Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sunny Greene

STEWART HOUSE, the venerable restaurant, inn, and gathering place in Athens, is changing hands. Owner Owen Lipstein has entered into a sales contract with Reggie Young of Athens, a food industry veteran who leads a small syndicate of investors.

------ Funding for the purchase would come not only from the partners in Athens Hotel Enterprises, a limited liability company, but also from a mortgage and construction loan, an economic development loan, and a New York State Employment grant. The purchasing syndicate is still in the process of formation. Final closing of the transaction is anticipated by or before April 15.

------ Mr Young, an Athens resident since 2002, brings to the project decades-long experience in the food business, chiefly in up-scale Manhattan restaurants, along with sustained professional involvement in historical preservation and restoration.

------ Mr Lipstein told Seeing Greene that he is “happy with this change, and happy with who I’m selling to…. Indeed, I’ve been trying to talk Reggie into buying the place for years. He’ll do the job brilliantly for everyone’s benefit.” At the conclusion of the prolonged negotiations, “Everybody stayed friends.” “I look forward to being a customer again”—perhaps after a long trip with his friend Sandy Boehm.

------ Mr Young confirmed that, following “years of consideration and conversation,” he and Mr Lipstein “have reached an agreement for me and a group of investors to buy the place and take on the next leg of ‘stewart-ship’.”

------ Envisioned for the “next leg” is a new “menu and concept” for the 100-seat restaurant. Next to the restaurant would be “a small market focusing on local products.” The building’s upstairs rooms would be renovated, “with soundproofing and modern amenities” shaping a 12-room “comfortable hip hotel environment.” Also, “Further development of the facility’s garden, dock and waterside features” would be undertaken, the centerpiece being a 60-seat “outdoor wood-fired pizza shack.”


---- *FOAM FILLED. The big, long-empty building that housed an Eckerd Drug store, at the top of West Bridge Street in Catskill, won’t be empty much longer. After :it has been refurbished and landscaped (at the expense of some of the asphalt that covers the huge parking lot in front), it will open as a discount beverage outlet: Beer World.

---- *TANKS MAY ROLL. Moves are afoot to remove the Main Care oil tanks from Catskill Point.

---- *FRIDAY FESTIVITIES. Among special events beckoning GreeneLanders tomorrow are a poker party and a dance party. Visitors are invited to the Athens Firehouse, from 6pm, to take their chances at playing the Texas Hold’em variety of poker, with house profits going to Little League. Alternatively, the Catskill Community Center will house a Contra dancing party (live music; caller; refreshments), starting at 6:30 on Friday, to raise money for radio station-to-be WGXC as well as for the center. Friday at 6:30. Bring $10.

----- *SATURDAY’s attractions include a St Patrick’s Day parade in Tannersville, a Chris Wilson concert at the Windham Fine Arts center, and, at Peace Village in Haines Falls, exercises devoted to “The Healing Power of Virtue.”

----- *TESTIMONIAL. A noted health care blogger, Ryan Koch, has just voiced warm praise for the Homeoblock device that draws on the body’s physiological resources in aid of correcting jaw deformities. That device is the brainchild of GreeneLander dentist Theodore Belfor.

----- *TALK. The author of a new book that is of special local interest will come to GreeneLand on Sunday. Linda Ferber, senior art historian of the New-York Historical Society, will expand on matters addressed in The Hudson River School: Nature and the American Vision, and then will join listeners for wine, cheese, conversation and book-signings at the Thomas Cole National Historic Site in Catskill. From 2pm. Open to the public; $8 for non-members.

----- *OPPORTUNITY. Preceding that lecture, from noon on Sunday, will be an open house for people who may wish to be trained by Education Director Joanna Frang as knowledgeable volunteer guides at the Site.

------ *MUSIC. GreeneLander Frank Cuthbert, who composed the songs for last year’s new locally-created, locally-performed musical, “River of Dreams,” and who is doing the same for this year’s local creation, “O’Sullivan Stew,” also is creating yet another show. This one is set in a New York City beach resort. The lyrics of one of its songs go like this:

Don’t you know I love you?

Think the whole world of you.

Even, though you’re mad at me,

I’m still mad for you.

No one makes me happier, leaves me feeling snappier,

Naturally toe tappier, happier than you.

You’re a glimpse of paradise, slice of heaven every night,

Old Aunt Sadie sure was right, a shiksa wouldn’t do.

No other girls are prettier, as elegant or wittier.

Napoleon built cities for women just like you.

All day long I wait for your smile.

All night long, we cuddle just like crocodiles.

No use being serious. Life is too delirious.

Mazeltov! Mysterious! I’m in love with you!

No one makes me happier, leaves me feeling snappier,

Naturally toe tappier, happier than you.

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