Monday, January 02, 2006

Downers & Uppers

GreeneLander Carlton C. Carr, 22, has been jailed in Hudson on drug-trafficking charges. Tiffany Richards, 39, a high school cheer-leading coach, has been charged with misappropriating funds given to her by students to buy uniforms and equipment. (For exculpatory considerations, stay tuned). David Lloyd, 47, has been charged with stealing cellular telephones from Radio Shack and with passing bad checks at Dunn’s Builders Supply. Nicole Patrick, 19, was arrested recently on suspicion of grand larceny, in the form of going on a buying spree with a credit card that had been left inadvertently at the Hess service station. Jennifer D’Ambrosio, 24, was arrested on a charge of stealing money (about $150) from the cash register of her workplace, Burger Kings. Thomas Murtagh, 31, has been charged with stealing power tools belonging to his employer—twice. Ted Kenneally has been charged with stealing from his mother; he allegedly took her debit card, without permission, and withdrew money from an ATM window in Leeds. His companion, Thomas Lifgren, has been charged with the same larceny and with other crimes. Kasey L. Prostler, 46, of Leeds, faces a series of charges after Sheriff’s deputies, routinely scanning the parking lot behind the county office building, on Water Street in Catskill, noticed what they took to be suspicious activity inside a parked car. When they zoomed in electronically, they detected what they interpreted as the rolling of a marijuana cigarette, while children waited in the back seat. Local police confirmed the deputies’ suspicion, charging Ms P not only with unlawful possession of marijuana, but also with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, with operating a motor vehicle without insurance, and with violation of probation arising from previous offenses. But Alex L. Lashley, 43, currently holds the local record for criminal charges: aggravated harassment (of his ex-wife, with telephone calls, collect, from jail); criminal contempt (violating an order of protection, by bothering her at her workplace, a local bank, in spite of that order); theft of services, by stiffing a taxicab driver, who drove him from Albany down to Catskill; plus bothering his jailers (and the taxpayers) with spurious heart attacks.

Feeling depressed now? Read on.

Ron Chiminelli of Leeds, whose day job is dentistry in Hudson, has won grand prize in a National Parks Service photography contest. As reported in a recent Daily Freeman, Dr C’s winning picture will grace the cover of National Parks Passes issued to four million tourists in 2006. The win is no fluke, as is evident from the array of pictures shown on the man’s aptly named web site, majesticlightscapes. Go there. Thanks to support from lots of people on the Mountain, the new Gwen Allard Adaptive Sports Foundation center for handicapped children has opened in Windham next to the Wintergreen Club. It was venue for an evening of fine wine, food and art on December 28, and the official dedication will take place Saturday (1/7/06) afternoon. Eddy Messnia left the kitchen at Christman’s Windham House to open the eponymous Messina’s Italian Restaurant. His successor at Christman’s is Timothy Cross, alumnus of Johnson & Wales University cookery college in Rhode Island and veteran of ten years’ practice in Australia. Stephane & Claudia Degaches will add further to dining choices in Windham, come spring, when they open their Brie & Bordeaux restaurant. Marlon Munoz, of Leeds, has devised a gadget that he calls The Co-Pilot. It is a “system that generates safety warning messages” to vehicle drivers. It delivers “safety related messages” that can be played at chosen intervals, countering distractions brought about by radios and cell phones. To learn more, google Paul W. Bragulia, Catskill High School student, won a commendation from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, for his test results. According to the school district’s newsletter (delivered in early December, wishing all a happy, healthy Thanksgiving), Paul ranks among the top 5 per cent of a million students who took the tests. Ted Hilscher, GreeneLand attorney and historian, has composed a paper entitled “The Parking Lots of Main Street in Catskill”and no, it’s not boring. Mr H expounds the daring thesis that Main Street’s commercial and cultural health has been related inversely to the availability of parking. He also mentions that a fire truck may be buried under the paving at 431 Main; that among Main Street merchants in 1917 were a carpet weaver, cobblers, a furrier, two blacksmiths, a piano seller and four cigar makers; that before the Rip Van Winkle Bridge was opened, Columbia County people found it less convenient to go to Hudson than to take ferry boats from Greendale dock to Catskill Point, then trolleys or carriages up Main Street; that “In 1930, shoppers had their choice of three bakeries, nine stores carrying men’s clothing and one more selling hats only, ten butchers and one fish dealer, eleven grocers, three jewelers, a camera shop, six places to buy paint, seven places to buy shoes,” plus four banks, several pharmacies, and two gambling dens. Judging from his analysis, the most urgent next step in the revitalization of downtown Catskill must be getting good mid-scale tenants (vs. drunks, crackheads and Welfare slobs) for the refurbished apartments that are above the renovated, newly occupied storefronts. Those tenants would generate demand for after-dark services whose ensuing availability would in turn draw outsiders to Main Street. Brian Branigan, in addition to making a documentary on historian Ray Beecher, and laying the groundwork for a Hudson River documentary, and touting the idea of establishing a GreeneLand film school, has made a video, or webmercial, singing the praises of up-and-coming Catskill. It is visible and audible and a treat at Brian cites the absence of a bookstore, a bakery and a Mexican restaurant. So for 2006 we can wish for those things, plus the new breed of downtown tenants. Plus comity in the fire-fighting fraternity.


