Friday, February 17, 2006

Ethics of Blogging

Today’s blog, instead of providing news & stuff about Greene County, is about the proper conduct of blogs. It deals with two issues of propriety and policy. REVISIONS Posting a blog is much like publishing (printing and circulating) a newspaper column. But there is a big difference, and I have, well, exploited that difference. If I make an error in print--say something that is counter-factual or that otherwise is, by my lights, regrettable--I cannot erase it. I can only publish a subsequent “Correction” or “Clarification.” But with blogs that is not true. Having posted a blog, I can go back and change the words. I can revise, delete and add, leaving no trace. Thus, the text of what you now are reading could be different tomorrow, but tomorrow’s readers would not know that. If you read today’s text and then go back tomorrow for a second look, you might notice a change but, unless you had made a print-out of your first reading, you would be hard pressed to prove that the second-look text differs from the original. post Last Saturday at around noon, for example, I posted a fresh installment of Seeing Greene. (It was wrongly billed as a Friday posting). An hour later, I went back in to the blog site’s “Dashboard,” entered my password, brought up that posted blog, hit Edit, and made two textual changes (discarding the pretentious word “decoction” in favor of “dish” and changing an erroneous election date from “March 21” to “March 28”). A day later, alerted by a reader of Saturday’s posting, I re-entered the site, brought up the already-posted and –altered text., hit Edit again, and made another alteration (of the erroneous name “Joseph Cropsey” in favor of “Jasper Cropsey”). Accordingly, there have actually been three ‘editions’ of one posted blog. In the absence of print-outs made by readers, however, solid evidence of the changes is not available. Substantively, those changes were trivial. They served the salutary purpose of giving readers more accurate information. They also served the purpose of enabling the author to look less like a dope. But one can readily imagine cases in which power to alter a text seamlessly over time is power to deceive and to evade the consequences. I could commit libel and then erase the evidence. To do that strikes me as being dishonest. It is unethical. But at the same time, leaving intact a text or paragraph that is corrigibly wrong, or is otherwise unfortunate, seems undesirable even if it is not unethical. For this conflict, a happy resolution seems to be available. It is possible to make to make desirable changes in already-posted texts while avoiding duplicity. The method consists simply of notifying readers, explicitly, in the text itself, whenever a textual change has been made. That is what I resolve to do from now on. COMMENT MANAGEMENT Seeing Greene has become the site, or pretext, for a lot of comments from readers. These are visible to readers who choose to click the word “comments” at the end of a blog posting. The volume started to build seriously last October and shows no sign of abating. (As of 9 am. This morning, last Saturday’s posting had attracted, or had served as pretext for, 144 comments). Most of them have been anonymous. Many of them come from feuding local firefighters. Some of them are malicious, abusive, moronic, defamatory and/or otherwise irresponsible. As custodian of Seeing Greene, I bear a measure of responsibility for the comments (good and bad). I am responsible to the extent that I have made access to the ranks of posted comments freely available, when I could impose controls. So: should I take remedial action? What action would, on balance, be remedial? Those questions are not meant to be rhetorical. I am in the market for advice. And to facilitate the provision of advice, I shall sketch procedures that a blog-meister COULD adopt. 1) No change? Let the chips fall where they may. Do not spend time being a censor. 2) Post a disclaimer? Leave the door completely open, but post a declaration (at bottom of each blog entry or at top of the Comments section) disavowing responsibility for the tone or content of readers' comments. 3) Slam the door? As a technical matter, it is as easy to ban all comments as it is to permit all comments. 4) Be a Moderator? As a technical matter, again, I can direct that all prospective comments on Seeing Greene be routed to my mail box, so that I can decide which shall be posted. It would a wearisome business, but feasible. And it could implemented in the context of posted statements about criteria of selection. Thus, prospective commentators could be notified that: --5a. No anonymous comments shall be posted, and all signed comments (authors’ names readily verifiable) shall be posted. --5b. All signed comments shall be posted, and consideration will be given to posting comments by authors who identify themselves to the blog-meister, request that their comments be posted anonymously, and give good reasons. --5c. Preference will be given to comments that are related to matters addressed in a given blog or to constructive suggestions about GreeneLand matters. If you have an opinion about what course of action in the way of comment management would be best, please let me know—and give reasons. It can be voiced as a Comment on Seeing Greene or as an e-mail to , signed or anonymous. # Suggested reading: see “Blog Rage” by Jim Brady:


Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for you. Editorials in the newspaper are anonymous. The blog comments are basically a poor man's newspaper editorial. Requiring names would stop the whistle blowers from disclosing information for fear of repercussions. Some of the comments have been a bit off base. Charecterizing an arrest as a conviction, personal attacks not related to the issues but more related to personality conflict.

