHOPPING BLOCKS BECAUSE OF YOUR AROGANT FRIENDS IN HOSE 1. YOU DON'T THINK oh my god, potato head, give a damn about you do you. If they talk shit about Doug and Pete who else do they talk shit about?





Anonymous said...

Don't say it wont go no where! They only have to form the commissioners and you'll be paying out your ass with out any say. They haven't the integrity and honesty to try and keep it reasonable. They will only want to have the biggest, baddest fire department in the state at the tax payers cost!

Anonymous said...

Vinny is the problem because he has taken the same avenue that the other trustees have. they are listening to their trusted self proclaiming fire experts and refused to listen to their workers and the paid consultants! You surround yourself with ineptness (firematically) and thats what you'll have in the end. The truth detectives hasn't been blowing smoke up your ass!

Try my grand dads old advice!

If it looks like shit,

feels like shit,

smells like shit,

and taste like shit,

Its probally shit!

Vinney didn't come up with this over night! He's just a puppet afraid of the Hose 1 votes.

Anonymous said...

The only thing hose 1 will take over is the sewer plant

Anonymous said...

Hey, the CFC may get to sell their assets for the third time to the new fire comapny. This may break a new record for the number of times the tax payers have gotten screwed buying the same crap.

No wait we are suppose to suck it up and give it all to them free!

Anonymous said...

should you charge for mutual aid?

Yes, if you provide "mutual aid" to an area not served by a fire department which therefore can't provide "mutual aid" in return.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Potato Head and Oh My God, are not as stupid and dumb as they act and look!

Anonymous said...

As far are they are concerned their shit don't stink and they are gods gift to fire fighting, just ask the country bunkins thay make fun of all the time!

whats funnier is the intellectuals that listen to them!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Thats the CFC and The Village Boards way of getting rid of problems.

It was started by Even Ulshit when he suggested giving Hose 1 free reign by signing the tax payer equipment over to the Town Board.

Who's sleeping with the town board members?

Lets see are any of the town board members associate or active members of Hose 1? You dont say,

And what Hose 1 member, (not the former President) dating what Town Trustees daughter.

The soap opera drama thickens!

Anonymous said...

Well as a taxpayer and a firemen I think fire commissioners is the worst thing we could do. When you have a bunch of power hungry people who's head swell ten times when you give them a radio and a title what's going to happen when they get even more power? I'm sure my taxes will go up. Talk about the abuse of power now just wait and see what will happen! My self along with Harold Rivenburg and several other active Catskill Fire Company Members met with vinney months ago over the future of the cfc. I remember Harold him self telling Vinney that the worst thing we could do is get fire commissioners, and the whole committee agreeing. Funny how you hear how good the cfc is doing and then as soon as we want to remove the decals off of 3-11,talk of a fire dist. pops back up! Don't be fooled this is hose 1's plan to open back up Catskill District #1.Looks like the truth detectives are right about hose 1's agenda. Maybe we can make the commissioner's district chiefs and give them all red lights and sirens.When is this all going to end? I have the solution to all of the fire dept.'s problems, treat all three former companies the same "remove hose 1 from 3-11," and treat all the members the same no matter what family they are from and it's solved. It's really not that hard treat everyone the same and no one can bitch! I'm also tired of hearing grown men cry because they don't have a bar any more. Well you abused it when you had it so suck it up and stop crying."we can't even have fun in the back room anymore," yes you can,you just can't drink beer. Don't forget we are a fire company not a pub!I hope we never get the bar back if thats how your going to act.

Joel Shanks

Anonymous said...

I am not a fireman I am just addicted to this blog and have been reading it since the beginning, and I finally have to ask a are all on here shooting your mouths off about Vinny, Jimmy, Harold,Joel, Doug, Jeff etc etc., but how many of you have shown up the any meetings to bring up the subject?! As far as I can tell on here, NONE! Since you ALL, ALL 3 companies have been fighting since all of this consolidation happened, and you all have the perfect solution to what will fix the problem , why doesnt anyone go and speak up??
No matter what decals are removed, and what is done with a djs teeth getting knocked out, all three companies are NEVER going to get along because everyone will always have loyality to their original company. Everyone in this town knows this, hose 1 was hose 1 , hose 2 was hose 2 and hose 5 was hose its never going to happen as long as the troublemakers of the groups are the loudest!
Maybe in 20 years when the newer firemen come up they will not know of all the dissention amongst the troops , until then it seems all the people who depend are the fire company who ever it may be, coming to help them are screwed!
To all the firemen who do still go to fires ...THANK YOU and please keep up the good work and continue to ignore all this BS of people who do not know how to lower their pride in their FORMER companies to protect us like they have said they would do.
What is this about , remember when you all wanted to be firemen to protect people, not to choose sides? Or maybe for some it was just always a social club, no matter what company you were with.