Anonymous said...

Yes, let's hope for "comity" amongst this noble fraternity. Thanks for the nudge.

Anonymous said...

down with hose 1

Anonymous said...

it wont be such a "comity" when life or property is loss because of the disbanded hose 1 fraternity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Lets Hope for "comity" in the fire fraternity, but not at the expense of safety, honesty, integrity, to the Village Of Catskill and its tax payers!

The turn your cheek while taking it up the bazoo mentality was used for over fifty years with Hose 1 and the last 2.5 years with the Catskill Fire Company. Now the fire company members have decided enough is enough and we no longer plan to allow curruption and dishonesty to rule us any longer!

Viva Le Catskill Fire Company!!!!!!

Viva Le Dick May for giving us a way to inform the tax payers!

Anonymous said...

Its interesting that you mentioned Ted Hischer and the fire truck under the parking lot.

Dick, you really know how to add fuel to the fire while trying to act like your trying to stay clear of the fire storm. Way to go!

Most tax payers are probably unaware that Ted Hischer helped Hose one and the Village to come to the idiotic agreement which was supposedly to allow Hose 1 to save face. All it actually did was throw elephant dung in the face of every volunteer in the Village of Catskill. And the tax payers found them selves under the crap pile! So much for municipal law, and protecting tax payer assets.

Now we have to go to court again and finish what was never decided before. I believe that a village attorney should be protecting the tax payers and not a personal lawyer for board members or renegade fire members.

I wonder how FIRE CHAIRPERSON POTATO HEAD will persuade the village lawyer to act on the legality of ETA 3-11 being maintained by a municipality while he actually supports his Hose 1 social club. Hes pro Hose 1, pro secessionist from the village.
The irony of it all! Only in GreenLand!

Anonymous said...

Hey your right about the irony of it all!
That tax payers fire truck that was lost in the fire and reported buried under the parking lot belonged to the predecessor to Citizens Hose 5. (It was widely reported that Willey's Hose 1 members remained in their Fire House an extended period of time to insure that the fire would destroy their arch enemies fire house). BUT; the spirit of volunteerism rose from the ashes.
The ladder truck sold to Coxsackie belonged to Hose 5 and was actively sold by both Chiefs Ormerod. 2ND Asst Chief Ormerod was quoted saying "Sell it for $10,000.oo when Coxsackie was making the initial offer of $50,000.oo. They were actually willing to have gone as high as $75,000.00. But when you have a Hose 1 guy yelling give it away free they lowed ball. (The professional advisers said keep it as a stand by truck) They thought they would destroy us but the spirit of volunteerism rose from the ashes!
Hose 1 boycotted calls and tried to disrupt fire protection in the Village of Catskill and the spirit of volunteers rose up to the challenge.
They took E 3-21 away from Hose 2 and brought it on top of the hill, yet the volunteers continued to support the village. When Hose 2 finally decided enough was enough and they responded to Potato Heads ignorance when 40 members rose up and resigned together.
The volunteers continued to fight when they closed down the East Side station because Oh My God and Potato Head could not stop them any other way. Because they were driven by the spirit that has motivate Volunteers in The Village of Catskill for many generations!.
The rivalry continues as the spirit of previous Hose 2 and Hose 5 volunteers lives on in the new vibrant volunteers of the Catskill Fire Company. The destroy and conquer spirit of Hose 1 wannabees continue to try and destroy their competition. We've all been there, the fire districts, the fire companies etc. elected officials! and know what Hose 1 has been about all these years.
Viva Catskill Fire Company!

