Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday Filings

ERRATUM. For readers of our last blog (Downers & Uppers), the link we supplied to Brian Branigan’s webmercial for Catskill may have failed. And some readers may have been led to an earlier version of the video, with a British-accented narrator. Here’s another try at the link: If the link still does not work, try putting all of the foregoing into Google or Yahoo.

SOLD: 365 Main St, Catskill, present home of Birdland Music, topped by two apartments; by Tom Thornton, with Linda Overbaugh as broker; at a price of--well, the ask was $349,900; for conversion into a lighting fixtures showroom. The notice to vacate in 30 days comes at an awkward time for Birdland proprietor Bill Trotman.

OFFERED BY AUCTION: the former Sunside Inn in Cairo; a 2575-square-foot, 4.8-acre restaurant property; on January 28th; by and at Absolute Auction Realty of Pleasant Valley (Dutchess County); without reserve. Touted by the agent ( as a 4-season business that stands to benefit from proximity to “Wyndham.”

ADJOURNED: Catskill Town court appearance yesterday (1/5) of James Davis, on charges of maltreating animals. Heeding complaints from neighbors, investigators have reported “minimal” care provided by Davis, and that “not on a daily basis,” for the two resident horses, the billy goat, the two pigs, and the 12 dogs kept at his place on 721 Vedder Mountain Road.

ALSO adjourned: trial of Danielle Gardella, of Cairo, who is charged with aggravated harassment (second degree) of her ex-husband, Kevin Lindau, by means of “hundreds” (he says) of scream-filled cell phone calls.

RE-ARRESTED: Jonalynn Barrett, 24, of Cairo. She was arrested by Catskill Village police on December 30th for allegedly stealing(with two confederates) items from Advance Auto Parts, arraigned in Village court for petit larceny, released on $250 bail. But then police officers learned that an arrest warrant had been issued by Cairo Town Justice Thomas Baldwin, in connection with a credit card-related felony. On the charge of grand larceny (fourth degree), Ms Barrett was arraigned by Catskill Town Justice Peter Margolius and, in lieu of $25,000 cash bail or $50,000 bond, consigned to the county jail. She is due to face trial (1/10) Tuesday in Cairo.

JAIL PROBLEMS. Need to build a new county jail (mentioned months ago in Seeing Greene) has been acknowledged officially by our county legislators, with establishment of a task force headed by William Lawrence and including Sheriff Richard Hussey and County Executive Doug Brewer. The project is sure to be expensive ($30 million? More?) and, judging from experience in neighboring Ulster County, it is likely to be agonizing. Construction of Ulster’s new jail is two years behind schedule and $13 million (thirteen million dollars) over budget, so far. The mess contributed to big turnover among legislators, with Democrats moving from minority (16 seats out of 33) to strong majority (21D-12R). For GreeneLand, putting the new jail near the State prisons in Coxsackie might yield economies and other conveniences. In any event, a new jail not only will be expensive, but also will increase daily operating costs of the sheriff’s office. Inmates will have to be transported and escorted under secure conditions to and from the county courts. At present, it’s just a matter of walking across an alley. Maybe the optimal solution would be to establish a modern jail annex outside of town while adapting parts of the old jail so as to meet current code requirements.

SHIVERING, on Wednesday (1/4): pupils and teachers and aides in Catskill Elementary School. Owing to a defunct circulatory pump, classrooms were heat-less. Fortunately, so to speak, the natural temperature was a bit above freezing. Send the kids home? Not when both parents have jobs.

DANGLING: construction of sentence saying (Daily Mail, 1/1/06) “While walking through the enormous building the vintage architecture and décor is unmistakable, as is the strength of the structure.” Translation: vintage architecture is name of a pedestrian.

GRANPAS FOR LIFE. That’s the putative sponsorship of a quarter-page Christmas Eve advertisement in The Daily Mail, saying: “Thank God for Christmas. The Abortion clinic will be closed so that staff can be at home with their live babies. Praise the Lord!”

VALUING GREENELAND. In terms of the sum of assessed valuations, in the year 2000 our county was worth about $2.7 billion. In 2004 the figure was $3.4 billion. The current figure is four billion dollars. That’s a big jump for a place whose population has only grown slightly and is still under 50,000.


Anonymous said...

Dick, The Catskill Fire Company was visited by President Seely, Trustee Kosloski, and Fire Chair Person Chewens. It was a remarkable that it was the first time in years that individuals were allowed to speak freely at a fire company meeting without repercussions from the Fire Commissioner, Fire Chief and Fire Board.
Your presence had a definite impact as certain individuals didn't utter a word. Certainly a considerable contrast to the meeting when the Fire Chair Person, Chiefs, line officers and board members verbally abused all firemen belittling them and antagonizing them for voting against the membership application of a known trouble maker into the fire company.

A few individuals had the courage to speak there mind while others understandably chose to remain silent, its only sad that those guys who spoke up only touched the surface of the problems at the fire company. Its the under lying cancer that has to be eliminated not the symptoms. I guess any dialog is better than none though, so hopefully the fire company under Vinny's direction (wanted or unwanted) is going to move forward.

I understand that Mr Seeley is upset with the seeing site and states that he is real close to requesting that you shut it down. He expressed that it was once a good thing when it only showed new business's' s opening up. Now he thinks its doing a great injustice to the Village because of its contents. Has Vinney just awaken to all the fire department controversy or has he intentionally been ignoring it? Whats so bad about people expressing their views and using the blog to get out the other side of the story.