Again, thank you all you firemen who i can still depend on showing up at my house if i am in need!

Anonymous said...


then my fire dept should be charging ever time we are called for mutual aid


Yes, if you provide "mutual aid" to an area not served by a fire department which therefore can't provide "mutual aid" in return.

Anonymous said...

who goes to meetings?

Anonymous said...


Since when do fire depts run like businesses to make money????


When they provide fire protection to an area that does not have and is not served by a fire department of its' own. These areas than contract with an outside munincipality that has a fire department to provide fire protection. The munincipality that provides the service and allows its fire company to serve this area can make a profit because it is reqularly serving an area whose inhabitants don't pay taxes directly to the municipality providing the service (for example, the people in the Catskill fire protection district don't pay village taxes) and a profit can be made because the municipality that provides the protection is liable for negligence, etc and the munincipality where the protection is being provided aren't legally liable and so for this risk, the law allows a profit. The people who get the protection get the benefit of fire protection cheaper than if they provived the service themselves such as by creating a fire protection district fire company.

I hope I answered your question.

Anonymous said...

I agree with "taxpayer from Catskill" I dont understand......someone, Vinny, is finally listening to all the troubles with the fire company and we all are not focusing on what will "consolidate" everyone.

What will it take??

You are all just bashing him and he is a government official trying to listen and help! Maybe we should all take our chance and be ligitiment with our complaints when someone is paying attention. How many more chances like this will arrive?

Anonymous said...

you really dont get it....the town provides 118,000 to you to provide fire protection. that money is NOT for you to go and buy kegs of beer and spend that money how ever you like. SHAME ON THE TOWN for not seeing or auditing where that that money is spent on. So is the town of catskill ambulance a profit organzation????? NO they are not there to make a profit and they receive money from the village taxpayers to provide a service. Does that mean they can spend there money on anything????

Anonymous said...

So if hose 1 (social club) is a profit organzition then you owe alot of money to the state for taxes. you are no longer a non-for-profit organzation!!!!!

Anonymous said...

then start your own fire company if you can do it for less than $118,000. You get a service that is provided by the village of Catskill and you don't pay village taxes. A percentage of the money can go to the fire company and I quess that they can buy beer with that money if they want but the majority should go to relieve the burden to the village taxpayers who are providing a service to non-village taxpayers. The majority of the fire company operating budget comes from village taxes.

If you get a service, you have to expect to pay for it and since the village has no duty to provide fire protection outside the village there is a liability which must be compensated for. The village should make a profit because they take this risk and I hope that the trustees keep these facts in mind when the new contract is negotiated.

Remeber, you can always start a new fire company in the district if you want to have control over the money.

Anonymous said...

the ambulance is a town wide charge and is included in the town tax paid by village residents at an equal rate per 1000. The Town created a town wide ambulance which includes the village. The fire company is not a town wide service.

there is a difference.

Anonymous said...

So if hose 1 (social club) is a profit organzition then you owe alot of money to the state for taxes. you are no longer a non-for-profit organzation!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you got to make more simple for the comment at 9:02

residents in the village are residents of the town and pay town taxes.

residents of the town are not residents of the village and don't pay village taxes.

Get it?

Anonymous said...

At 9:15 PM, Anonymous said...
The majority of the fire company operating budget comes from village taxes.


Anonymous said...

At 9:35 PM, Anonymous said...
You people in the village pay town taxes on top of village taxes???? If so im glad i dont live in the village!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm done fighting. The $22,000.oo was for each company to buy replacement gear etc. This was not the only money the village spent on operating cost.

I say the hell withit. Where the hell is Chewens and Ormerod? They are behind this! They bragged that they were going to destroy the CFC. All payback for attacking hose one.

Is this what those self riotious firemen recommended or the professional advisers. Talk about abuse of power!

Anonymous said...

Well the truth comes out!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about being off of the Blogs tonight. I've been writing the Comptrollers office. Remember one topic per complaint. The Dirty dozen may have plans of destroying the Catskill Fire Department; but where going to insure that the state investigates! Enjoy your laughfter and stupidity!

Anonymous said...