Anonymous said...

It is 8:20 a.m., December 3 .. again, in a snow emergency, the streets of Catskill are in far better shape than those in our rich neighbor Hudson. My compliments to all those involved in doing all they can as soon as they can.
Harold Hanson, Resident & Business Owner

Anonymous said...

Hot of the press:

It is being reported that the village tax payers won big this morning!!!! Thats right your blogs are being heard by the public and help is on the way. Your complaints of the fire chief leaving work and being paid for it has been heard by the village and acted on. The fire chief was forced to remain at work during a fire call this morning and not allowed to leave. Thank you to all those involved in bringing justice to the village taxpayers. This is the first of many steps to come.

Taxpayer happy to see justice served.

Anonymous said...

The weasels are running, the chickens are flying, and the fox is sneaking; but, do not make the mistake to think the Old Farmer is asleep any more. In fact I think you have awaken a sleeping giant! He's probally loading his double barrel shot gun and the dasterdly thieves (The weasels and the fox) will meet their rightful end and the chicken coop will turn back to the quiet restfull place with hens a chuckling and the rooster a crowing!

Anonymous said...

Dick, The Catskill Fire Company was visited by President Seely, Trustee Kosloski, and Fire Chair Person Chewens. It was a remarkable that it was the first time in years that individuals were allowed to speak freely at a fire company meeting without repercussions from the Fire Commissioner, Fire Chief and Fire Board.
Your presence had a definite impact as certain individuals didn't utter a word. Certainly a considerable contrast to the meeting when the Fire Chair Person, Chiefs, line officers and board members verbally abused all firemen belittling them and antagonizing them for voting against the membership application of a known trouble maker into the fire company.

A few individuals had the courage to speak there mind while others understandably chose to remain silent, its only sad that those guys who spoke up only touched the surface of the problems at the fire company. Its the under lying cancer that has to be eliminated not the symptoms. I guess any dialog is better than none though, so hopefully the fire company under Vinny's direction (wanted or unwanted) is going to move forward.

I understand that Mr Seeley is upset with the seeing site and states that he is real close to requesting that you shut it down. He expressed that it was once a good thing when it only showed new business's' s opening up. Now he thinks its doing a great injustice to the Village because of its contents. Has Vinney just awaken to all the fire department controversy or has he intentionally been ignoring it? Whats so bad about people expressing their views and using the blog to get out the other side of the story.

I disagree with Vinny assumption that its all lies, because it allows individuals to see how there tax payer dollars are being used or misused. For example; how else would the tax payers on Landon Ave know that they too can simply borrow Village of Catskill machinery to install a water line on Landon Ave, just like the service folks on Edge mere Road was provided. Has the Edgemere road residents been charged or was this a Village of Catskill freebie? Which also raises another question. Was the Village equipment only used on property that was inside the town of Catskill limits or did it also provide service to the county? (Who's doing an injustice to who, and whats providing a service to who?) Will thugs break into my home to sequester my voice?

Or what about the abuse of power and Alcohol related problems that were exposed on this blog is another perfect example of exposing improprieties. Or what about the never ending saga concerning ETA 3-11. All of this was exposed by this blog and would have been buried under the rug just like the incident with the DJ. The Catskill Fire Company just had their bar operation closed down and can no longer sell alcohol. Why did it take so long? How could the Village Board not know about the unauthorized party and the assault on the DJ and the under aged drinking? Three law enforcement agencies and the Catskill Rescue squad and an eight month long investigation. Yet; no one knows a thing? The entire community knew about it and it finally took Dick May and his site before the village board finally acknowledge it. Is it real action or the appearance of action that is taken over a year after the FACT. Why would Vinney consider closing down such a valuable site? Hey, Vinney doesn't live on Edgemere Road does he? Maybe if he started reading the Blog everyday he to would realize its value to the public. At least he would be on top of things.

