Thursday, July 09, 2009

Greene and Bare It

------Tomorrow (7//11) GreeneLanders who are looking for action can choose among farmers’ & artisans’ markets (with versatile musician Paul Slusar playing at Historic Catskill Point), a Windham High Peak hike (starting from Mountan Top Historical Society headquarters; ), a workshop on pruning deciduous trees ( , a community-wide yard sale in Coxsackie, “Happily Ever After—A Cinderella Story” (Doctorow Center, Hunter; , youth baseball games everywhere, Second Saturday strolling in cat-augmented Catskill, bear & butterfly-touring in Cairo, classical music concerts in Windham ( ) and Jewett (, a fund-raising progressive dinner for the Zadock Pratt Museum ( ), a performance of the play “Thomas” at Catskill Point, a campaign kick-off party for County Legislator Forest Cotten ( ; 947-0018), movies at two outdoor and two indoor movie houses, a splendid street festival (, and local observance of National Nude Weekend. Venue for the latter is Juniper Woods Campground where, in co-sponsorship with Northern Exposure, admission for the day is free. Visitors are invited to “cool down…while setting a hot new record,” nation-wide, starting at 2:30 pm, for number of simultaneous skinny-dippers. (

SUDDEN DEATH in GreeneLand came recently, according to local news reports, to Jeremy W. Mullins, 32, a visitor from Savannah GA who, while hiking in street shoes next to Kaaterskill Fall, slipped on the muddy trail and took a fatal 70-foot plunge; to Kevin E. Ryan, 44, a visitor from Yonkers and a volunteer firefighter who, attemping to come to the aid of a motorist who had been trapped in a rollover accident, tried to jump over the space the separates the eastbound and westbound overpass lnes of Route 23 above Catskill Creek, fell 47 feet onto rocks and concrete; to Lucian Haid, a recent resident of Palenville, who died of gunshots that were fired, police charge, by fellow resident Robert Wilkinson, 23; and to John Wieninger,45, who died of carbon monoxide poisoning (according to County Coroner Richard Vigilo) after being overcome by smoke in a fire that struck an apartment building on Thompson Street in Catskill.

Meanwhile, an obituary following the death from natural causes of a venerable Catskillian said the deceased “was born in Manhattan on Nov. 28, 1920 to the parents of the late Max and Jenny Pasternak.”

IN PROSPECT: a walk-in medical care facility, for southeast GreeneLand (near Walgreens in Catskill) resembling the admirable Emurgent Care facility in northeast GreeneLand (Coxsackie). The applicant, whose project is being reviewed hospitably by the Village Planning Board (as reported in The Daily Mail of 7/7/09), is Urgent Medical Care PLLC, headed by Dr Robert Schneider.

MENDING after quadruple heart bypass surgery on Tuesday at St Peters Hospital in Albany: Lewis O’Connor, Catskill Village superintendent of public works, Catskill Town Councilman, exemplary citizen. Tubes are out. He’s already standing, shuffling, running the place.

IRISH LUCK II. Darby’s pub in East Durham is on the block. It is slated for sale at a foreclosure auction on August 5th, in the County Office Building, on the basis of a State Supreme Court decision citing a referee’s calculation that the defendants owe $162,020 plus “costs and disbursements and attorney’s fees” and “legal interest.” The debt stems from Small Business Administration-guaranteed loan from Commercal Capital Corporation of $180,000 provided in July 1999, at a variable interest rate of, initially, 10.5 per cent, with monthly payments of $1912. At 2500 Route 145, Darby’s is just down the road from the Irish Cultural Centre at 2119 Route 145 and from bankrupt Shamrock House (at 2338). Darby's is the business arm of, ahem, I Haven’t Got a Clue Inc., whose principal, ahem, is Susan Frey.

ADVICE DEPT. For fitness at an advanced age, “maintaining a healthy weight, getting regular exercise, avoiding tobacco, and drinking excessively makes a huge difference.” Such is the counsel offered by the new Vivacity magazine, sub-titled Living the 50plus Lifestyle in the Capital Regio, and billed as“complementary [sic] to our readers.”

GREENELAND is “home to people of every possible age, sexual orientation, and background, and all of them were represented at the Populist Barn Dance [last week in Athens]: those who were born here, those who came “up the country” ten or fifteen years ago, and many who chose to leave the big city after 9/11, or even more recently. It is an organic community, an anti-Hamptons….”

--Brigit Binns,

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Frank Racette said...

After reading about the dramatic demise of Jeremy Mullins that resulted from a fall from the well-worn 12" trail along Kaaterskill Falls, I was moved to do a little poking around the internet. I discovered that he was a popular and respected professor at the renowned Savannah College of Art and Design, with a specialty in "sequential art," which apparently is the current term for various types of comic art, including webcomics. Certainly it is sad to see a promising career cut short, but for an artist to meet his end within one of the most beautiful places on earth is a circumstance I could not overlook. One wonders if he in fact had a sketchbook tucked into his knapsack, in the tradition of intrepid artists for nearly two centuries. Regards, Frank Racette