Whats a new ladder truck cost?
Ans $650,000.oo
Whats a new tanker Cost?
Ans $450,000.oo
Whats 2 new ETAs cost?
Ans $ 800,000.00
Whats three Chief vehicles cost?
Ans $ 96,000.oo.
Whats a new heavy rescue cost?
Ans $ 450,000.00
Whats a new brush truck cost?
Ans $ 75,000.00
Whats two new engines cost?
Ans $ 700,000.00.
Whats all the turn out gear cost per man?
Ans $ $1,500.oo per man
50 men = $ 750,000.oo
(wait we have to be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
Whats the salary cost of these men?
Don't forget the insurance cost!
Vacation and health costs!
Whats the replacement cost for all the hand tools?
Whats the replacement cost of all the Hoses and nozzles needed?
Whats the cost of this new fire house?
and 1.5 million.
Whats the salary of the Fire Board ?
5 members at 5k = 25K
Whats the cost of a new radio and pager system and portable radios?
Whats the cost of a new parade uniforms? $100,000.oo
Whats the yearly replacement cost of damaged gear etc.
Whats the salary of our officers. Vinny quoted $33000.oo x 3 = $99,000.oo.
(Wait we have to be operation 365 days a year, three shifts per day)
What are the retirement cost?

Whats Grand total?

$ 5,670,000.oo

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

They don't have to manage their money.

They are going to spend yours!

Who really cares about the cost!

We just have to suck it up and do it for Hose1

Anonymous said...

GreeneLanders, You should have put the Hose 1 theives in jail when you had the chance!

Anonymous said...

These idiots couldn't manage their health, teeth, hair, personal lives, obtain and maintain good paying jobs, let alone be successfull at any thing.

Yet GreeneLanders are going to give them Card De Blanc

It has to be the combination of drinking water, radon gas, and being in-bred. Has to be!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


How many idiots does it take to make a Combined District Fire Department?


Anonymous said...

Holy Shit. There isn't that many tax payers in the fire district, so we would really have to pay a significant increase in fire protection compared to in the past!

Anonymous said...

im moving out of greene county

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I attend meetings when I'm not working (I work shift work) and have been one of the top 5 responders (amount of alarms I make) since I first joined the dept. I speak out at meetings on the way I feel about things and all I get is threats! These people are animals and even drag my family into it! I'm crying out for help from the village leaders and taxpayers before someone gets hurt or killed!

Joel Shanks

Anonymous said...

We have been addressing issues and all we have gotten have been excuses; while they do their diabolical destruction of the fire department!

I've been trying to figure out what the Trustees have to gain.

All I find is the common denominators. This is like a Geek Mega show where under achieving Apha Males have nothing more to fight about than the fire department. Hey Big Boy, why dont you go out and do something that proves your a man instead of this childish crap which shows your little bullies in mens bodies.

I bet your IQs are lower than the sum of your trucks.

Anonymous said...


The majority of the fire company operating budget comes from village taxes.



The village of Catskill spends subsatntially more than $184,000 of fire company expenses. The expenses are insurance, fuel, firehouse upkeep, repairs, purchase of the new pumper, the soon to be purchased heavy rescue vehicle and the list goes on and on.

Maybe a trustee might tell us how much money it cost to run the fire company last year. I think it would put our Town Fire Protection district bloogers at ease and make them understand that they are getting fire protection for a bargain ... maybe too much of a bargain when you consider how much it would cost them to provide the protection for themselves.

Anonymous said...

If you add up all the taxable property in the village and fire protection district and spread the total cost of the catskill fire department evenly, I think that you'll find that the total amount in fire district tax paid by the people in the fire protection district will exceed $118,000.

This doesn't count that by creating a fire district that you create another layer of government which costs money to administer and run.

What will happen is like what happened with the ambulance. How much did it cost you when the village ran it? How much is it costing you now?

Anonymous said...

I would like someone who is studying the joint fire district to take last years total cost of the fire company and fiqure out the total assessed value of the property in the village and in the fire protection district and dtermine the rate per thousand and them tell us how much of that total will be raised from the village and how much of that total will be raised from the fire protection district.

Anonymous said...


Scene 5

In walks Oh MY God woofing shit about his employees. Stops Pulls up his pants around his navel.

Yes Siree Boss, I told them Boyz I'd close down the Volunteer Fire Department! Why do you think Vinney Boy hired me for the PD? Every gud crook knows you have to be surrounded by thieves if your your not going to get caught when you steal them blind.


Back at the West Side Bar, Potato Head and the Spuds Family are hosting another anual drunk fest. NY State Corrections Officers are partying hard in thier West Side Hide away.

A mysterious geeky little man stands in one darken corner of the bar smoking a cigar and drinking martinis with his under cover black booted Sgt by his side for protection. Much gigeling comes from the corner as he watches the young teenage boys get drunker and drunker. The scene fades away as numerous NY State Corrections Officers are observed banging drinks away, chasing one after another! And one drunk acclaims Life is Gud in GreeneLand as he passes out! The music continues as the DJ plays the theme song from COPS for the 33 time of the night.