Newspaper editorials are reviewed by an editorial board for defamation etc, and perhaps you should have the comments filtered to your e-mail or otherwize review them prior to posting.

Anonymous said...

As always .. interesting! Dick, in my opinion, anonymous comments can be appropriate. However, I would suggest that you require some form of 'basic registration' .. so that if you see a continuing pattern of abusive language or character assasination, you can inform the 'sender' that further comments in that spirit will not be published, while also respecting their prior submissions as anonymous. All of us respect the importance of 'free speech', and 'seeinggreene' provides a valuable community service.

Further, what is missing, in my view, is that for many of us in Greene County, we really don't know exactly what the controversy is all about vis-a-vis the fire companies, and the consolidation into one company. Yet, we all admire the willingness of so many to serve as volunteer fire personnel. Wouldn't a public forum addressing these issues be helpful?
H. M. Hanson, Catskill

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hanson I guess that you are retired like me which gives us time to sit in front of these pretty new fangle things called computers. Makes the day go by and sure beats daytime tv and lonliness.

Believe it or not, all the major problems started in the late 1940's when the Town of Catskill created Fire Protection District No 1 and contracted with Hose Company No. one to give fire protection to the Town residents in that district. For many years, the Village of Catskill was not a part of this contract. Hose 1 became a "rich" fire company in both cash and equipment and it created problems let us say. Hose 1 had enough money to purchase land and in the early 1970's, a firehouse on West Bridge was sold and the Central Ave firehouse was built. Probably more than 20 years ago, it was realized that not having the village of Catskill be on the contract was illegal because the Hose 1 certificate of incorporation says that Hose 1 is a village of Catskill Fire Company and so the village signed the contract as well. The agreement called for most of the money to be used to purchase Fire Trucks and the remainder went to the Hose co.

I think that one company having substantially more money than the others caused some envy and animosity. For the most part, Hose 1 used the money properly but they had better uniforms, had money to hire laywers and owned a number of fire trucks. This caused some division. On the old Hose 1 web site, it said that Hose 1 was created to fight fires in the town and so it looks like that they forgot that they were a village fire company and got wrappd up in the contract with the Town creating "chiefs"and etc. This added to the animosity.

The village steped in a few years ago and eliminated the district chiefs and stopped the Contract money from going directly to the fire company. Hose 1 mad that they didn't have district chiefs and mad that the contract money wasn't going in to thier bank account, approached the town about starting a Town or district fire company where they could have cheifs and where they would get the contract money without sharing with the other fire companies. This created even more division and animosity.

To solve these problems the village decided to consolidate the fire companies. There was a big meeting with all the firemen from Hose 1 Hose 2 and Hose 5 and they voted to consolidate. The village then started CFC which now has all fire fighting responsibilities. Unfortunatly the members are still hanging on to thier old corporate identities eventhough these old companies don't fight fires anymore. Some want to get rid of all these former identities, get Hose 1 to transfer ownership of the one fire truck they own to the village or Cfc and be one really consolidated fire company. Others, from all 3 former companies, want to hang on to th money in their bank accounts, property, and let the old names live on. This is the rub.

Anonymous said...

Mr. May and Mr. Hanson,

I think you should screen all the comments into your email.

The character attacks and personal attacks should not be made here. I think everyone knows that it is all personally driven because of personality conflicts.

Most of the Officers and some of the Firefighters of the Catskill Fire Company have taken a direct hit with the slander and the fire service of Catskill and Greene County for that matter does not need this. Overall there are good people involved in the fire service and this puts a black eye on the entire fire service with these attacks.