There will always be a blog site to allow the frustrated population of Greeneland to speak out on anything they wish, Perhaps Mr Seeley needs to stop accepting the tainted truths of his counterparts with the rhetoric everything is peaches and cream in the Village of Catskill and start seeking the truth. Heck if Mr. Seeley needs the help of the TRUTH DETECTIVES here we, just call, its all done on a voluntary basis at no cost to the village.

What a disservice closing down Especially when its the only way certain individuals have as a means to expose wrong doings that had been previously covered up and put on the shelf. I understand that the village is now going to conduct an investigation into many of the alcohol related problems that have occurred around the fire house. I hope that the Catskill Fire Company Chair person will exclude himself; and not be involved in this investigation as well as any other trustee who is, or has been a firemen. Nothing like investigating oneself. Although I really hope that real change is going to be made at the fire house. I just can't help wondering if all we have done is allowed the fox in the chicken coop!

Dick, you are doing a great service to the tax payers of Catskill. That is why the Truth Detectives are negotiating a full size Bill Board to advertise your site to the general public. Vinney is feeling the heat because the Board of Trustees had taken the wrong approach by not previously dealing with these problems in the Fire Company. He is obviously against anyone speaking out on the seeinggreeneblog. He resonates the same feelings that has brought discontent and disbelief from the fire company members. Despite the overall attempt to remain civil its very clear that many individuals present at the meeting are forming a witch hunt to attack the whistle blowers; instead of seriously trying to fix the true under lying problems. Yes, I agree that we have some what commandeered your site to bring out the truth which Vinney refers to as all lies. He stated he wasted over two hours reading the lies. Take off your blinders and wake up! I'm sure there are things that are not facts on both sides. Then again I'm absolutely positive that there are also facts with supporting pictures available. When the problems are reviewed by a truly impartial office I'm confident that many of the Blogs contents will be proven true. Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 85% truth. Not bad for all lies!

As a truth detective it has been important to insure that the information is brought out and exposed and no no longer covered up by the various entities that support the culprits directly or indirectly. Is there only one or two disgruntled individuals as Vinney stated at the meeting or is there considerable more. My belief is there are many more than he realizes who will speak out when push comes to shove. Now they simply remain silent except for speaking out on What is everyone afraid of unless the comments are true. One thing that quickly comes to mind is the personal attacks, flat tires, scratched cars, harassing phone calls at home and work, phone calls to newspapers, surveillance, threats, that have been conducted under an orchestrated body in the fire house. Ask Trustees Berzal, Dushane, Bataglino how they were affected by the disgruntled members who still attack them to this day any chance they get. These individuals have been on continuous witch hunts for years and initiated the fire company response to the Silent Law suit. I'd be willing to bet that a Hose 1 member initiated the entire story in one way or another that started this entire firestorm. But now that the truth detectives have been activated there ain't no stopping us now!

The fire company provided Mr/ Seeley the impression that everything was very civil at the meeting. But the real under tones were present. Comments such as your disgruntled and why dont you quit are minor to what would have occurred if the Village Board was not there. Repeated attempts by certain individuals to get the whistle blower to stand up went UN- heeded. Obviously his reputation and life would be in jeopardy once certain individuals find out his or her name. Fire Chief Prince summed it up when he acknowledged the fire company's failure to discipline or effectively lead and demanded that the village board step up before someone is beat up hurt or killed. The problems are there if if you would only open your eyes and ears.

My biggest fear is that individuals in the company will continue to support the vendetta against the truth detectives, as they blame them for exposing the wrong doings in the fire company. If the Fire Company and Village Boards get there way they will blacklist these firemen, chastise them unmercifully, ostracize them from the fire company and make their lives miserable at work and home. Mr Seeley also stated that they would pay dearly for it!

Viva The Catskill Fire Company
Viva Truth Detectives

Anonymous said...

Jim Chewins as fire commish is like putting corky in charge of arc.

Anonymous said...

EXTRA EXTRA if you would like to be a Truth detective you can contact chief detective( Rick i wish my son was chief Shanks) or asst. chief( Tom I know more than the hole town Burke).You may also contact ( Joel my dad wont let me be chief either Shanks ).If enough people join ranks maybe they can make Joel a Lietenut.