(The camera scans in on the DJ as he grins a gigantic smile with his 24 carrot Gold Front Teeth shining away)

The camera then fans out as unsupervised children play with emergency equipment and drunken teenagers are in the parking lot driving around recklessly with drunken kids on the hoods.

Happy I-had-a-scheme-RivebBurg is bragging to a fellow corrections officer We get more man power recruiting drunken kids to join our ranks in the fire department. Then once we are sure that they wont rat us out we encourage them to join the ranks of law enforcement because we have to insure that we have 100%coverage in all departments and the jail system.

Look where proper planning has gotten us! Numerous men on the Village and Town Boards, Police Department, Sheriffs Department, NY State Police, NY State Corrections Officers, Greene County Firemens Association and simply sitting on the bench with their gavels.

Those ignorant tax payers cant touch us! Best part about it is we have protection on all sides of the court room, and the jail cell. Hell when your as good (currupt) as we are you have to plan ahead in case you get caught! That's why we always wait until we catch the kids drinking and driving several times before we bring them into the fold. The Boss likes to have a tight grip on them from the beginning for security reasons. Says its just gud bizness.


Anonymous said...

We need a professional manager to run Catskill, get rid of the rift raft!

Anonymous said...

We never planned to give up anything. You fools were the ones that beleived in becoming one. Congrats you succeeded! Your nowpart of Hose one!

Hose 1 rules!!!! and you Loose!!!!

Anonymous said...

Could someone tell me how to contact the Catskill Fire Department reference the tan engine for sale on

I keep dialing the number but no one answers the telephone there. My uncle lives in Cairo and we have been coming to the Catskills for years. My uncle told me about this site and our department has been following it for about a month.

We are interested in purchasing Engine 3-1 which is advertised for sale on the web site. Is it still available or has it already been sold?

Anonymous said...

Joke of the Day:

What do you call 12 huge piles of Bull shit in a farmers field in GreenLand?

Ans; A Dirty Dozen!

Anonymous said...


How many Hose 1 firemen does it take to change a light bulb?

Ans: Four, One training Officer (Now Chief) To cut a hole through the roof for demonstration purposes, turn his back to wolf his "Oh My God" shit to the firemen, back up to pull his nerd pants up to his over inflated chest while laughing at his own joke and carelessly falling into the hole he cut, DUH,
and the three firemen to pull his dumb ass out as soon as he changes the bulb. Of course. Otherwise you have to cut another hole.

Anonymous said...

Hose 1 lives on in imfamy!

Anonymous said...


What do you have when you have a dirty dozen in GreeneLand?


A Joint meeting of the Village and Town Boards.

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of a new fire house and new trucks. Its about time we got something for our dedication! Go ahead and take Hose 1 off of ETA 3-11. Its not going to matter when we form a new joint fire house! I say close everything down and start the necessary steps to start Willeys Hose 1 now!

Survival of the fittest and we are the winners.

Anonymous said...

What would be the start out pay for the firemen?

Does CFC members get preference in hiring?

What kind of benefits are being considered. Same as other village /town workers?

I,ve never had a job where I'm entitled to sick time, personal days, and vacation days. Are any other benefits included. I wonder what kind of over time will be offered. Time and a half on regular overtime, and double time for working holidays.

Sounds like an excellent idea for new jobs in Catskill. We really do need to move forward and start creating them. You got my vote Vinnie!

Anonymous said...

Whacker (noun): Any Hose 1 Firefighter/EMT who enjoys his job simply for the pleasure of:

A. Hearing their own voice on the radio

B. Using lights and sirens on the ambulance/fire truck

C. Using lights and sirens on their personal vehicle

D. A life time subscription to Galls because of the sheer amount of stuff ordered from them

E. Having more stuff on their work belt then Batman

F. Only showing up (whether they are drunk or not, even if not dispatched,) for the 'good calls'(car rollovers, structure fires, High angle rescues)

G. once in while having something nice to say about mutual aid companies. Ok only when Randies sucking their ass and only when in front of them. Still talks shit behind their backs, even you Pete.

H. Wearing anything that has Hose1 fire company on it so they can get 50% off in stores or food.

I. Wearing their Hose 1 uniforms to parades and to public events

J. Driving around with a bumper sticker that says... "My wife said ‘if I go to the fire house one more time without me, I'm going to leave you'...boy I cant wait to drop her off on the pool table...."

K. Taking their lunch break and going to the fire house to drink the forbidden brew.

J. Calling their favorite Rig or engine "my baby"

L. Sneaking out of their house at 2:30 in the morning so they can go wax their "BABY"

M. Having pictures at work of their "BABY" and keeping the pictures of their real children at home

N. Having at least one room full of Fire and EMS stuff

O. When on vacation visiting the local Fire and EMS departments

P. Has their walkers painted red and has their fire pager attached to it.

q. Never misses a fire call even if they have to sign in the following day.

