Thursday, June 15, 2006

News in -eds

SHUFFLED, by the Catskill school board, on recommendation of superintendent Kathleen Farrell: principals of local public schools. We just got the news, and may not have the straight scoop; our calls have not been returned. Sources say that Patrick Wemmit, who has been principal of grades 4-6 of the Elementary School, is being shifted to the High School (as principal? as vice-principal under William Ball?), with present High School Principal Lisa Slutzky going over to the Elementary School—except that the office being vacated by Mr Wemmit will be occupied by William Coyle, administrator for Special Needs programs, who is now housed in the Superintendent’s building. Selma Friedman continues as principal of kindergarten through third grade classes (or is she senior principal of all elementary grades?) and Marielena Davis stays put as principal of the Middle School.

ASCENDING, meanwhile, from vice-presidency to presidency of the governing Board of the Catskill Central School District, as of July 1, is James DiPerna.

RECOGNIZED, by the [United States] President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation, for his work as volunteer executive director of Greenville’s non-profit organization All Arts Matter: Anthony DeVito. Tony’s been doing this volunteer work since the founding of All Arts Matter in 2000. He’d welcome recruits. Check the web site www.

FETED, by Allstate Insurance Company, for being a heavyweight writer of auto, property and commercial policies, and for keeping loss claims down: Frank J. Porto III. He has been a GreeneLand broker since 1960, an Allstate agent since 1985. Business in the past five years, he tells Seeing Greene, has been terrific, with volume rising 5-10 per cent each year. According to the Daily Mail (6/13), Sonny “will be recognized” by top Allstate officers at a Chairman’s Inner Circle Conference. But that “conference” has already been held—in Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

PINCHED (so to speak), by State troopers, on suspicion of being the man who, while wearing wigs and women’s clothing, committed armed robberies in a country store and a Dairy Mart in Ulster County: Brian P. Johnson, of Route 23A in Palenville.

ELECTED, as vice-president of Hudson Valley Tourism Inc., the 10-county promotional agency: Daniela Marino, who is Greene County’s tourism director (has been since 2002). The new president is Mary Kay Vrba, who is Tourism Director of Dutchess County, as of last March.

CONVERTED or about to be: charter of the Bank of Greene County, from State savings bank to Federal savings bank, placing it, like its parent company (Greene County Bankcorp Inc.) under Federal Office of Thrift Supervision. So? We don’t know either.

WANTED, for Common Ground (“a place to settle differences”) in Greene and Columbia counties: certified Mediators. Training will be given at July 13-15. workshops. Information: 943-0523.

SIGNED, to another contract with Penguin Putnam, this time for an illustrated children’s book about the Hudson River: GreeneLander Hudson [sic.] Talbott. He’ll need to find time away from reviving the Catskill youth center, being an active Friend of Beattie-Powers Place, restoring downtown properties, and organizing programs at the Thomas Cole National Historic Site. Perhaps he’ll develop a synergistic arrangement with Brian Branigan, who is planning a video series on the majestic Hudson.

STRIPPER ALERT. Bob Beyfuss, GreeneLand agriculture/horticultural guru, warns that we are probably in for siege of tree defoliation wrought by newly hatched forest tent caterpillars. They are rapacious leaf eaters, more menacing than eastern tent caterpillars. For defensive information email Mr B at

WINNERS. Catskill High School’s baseball players won the Class B championship in this section of New York, then beat the Section III champs before being eliminated in quest for the State title. And GreeneLander Jesse Muller, 17, tied for eighth place, in a field of 99 players who had already passed through a series of regional eliminations, in a in a State-wide golf tournament for high school kids. He shot 76-76.

IMMINENT *Tonight (Thursday, 6/15). Opening of Music in the Park series for 2006, at Dutchmens Landing, Catskill, from 7 pm. Free. The band is No Limits. This is first of 14 free concerts given in 12 weeks, including a July 4th (Tuesday) show with fireworks and an August 11 (Friday) special. Organized by Heart of Catskill Association; sponsored chiefly by Bank of Greene County with inputs from Town and Village. *Friday (6/16). New art show, “UDU—Burnt Earth,” featuring work of Frank Giorgini, at Broderick Fine Art Gallery in Ruby’s restaurant in Freehold, from 5 pm. *Saturday (6/17). Farmers’ & Artisans’ Market opens at Historic Catskill Point, this being first of 20 Saturdays. From 9:30 a.m. Versatile Musician Michael DeBenedictus provides musical entertain from 10:30 am. *Sunday (6/18). Antique & Classic Car Rally, Main St, Tannersville, from 10 am.

DAILY MAUL. “Survey: 24 percent between 18-50 tattooed.” *“Her campaign galvanized and gaining momentum, Gillibrand, 39 and prominent Hudson attorney said, she added in the upcoming months the Americans’ ability to cope with a rising cost of living will become a preeminent campaign issue.” *“…the [Sugar Maples] recovery is being praised by residents of the community who welcome the elimination of an eyesore and the economic potentials.” *”At issue here is for whom two residents…had shown support for in the press release submitted by Karkheck.” *“The 127th Assembly District covers seven counties in Greene County excluding Coxsackie and New Baltimore.”

