Friday, July 11, 2008

Busily Greene

ECO DOG is the title of a book by GreeneLanders Jim Deskevich and Corbett Marshall that is all about environmentally friendly dog-rearing. It sold out (12,500 copies) after its release last March (by Chronicle Books) and is in process of its second printing. Its authors, who touted Eco Dog nationally last Saturday on the CBS “Early Show,” are better known locally as proprietors of Variegated, the fabric design store and studio in Catskill. The store recently underwent a major makeover, and the proprietors are launching a new line of pet bedding and accessories that are made, says Jim, “of eco-friendly fabrics printed with our newest original designs, ‘Herringbone’ and ‘Houndstooth,’ graphic plays on the traditional patterns.”

RE-OPENED, after a vain quest for a buyer or a lessor: Catskill Point restaurant & bar. It’s open on Thursdays, Fridays (happy hour with free buffet, 5-7pm) and Saturdays until 9, with live jazz on Sundays. 943-3173

CLOSED, after 13 years in Catskill: Begnal Motors (Chrysler; Jeep). Company president Larry Begnal (in 7/9 Daily Mail) candidly ascribes the decision to shortage of customers—a condition shared by all automotive dealers this year. Everything has been moved to the Begnal dealership in Kingston ([845] 331-5080). Which reminds us of:

“BUSINESS STINKS!” says a newspaper advertisement by Nappa’s Tile & Wood Flooring on Route 23. That condition is the stated reason for price reductions.

SOLD by Duane and Patricia Esposito, to Geoff and Melanie Baker: Catskill Glass Company. The thriving business has been located since 1950 at 80 Maple Avenue, Catskill, and will remain there, with some diversification of offerings (kitchen and bathroom counters, vanities).

SERVING beverages & camaraderie on Wednesday nights now, as well as Thursday through Saturday nights, is the Doubles II party room in Catskill.

FORECLOSURES in Greene County, says reporter Emily Rittman, are “going through the roof.” Cases in June (78) were 45 per cent higher than in June 2007 (37 homes). The number of foreclosures has nearly doubled every month so far this year compared to last year. In Greene County, Missouri. UNEMPLOYMENT in Greene County reached a level of 8.3 per cent of the work force. That is an increase from April’s 7.2 per cent, and a higher figure than the State-wide rate of 5.9 per cent and the nationwide figure of 5.2 per cent. The jobless rate was the highest it has been in seven years--in Greene County, Tennessee. HERVEYS. Robert the screenwriter, of Catskill, is not Rob, of Catskill, the musician (dijeridoo &…). Neither man is Harvey, the rabbit. “GREENE STUDENTS OUTSHINED COLUMBIA STUDENTS” says a Daily Mail headline (6/24). The reference is not to shoe-shining or to car- or apple-polishing, but to elementary pupils’ test scores. The report cites State Education Department figures on incidence of meeting State standards of performance in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Among 3289 GreeneLand pupils who took the tests, 82.5 per cent met or exceeded the prescribed learning standards in math. That percentage exceeded the Columbia County score (75.3% passing) and the State-wide average (81%). In English, 67.2 per cent of GreeneLand kids did passing work for their respective grade levels, while 66% of Columbia County kids did so. The State-wide average for English was 69 per cent. (In other words, about one out of three elementary school pupils, in GreeneLand and elsewhere in New York, is a poor reader and writer). TOO LATE? Although the announced deadline has passed, Bob Beyfuss of Cornell Co-Operative Extension might still be receptive to calls (622-9820) from prospective trainee volunteers in trail maintenance, bird-counting, ginseng research, program management…. TOO MUCH TOMORROW? Riverside Farmers’ & Artisans’ Market, with music by Paul Sluzar, at Catskill Point warehouse. Athens Street Festival , day & night. First summer tour of Hudson-Athens Lighthouse. In Acra, at the Agroforestry Research Center: a workshop on “Forests and People, a Long-Term Relationship; 622-9820. At the Mountain Top Arboretum, plant expert Ray Rogers will teach mini-worshop on designing container gardens. In Windham’s Performing Arts Center, pianist Simone Dinnerstein plays Bach’s ‘‘Goldberg Variations.” In Hunter, Catskill Mountain Foundation events include a music recital by Amati students, a concert and workshop of/on Japanese Taiko, and then “From Toga to Tux,” with feasting and quaffing and bidding and music in the Red Barn, celebrating the Foundation’s tenth birthday. In East Durham at the Irish Cultural Centre, the D.I.R.T. performs “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” Saturday and Sunday. And back in downtown Catskill, Second Saturday festivities include an auction (at 397 Main St) of ceramic “kittis” decorated by local kids, and an outdoor demonstration of Cus D’Amato Gym-connected boxing, along with a display by Assemblyman Peter Lopez of (so says The Daily Mail, 7/8) of “his marital arts skills.”

IMMINENT On Thursday (7/17), the Grey Fox bluegrass festival begins in Oak Hill. On Friday at 8pm comes the opening of “Amadeus” as performed by director Joseph Capone’s Classics @ The Point ensemble. 943-2680. On Saturday, the Athens Community Garden Club’s tour begins from the Cultural Center at 10am. Meanwhile, visitors are invited to a day’s events at Peace Village including picnic, games, tour, kites, “spiritual horoscope” and art-making for juniors qua “Peace Pals”. In Windham, guitar virtuoso Jorge Caballero will strum up a storm at the Performing Arts Center. And the global socio-financial event of the millennium—well, of the week, in southern GreeneLand—begins at 5pm at the Thomas Cole National Historic Site. It’s the annual Pic-Nic, starting with cocktails and munchies and music and shmoozing at the Site, followed by dispersal of guests, movable feast-wise, to assigned host homes on both sides of the Hudson. A few spots, very few, remain to be filled: 943-7465 extension 4. Under-priced at $100-$125.

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Anonymous said...

"BUSINESS STINKS"........Well, I started changing some of my ads to "Business Doesn't Stink Anymore but We Kept The Prices Lower" because business has picked up for my store. All we need now is less restrictions from the planning board such as the 22 pages of restrictions on signs! Not to mention all the other things that hurt Catskill businesses. I know this isn't politically correct, but last I looked, I still lived in a Constitutional Republic with the right to feed my family without el comrades restricting my right of free enterprise.
There have to be rules in any village, rules for the safety and well being of the people but, how unsafe is a sign large enough so that the folks driving can see it and find your store?
Every customer that has called my store or came in have said the same thing...."You need larger signs, we couldn't find you" EVERY CUSTOMER!
And if that isn't enough, one customer I was on the phone with, attempting to give directions to after she went past my store twice, wound up at my competitors store and bought from them....That was a $4000 loss that day.
Folks, don't you ever wonder why so many businesses walk away from Catskill?......Just ask any business in Catskill how they feel about the "rules".....Then you'll know.

-Bob Nappa
Nappa's Tile & Wood Flooring