Thursday, November 19, 2009

In Prospect

*SATURDAY’s special GreeneLand events commence at dawn with a shot. Or a fusillade. It’s the start in New York’s southern tier of deer hunting season; and thousands of whitetails, according to Outdoors columnist Dick Nelson, are likely to perish by the end of the day. -----Meanwhile (key word signaling topical leap) restoration of the venerable eLittle Red School House in Jefferson Heights (Catskill) will be celebrated officially at 10:30am. In the afternoon, at theVillage Square Bookstore in Hunter, GreeneLander Stephen Foreman will sign copies of his new novel, Watching Gideon. Back in Catskill, many art galleries will be open in the afternoon and evening, and the Arts Council’s galleries (downstrairs and up) will feature small works by members, with a reception commencing at 6pm. Elsewhere on Main Street, at 6pm the Community Theatre will screen the documentary “Freeing Sarah Baraldini.” at 6pm. (The film, about 1960’s domestic radicals, received an award called a Stiffy, in the “Most Principled” category. To see a trailer: : At 7pm, anyhow, the Community Center will house a second performance of the original GreeneLand play “Olive Cheritree.” *”O’Sullivan Stew” is the likely name of a new musical show to be performed next Spring by a teen Greene troupe. It will be a sequel of sorts to this year’s triumphant “River Of Dreams”: original story based on a book by GreeneLnd author and illustrator Hudson Talbott; original music by GreeneLand composer Frank Cuthbert; sets and costumes designed by GreeneLand-based artists Carol May, Tim Watkins and Jared Aswegan; produced and directed by a GreeneLand-based show business veteran Casey Biggs, performed by students from at least three GreeneLand high schools. Instead of celebrating Hudson River-based history, however, this show will bring to the stage what Mr Talbott calls “A Tale Cooked Up In Ireland.” *TUCKED IN? According to a report in today's Daily Mail, a single bid for the Friar Tuck Resort was submitted and accepted yesterday at the bankruptcy auction. The $4.5 million offer came, via realtor Win Morrison, from a Joseph T. Abbo of Caterpillar Law Service in Oklahoma City. But the Abbo telephone numb er (405 767 3391) seems to be disconnected, and the company is not listed in telephone and business directories. Googling yields no information. Anyhow, if the deal does close, GreeneLand tax revenues will swell by around $450,000, as unpaid taxes first bit at bankruptcy sale money. The major creditor, Ulster Savings Bank, along with the many other creditors, would get some fraction of what they are owed. *“The General Electric Superfraud. Why the Hudson River Will Never Run Clean” is the title of an article in the coming December issue of Harpers magazine, written by by David Gargill, with photographic illustrations by GreeneLand’s Susan Wides.
*Food Stuff. Silver Spur Steakhouse & Saloon may open soon at 2540 Old Kings Road, Catskill—unless that is just the business address. Falvey’s popular steak house in Windham, having overcome a liquor license problem, will reopen soon. Jerry’s Deli will move from its present hard-to-find Boulevard Avenue location, off West Bridge St, Catskill, to the heavily trafficked site that for many years was The Whole Donut and for a few weeks was Souper Sammys. (Another luncheonette, Sunny Jim’s Sandwich Emporium, opened formally in Coxsackie last Wednesday, and sports a remarkably apt telephone number: 731-SOUP). *HOSTELRY. Recent sale of a spacious East Catskill property, (house, pool, tennis court) may pave the way for establishment of a Bed & Breakfast that is particularly advantageous for the Thomas Cole Historic House (formerly known as Thomas Cole National Historic Site; and the change of name only hints at a great story). *ZIPLINE will be added to toys for tourists in Hunter, thanks (in part) to a $200,000 economic development loan. Get a grip. *"AN ANGEL BESIDE ME" is not the name of a prospective new GreeneLand business. It's in Rhinebeck. *FOR SALE by auction, December 2 at 11am, at the temporary county courthouse on Woodland Avenue, Catskill: the former golf driving range in Windham. Creditor plaintiffs in the action are Paul J. and Mary H. Mademann. Defaulting debtors named in the court order are Adam Okonski, George and Antoine Flouty, and the Mademanns’ older son David. *TOUTED by billboard for sporting goods store at Albany's Crossgates mall:

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