RE-OPENED: the Comments slot of Seeing Greene. Let's see how it works this time. The procedure is indicated below. Meanwhile, the indirect, e-mail channel,, still is open.


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Anonymous said...

Will the Greene County Legislature cap local gas tax and share sales tax with the Town and Villages?

Will a seeinggreene correspondent ask the candidates and post the answers here as a comment or an article?

Anonymous said...

Whats going on with the employees at the Catskill Elementary school? I've been told several of them use drugs regulary and am curious what kind of drug screening they do? Custodial or not, if he's there while students are present seems a little unethical to me?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dick, I find my self jumping betwwen SeeingGreene and SeeingGreeneFire constantly like a junkie.

Whats the status on the Bid Rigging for the new Rescue Truck? If its true the partys involved could go to jail for it.

What kind of sleaze bags do we put into office in GreeneLand?

Now they want a drugy whos done time for Greene County Legislator? What incompetence do we have in our Republican leadership? Offer a little dough and you can buy anything in GreeneLand!

The big boys must be motivated by Potato Heads ability to generate Hose 1 votes! Wait till he leads Vinney the Chicken Shit Ginney to the Big House instead of to the White House.

Vinney your aspirations were flushed down the toilet like my thanks giving dinner!

You should have picked the high Road instead of installing the water pipe for free in your own road!

Anonymous said...

Did you see SeeingGreeneFires blog this week? It sure proves that the tax payers in GreeneLand just don't care what they put into office!

Look at what they did with the king of sleazes! Voted them all into office! They even had to lower the standards to get these folks into office!

With this kind of intelectuals in office no wonder we want to release terorrist from Gitmo while prosecuting Rush Limbo for Viagra!

Meanhile prosecuting our soldiers, sailors and Marines because we have become weak on our knees.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to integrity and honesty in GreeneLand?

Anonymous said...

The republicans will let you run for legislature even if you have been arrested a few times?

Maybe if I rent to people on public assistence and collect $60,000 off the county taxpayers a year and get arrested for possession and assaulting a minor, will the republicans let me run for county legislator?

The republicans in Catskill are running my kind of people.

Anonymous said...

Dick May .. appreciate that you welcome 'Comments' again. The following will be of interest to many.


Catskill, NY
In the past decade, locales throughout the Hudson Valley have been transformed into attractive shopping destinations .. with an exciting mix of home furnishing stores, art galleries, antiques shops, and quality restaurants.
An added attraction is the historic ambience offered by these once-sleepy towns and villages.
Catskill, on the west bank of the Hudson River, now joins Kingston, Beacon, Woodstock and Poughkeepsie in scheduling an evening of shopping, exploring, and leisurely dining.
The last two years have brought dramatic change to Catskill .. businesses opening, fixing up of historic storefronts and homes, and a new civic pride.
On Saturday, July 8, from 5 to 9 p.m., many stores, shops, galleries and restaurants will be open along Main Street.
“Second Saturday” spots to visit within a three-block stretch of Main Street:
* Brik Gallery, 473 Main Street, fine contemporary art;
* Hood & Co., 432 Main, home furnishings, linens and bath, soon to open;
* Flossie’s Goldmine, 406 Main, antiques;
* Beginner’s Mind Gallery, 401 Main, fine contemporary art, new;
* The Open Studio, 402 Main, contemporary fine art, ceramics;
* GCCA Gallery, 398 Main, fine art guild;
* Purple Heart, 396 Main, boutique clothing;
* Retriever Roaster Café, 394 Main, specialty coffee café, new;
* Bell’s Café, 387 Main, fine restaurant;
* Dream, 388, hand-crafted Asian furniture and carvings;
* Verso, 386, 20th century design, fine books;
* Gallery 384, 384 Main, contemporary art;
* Cooper & Co., 360 Main, furniture conservation;
* Townhouse Antiques, 375 Main, antiques;
* M Gallery, 350 Main, contemporary art;
* City Lights, 365 Main, lighting, new;
* Wasana’s Thai Restaurant, 336 Main .. among other places.
Catskill’s Main Street is rich in architecture detail and history. Another attraction is Mariner’s Point, overlooking the Hudson River, where a music event will take place on July 8 after the “Second Saturday Stroll”.
Catskill, 30 miles south of Albany, 112 miles north of New York City, is easily accessible from exit #21 of the Thruway, I-87, and other major highways. Ample street parking is available.

Anonymous said...


Great job with seeinggreenefire!!!!!

That site rules

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

I just checked out seeinggreenefire and man oh man what a great site.

I highly recommend it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dick, I recently returned to Catskill and snatched up my kids to go watch the fire works last night.