I disagree with Vinny assumption that its all lies, because it allows individuals to see how there tax payer dollars are being used or misused. For example; how else would the tax payers on Landon Ave know that they too can simply borrow Village of Catskill machinery to install a water line on Landon Ave, just like the service folks on Edge mere Road was provided. Has the Edgemere road residents been charged or was this a Village of Catskill freebie? Which also raises another question. Was the Village equipment only used on property that was inside the town of Catskill limits or did it also provide service to the county? (Who's doing an injustice to who, and whats providing a service to who?) Will thugs break into my home to sequester my voice?

Or what about the abuse of power and Alcohol related problems that were exposed on this blog is another perfect example of exposing improprieties. Or what about the never ending saga concerning ETA 3-11. All of this was exposed by this blog and would have been buried under the rug just like the incident with the DJ. The Catskill Fire Company just had their bar operation closed down and can no longer sell alcohol. Why did it take so long? How could the Village Board not know about the unauthorized party and the assault on the DJ and the under aged drinking? Three law enforcement agencies and the Catskill Rescue squad and an eight month long investigation. Yet; no one knows a thing? The entire community knew about it and it finally took Dick May and his site before the village board finally acknowledge it. Is it real action or the appearance of action that is taken over a year after the FACT. Why would Vinney consider closing down such a valuable site? Hey, Vinney doesn't live on Edgemere Road does he? Maybe if he started reading the Blog everyday he to would realize its value to the public. At least he would be on top of things.

There will always be a blog site to allow the frustrated population of Greeneland to speak out on anything they wish, Perhaps Mr Seeley needs to stop accepting the tainted truths of his counterparts with the rhetoric everything is peaches and cream in the Village of Catskill and start seeking the truth. Heck if Mr. Seeley needs the help of the TRUTH DETECTIVES here we, just call, its all done on a voluntary basis at no cost to the village.

What a disservice closing down Especially when its the only way certain individuals have as a means to expose wrong doings that had been previously covered up and put on the shelf. I understand that the village is now going to conduct an investigation into many of the alcohol related problems that have occurred around the fire house. I hope that the Catskill Fire Company Chair person will exclude himself; and not be involved in this investigation as well as any other trustee who is, or has been a firemen. Nothing like investigating oneself. Although I really hope that real change is going to be made at the fire house. I just can't help wondering if all we have done is allowed the fox in the chicken coop!

Dick, you are doing a great service to the tax payers of Catskill. That is why the Truth Detectives are negotiating a full size Bill Board to advertise your site to the general public. Vinney is feeling the heat because the Board of Trustees had taken the wrong approach by not previously dealing with these problems in the Fire Company. He is obviously against anyone speaking out on the seeinggreeneblog. He resonates the same feelings that has brought discontent and disbelief from the fire company members. Despite the overall attempt to remain civil its very clear that many individuals present at the meeting are forming a witch hunt to attack the whistle blowers; instead of seriously trying to fix the true under lying problems. Yes, I agree that we have some what commandeered your site to bring out the truth which Vinney refers to as all lies. He stated he wasted over two hours reading the lies. Take off your blinders and wake up! I'm sure there are things that are not facts on both sides. Then again I'm absolutely positive that there are also facts with supporting pictures available. When the problems are reviewed by a truly impartial office I'm confident that many of the Blogs contents will be proven true. Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 85% truth. Not bad for all lies!

As a truth detective it has been important to insure that the information is brought out and exposed and no no longer covered up by the various entities that support the culprits directly or indirectly. Is there only one or two disgruntled individuals as Vinney stated at the meeting or is there considerable more. My belief is there are many more than he realizes who will speak out when push comes to shove. Now they simply remain silent except for speaking out on What is everyone afraid of unless the comments are true. One thing that quickly comes to mind is the personal attacks, flat tires, scratched cars, harassing phone calls at home and work, phone calls to newspapers, surveillance, threats, that have been conducted under an orchestrated body in the fire house. Ask Trustees Berzal, Dushane, Bataglino how they were affected by the disgruntled members who still attack them to this day any chance they get. These individuals have been on continuous witch hunts for years and initiated the fire company response to the Silent Law suit. I'd be willing to bet that a Hose 1 member initiated the entire story in one way or another that started this entire firestorm. But now that the truth detectives have been activated there ain't no stopping us now!

The fire company provided Mr/ Seeley the impression that everything was very civil at the meeting. But the real under tones were present. Comments such as your disgruntled and why dont you quit are minor to what would have occurred if the Village Board was not there. Repeated attempts by certain individuals to get the whistle blower to stand up went UN- heeded. Obviously his reputation and life would be in jeopardy once certain individuals find out his or her name. Fire Chief Prince summed it up when he acknowledged the fire company's failure to discipline or effectively lead and demanded that the village board step up before someone is beat up hurt or killed. The problems are there if if you would only open your eyes and ears.

My biggest fear is that individuals in the company will continue to support the vendetta against the truth detectives, as they blame them for exposing the wrong doings in the fire company. If the Fire Company and Village Boards get there way they will blacklist these firemen, chastise them unmercifully, ostracize them from the fire company and make their lives miserable at work and home. Mr Seeley also stated that they would pay dearly for it!

Viva The Catskill Fire Company
Viva Truth Detectives


I am outraged as a taxpayer that I donated money to Hose #1 at tag days and by attending breakfasts and dinners so that they could buy fire fighting equipment and yes, some creature comforts for the fire house and then they take the things bought with these donations, sell them and the money they got came from me as a taxpayer and then use that money to throw a party for people who aren't even members of the Catskill Fire company and who don't fight fires or deserve a tax payer subsidized food and liquor fest. It looks like I've paid twice. Once to buy the stuff and again to buy it from Hose #1. Talk about a taxpayer rip off.