Anonymous said...

Information Protected

All medical records and other individually identifiable health information used or disclosed by a covered entity in any form, whether electronically, on paper, or orally, are covered by the final rule.

With few exceptions, such as appropriate law enforcement needs, an individual's health information may only be used for health purposes.

Ensuring that health information is not used for non-health purposes- Health information covered by the rule generally may not be used for purposes not related to health care- such as disclosures to employers to make personnel decisions, or to financial institutions- without explicit authorization from the individual.

Federal criminal penalties- Under HIPAA, Congress also established criminal penalties for knowingly violating patient privacy. Criminal penalties are up to $50,000 and one year in prison for obtaining or disclosing protected health information; up to $100, 000 and up to five years in prison for obtaining protected health information under "false pretenses"; and up to $250, 000 and up to 10 years in prison for obtaining or disclosing protected health information with the intent to sell, transfer or to use for commercial advantage, personal gain or malicious harm. If you have additional questions, you can e-mail the Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights (OCR) at, or call 1-866-788-4989

Anonymous said...

Maybe if joel steals from the village you can make him chief, then he can knock a dj's teeth out and become fire chair person aka wannabe fire commish. Then maybe his father should buy him a pacemaker a he will become chief driver.But then maybe not, joel if you want to be a board member get drunk by lunch every day, and if you want to be a lietent just stop comming around and your bound to get voted in, you know 20 years of not brushing your teeth I mean services will make you qualified.

Anonymous said...

down with oh-my-god,potato head,tommy boy,don't brush my teeth,don't rock the boat,i can't get a title,my son can't get a title,I so smart I turn wrenchs,disbanded hose 1.

Anonymous said...

should you call him can't get a title or can't break the family?

Anonymous said...

maybe you should call him not a thief which = not a corrupt leader?

Anonymous said...

Are the truth detectives looking for a gum shoe medical officer?

I know someone who can help over turn peoples personal health records!! Lets call him Dr. your health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

cfc will have 5 openings after the next meeting.Come vote to throw out the infiedels.

Anonymous said...

Hate to disappoint all of you truth detectives, but it wasn't me.
Sorry to burst your bubbles, but I'm not the big bad evil blogger your looking for. You should all know by now that any time I have a problem
I speak my mind and do not need to hide behind a blog. I also don't need to ask permission before I speak or decide to run for office. Some people say that I run my mouth too much but I've been taught to speak my mind, especially when standing up for what I believe is right. I certainly am not going to cower down or kiss some ones ass. Especially if they have't earned it. At least everyone always knows my opinion on a subject. And yes I do change my mind if someone can show me a better way. Traits I learned from my father and which we both are criticized for.

No one can accuse me of being afraid to go against what's popular. Its more important to fight for what you believe in than simply going with the flow.
That's what you get with me, I speak for what ever I think is right. I don't have to suck any ones ass!
I'm me and I don't plan on changing. I stand behind what I say and am not afraid to speak my mind. I have yet to write a blog
but now is as good as any time to start. Considering all the trash talk that goes on around here I'm surprised its taken so long to throw us in. You all mock my father and Mr. Seeley but you sure kept your lids shut at the company meeting. Was that to convince Mr Seeley that everything is great at the CFC, or were you trying to keep something from him? Well, considering I've had my gear doused in diesel fuel, have officers who refuse to speak to me, have had hose lines shut down on me while inside of burning structures, had the feign hearted refuse to follow me into a burning building, or one of those who can only write a blog. I guess after all this that I can take a little jab here or there without crying. I recognize the absolute need for some to utilize a blog as it may be the only way they have the courage to speak out. Considering the demonstrated willingness of our current leaders to address anything unless forced to, its kind of comical in a sick way, but oh so sad.