R. Always talks shit about how pittifull their mutual aid brothers are, especially Leeds, Kiskatom and Palenville. Athens and Cairo you wont rate much better with these egotistical seven day fire wonders.

Anonymous said...

It should be opened to anyone in the county who has fire fighting experience!

Anonymous said...

"It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried." -- Winston Churchill

"The chaos that politics and the fire house in GreeneLand under the regime of Vinny and Joe sucks through and through. The only benefactors are themselves" GreenLander

Anonymous said...

A Catskill Fire District resident rushed to his phone one day to report that his nearest neighbor's house was on fire. He promptly called 911 to report the fire. In the calmest voice he could muster, he reported the fire was at his neighbor's house two miles down Old Kings Road.

The dispatcher asked "How do we get there?"

The farmer hesitated a few seconds then asked, "Don't you guys still have those big red trucks anymore?"

No we only have Safety Green Trucks and no one wants to volunteer for the Joint Fire Department until they are paid prevailing wages!

Anonymous said...

I've got one better,

I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time. -- H. L. Mencken (1880 - 1956)

I beleive the Village Board, The Town Board, Hose 1 die hards, especially those in law enforcemnt jobs are all evil, and intent on disolving the CFC to try and stop the full court press that the truth detectives are getting ready to initiate. It took a while to determine the real enemies of the Catskill Fire Department.

Anonymous said...

Why is Safety Green a perfect truck color for the new Joint Fire District?

Because it represents the puke thats coming out of the Village and Town Boards!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Vinney, Tell me more about this Joint Fire District. Is there a retirement plan and health benefits? What kind of work shifts and scedules? Who will conduct the testing and job hiring? It will be civil service right?

Anonymous said...

Dick May and Mr Hanson for Village Trustees.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should let hose 1 take 3-11 and start a fire dist in the town and the village keep the cfc.
I would be happy with that I live in the village and have faith in the cfc. Lets see how the towns people feel when they only have 3-11 and a hand full of old in age
hose 1 members. What a joke that will be.Once half the town burns down we'll see how fast the town comes running back to the village!

down with chewens
down with cotten
down with fire dist.
viva cfc!!!!

Anonymous said...


please tell me this fire dist talk is just an early april fools joke

Anonymous said...

The Joke is who is feeding Vinney all the Bullshit!

Hope he wipes off his chin!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly, we've heard the joint fire district talk before. The last time was when the Town deciced not to accept Hose 1's invitation to start a new company in the fire protection district.

What is the assessed value of the village and the assessed value of the taxable property in the village and how much was spent on fire protection in total last year? What would the rate per 1000 be? To collect this money, how much would it cost the people in the village as a whole and how much would be raised from the people in the fire protection district?

Isn't this the first thing to fiqure out?

Can the village board/town board give this infornation?

Anonymous said...

Its no Joke! The idiots screwed everything up the past three years to justify getting their way!

One hand washes the others back!

Anonymous said...

What kind of iso rating will wiley hose 1 have with only 311 as a truck oh wait don't forget about engine 313.Looks like town taxes are going way up!

viva la truth detectives for uncovering this three months in advance!

Anonymous said...

some one should make dolan a fire commissioner. That would be the end of corruption! How you say? He would have them all arrested!

viva dolan!
down with mr over baked for brains!

actualy his brain is reported to be the size of a bacon bit but we can't confirm because of all the sour cream he swallowed!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Today's Rumor

Village Judge Kosich is considering running for Assembly. Keep your ears to the ground for further info,and support her endeavor.

Anonymous said...

how many times are the tax payers going to get fucked before enough is enough.

remove the decal from 3-11
vote no for chewens
vote no for cotton

citizens against corrupt leaders!

Anonymous said...

What would the news paper headlines say if chewens became the Energizer Bunny?

"Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery"

You know vinny there's a saying at the planned parrenthood clinic that sums up removing the decals from truck 311 issue:
"better late than never"

Anonymous said...

How many blogs does it take to get justice?

Anonymous said...

What was the outcome of the Democratic caucus tonight?

Anonymous said...

I don't know but I hope Chewens looses in the next election just because of what hes done to a perfectly fine fire department. The state of the Catskill Fire Department is a direct reflection of his and Ormerods lack of leadership.

Guess they become the first paid Chief and Fire Commissioner in GreeneLand. I guess the folks like knowing what they'll get and you certainly cant get any worse.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to discover the hidden cost of starting a joint paid fire department. What idiot thought up this one?

Anonymous said...

Vinny, ant updates on the issue of true consolidation? Are we going to see out with the old three and a solid CFC left standing?