If anyone has any questions regarding the fire service of the Catskill contact any of the Officers of the Catskill Fire Company and we will be more then happy to explain what the Catskill Fire Department used to be years ago and what it is today.

If you try to explain it on here as an Officer of the Catskill Fire Company certain people will take what you say and twist it to make everything look another way, and just because. There are some legalities to why some things are the way they are today. Some dont agree with it, but that is what was done by past Village Boards. As far as the Firefighters ever actually voting to consolidate, that NEVER happend. The firefighters of the Catskill Fire Department had no input at all on consolidation. The firefighters were told that the organizational meeting would be held on Tuesday March 11, 2003 and the first vote wasnt to consolidate, it was to incorporate the Catskill Fire Company after the then Village Attorny read a letter from then Village President Pat Delanoy stating the the Catskill Fire Company would assume all firefighting duties and Hose 1, Hose 2, and Hose 5 would then be social entities. It was not until January 1, 2004 did Hose 2 and Hose 5 close their stations and everything move to the west side station. When everything moved into the West Side Station we lost 98% of the members who used to belong to AM Osborn Hose Co. No. 2. That left the members of Hose 1 and Hose 5. There were some members from Hose 1 and Hose 5 that left, but a majority of them stayed. As far as the Election of Officers of the Catskill Fire Company goes, its just like any other election, the most popular person wins. THATS LIFE. As sad as it is, thats the way it goes. Right now there is a mix of officers from Hose 1 and Hose 5 and there is one officer from Hose 2.

As far as moving all the apparatus into one station, that is the way to go. It is better for our operations. We know what truck goes out first, and will have a full crew. We know what truck goes out next with a crew. We know what truck goes out after that and so on and so on. Someone in a previous blog mentioned that they used to see 4 or 5 fire trucks going out to calls and now they only see one or maybe two. There is an answer to that. Since we are all in one station, we know what truck is going to answer that call and might only need that one truck, unlike when we had 3 stations, you had 1 truck from each going and didnt need them all. It all goes back to better operations. Having a truck go out with a full crew out of one station is much better then 2 trucks going out of two stations with a half of a crew each. That is common sense. Our coverage area does not warrant having more then one station. I think we have proven that over the past 2 years. Our Chiefs and Line Officers are doing a good job on the fire operations end. As anyone who has held these possitions in the past can verify, you will never make everyone happy. The membership of the Catskill Fire Company elects these people to serve. The majority speaks at the elections. You might not agree or like the person in the position but you need to work with them and assist them. Fighting them tooth and nail only makes the entire Catskill Fire Company look bad. If you disagree with something they are doing there is CHAIN OF COMMAND that MUST be followed to address the issues. Failure to follow the chain of command leads to a breakdown of the entire company. Calling Village Board members over every issue that should be handled by a Chief or Line Officer is not the proper chain of command.

The Catskill Fire Company has alot of diverse people and overall good people. There seems to be a few that obviously dont like change and cant accept the way some things have been agreed to by past Village Boards. The way things have done in the past, weather right or wrong, is irrelevant to the way things are done today. The whole operations of the fire service have changed. If we keep beating the dead horse of the way things have been done in the past, or what this one did in the past it will take three times as long to move forward.

If you have any further questions or just want to talk about the issues of the Catskill Fire Company or the past history of the Catskill Fire Department please contact me.

I know I am going to get some negative posting on here, but I hope the general public who reads these postings know what is true and what is not.

Thank you,

Harold Rivenburgh
Catskill Fire Company, Inc.
(518) 943-4866

Anonymous said...

Hi Dick, I was wondering how long it was going to take before this was dumped in your lap.Its sad when people attack others in the press and hide behind anonimmity. Whats worse is when the information given is a lie. Some of these people have gone as far as to attack family members, sexual espacades, Cops Troopers and Correction Officers. They claim to have figured out the CONSPIRACY. Instead of digesting the facts you have provided, it always goes back to name calling, hiding behind this blog. I have no problem with anomymous postings, but I do have a problem with malicious lies. I think bloggers should be more responsible with their language. Young greenlanders read this too. The firemen should have given a little thought to their comments before putting their crap out on the street. As a taxpayer its not comforting to know we have been fiscally screwed by the firemen for years. Because of this blog, taxpayers may not be as quick to give them free reign with OUR money. Try something different tonight and sign your comment. Morris Darling

Anonymous said...

