Thursday, June 21, 2007


HE’S IN THE RACE. Sheriff Richard Hussey says he “definitely” will collect papers that set in motion a primary election in September for the Republican nomination for the office he now holds. He accordingly will test his pulling power among rank-and-file Republicans against the vote-getting clout of the party’s official Committee, which (along with the deputies’ union and the Democratic Party Committee) has endorsed Lt Greg Seeley. At a later date, Sheriff Hussey told Seeing Greene, he’ll make a full statement on the subject.

IMMINENT. Town of Catskill Democrats and Town of Catskill Republicans caucus this evening (Thursday, 6/21) (at Retriever Roasters and at the Elks Lodge—which gives some idea of relative numbers). They will make decisions about who to back for election to Town Supervisor, Town Councilor and Town Clerk. Maybe they’ll be finished soon enough to get down to Dutchman’s Landing for the season opener of the Music in the Park series, this one featuring the rockabilly Lustre Kings and brought to us, gratis, by the Catskill Chamber of Commerce.

IMMINENT. “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” will be performed by a sterling local cast at Catskill Point Park, Friday (6/22) from 8pm. Subsequent performances will be given night and next two weekends (6/29 and 6/30, 7/6 and 7/7). No, it’s not just happenstance that a cat is featured, so to speak, in Classics @ the Point director Joseph Capone’s choice of what to stage this year. (After the play, incidentally, live music will be available at nearby Stella’s Lounge as well as at The Creekside. For more weekending information, google

IMMINENT, Saturday night: to open the Windham Chamber Music Festival’s 20th season, Trio Solisti perform(s) at Windham Performing Arts Center. Info:

BUSTED, on drug charges, at the Mountain Jam music festival during June 1-3 at Hunter Mountain: about 50 individuals (out of some ten thousand attendees). Most of the cases, we understand, had to do with peddling psychedelic mushrooms. (That marks a change from last year at Hunter’s Acid Rock festival, when the main drug of choice was laughing gas). The alleged perpetrators came from far and wide: Ohio, Connecticut, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, , Massachusetts and Maryland as well as New York. Most of them won release on bail of around $5000. But Dirk Glover of Colbrook CT set himself apart. Thanks to multiple drug-related charges, he needs $100,000 in bail money, lest he remain indefinitely in GreeneLand jail.

REMINDER. Would-be Comments on Seeing Greene postings must be signed. We mention this again because an impassioned contributor of publishable verbiage about the late Firehouse Tavern did not sign his/her submission and thus shall remain unread.

NAME GAME. Lolita LeBruise. B F Skinnher. Bully Holliday. Puffy Bangs. Burgundy Bedlam. Pinky Shears. Candi Catastrophe. Carnage Miranda. Private Fister. Kill Her Skillet. Chilli Knoxx. Those are some of the pseudonyms adopted by Hudson Valley ladies who are reviving the wild sport of Roller Derby. So says Roy Volkmann in the May-June issue of InsideOut magazine (of which GreeneLand’s Owen Lipstein is now CEO/Editor-in-Chief, and whose Food editor is billed as Eton Drinkwell).

“LOSS OF SEMEN is loss of blood,” warns the Rev. W. J. Hunter, Ph.D., D.D. That heads-up is contained in an advertisement for Manhood Wrecked and Rescued. How Strength and Vigor is Lost, and Manhood May be Restored by Self-Treatment, as published in Physical Culture magazine, a copy of which recently tumbled from an interior wall of the former Oren’s Furniture Company warehouse in Catskill. “For want of the knowledge on sexual subjects this contains, many men are on a downward course,” says the ad, “and by the use of it many could be saved from sexual weakness, restored to manly vigor and made capable of properly filling life’s duties and becoming strong manly men, instead of physical and social wrecks.” Several chapters expound on the wreckage inflicted, on men and on civilizations, by “sensuality.” The “ruinous results” of a certain “solitary vice” are “impossible to exaggerate.” Reverend Hunter will reveal “where masturbation and marital excess do their most deadly work” and, in his concluding chapter (“The Rescue”) will identify “an absolutely infallible remedy” for “seminal [sic.] weakness.” At the time of publication, Manhood Wrecked and Rescued could be purchased for one dollar. That was in 1900.

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