Can you have the numbers crunched so that we can see the approximate amount of money that would be collected inside the village and the amount that would be collected from the property owners in the fire protection district if the village and fire protection district became a fire district. I realize that you can't be sure about the cost of the administration of the district or can you project with certainty the actual cost but can you use the current cost of the fire company with the disclaimer that it might be a little more due to increased fuel etc and administrative costs.

Having this information might also be helpful to you when the village negotiates the fire protection district contract.

Hope you haven't forgotten us. I'm sure that other trustees read this and do you have any thoughts that you might share?

Vinny do you see the point about risk, profit and benefit to the taxpayers of the village. The fire protection people get the benefit of fire protection at a cost cheaper than they can provide it for themselves. We need to stop viewing this contract like it is a contract with people whp pay village taxes. The village has alot of munincipal buildings off the tax rolls and even pays tax to the town. We need to use our assets etc to get tax relief for our residents. We can't continue to provide outside services as if the people are village tax payers where you don't make a little profit. Use your business to help the residents of the village and don't let the town dictate how the money is spent. If they want to dictate that, let them get their service from somebody else.

Anonymous said...

6;30 pm post, I'm with you 100%!

Anonymous said...

I know that this entire concept has been considered before and shot down because of the cost!

Anonymous said...


GreeneLAnder lawmakers are creating legislation to ban discrimination against "transgenders" (transsexuals, transvestites, etc.)

This would require creating three types of bathrooms: Men, Women, and Work-in-Progress.

Therefor please remember to plan for three bathrooms in the new fire house. Since potato head and Oh My God wont know what gender they are by the time their terms come to an end.

Anonymous said...

Hot News Flash,

We've just learned that Vinneys investigation into the Chewens Drunk Fest has turned over startling new evidence and a grand jury has now officially been sequestered. Everything the jurors do will be monitored to include using the bathroom. One jurist stated he was going to take an "Oh My God" and was quickly patted down. On his exit from the bathroom the jurist stated he was sorry because it looked more like a Potato Head.

In fact, GreenLander Judge (Name with held to protect the inocent) is taking the threat so seriously that he won't allow the jurors to watch the new Star Trek show because part of the Potato Head defense strategy may include science fiction.

Anonymous said...

Hose 1 rules!
We have our truck,
we have our name,
we have our Town Board suporters,
we have our Village Board Supporters,

There aint no stopping us now!!!!

Anonymous said...

MY predictions for 2006

Some good, some bad, some hoped

Chewins and Cotten easily win re-election

Fire district idea dies when fire protection residents find out that they will be paying a bigger portion of the cost of running the fire company. They might still not realize that $118,000 is a bargain.

Village board attempts to move consolidation forward but Hose 1 refuses to give up identity and while progress is made true consolidation stalls. True consolidation takes place when the bank accounts run out and eta 311 becomes a rust bucket. Will take place in 2015.

Village realizes that when you hire a carpenter you don't tell him how he uses the money you pay him and the same is true when the village contractually provides services outside the village. Town makes threat that they won't enter into contract unless they say how the money will be spent. Town has no where else to go for this protection because Leeds won't do it and Kiskatom is too far away and so town has no choice but to contract with the village. Vinny, having a keen business sense, sees that providing services outside the village should be viewed as an income source and not only that we provide service to those who don't have it because we are nice neighbors. Town whines but since they can't provide the service to THEIR taxpayers the residents of the FPD, at a lesser cost and if they don't sign the contract, fire insurance cost skyrockets in the FPD, Town signs contract.

Village fiqures the town tax for the water pipe that must be paid by the village to the town into the rate outside users pay for water.

Village takes a lesson from the village of Ravena and if people want water and sewar they must annex into the village. This happens because Town won't cooperate with village to collect unpaid water bills of outside users by creating a water district or taking any other steps. Village sees that water and sewar are assets that shouldn't be given away.

Mercury vapor lights on Main street are changed to look less industrial and more old fashioned to fit in better with the art galleries and antique stores that fill the storefronts.

The village gets more backbone in dealing with providing the town with village services and the effect is that the town realzes that the village trustees aren't a bunch of pushovers which actually results in more cooperation between both municipalities.

Reassesment stalls because the fear is that new buyers/builders will benefit but older residents will pay more.

Any other predictions/wishes out there?

Anonymous said...

vinny at least say hello so we know you are reading and thinking.

Anonymous said...

Predictions are pretty good except your way off line with Chewens winning. Peter Marcou is going to knock them off their feet. Purely from a good business sense. Forest Cotten will come in second.