What part is a lie, morris? How do you Know what is truthful and what are lies? Were you present? Are you all knowing?

Anonymous said...

Is it a lie that the Hose 1 boys wanted to take manpower out of the village and start a new town company once the village took away there district chiefs and the contract money from going directly in there bank account. Looks like red lights on pickup trucks and money going into an account was more important than the village residents who relied on 1 2 and 5 for protection. Is this a lie?

Anonymous said...

"it is all lies" is what they said after capture in Europe at the end of WWII

Anonymous said...

Mr. May,

I can tell you first hand that by making people post names, people will loose freedom of speech. I have from day one, spoke publicly about issues that concerned me and have always put my name to everything I say. All I have received for this is a great deal of harassment, threats, nasty comments, and a egged truck. When people have something to hide they will go to any extent to cover it up. People will be afraid and should be afraid of being blacklisted if they go against the grain. Around here it's not how smart or right you are it's who you are related to.
As far as the Firefighters actually voting to consolidate, we shouldn't have the choice. We are owned and operated by the Village of Catskill, and it's whats best for the taxpayers not what's best for the past companies. Look around every dept is consolidating this isn't the days of hand drawn fire engines.
The firefighters of the Catskill Fire Department had no input at all on consolidation. Hose 1 seemed to keep a truck out of the deal! How did that happen if they had no say?????????????
The membership of the Catskill Fire Company elects these people to serve.-that should read the active membership, people who come around once every three years should have no say in elections these officers represent the people who come around not the ones who show up for free food once a year!
The majority speaks at the elections-who none active non productive people?
Our Chiefs and Line Officers are doing a good job on the fire operations end-officers need to be well rounded and diverse and act on a professional note at all times, we have some who do and some who don't!
The way things have been done in the past, weather right or wrong, is irrelevant to the way things are done today.-by turning your head you become part of the problem not part of the solution. P.S. it won't go away!
CHAIN OF COMMAND- what do you do when it fails time after time? Been there done that more than once, not so effective!
certain people will take what you say and twist it to make everything look another way, and just because.-I couldn't of said it better myself!!!!!
I know I am going to get some negative posting on here,-I don't agree with everything you say but I respect your freedom of speech and won't hold it against you!
If anyone has any questions regarding the fire service of the Catskill contact any of the Officers of the Catskill Fire Company -any or the ones who come around and might have a slight clue on what's going on???

Mr May protect freedom of speech,don't be like the daily mail!

Any questions feel free to call,

Joel Shanks
"Proud supporter of"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Don't rock the boat,

I'll block your e-mail address!!

I'm going to quit,again.

Anonymous said...

Hey Morris,

Was it a lie that a corrections officer drove a fire truck drunk to an accident scene, got out of the truck and was to intoxicated to put the trucks emergency brake on? Or two wasted to put the truck in gear in order to activate the PTO which would have allowed him to pump water if it was needed. Or was he to consumed with excitement when he got out of the truck that he for got to chock the wheels per protocol! Or the fact that he was oblivious that the truck was rolling away from him as he stood looking at the controls on the side of the truck? Or that a fellow NY State Corrections Officer had to jump into the truck and put the emergency brake on, before yelling at his brother/ fellow corrections officer!

Was it really a lie when an Athens Fire Chief reported seeing beer delivered to the same corrections officer at a fire scene on New Years Eve, and which he consumed?

Was it a lie that this same NY State Corrections Officer has been seen repeatedly drinking and driving around the Fire House, and or drinking from the back of his truck? And that this individual was turned into the NY State Corrections Drug and Alcohol abuse counselor for needed assistance?

Was it a lie that an unauthorized party was hosted by the same two NY State Corrections Officers and attended by other corrections officers? And during this unauthorized party on Village Property a fight broke out and the DJ's teeth were knocked out of his mouth for playing the chicken song?

That the NY State Police, The Catskill Police and the Greene County Sheriffs Department responded? That the DJ was taken for medical treatment and received 6 stitches by the Town of Catskill Ambulance? And that someone paid the medical bills and probable settlement? Was it tax payer money?