I believed Hose #1 and thought that Stanley Dushane was wrong to go after them but after reading all this, I can see that he was right to do what he did.

As a taxpayer, I hope that the honest firemen who know what is going on will end this once and for all. Don't hide behind the wall of secrecy if you really care about the village and fire fighting.




Anonymous said...

I heard that Vinny stated that "there will be hell to pay, I can't even tell you what we're going to do if we find out who turned us in to the state!"

Apparently the taxpayers of this site aren't lying when they say their going to report all illegal actions to the state.

If the fire co. and village officals aren't doing anything wrong then why are they under so much heat from 7 plus New York State agencies. "it's all lies"
Then why is the village recieving so many violation's from the state? Sounds like a outside third party is uncovering hundreds of wrong doings. Thank you truth detectives!!!!!! Don't be surprised if you see officals under arrest for there involvement in illegal activities. What's happened so far is only the tip of the iceburg.
Don't worry taxpayers evil will lose and truth and good will prevail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also heard Vinny is making a bylaw that any one who reports safety violations to the state will be kicked out of the fire co. and labeled a "trouble maker".
Are you that dumb? Thats illegal once again under whistle blower laws.
Sounds to me like you have a history of wrong doings. Hows the water taste out of your new water line? After all I payed for it along with other taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the village president wants this blog shut down? If that is true, I guess he doesn't believe that the public has the right to comment or the right to know what elected officials are doing and what is happening with tax dollars. It sounds anti-american to me.

Who got a water line installed at village expense? Maybe that should be reported to the press and the state.

Anonymous said...

I would like to comment on Village President Seeleys visit to the Catskill Fire Company on Tue Jan 3rd 2006. Although I felt that he was not completely sincere with his intentions and seemed to subversively always try spin things to support the Fire Commissioners Hose 1 agenda. I did like his philosophy concerning safety as the over all number one priority. He even expressed his preference for the color red to be used on the fire trucks since that is the color everyone expects fire trucks to be. However countless studies have proven that red is a very hard color to see especially at night.

I had a conversation with the CFC Safety Officer Kastanjian several years ago about why Hose selected the light green color for ETA 3-21. He informed me that it was not the original color of preference. It took considerable discussion before Hose 2 finally voted on the green color. They chose it over the historical colors of Hose 2 because studies had shown that it was the most easily seen color at night, in smoke, fog, etc. Since they knew consolidation was inevitable they chose to move forward with a color that would promote safety in the department. ( If they were like Hose 1 it would have been red to prove that Hose 1 lives on).

Historically, red was chosen for fire apparatus because it signified fire and heat. In the year 2006 we need to stop the "everyone knows a fire truck is red mentality" and select the color that is the safest. In fact a vote was conducted at a CFC meeting and safety green was chosen over any other color. Why then was a red color scheme chosen behind our backs? BECAUSE, when the board does not agree with the membership they simply do what they want anyway. If they have to they will activate the non fire fighting membership to come in and a second vote will be done. And they will have there way. In the case of the fire truck the truck committee went with the Chiefs favorite color.

I am upset that Seeley kept preaching compromise when the village board gave ultimatums for consolidation. Yes the entire membership voted on it and it passed! Village Board assured everyone that everything was going to be fairly done and no company would be allowed to monopolize the fire house. Hose 1 members couldn't wait to strip the hose 2 and hose 5 names off the trucks. Recently Chewens and Ormerod stripped all vehicles of the "Village of Catskill" script. I am appalled that the Chief who works for the village, and lives in the town would have the audacity to strip gold leafing off of the tax payers trucks in a vain attempt to hide the fact that they belong to the Village. We all know the fire commissioners views on Hose 1 must live on.

I remember the Village board compromising with Hose 1 when they were shut down for two weeks in 2002. The Village Board should have disbanded them altogether then. The village board stated that a new color would be selected for the fire department and it could either include the use all three fire company colors or an entirely new color scheme entirely. Tan was the original color selected for the new uniforms, but the board changed the color on re-vote to be couple of shades off of Hose 1s uniform color. The truck color selected by the Ormerod clan was red with a white top. What happened to the safety green voted by the company? It cant be red, cream or yellow (Hose 2s color). Unless its done in an all inclusive design. It absolutely cannot be done as another slap at the other companies. Safety Green is perfect and insures that Hose 1 dies with the other companies.

Anonymous said...

IN response to the earlier blog, in the consolidation paper from the village it states " all three former fire co. are here by DISBANDED from firefighting." They have already been disbanded, ask the village to see the consolidation papers.
Second it states "all three companies will keep some identity or non will keep any"

Put hose 2,and5 back on the trucks or take hose 1 off of 3-11!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Most men wouldn't run for office if they only made 30 alarms, but then again some folk'll, like black tooth the slack-jawed yokel.

Must men will never lose their teeth but then again some folk'll,
like black tooth the slack-jawed yokel.

yee haw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When the taxpayers get robbed! Who you gonna call?


When there's misappropriation of taxpayers funds! Who you gonna call?


Instrumental break-
ner na ner na ner na, duda dudaloo,
ner na ner na ner na, duda dudaloo

When there's a lack of safety! Who you gonna call?


Anonymous said...

Joke of the day?

What would you call potato head IF
he smoked pot?