Chewens likes to put on a good air but he has been more Hose 1 puppet than leader. In fact we were just talking recently how he cut the fire budget by $80,0000.00. What did that prove? He took fire protection and rapid response off of the east side only to punish the East Side members for getting the the trucks out on Main St.

Pretty sick that your willing to risk tax payer lives just to attack your fire responders. You should have seen them crying when they announced that they had to put 3-1 back on the East Side during 9w construction because they were afraid that they would loose their precious new crash truck. Otherwise they proudly proclaimed that they would never have moved it back. REGARDLESS WHAT THE TAXPAYERS WANTED. He stated something to the effect that we have to pacify the tax payers group until we get our crash truck.

Then he made the egregious statement which was reinforced by the Chiefs and Captain of the fire house. E 3-1 was to only roll to Confirmed structure fires only! Absolutely nothing else! They even refused to put extra gear at the East Side station telling the members to drive to the west side and get their gear before going to the East Side to get the truck. The truck had to have a full crew and the driver and crew would be suspended if they did not follow the order exactly. This was simply to take the truck with the fastest response time in the county and justify their false claims to the village board that the East Side volunteers couldn't get the truck off of the floor. What happened? The truck sat on the floor for numerous calls BUT Was the first truck out and the first truck on the scene to the 6 structure fires it was allowed to roll to. WHOS BULLSHITTING WHO?

And as soon as the construction ended for the year they acted like spoiled little kids and emmediately moved the truck back to the West Side. Where it sits unused. Luckily its stainless steel body wont rust like ETA 3-11.

They just don't care about safety and common sense. They have to insure that Hose 1 lives on because they have torn the department apart so badly.

What did he accomplish by spending $450,000.oo on an "OH MY GOD" wish truck complete with a mobile command center in the middle of it? The Chiefs will be hosting pole yanking partys inside when they call their mutual aid buddies for moral support.

Why has there been so many breakdowns of the ladder truck last year and no one knows about it? It wouldn't be because it might of hampered the purchase of the heavy crash truck would it? Deceive the Village Board and tax payers? Not our potato head! Why don't you ask about the unreported break downs and the stalled repairs on it. All to hide the fact that the truck is a constantly broken down. You see we can always do an emergency purchase to replace the ladder truck. What did the professional adviser say. Keep ladder T3-2 for a back up and they sold it for $30,000.oo, better yet they were planning on paying $50,000.oo for the truck since it only had 8,000 miles on it.

I'm going to laugh hysterically when the Village buys its next ladder truck at $750,000 -$800,000.oo dollars. It didn't take a rocket scientist to see the stupidity of this manuever, or in their eyes the perfect scheme!

But Potato head was only driven by his A-Male ego and had to destroy his opponents at any cost. Now you see why he has the nickname Potato Head. Very thick skin with solid starch inside.

No discussion of Potato Head would be complete without mention of the fact that the big jerk told Hose 2 to go ahead and quit if you want, I really don't care. They became fed up with his attitude and quit. Why volunteer and be constantly attacked and belittled by your boss.

Did you ever wonder what his part was in the smear campaign against his predecessor Stanley Dushane. The settlement was in part due to Hose one, and a few out of control corrections officers stalking a Village Trustees taking pictures and making reports on their activities.

Anonymous said...

A diuscussio0n of the Fire Commissioner should also mention the unauthorized 2005 Drunk Fest that that the Honorable Fire Commissioner sponsored at the West Side Station?

a) doesn't anyone take offense that he allowed underage drinking on village property under his control?
b) That the teenagers were allowed to climb all over the emergency vehicles and play with safety equipment?
c) What would have happened if their was an emergency call that night?
d) Who assaulted the DJ and knocked his two front teeth out and the poor guy needed 6 stitches.
e) No charges were pressed?
f) Was this DJ's rights violated because he was pressured into not pressing charges; or, was he paid off for his silence?
h) Who paid the Hospital Bill?
I) Who paid the cosmetic surgery bill?
j) Who paid the emotional bill?
k) Whats the Village Insurance company think of this and are they aware of the facts?
L) Why is Village property being used to host birthday partys for NY State Corrections Officers dependents? They have their own facility next to the prison?
m) Why did it take the Catskill Village Police Department 8 months to investigate and come up empty handed?
n) Why did it take the Greene County Sheriffs Department 8 months to investigate and come up empty handed?
o) Why did it take the NY State Police Department 8 months to investigate and come up empty handed?
p) Why were under aged teenagers allowed to consume alcohol and drive vehicles around the parking lot care free?
q) Why did the Fire Company President announce that no members were allowed to discuss the situation because it was under investigation and the police department did not want us saying anything?
r) Why was the two Chewens involved allowed to vote down the fire company inquiry, when they were the two being investigated?
s) Why did the Greene County DA's Office find nothing to press charges on? WHY NOT ABUSE OF POWER AND COVER UP!
T) Why was this entire fiasco never brought before the fire company?
u) Why wasn't a thorough investigation conducted concerning providing alcohol to minors on village property?
v) How can fire trucks be moved outside unattended and teenagers allowed to play on the equipment. SEspecially using air masks and leaving the tanks empty?
w) What about intoxicated teenagers riding around on hoods of vehicles?
x) Who unlocked the fire company bar and disbursed alcohol after the partyers ran out of their own alcohol? Was the company reimbursed?
y) Why wasn't an investigation of an out of control trustee conducted, and how was the cover up orchestrated?