Or that Fire Company Officers complained about finding under aged teenagers consuming alcohol and driving recklessly in the parking lot. And that the investigation took 8 months to finally determine not had occurred and no attending corrections officers saw or would admit to anything? That the entire thing was covered up!

Morris, would you be opposed to all of the attending NY State Corrections Officers at the party take a Lie Detector Test given by a higher state or federal agency?

After all, if they are all lies this would prove it beyond any doubt! You and other law enforcement officers and the fire department elite would love to know who is exposing the hypocrisy. I guess its a little harder in a free society for law enforcement than it is inside the prison.

Dick, Keep the anonymous postings, because individuals who are power hungry or typically abuse their power would love to silence the Whistle Blowers!

See no evil, hear no evil, admit no evil against ones brother!

Was that a quote of law enforcement brothers, inmates, or Nazis or Al Quada? I cant remember if its one or all, do you?

Viva the Federal Whistle Blowers Act!

Viva the CFC!

Anonymous said...


Keep up the good work. People like this are the reason the feds made the witness protection program.

help stop evil,continue anonymous postings.

Anonymous said...

Driving Skills in Older Adults
"including driving a fire truck"
How can I tell if I need to stop driving fire trucks?
For many older adults, a time comes when they find that they can no longer drive safely. You might be worried about a health problem that affects your driving. Friends or CFC members might have asked if you can still drive safely. You should talk about this with your doctor. Your doctor can check your health and find out if you have the skills you need to drive safely.

Why would I need to stop driving?

If you have a health problem (such as poor sight or pacemaker), it may not be safe for you to drive. This is also true if you're having trouble with memory or concentration (for example, if you often forget where you're going in the middle of a trip or how to run the trucks).

Your doctor may ask you to limit your driving in some way (for example, if you don't have good night vision, you shouldn't drive after dark). You should follow the advice of your doctor and your family. They may be worried about your safety, and they don't want you to hurt yourself or other people on the road.

What if I don't want to stop driving?

Most older adults don't want to stop driving. They want to stay independent and have the freedom to be on their own. Giving up driving is a change in lifestyle that you may not want to face. However, remember that your safety is important to your family and to the public. If you get lost, have near-misses with other cars or have an accident, the results could be fatal. Rather than risk your life or the lives of others, you should use other kinds of transportation.

Giving up driving makes me feel bad.

Many people are angry when their driving is limited or when they're not allowed to drive at all. This reaction is understandable. Although you feel angry now, try to imagine how you would feel if you were injured or if you hurt someone else. For your safety and for the safety of others, follow your doctor's advice. Don't drive if you've been told it isn't safe.

I have a feeling that people who have been forced to retire from work because of failing health might illegaly be driving fire trucks in Catskill.

Anonymous said...

You're telling me my kid is at risk of being run over by an old man on a fire truck while she's standing at the bus stop?

Please stop this man!

Annandale Dream Gazette said...

Dick -- A poetry blog that I read frequently has problems whenever anonymous comments are allowed. The heated discussions almost always take a serious downward spiral and end up way off topic & often nasty & even abusive. I think it may be somewhat inevitable when a blog becomes popular. I don't think disallowing anonymous comments is impeding free speech at all.

On the other hand, in the case of Catskill, which is such a small, tight (and seemingly conflicted) community, seems to really need an outlet. Your blog has done a real service to the community by making this need apparent, even if your blog has become the stomping grounds for many an angry citizen.

I would suggest disallowing anonymous comments for a week or so (to rein it in), then establish one day a week as "firefighter's day" or (even better) "community gripe day" or something like that. And after you reopen the comments to allow anonymous responses, delete any off-topic comments with reminders that such-and-such is the free-for-all complain day.

Good luck. Your blog is great, and a real community service. Also it's new territory you're exploring, i.e., blogs as news vehicles or community gatherings. I think you've been a saint about all the endless raging so far.

Anonymous said...

LBehrendt ,

Can't take the heat,get out the kitchen


Anonymous said...

Yet another week has gone by and absoultely nothing has been done to ETA 3-11.

I wonder if the alcohol investigations, reckless driving etc is still being investigated?

