Saturday, August 16, 2008

Traces of Greene

COMING SOON: arrests and homicide charges in connection with the Martha Conners murder case. While declining to share details of an ongoing investigation, State Police Investigator Scott Young says “good progress” has occurred, with a "resolution” likely to come within two weeks. According to another source, a quondam Catskill denizen, Travis Augustine, is in police custody now and is connected to the case although he is not the prime suspect.

GONE from the Cus D’Amato Boxing Gym in Catskill, as president and as a member of the board of directors, is Bill White. He alienated the other board members, we’ve been told, by staging an outdoor boxing demonstration on July 12th, without their approval, and effectively in competition with the Kittis auction. The board has been reorganized, with Sean Doolan, Windham attorney, as president. A new program in collaboration with the Community Center is under development. Veteran boxer Leonard Pierre will lead kids in the 11-16 age bracket through a regimen of fitness, strength and footwork training. No-punch boxing?

GONE from Main Street, Catskill, after eight months in business: the luncheonette called O’Fratello’s, and fronted by the memorable sign inviting folks to “squat and gobble.”

HELP! A Cairo–Durham student and her mom are sorely in need. Daniella Groezinger, aged 15, is afflicted with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, is receiving chemotherapy (second round) in Albany. Her mother, Joanne, a single parent, has been unable to work because of the tasks of caring for Daniella. She faces foreclosure on her Round Top home and is behind on other debts. We learn this from a friend, Pamela Pisarri, who, within the limits of her job (at Columbia-Greene CC) and domestic responsibilities, has mounted a begging expedition. Help has come from the Greene County Women’s Cancer League ($1000 in reimbursements for co-pays, travel expenses…), the Catskill Kiwanis Club, Ronald McDonald House, and some store accounts. Donations can be made by way of a custodial bank account in Daniella Groezinger’s name at the Bank of Greene County. The account number is 5201748615.

‘STOLEN” from the Albany District Attorney’s office, according to the reputed thief: Marie Beckford, who is now GreeneLand’s salaried, full-time Deputy Public Defender.. Actually, she came voluntarily—lured by opportunity to handle felonies and other more difficult cases. “They hated to lose her,” says her boss, Chief Public Defender Dominic J. Cornelius, “and rightly so. We’ve very fortunate to have a very experienced and competent law practitioner to serve the people of Greene County.” She succeeds Joseph Meaney, who previously had come from the Albany DA’s office and who returned to that metropolis last April, this time to the Public Defender’s office there.

MORE CATTING. For her birthday, Cindy Seward will be getting a decorated Cat-n-Around-type cat that is decorated with scenes drawn from the Cooperstown area. Her husband, Senator Jim Seward, got the idea after seeing the Catskill collection. To do the creative work he commissioned the top catterizer: Jim Cramer. Meanwhile, Patti Ferrara, whose “Caddie Cat” and “Magic Carpet Cat” add more than two units of glory to downtown Catskill, has devised another approach to feeling feline. She takes stuffed cat figures and gives them individually painted features as well as eyes that glow in the dark. Examples ($50 each) are on show at the Chamber of Commerce on Main Street.

This digital photo. "Palisades Clouds," earned Jack Gilman of Yonkers NY the grand prize in a competition sponsored by Scenic Hudson. For an enlarged view of the picture, click the link to that excellent organization's web site.

GASOLINE prices in GreeneLand have slipped below $4 per gallon for regular. As usual, prices here exceed prices in neighboring counties. Over in Claverack on Wednesday, a gallon of regular could be purchased for $3.76. Hudson stations were charging $3.78, and customers could be ripped off at the Rip Van Winkle Bridge entrance for $3.90, or for a bit more on west side of the bridge. Earlier in the week, in little Windham, per-gallon costs of regular ranged from $3.86 (lower than the Getty and Citgo prices in Catskill then) up to $4.00. At that time, the national average was $3.88, while in New York State the range was from $3.70 (in Binghamton) to $4. Summarily, GreeneLand motorists are still being hosed.

DAILY MAUL. “’We’re trying to peak everyone’s interest about Pandemic Flu,’ said Miller….” “Another world record and another rung up the chart of Olympic greatness.” “The vehicle proceeded to swerve on the slick payment after noticing Yuesler’s halogen bicycle lamp….”

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