Even in Greeneland the tax payers cannot condone Chewens abuse of power and lack of integrity and moral authority.

Anonymous said...

I would be surprised if you heard from Vinny on this blog anymore. Do you recall in the beginning , when he actually took a chance to comment on a blog, that he would TRY it out and see what happens, then asked you all several times to stay on the subject. How many posts are there bashing him and his board? Nice way to get him to stick around.
When has any other political figure responded and worked on a local blog? Guess now, we know why they dont.

Anonymous said...

With markou out, it looks like the first prediction for 2006 was right on the money. Lets see what happens with the others.

Anonymous said...

Ok folks, explain to me why this is a crazy idea (besides the magnitude of the changes would prevent it from happening)... Get rid of the Village so we all live in Catskill (a town in NY). Reasses the whole town. Services (police, fire, ambulance, DPW, etc.) are provided to and paid for by all businesses and residents in Catskill. Have a 7-member elected board for the town. Have 1 planning board, zoning board, etc. for the town.

Anonymous said...

It is not a crazy idea but it would only work if the town provided all the services that the village provides that the town doesn't on a town wide basis. Because if that didn't happen then the town would have to create a bunch of districts which would actually increase the layers of government. Like ordering ala carte at a restuerant ... you wind up paying more.

Anonymous said...

If vinny doesn't respond back then he's going against the taxpayers who want the decal off of 3-11

Anonymous said...

vinny said he would solve 1 problem at a time.

score is-
vinny 0 problems 50

Anonymous said...


Evan will throw his hat ....

Anonymous said...

into the ring.

Anonymous said...

Why would vinny respond back, when most comments are not facts. Some are very good and informative, but we have a few fellow firemen who just want to see their words in print, who are going to ruin it for everyone. He said in his last blog he is working on it, so why don't you just give him a chance before you start up again. This firehouse mess has been going on for a while now, so it may take a while to look into, its not like the ONLY thing going on is this village.
Cut him some slack and see what may be our only chance for now!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the 4:35 comment. The fire company problems are as old as the fire protection district contract which has been since when? , around 1949? Maybe the problems have brewed for longer but that is my recollction.

As an old timer, I suggest you give Vinny a chance. There have been some excellent comments and I'm sure that he is thinking about it. We don't want the board to go half cocked like has always happened with the fire company and half baked solutions. We need a solution that will finnaly resolve the issue and it will take time to put all the ducks in order to do it right.

Anonymous said...

joke of the day?

what kind of beer does potato head drink?


Anonymous said...

lumber Jack alarm terminology

lumber jack -
residential structure fire
real world-
control burn on old kings rd.

lumber jack-
nothing showing
real world-
working fire in the basement at a different address

lumber jack-
it's fog, not smoke
real world-
high tension power lines down and burning

lumber jack-
log all units in service
real world-
I just can't find the alarm so I'm going home

you should elect him head chief next year!!!haha!!ha!

down with catskill

viva leeds

Anonymous said...

vote no for cotton and chewens

Anonymous said...

Give him a chance is like saying please pretend that I am working on this problem while I wait for it to go away. Or better yet wait until a lawyer or some other sceme brings it to an end. One month and he hasn't stopped anything yet!

fool yourself I'm not!

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like the same lies they used to stall during the Drunk Fest investigation!

same o same o!

Anonymous said...

Dont forget that the sewer plant and water plant will have to be brought upto 2006 standards. They cannot be grandfathered in as they are now!

Anonymous said...

Why did the fire chief and the fire commissioner remove the Villages names and the company names from the vehicles?

Anonymous said...

Wells spud weidser hasn't made him to smart. Lets get the Feds in here to find out whats going on!

Anonymous said...

No offense Old Timer, but there is a significant reason why they are stalling. We know it and so do they!

Anonymous said...

Hey if we consolidate they will have to get rid of Police Protection!

Anonymous said...

I'm all for dissolving the village.
Chewens will loose his job, Vinney will losse his, randy will loose his, joe will loose his, and everyones taxes will go sky high!

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