Or perhaps to much time is being spent defending the interests of the guilty, and no time is being spent on researching the truth.

The battle cry of the guilty seems to be ITS UNDER INVESTIGATION just to buy more time to try and attack the whistle blowers!

Catskill get ready because we may become a motion picture story.

Anonymous said...

To Lynn Behrendt's signed comment of 6:53 am (that's West Coast time, or 3:53am. here), Mr 8:16 am. said "LBehrendt, Can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen." Said it anonymously.
Are some of you out there eager to post comments under own name (at top) but unclear about how to do it? The procedure does seem to be unclear.
If I did it right, my name appeared at top as well as here:
Dick May

Anonymous said...

Morris Darling said, 8;43 hit the nail right on the head. Of all the incidents cited, the only one I know is a lie is the C.O. punching the DJ's teeth out. That officer works for me and I asked him. Just so you know, if a CO is arrested they MUST report that to the facility or face departmental charges. As for the other incidents, why didnt other firemen call the police and have them ARRESTED for the crimes they committed. DWI and allowing minors to drink are crimes. Im not saying these things didnt happen, Im asking why they werent reported. It all goes back to the firemen asking for our support but allowing illegal activities to take place. If they are doing this you have a responsibility to remove them from your department.

Anonymous said...

To 10:33am-

We have had threats made to us and our families. As you can tell from other people they have also physically attacked multiple people.
They are ruthless and yes jim chewens did assault the dj. All of the cover ups and corruption is the whole reason I moved down south.

Question answered

I would highly recommend staying anonymous, unless you like virginia

Anonymous said...


the person who assaulted the DJ wasn't arrested.

It looks like you don't know as much as u might think.

Anonymous said...

The Village should read this real hard and learn from it!!!!

Q: I am recovering from a heart attack and am concerned about whether or not I will be allowed to drive when I am up and about again. Are there any laws regarding this?

A: There are many medical conditions which could make driving dangerous and if you suffer from any of these you must inform the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) on 0870 600 0301.

The list includes use of a pacemaker, defibrillator or anti-ventricular tachycardia device, diabetes and angina.

Simply suffering from one of these conditions does not mean you will not be able to drive, but you must inform the DVLA – it is an offence not to. Having had a heart attack, it would be wise to contact the DVLA and ask their advice on your individual case, especially if you have had any special device fitted
and had more than two heart attacks.

Anonymous said...


looks like being a "CO" and trustee makes you invisible to justice

Anonymous said...

ever think that an employee may not be 100% honest?

Anonymous said...

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Я желаю что село шагнуло внутри и сделало его трудно для старых компаний шланга к
Заметьте что президент новой компании не отказал большую часть из реакции к HH о проблеме. Он знает было написано был поистине.

Anonymous said...

Morris Darling said 12:06, and 12:24, When an employee is arrested, the arresting agency contacts our department. An employee who was arrested could not keep that from the Dept. I never claimed to know everything. I just exposed a lie OR... getting back to my first question.... WHY are these things happening. Why are people not calling the police. We have an excellent police department, they will make arrests and the DA will prosecute...regardless of their profession. I would love to hear from the DJ who was allegedly punched out. I would come back on here and apologize publicly. Because I always sign my comments.

Anonymous said...

1:51 what lie did you uncover? Private party. is that a lie? DJ got punched. Is that a lie? DJ lost teeth. Is that a lie? PD "investigated" but no one got arrested. Is that a lie?

Anonymous said...

People so obsessed, I mean interested, in the hose co. twaddle should get their own blog and flame on, anonymously or not. I have lost all interest and respect for all sides and positions. Pool the money and use it to help people who lose their homes or possessions in fires in Greene County.

Anonymous said...

that is a good idea. We should get the DJ who had the nerve to play the Chicken Dance come and have I few words on this blog

Anonymous said...

another good idea. Hose 1, 2 and 5 should empty any money they have in the bank and use it to help people who lose their house and clothes etc in a fire.

What do you say guys from the 3 former companies?

Anonymous said...

Lets do it


Anonymous said...

Hose #5 has accepted! State it at a board meeting and make it happen. It will be good to see one company show that the money should be used to benefit the public.

Anonymous said...