Answer- a baked potato

Anonymous said...

I figured out who some of the nicknames belong to, but need help on who these people are:

potato head
Tommy Boy
Dist Attornys Secretarys Husband
GC District Attornys brother
GC District Attorny

Anonymous said...

Funny how when both sides of the story comes out hose 1 runs from the blogs and hide.

Truth hurts

Anonymous said...

Thank you seeing greene for uncovering the lies and protecting us taxpayers. You are making catskill a better and safer place for me and my family. I would suggest more advertising for this site, it's kind of hard to find.

Anonymous said...

To thank all of this fire house crap going on under our noses, that's the last time I go to their breakfast and support corruption.
I want paid firemen and not this joke we call fire protection.

Anonymous said...

if you want paid firemen, who do you call?

Catskill Hose Company #1

Anonymous said...

Thats exactly what the Chief wanted all along! Cut down response times get your best responders to quit, destroy leadership, allow favortism, support the bar, and hope the fire house fails and suddenly out of the ruins comes Whiley Hose Company #1 to the rescue. Your all dumb enough to buy in to that!

Hell we had the district since 1948, we were making $118,000.00 dollars a year in the end and buying what ever we wanted, and the village continued to repair the trucks. You could say we made out like bandits! Now that you closed down our bar we'll boycott you again. You jerks just keep playing into our hands just the way we want it. Compromise till your hearts content! The District will rise again!

Anonymous said...

In reply to anonymous at 4:24pm.

If you really think all of the issues raised (some are valid, but some aren't)are really making the Village and Town of Catskill Safer you are sadly mistaken. All of this is causing HUGE internal problems within the rank and file of the Catskill Fire Company.

Calling every NYS Agency and making reports is only causing more division in the CFC. So far every NYS agency that has come down has found very little merit to the complaints and I am sure the other agencies will as well. I hope that the agencies get together and turn the tide and investigate the "truth detectives" who are obviously trying to ruin the Catskill Fire Company enough so they can take over the leadership of the Catskill Fire Company.

If you are members of the Catskill Fire Company all you are doing is throwing more daggers into the heart of the CFC. It is obvious that you dont want to see the CFC move forward under anyone elses leadership execpt your own. If you are a member of the CFC your time will come to lead the company/department, but if you continue to cause disharmony within the ranks, you will NEVER be a leader and shouldnt even be a member.

If there are that many problems within the CFC your first actions should of been going to a Village Board Meeting and force them to do something there, not calling in EVERY NYS agency to investigate issues.

I hope the Town of Catskill is SERIOUSLY looking at the Village of Catskill Fire Company/Department since they are under contract till the end of this year to provide fire service to the Fire Protection District. Do you the Town of Catskill and residents of the Fire Protection District really want a Department/Company like this providing service to you?

To the members of the Catskill Fire Company that are trying to stick this out, keep up the good work. I know it has to be hard and not worth the time and aggrivation for all the headaches. I am sure it gets easier and easier day by day to just say screw everyone "firefighters, residents, and taxpayers" and just say "enough is enough". The comes a time when there really is enough of the non sense for something you volunteer to do.

I have a feeling there are more who are getting to that point then most realize, and I hope the Village Board steps in and addresses that issue. If these members do just up and say "enough is enough" will there be a fire company/department left in the end? PROBABLY NOT. IS THAT WHAT THE "TRUTH DEDECTIVES AND EVERYONE BASHING THE CATSKILL FIRE COMPANY WANTS".

YOU TELL US!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There is no bashing the cFc, you guys made your bed now lie in it! If what you are doing isn't illegal than you have nothing to worry about!!! Concerned citizens just want what's best for everyone not just hose one!!!
You talk about these trouble makers shouldn't be albe to be leaders or even members because there hurting the cfc?
What they are doing is to only make the cfc stronger, SAFER, fair,
for everyone from members to taxpayers!
What about the current chief who stole,lied so on so fourth, to the village in order to make the village fire dept. fail. He was rewarded with a job at the police dept. and forget being a member he was aloud to be fire chief. What in the hell is that all about????
WHAT IS GOOD FOR ONE IS GOOD FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not being an officer of your company right now is probly a good thing with all of the law suits pending, sounds like they are all in deep sh*t. Too late to change the strips on a tiger

Anonymous said...

Reply to 5:48 Blog. Lets try and guess your real motives. Probably support Hose 1, Probably never spoke up and defended anything that went against the cliche! Do they call you up and tell you who to vote for? see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil! Your certainly not in the fold or else your a liar.
I'm willing to bet your like a mushroom, kept in the dark and fed crap! Ironic that Mr Potato Head and Oh my god have been doing everything to better the chances of Willey Hose 1 and their separate fire district.
Lets guess whats coming next, a group of you are going to start boycotting CFC calls so you can prove taking away your Alcohol and your social life will only create chaos in the department. And ultimately justify reopening your bar and social hangout.

If your only in it for the alcohol who needs you anyway? The volunteer fire fighters from this community and every surrounding mutual aid fire company will once again join in unison with the CFC members once the Village Board starts cleaning house and ridding the fire department of arrogance, thieves, alcoholics, and closes down the private interest of Hose 1. All they need to do is to provide an atmosphere where the CFC can grow and prosper while cleansing us of the two family cliche. We have been waiting for over two years and the time has come to close down the old social clubs and foster the rebirth of the Catskill Fire Department free of corruption and abuse of power.

Viva the CFC

Anonymous said...


Why in the hell compromise!!!!????