So I might as well tell you how I feel about all of this. Lets see
should I begin. Sad to say it, but a lot of what is on this blog site is actually true, it doesn't mean I agree with it or like it being publicized. Its obvious that the blog site has generated more action than the CFC board has accomplished since its start up. It would have never reached this point but enough people had simply stood up and said enough is enough. In fact many of you have never said anything openly,. You simply bitch up a storm behind close doors. But lets face it, you haven't ever stood up so the crap continued to escalate. As I stated at the January meeting what harm has been done if we are simply being forced to do what we should have done in the first place. The CFC will only get better. Its the crap behind the scenes being orchestrated by a few who still think that Hose 1 is the only fire company in the world. Why shouldn't we have to follow the same rules as any one else?. This simpleton mentality has created all these problems. You claim that my family and I are nothing but die hard Hose 5 members to try and discredit us, but we fight on for the CFC. Even when our own officers and some of our Chiefs despise us. Volunteering for the community in a professional manner is more important than bowing down to your childish attacks.

Yes I I ran for a
lieutenants position this year against 1st LT. John Darling. I lost 23 to 14
in a fair election. I had previously spoken to 2ND Lt John Dees numerous times about running and wanted him to move up and run for the 1st Lt. position. We were both tired of the 1st Lt and Capt never showing up to calls and John was always complaining about doing all the work. I'm for anything that betters the CFC. John told me that all the line officers made a pack together that no one would run against anyone else and he was afraid of breaking it. John said he wouldn't run against Darling so I said fine and I put my name on the ballot for first LT. I didn't conspire or lead a campaign to simply oust him and I did not jump John Dees accept out of respect to the fact that he didn't want to run for a higher position. Its no different than 1st Asst Chief Prince not wanting to run for Chief. He had 25 years of service and experience as a Chief, Capt and Lt. yet he allowed an individual with with less than half the years experience to take over as Chief. Randy also jumped from a bogus district position to 2ND Asst Chief to Chief with out following the lines of progression. I don't remember anyone crying foul back then but Hose 1 members are always given an easier standard than everyone else.. Where was the childish mentality of the officers saying to him You should have asked permission to run? Give me a break, that's the kind of crap I was subjected to.! What else can I say. I ran against JD because I do not believe that he makes enough alarms. Primarily because of the fact that he lives in Palenville
is 2 fire districts away from Catskill. I feel that line officers should be leading the way from the fire house directing man power for the
first arriving trucks to be affective. How ever, I never said
that he
was a bad firefighter or line officer or anything bad about him
outside of
him not being able to make enough alarms to hold an office. If john
like me because of that then it's his loss not mine, I've never did
anything to him. In fact he hasn't spoken three words to my entire family in some six to eight months.

To be honest I also feel that Neal Russell should
resign as captain because he doesn't have enough time to
do his duties as captain. Not saying he's a bad officer but I don't
feel he
has enough time to dedicate to being captain at this time. I am also
with the intimidation captain Russell tried to put on me when he got in
face for no reason at a recent board meeting. It took 3 to 4 people to
him back when he attempted to assault me. This is not the way an
should act when dealing with someone. Especially when I came forward to the Fire Company Board with a serious safety violation involving two probes who had run a stop sign and a red light with out any regard to fellow FFs or the public. I'm not referring to a controlled look all ways and proceed with caution drive through, but a I'm invincible and I can run straight through with out stopping carefree drive through. Four FF's saw this occur and three of us wrote supporting letters as requested by the board president. We reported it to the Chiefs etc. and followed every ones recommendations. Only to be attacked within the first minute by the Fire Chief followed by others.
This was an intentional vendetta led by the Chiefs and officers against the complainants. I was shocked that we were attacked for doing what was right, but this has been a consistent pattern around the fire house.

I also feel we have a
couple of members on the board of director's who are in it for the wrong reasons. I believe that
Harold is
doing a good job as president, and the same for John Dees. I am a
upset that john voted against me when he was the one always complaining that
he was
the only line officer who did anything around the firehouse. John sorry
you get mad at me for saying this, but you can't deny it. You said it to
and several others numerous different times.
Randy's not the worst chief but then again he's not the best either. I
don't even
dislike Randy as a person but I don't care for the way he treats many of us
who I feel do a lot around the firehouse. I definitely don't like the fact that
Randy sat at the bar in the firehouse and told a group of people that
wishes my fathers house burned down when he had a small electrical fire
the wall. That's a hell of a thing for the Chief of the Village of Catskill Fire Department to say. It can't
denied either, I was told by three different people who sat their and
it. That's OK I won't hold it against you, you've hated my family for
years. I also don't respect the fact that you went to a fireman's funeral in Cairo and was bragging about when you become a paid Fire Chief your going to kick my family out of the department. Once again reliable sources from different departments informed about these conversations. Unbelievable but true, and yet we keep serving the tax payers because we understand the importance of doing our civic duty to volunteer and have no hidden agendas to form a paid fire department.