1 51 Blog/ Morris,

I learned years ago that seldom does a guilty person admit to doing something after the fact. I assume it has something to do with self preservation. I know from working at the prison it is very rare that anyone admits to being guilty unless it is to demonstrate their toughness. Look how many times inmates have told us they were Innocent and doing time for a crime they didn't commit.

In the case of the CO (All the men know who it is) who struck the DJ. We are not surprised that the players have conveniently suffered amnesia. The unspoken code of silence.

You defend this corrections officer simply because you asked him if he did it? Morris, you didn't reach your position being totally naive. You also reprimanded the public for not calling the police. Why should anyone have called them when they were already called?

Who made that phone call and why?

Was it just a hoax or was the brawl real?

If nothing was found then the police reports should be released to the public so that this good co's name can be cleared!

After all his reputation is tarnished from the incident and according to you he is innocent, since he told you so.

I'm really curious if you reported this situation to your superiors since the reference of impropriety has occurred and NY State Corrections should initiate their own investigation into the matter?

Did you practice what you were preaching to us? Or is there a double standard aplied to law enforcement officers?

BET I know the answer and you do to!

Three different law enforcement agencies, and the Greene County DA's Office responded and yet no arrest.

Numerous profesional corrections officers were present and nothing was found?

You know why corrections was never notified, because the assailant was never arrested! Why? If he was then it would have to be reported and he and others would be in serious trouble. Good indication that a cover up was conducted and carried through from the beginning!

Why hasn't the DJ's name ever released? Seems awfully suspicious to me. Why wasn't anything done about any of the ilegal activity?

I know that 6 - 8 firemen were informed about the fight at a fire call just hours after it occurred.

Not gossip but an eye witness account!

The entire incident with the CO's names, specifically which CO had blood/cuts on his knuckles? Why was this eye witness intimidated and harassed into not saying anything?

Funny how he was speaking freely of the assault that morning, but he is petrified and refused to speak about it shortly afterwards.

Was the black booted shock troops mobilized or was this just a routine, run of the mill investigation being conducted?

Where is this mysterious DJ and why was his name never disclosed to the public?

Why did the investigation take so long if there was nothing to disclose?

Why have eye witnesses gone suddenly silent?

Have they been subjected to threats and intimidation from black booted shock troops?

Upset? I would think that apparent abuse of power would have everybody screaming abuse and demanding an explanation!

It sure looks like the fraternal brotherhood of law enforcement has united to cover up this event. What citizen in his right mind is going to come forward and face the consequences? You can bet something has scared them!

Could a truth detective please find out who the DJ was and report back to us? Who silenced him and why? Was he paid off and why? These are all questions that are mysteriously covered up.

Anonymous said...

I've observed dozens of different times Corrections Officers pulling out of Coxsackie Correctional Facility onto 9w and notice how many of them never even attempt to stop. They simply run the stop sign at the front entrance at excessive speeds pulling out directly into traffic on 9W!

I guess the stop signs only mean yield to them. You wonder how they can freely get away with it when the trooper barracks is on the next street. Thay know that no one is going to stop them. Seems that they enjoy priviliges others don't have. Same thing demonstrated with the Chewens Junk Fest because they can!

Anonymous said...

Hey Morris, Its kind of ironic that you want the bloggers to post their names. But then you fail to put the CO's name that works for you.

Did Potato Heads brother and fellow CO get reported to the NY State Corrections Dept when he was arrested for DUI after hitting the Chief Ormerods fathers truck in the fire house parking lot and then left the scene after a confrontation?

Why is he still drinking and driving after all these years? Every one knows about it yet it goes on.

This NY State Corrections Officer and the Greene County Sheriff are both examples of law enforcement getting away repeatedly with their alcohol abuse. For years everyone has known about it and looked the other way. It will aparently continue until they end up killing someone.

Way to go guys! Protect the guilty and sacrifice the inocent!

Just remember it could be your wife in the head on accident with them!

Explain her death to your children.

Anonymous said...

So if neither one of the brothers have ever been reported. Wow where does that leave us?

Harrassed. intimidated, attacked, wounded, scared, or killed which technique works best with which individual?


STAY BLIND STAY ALIVE until its one of your own!