Where has that ever gotten the tax payers? You might as well tell us to bend over and grab our ankles! Don't you realize compromise is what got us where we are today with Hose 1? Every time we pull back and allow compromise it only allows them to change their attack.

Lets stroll down memory lane and regurgitate Compromise with Hose 1.


when the Village Board allowed Hose 1 to take over the Fire District?

when the Village Board started allowing Hose 1 to negotiate its own contracts?

when the Village Board allowed Hose 1 to be the sole responders to the district?

when Hose 1 was allowed to purchase a second ladder truck for the district?

when Hose 1 double its officer positions by having three district Fire Chiefs illegally added to the roster.

when the Village Board allowed Hose 1 to reopen after the board shut it down in 2002 for mutiny, boycotting, etc

when it allowed the Hose 1 thieves to rejoin the CFC with absolutely no restrictions or probation.

when it allowed Hose 1 thieves to run for Fire Chief.

when it allowed Hose 1 thieves to run for Captain and Lt positions?

when it allowed the Hose 1 thieves to run for board positions?

when it agreed to allow the Hose 1 thieves to simply get a one year slap on the wrist (suspension) instead of permanent expulsion?

when it did not prosecute Hose 1 for theft of vehicles.

when it allowed them to think that they owned the vehicles.

when it did not prosecute Hose 1 for unauthorised purchase commitments.

when it allowed Hose 1 to keep its motif on the Meeting room floor?

when it allowed Hose 1 to keep their name on ETA 3-11

when it allowed Hose 1 to keep a large red one on the front of the West Side Station.

when the village board failed to prosecute the Hose 1 individuals who removed the village of Catskill off of the trucks?

when all three companies were allowed to keep their assets instead of turning them into the Village for use by the new fire company?

when it did not discipline the Chewens for the DJ fiasco!

when Potato Head and Oh my god are given free reign with the fire company to do what they want?

when they removed E 3-1 from responding to most calls and placed it in moth balls?

when they did not discipline the individuals who place E 3-1 on the internet for sale.

when Potato Head and Oh My God were allowed to purchase a 450,000.00 dollar heavy rescue truck, when T3-15 is also falling apart and the professional fire department advisers recommended not wasting money on a heavy rescue.

when they through out all prior established requirents to run for Chiefs postions.

when 80,000.00 was spent on new uniforms that are only a shade different from Hose 1 uniforms?

Wasn't it a compromise when the new Heavy rescue truck was ordered with red to emphasize Hose 1.

when the Fire Company wants you to tell them your problems so they can ostracize and punish you for turning them in.

when Hose 2 lost its building?

when Hose 5 lost its station,

when Hose 2 lost M 23?

when Hose 5 lost T3-2 (despite the professional advisers recommendation to keep it).

They compromised training
compromised drills,
compromised safety,
compromised membership.
compromised our respect,
compromised our self dignity,

Hell what didn't we compromise and where did it get us?
Worse Chiefs,
worse election turnout,
worse morale.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Village Board is not dumb enough to compromise once again with Hose 1 and allow them to think they still own ETA 3-11, even if they finally want to compromise and agree to take their name off of the truck.

The board must act as a parent and show tough dicipline by putting out once and for all any chance of Hose 1 trying to rise up again. Otherwise they will keep trying to revitalize their survival of the fittest mentality.(Not every member, just the schemers trying to form their own fire company at the tax payers expense.

But lets face it, to many people have kept their mouths shut and allowed good members to be repeatedly screwed, time and time again.

While allowing the biggest problem children to continously cause problems with absolutely no repercussions.

Enough is eough!

MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...

This just in.

Hot off the press.

Read all about it.

An anonymous tip from a concerned
former firefighter and appalled taxpayer has uncovered this story.

Recently a member of the cFc placed a decal of a maltese cross
with the wording "the desire to serve" along with "est. 2003" in the bar on the mirror at the fire station located at 1 Central Ave.

All members liked it and thought it was a step in right direction.
Unfortunately this was a kick in the face to all members of the cFc.

That's right, the evidence lies at 30 west bridge St. Catskill NY 12414. The former hose 1 station. Above the station is a sign that reads the old firehouse, with a maltese cross reading "the desire to serve," with a big 1 in the middle Looks like the new cFc had to take an old hose 1 logo!
Who decided what the logo of the new fire co. would be? Not the cFc members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe hose 1?

The proof is on the sign go see for your self.

This has been a Truth detectives &
Joint Coalilition of Catskill Fire Co. members & appalled taxpayers against corruption of disbanded former hose Co. 1 task force, joint

Anonymous said...

Joke of the day!

What would you call potato head IF
he smoked pot while sun tanning?

Answer- twice baked potato

Anonymous said...

When it rains it pours!

Shove that up your pipe hose 1.

Disbanded since 2003-hose 1

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dick for such a great site. You are helping the taxpayers more than the village board.

Anonymous said...

Only eight months left for the current chief until his term is over.

Thank God

Anonymous said...

Why wait eight months? if this was the Marine Corp he would have been dishonorably discharged by now!

Hell, They impeached Clinton for using an expensive Cuban Cigar, lets impeach all of them for imitating leaders!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should contact beleive it or not or Ripplys Book of world records.

Who else can claim, kicked out of the same fire house twice, fire company disbanded twice,

AND YET They think their still legit. GO FIGURE!

Three times and your OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many alcoholics were complaining that there bar was closed down at the Village meeting tonight?

Anonymous said...

You were absolutely right about the motif over the old Hose 1 building on West Bridge Street.