Chewens, he's not my favorite person but I don't hate him. Feel sorry that he is so infatuated with his Hose 1 and the fact that by all standards they lost the real competition. I do think
head is funny, it makes me laugh. Kind of humorous in its own way.

The bar being closed down isn't that big of a deal I'm here to fight
not drink beer. Maybe the bar should only be open for special
lets not deny the fact that we have had a lot of drinking related problems. The
issue, I think it's stupid, the truck belongs to the village and it
say Village of Catskill Fire Company on the side. The village has been ignoring
for years and enough is enough. The new rescue is a cool truck but I
the company should decide the color, not the truck committee which I
is made up of too many people that are related. E3-1 being posted for sale on the Web Site is being done simply because the Chief and Fire Commissioner want to punish Hose 5. You might have convinced the board that moving E3-1 was entirely to insure all apparatus gets off of the floor. But in all honesty it was to fulfill statements made by the fire commissioner and the chiefs that they would teach us a lesson by moving the truck up the hill. Go ahead and sell it, because I don't worship it. Just don't expect us to quit the fire house because of the childish games that are played. Selling it makes more sense than leaving the truck rotting away in the corner due to simple childish ignorance. You could never stop the East Side response so you attacked us the only way you could. Yes I also do support having
truck on the "east side". The whole reason 3-1 was moved was so we
could use
it more with more manpower on it. Funny because the truck never gets
used any more.
As far as more man power excuse, trucks a always rolling with two to three guys
even in a
ten man cab. How come the Chief never asks for the manpower status of anything from the West side? What's even funnier is that there are usually people
pulling up in the parking lot when the trucks pull out and leave them. So if your not
going to use 3-1 put it back on the east side and allow it to
with 2 and three guys.
That brings out another item of interest. Its pretty sad when The Fire Chiefs, The Fire Commissioner and the Captain state at a Fire Company meeting that they are moving E 3-1 back to the East Side temporarily during the 9w construction because they are afraid that not doing so they will not get their rescue truck. BUT emphasizing that it could only be used for a confirmed structure and anyone responding to anything else would be suspended from the company. The Chief stated that it was strictly a move to pacify the tax payers until they get their rescue truck purchased.
Health problems, that's a touchy subject. I feel people should be
careful at
pointing fingers. There are several people with health problems and I
believe that they probably don't have medical clearance to be doing the things they
are. As far as a medical officer making the kinds of comments that he did were inappropriate and out of line. If someone has a possible condition that needs too be appropriately addressed then do your job and address it. Don't come out in a Blog and make accusations or threats and then state your the Medical officer. The high street fire was the first one I remember seeing you at in months if not longer. If you had a an issue with someone you should have addressed it then. Not a year later and in a blog as a veiled threat. You certainly never heard me tell anyone that you froze or hesitated in the door and was using the hose issue as a reason for not entering the structure fire. Hesitation can cost lives and yes I grab a nozzle when ever someone demonstrates timidness or slowness at attacking a fire.
I did speak up at the last monthly meeting with Mr
Seeley about issues that bothered me so there's nothing to hide.
because I had balls to speak out in front of a lot of the people who
there like scared little kids doesn't mean I turned you in to the state
agencies as some have accused. You should be more afraid of the people
act like your friend until you leave the room then talk shit about you. They are the ones that hate you not me. I also
that people should make a certain number of alarms a year in order to
or hold office or have any firematic say. Well now that I have sunk to
level of writing blogs you can feel free to attack, harass, intimidate,
slander me. These are my words like them or not. But remember one
just like when I wrote letters to the editor I will sign my name to it.
go ahead and do what ever you want to my truck or house, I have
And if you think your going to run me off I have news for you, I'm here
life. By the way if you have any problems with me be a man and feel
free to
call me at home 943-0502.

Dissaponited with my brother firefighters behavior,

Joel Shanks