I drove to St Josephs Villa excited to share the experience that had created fond memories for me. I had planned to spread out blankets and sit on the lawn to watch the fire works with my family. I remember hundreds of other families gathering their on the grass to do the same. Familys laughing and having quality time together. The fond memories of the 4th and the winter sport of toboggening and sleigh riding on the hill has never left me. The whole experince at St Joesephs has been shared countless times with many other families.

Much to my disapointment I discovered yet another fond memory of Catskill washed down the drain by corporate greed. Just as Grandview School will soon be knocked down so yet another convienance store can pop up where the MAy Pole once stood.

Instead of fond memories I was faced with a police barricade and the discovery that HOME SWEET HOME ON THE HUDSON had bought St Josephs out. (I've since heard it was only o paper shuffle and no funds actually changed). Anyway, I find it very disheartening to see any businesses come into Catskill that are Anti-Community.

I understand the excuse that they are worried about insurance. But the community could either pinch up a one day coverage or something. However if HOME SWEET HOME ON THE HUDSON refuses to be a part of the community then we have to insure that they are not reaping any benefits from the community! Why should they enjoy reduced taxes or anything. Corporate greed is counter productive for the community.

I spoke to several residents at the fire works and am shocked that they are charging exorbitant fees like 35.00 per month extra for vplugging in their TV sets! That's a ludicrous amount that they are scalping off the top from these elderly residents. What TV uses $35.00 per month to operate? They also charge ridiculous fees for other things like installing an air conditioner.

Hundreds of people walk along and enjoy the views of the Hudson and Olana every day. One gentlemen complaining about the HOME SWEET HOME Car Nazi posted at the front barricade pointed out how the last director of St Josephs was illegally miss utilizing funds and her quick scheme to raise a condominium project that locals expressed a concern in. Especially the back door conspiring that was going on in direct conflict with local laws.

To spite everyone and get her revenge she intentionally had 7 -8 trees planted that would block the Hudson river from any ones views walking along Prospect AVE.

The Gentlemen mentioned that there was a group forming to take action to protect the view and to force Home Sweet Home to remove them or prevent them from hiding the view of the river. Have you any information on this goup and can tell me how to join it?

Anonymous said...

It took me a long time to realize why you all call this community GreeneLand!

Everything is about making the almighty buck off of someone!

What about just going out and earning it instead of always expecting a free hand out!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the Village Board of Trustees (Under the advisement of Chief Randy Ormerod and Fire Commish Jimmy Chewens) placed Shanks under administrative leave (suspended) under the false pretense that it was "For his safety"

YET: They allow Overbaugh, who cannot pass his DOT Physical because of his numerous heart attacks (one occurring after returning from a fire call) and reportedly on disability for it,

They don't actually allow him to drive emergency vehicles the size of fire trucks to emergency calls do they? What about the stress and and Adrenalin flow that is occurring during this highly stressed time? If he can't drive a truck on a routine call how can he operate under the severe conditions of an emergency call?

I also heard he drives more than any other driver.

It just seems to me this jeopardizes the welfare of the citizens and the firemen that ride on the truck. Look at all the children that run out to watch the fire trucks blaring by.

I also heard he hurt a firemen on the ladder truck crushing his feet in when the ladder as it retracted while a firemen was on it. Is that so and what did PESH do about it?

It really sounds like the only thing the Catskill Fire Company and Village Board cared about was punishing the guy for speaking out about safety concerns.

Is it also true that the two previous Fire Chiefs took him off the drivers list because of this very condition?

Doesn't anyone realize the extreme liability issue this poses to the tax payers of Catskill.

One other question, Is there a cap on the Villages Insurance Policy when it becomes evident that the Village Board and the Fire Chiefs/ line officers and Fire Company Board all knew about it and chose to ignore it?

Can they be sued individually if something ever happens or will the Village Tax Payers be forced to pay for their apparent incompetence?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the same individuals can be sued for allowing the current conditions to continue. The current officiers willing and knowingly have prior knowledge and standby saying what can we do, doesn't excuse them. Here a little information, you all are 100% liable for damages if some one gets hurt or worse killed. Its sad because the tax payers who will pay along with all the officers and trustees.
There is no excuse for the state of the fire department other than lack of leadership, discipline, and integrity. This just shows when you allow the town personnel to run village department its the village taxpayer who will pay not the town taxpayer.

7/06/2006 12:02 PM
Anonymous said...

Do you mean the law will hold them individually responsible (Personal assets and not Village Insurance Policy) if its proven that they intentionally conspired and allowed or encouraged the law to be broken and the harassment and intimidation to occur? Especially if they orchestrated the events in the first place?

7/06/2006 1:18 PM

Anonymous said...

You firemen have your own site now, why dont you stay there and leave this one to the rest of the community! Anyone interested in your "plight" can go to the other website. All you are going to do is ruin it for the rest of the people interested in this site and not yours!
Give us a break, and a chance to discuss other issues & ongoings in Catskill. Much to your surpise there is OTHER things going on.

Anonymous said...

GEEZ Chewens should run with Kissinger for legislature!
They will fit in just fine!
With Deyo, Prest and Valentine!

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