I had to laugh, I tried to pull in and couldn't see it from my car, and someone pulled in right behind me trying to do the same thing.

It was like the Divinci Code with Truth Detective Super Sluthes tracking down the clues. Hose 1 may say one thing publicly, but the truth detectives always gets down to the real truth! And this time its on the sign for everyone to see.

Now who ordered the new motif for the CFC?
I know the fire commissioner was behind ordering a replacement Motif for the Hose 1 motif that was removed from the meeting room floor. Some Hose 1 die hard continously uncovered it before all village meetings etc. to promote their beloved Hose 1. The firemen finally said enough of the bullshit after repeatedly covering it up with rugs more then 100 times and simply removed it. The fire commissioner had a fit and immediately ordered a replacement Motif for the floor. I bet the commissioner copied his sacred Hose 1 Motif so the secret society of Hose 1 could live on! It must have tore his heart to have to put a 3 on it.

I feel like we live in the back woods of the Loisianna Bijou. Seems like nothing but a bunch of in-bred munchkins running around looking for a beer.

The commish is always saying one thing to the Village Board and the CFC and then later strutting around like a peacock proud of how he's tricked everyone again.

The indians have a name that would fit him perfectly.

Mr. Red Potato Head

because he speaks with a forked tongue.

Anonymous said...

And to think this all was started by hose 1 bashing previous board members and former members. I guess a lesson was learned hose1,

If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all- it just may come back to haunt you.

You had to start now your losing everything.

disbanded since 2003
100% shut down 2006

I love it

Anonymous said...

No beer,
No bar,
No problems!

Anonymous said...

Hose 1 inc still has money in an account and still has meetings. Is anyone going to make sure that they file the financial statement with the county clerk as required by law? Let's see how much money they have from the taxpayers and donations in that bank account!

Anonymous said...

What is the disbanded Hose 1 that doesn't fight fires doing with the contract (taxpayer) money and donations that it has in the bank?

Doesn't anyone else think it is wrong for them to keep this money? Shouldn't this money go to fighting fires?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry I'll be checking in with the county clerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Round 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else heard of the recent traffic jams on west bridge st?

Anonymous said...

Hell yea, The GreeneLanders are coming out in force to see the Hose 1 Motif picked by Mr Potato Head the Fire Chair person himself!
The truth detectives are cionsidering inviting the author of the Divinchi Code to write the Hose 1 Sage, (The screwing of the Village of Catskill tax payers).

There has been all kinds of money that has been siphoned over the years. Do the math! $118,000.00 dollars a year was given directly to Hose 1 and yet the tax payers were required to take over their payments on T 3-15. And we had to cancel the ilegal contract which they had ilegally signed concerning the original rescue truck that Hose 1 had ilegally purchased.

By the grace of God another purchaser was found and we were let off of the hook for the price of that truck. Oh yea, I forgot Oh My Gods father was fired from his position with KME and they still did not hold the Village of Catskill to their purchase contract.

How did Oh my God and the Fire Chair Person reward them? By intentionally contracting with another company for the new Heavy Rescue because of his fathers firing. Thats why they were absolutely determined that the new truck had to be a heavy rescue. It was to send a message to KME. The saga ever grows with these self rightious Oh My Gods and the King of the Potato Heads.

The real justice will be served when Mr Potato Head is removed from his position of Fire Chair Person! He has been a total disgrace and insult to everyone in GreeneLand.

What was potato heads claim to fame during his election speach. Vote for Change. It should have been Vote for a screwing by Mr Potato Head.

But wait, him and Oh My God did so much for this Village by all the money they received in free equipment/funds through home land security. The fact is it was there for everyone, you just had to ask for it. We could have had the the kinder garten class submit the request and we would have still received it.

Anonymous said...

fuck hose 1

Anonymous said...

How is a prison and Hose 1 alike?

How is Hose 1 like a street walker?

ans ?

Anonymous said...

How is Hose 1 like a street walker?

ans ?

You give them money and in return you get screwed.

Anonymous said...

Co's and criminals?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Steve Darling,

It's time you wake up and smell the coffee. Your part of the problem, never come around and don't even have a clue. Not only do you lack as a member but as a medical officer as well. You have done nothing in the years you have been in office. There are members who haven't had yearly physicals in over three years because you could care less about the dept. all that you wanted was the title. And as a officer of the village of Catskill who are you to release personal medical files and info. of employees? Do you do this at your work as well? No wonder your own family talks sh*t about you. You should take your own advice and turn in your gear since you have proven to be a drain on the new company as well as the village. Looks like me and hose 1 can agree on one thing, we both hate you!

Anonymous said...

How come the fire chief and his family all work for the govt.Do there knees hurt?

Anonymous said...

Well lets face it {o my god} has almost as many jobs as mutual aid companies he has called he has called.

Anonymous said...

Dont make fun of the Medical Officer! He hasn't been around enough in the last two years to know what he is talking about.

He works to hard to make calls. He had to take a day off just to write the blogs!

Anonymous said...

Information Protected

All medical records and other individually identifiable health information used or disclosed by a covered entity in any form, whether electronically, on paper, or orally, are covered by the final rule.

With few exceptions, such as appropriate law enforcement needs, an individual's health information may only be used for health purposes.

Ensuring that health information is not used for non-health purposes- Health information covered by the rule generally may not be used for purposes not related to health care- such as disclosures to employers to make personnel decisions, or to financial institutions- without explicit authorization from the individual.

Federal criminal penalties- Under HIPAA, Congress also established criminal penalties for knowingly violating patient privacy. Criminal penalties are up to $50,000 and one year in prison for obtaining or disclosing protected health information; up to $100, 000 and up to five years in prison for obtaining protected health information under "false pretenses"; and up to $250, 000 and up to 10 years in prison for obtaining or disclosing protected health information with the intent to sell, transfer or to use for commercial advantage, personal gain or malicious harm. If you have additional questions, you can e-mail the Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights (OCR) at, or call 1-866-788-4989

Anonymous said...

Hate to disappoint all of you truth detectives, but it wasn't me.
Sorry to burst your bubbles, but I'm not the big bad evil blogger your looking for. You should all know by now that any time I have a problem
I speak my mind and do not need to hide behind a blog. I also don't need to ask permission before I speak or decide to run for office. Some people say that I run my mouth too much but I've been taught to speak my mind, especially when standing up for what I believe is right. I certainly am not going to cower down or kiss some ones ass. Especially if they have't earned it. At least everyone always knows my opinion on a subject. And yes I do change my mind if someone can show me a better way. Traits I learned from my father and which we both are criticized for.

No one can accuse me of being afraid to go against what's popular. Its more important to fight for what you believe in than simply going with the flow.
That's what you get with me, I speak for what ever I think is right. I don't have to suck any ones ass!
I'm me and I don't plan on changing. I stand behind what I say and am not afraid to speak my mind. I have yet to write a blog
but now is as good as any time to start. Considering all the trash talk that goes on around here I'm surprised its taken so long to throw us in. You all mock my father and Mr. Seeley but you sure kept your lids shut at the company meeting. Was that to convince Mr Seeley that everything is great at the CFC, or were you trying to keep something from him? Well, considering I've had my gear doused in diesel fuel, have officers who refuse to speak to me, have had hose lines shut down on me while inside of burning structures, had the feign hearted refuse to follow me into a burning building, or one of those who can only write a blog. I guess after all this that I can take a little jab here or there without crying. I recognize the absolute need for some to utilize a blog as it may be the only way they have the courage to speak out. Considering the demonstrated willingness of our current leaders to address anything unless forced to, its kind of comical in a sick way, but oh so sad.

So I might as well tell you how I feel about all of this. Lets see
should I begin. Sad to say it, but a lot of what is on this blog site is actually true, it doesn't mean I agree with it or like it being publicized. Its obvious that the blog site has generated more action than the CFC board has accomplished since its start up. It would have never reached this point but enough people had simply stood up and said enough is enough. In fact many of you have never said anything openly,. You simply bitch up a storm behind close doors. But lets face it, you haven't ever stood up so the crap continued to escalate. As I stated at the January meeting what harm has been done if we are simply being forced to do what we should have done in the first place. The CFC will only get better. Its the crap behind the scenes being orchestrated by a few who still think that Hose 1 is the only fire company in the world. Why shouldn't we have to follow the same rules as any one else?. This simpleton mentality has created all these problems. You claim that my family and I are nothing but die hard Hose 5 members to try and discredit us, but we fight on for the CFC. Even when our own officers and some of our Chiefs despise us. Volunteering for the community in a professional manner is more important than bowing down to your childish attacks.

Yes I I ran for a
lieutenants position this year against 1st LT. John Darling. I lost 23 to 14
in a fair election. I had previously spoken to 2ND Lt John Dees numerous times about running and wanted him to move up and run for the 1st Lt. position. We were both tired of the 1st Lt and Capt never showing up to calls and John was always complaining about doing all the work. I'm for anything that betters the CFC. John told me that all the line officers made a pack together that no one would run against anyone else and he was afraid of breaking it. John said he wouldn't run against Darling so I said fine and I put my name on the ballot for first LT. I didn't conspire or lead a campaign to simply oust him and I did not jump John Dees accept out of respect to the fact that he didn't want to run for a higher position. Its no different than 1st Asst Chief Prince not wanting to run for Chief. He had 25 years of service and experience as a Chief, Capt and Lt. yet he allowed an individual with with less than half the years experience to take over as Chief. Randy also jumped from a bogus district position to 2ND Asst Chief to Chief with out following the lines of progression. I don't remember anyone crying foul back then but Hose 1 members are always given an easier standard than everyone else.. Where was the childish mentality of the officers saying to him You should have asked permission to run? Give me a break, that's the kind of crap I was subjected to.! What else can I say. I ran against JD because I do not believe that he makes enough alarms. Primarily because of the fact that he lives in Palenville
is 2 fire districts away from Catskill. I feel that line officers should be leading the way from the fire house directing man power for the
first arriving trucks to be affective. How ever, I never said
that he
was a bad firefighter or line officer or anything bad about him
outside of
him not being able to make enough alarms to hold an office. If john
like me because of that then it's his loss not mine, I've never did
anything to him. In fact he hasn't spoken three words to my entire family in some six to eight months.

To be honest I also feel that Neal Russell should
resign as captain because he doesn't have enough time to
do his duties as captain. Not saying he's a bad officer but I don't
feel he
has enough time to dedicate to being captain at this time. I am also
with the intimidation captain Russell tried to put on me when he got in
face for no reason at a recent board meeting. It took 3 to 4 people to
him back when he attempted to assault me. This is not the way an
should act when dealing with someone. Especially when I came forward to the Fire Company Board with a serious safety violation involving two probes who had run a stop sign and a red light with out any regard to fellow FFs or the public. I'm not referring to a controlled look all ways and proceed with caution drive through, but a I'm invincible and I can run straight through with out stopping carefree drive through. Four FF's saw this occur and three of us wrote supporting letters as requested by the board president. We reported it to the Chiefs etc. and followed every ones recommendations. Only to be attacked within the first minute by the Fire Chief followed by others.
This was an intentional vendetta led by the Chiefs and officers against the complainants. I was shocked that we were attacked for doing what was right, but this has been a consistent pattern around the fire house.

I also feel we have a
couple of members on the board of director's who are in it for the wrong reasons. I believe that
Harold is
doing a good job as president, and the same for John Dees. I am a
upset that john voted against me when he was the one always complaining that
he was
the only line officer who did anything around the firehouse. John sorry
you get mad at me for saying this, but you can't deny it. You said it to
and several others numerous different times.
Randy's not the worst chief but then again he's not the best either. I
don't even
dislike Randy as a person but I don't care for the way he treats many of us
who I feel do a lot around the firehouse. I definitely don't like the fact that
Randy sat at the bar in the firehouse and told a group of people that
wishes my fathers house burned down when he had a small electrical fire
the wall. That's a hell of a thing for the Chief of the Village of Catskill Fire Department to say. It can't
denied either, I was told by three different people who sat their and
it. That's OK I won't hold it against you, you've hated my family for
years. I also don't respect the fact that you went to a fireman's funeral in Cairo and was bragging about when you become a paid Fire Chief your going to kick my family out of the department. Once again reliable sources from different departments informed about these conversations. Unbelievable but true, and yet we keep serving the tax payers because we understand the importance of doing our civic duty to volunteer and have no hidden agendas to form a paid fire department.

Chewens, he's not my favorite person but I don't hate him. Feel sorry that he is so infatuated with his Hose 1 and the fact that by all standards they lost the real competition. I do think
head is funny, it makes me laugh. Kind of humorous in its own way.

The bar being closed down isn't that big of a deal I'm here to fight
not drink beer. Maybe the bar should only be open for special
lets not deny the fact that we have had a lot of drinking related problems. The
issue, I think it's stupid, the truck belongs to the village and it
say Village of Catskill Fire Company on the side. The village has been ignoring
for years and enough is enough. The new rescue is a cool truck but I
the company should decide the color, not the truck committee which I
is made up of too many people that are related. E3-1 being posted for sale on the Web Site is being done simply because the Chief and Fire Commissioner want to punish Hose 5. You might have convinced the board that moving E3-1 was entirely to insure all apparatus gets off of the floor. But in all honesty it was to fulfill statements made by the fire commissioner and the chiefs that they would teach us a lesson by moving the truck up the hill. Go ahead and sell it, because I don't worship it. Just don't expect us to quit the fire house because of the childish games that are played. Selling it makes more sense than leaving the truck rotting away in the corner due to simple childish ignorance. You could never stop the East Side response so you attacked us the only way you could. Yes I also do support having
truck on the "east side". The whole reason 3-1 was moved was so we
could use
it more with more manpower on it. Funny because the truck never gets
used any more.
As far as more man power excuse, trucks a always rolling with two to three guys
even in a
ten man cab. How come the Chief never asks for the manpower status of anything from the West side? What's even funnier is that there are usually people
pulling up in the parking lot when the trucks pull out and leave them. So if your not
going to use 3-1 put it back on the east side and allow it to
with 2 and three guys.
That brings out another item of interest. Its pretty sad when The Fire Chiefs, The Fire Commissioner and the Captain state at a Fire Company meeting that they are moving E 3-1 back to the East Side temporarily during the 9w construction because they are afraid that not doing so they will not get their rescue truck. BUT emphasizing that it could only be used for a confirmed structure and anyone responding to anything else would be suspended from the company. The Chief stated that it was strictly a move to pacify the tax payers until they get their rescue truck purchased.
Health problems, that's a touchy subject. I feel people should be
careful at
pointing fingers. There are several people with health problems and I
believe that they probably don't have medical clearance to be doing the things they
are. As far as a medical officer making the kinds of comments that he did were inappropriate and out of line. If someone has a possible condition that needs too be appropriately addressed then do your job and address it. Don't come out in a Blog and make accusations or threats and then state your the Medical officer. The high street fire was the first one I remember seeing you at in months if not longer. If you had a an issue with someone you should have addressed it then. Not a year later and in a blog as a veiled threat. You certainly never heard me tell anyone that you froze or hesitated in the door and was using the hose issue as a reason for not entering the structure fire. Hesitation can cost lives and yes I grab a nozzle when ever someone demonstrates timidness or slowness at attacking a fire.
I did speak up at the last monthly meeting with Mr
Seeley about issues that bothered me so there's nothing to hide.
because I had balls to speak out in front of a lot of the people who
there like scared little kids doesn't mean I turned you in to the state
agencies as some have accused. You should be more afraid of the people
act like your friend until you leave the room then talk shit about you. They are the ones that hate you not me. I also
that people should make a certain number of alarms a year in order to
or hold office or have any firematic say. Well now that I have sunk to
level of writing blogs you can feel free to attack, harass, intimidate,
slander me. These are my words like them or not. But remember one
just like when I wrote letters to the editor I will sign my name to it.
go ahead and do what ever you want to my truck or house, I have
And if you think your going to run me off I have news for you, I'm here
life. By the way if you have any problems with me be a man and feel
free to
call me at home 943-0502.

Dissaponited with my brother firefighters behavior,

Joel Shanks