Anonymous said...

Thank you LBehrendt for a rationale idea for those of us who are interested in the news of greene county, as well as those who only care about the fire companies. When I first started reading this blog, I was learning alot about what's going on economically and positively here. Now very few commentors respond to Dick's topic but harp on the fire dept, and who gets away with what.

"Who you know" is the reality here and just about everywhere else - from Catskill to Washington DC - get over it. It's human nature whether folks want to believe it or not. How many people have called up a cop friend or court clerk to get a ticket fixed?

Dick - I second the notion of "I would suggest disallowing anonymous comments for a week or so (to rein it in), then establish one day a week as "firefighter's day" or (even better) "community gripe day" or something like that. And after you reopen the comments to allow anonymous responses, delete any off-topic comments with reminders that such-and-such is the free-for-all complain day."

It'll be more work for you initially, but hopefully will even out in the long rum.

Anonymous said...

Mr. May,
In my opinion you are a little self-righteous and you are often the one who is guilty of being "malicious, abusive, moronic, defamatory and/or otherwise irresponsible." in your comments. You come across as a bitter old crow rather than someone who should be taken seriously.

Sadly, you also like to attack people's views on issues simply because they differ from your own in an effort to shut them up. But it wouldn't be so bad if you didn't turn everything into a personal attack, but you do and that is where the problem is with this blog. Well, that and the people who use it to whine day and night about the fire departments and the like. I wish that they would either get off their asses and do something about it or shut the hell up. Talk about giving the fire departments a bad name!

Anyway, why not focus on cleaning up your act, REALLY reporting news rather than simply recylcling it, and maybe even call things down the middle like a real news person should. You are as guilty of taking sides as The Daily Mail is. If you have the courage to do these things than you won't have to be so afraid of the anonymous blogs because people will take you more seriously. Sorry, but right now you, like this blog site, is a bad joke.

Anonymous said...

count hose 2 in!

Anonymous said...

2/20/06 @ 7:30-well said!

Anonymous said...

Mr. May-

While some of the postings are malicious, it is possibly the only outlet for free speech in Catskill... I think it's worth a few grumblers.

I say your disclaimer should be enough.

to 7:30-

You say Mr. May is, "a little self-righteous and you are often the one who is guilty of being 'malicious, abusive, moronic, defamatory and/or otherwise irresponsible.' in your comments. You come across as a bitter old crow rather than someone who should be taken seriously."

I'm at a loss for an example, unless he also posts as one of the anonomous.

Sadly, you also like to attack people's views on issues simply because they differ from your own in an effort to shut them up. But it wouldn't be so bad if you didn't turn everything into a personal attack, but you do and that is where the problem is with this blog.


Again, examples are lacking.

Talk about giving the fire departments a bad name!

Maybe I'm off-base, but it seems like the lion's share of bad-mouthing comes from members.

Anyway, why not focus on cleaning up your act, REALLY reporting news rather than simply recylcling it, and maybe even call things down the middle like a real news person should.

Print journalists are generally paid; what do we give Mr. May for his efforts? As far as I know, most blogs tend to rely on volunteerism.

You are as guilty of taking sides as The Daily Mail is.

other than seeking improved behavior on his site, and offering Mr. Seeley a chance to respond, what side has he taken?

If you have the courage to do these things than you won't have to be so afraid of the anonymous blogs because people will take you more seriously. Sorry, but right now you, like this blog site, is a bad joke.
If you truly think this, then why are you here?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Morris Darling said, If you took the time to read my comments before reacting you would see that I cited ONE incident with ONE person. The only reason I commented on that ONE incident was because I have the ability to check it out personally. The incident we are referring to was investigated by our Dept and that Officer was CLEARED. If you dont like the guy, thats fine. I dont agree with spreading lies about someone. Seems awful funny, this might be an attempt to keep him from re-election. Stick to the facts and keep it honest.

Anonymous said...

Hose 2 and Hose 5 have agreed to turn money over and will issue an annoncement I assume sometime soon. Is 1 going to join?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that Morris was in the IG's office. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Dick, it sounds like two hose companies (or maybe members from 2 hose companies) have agreed to turn the money over to a fund to help victims of fire! That merits its own post, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Mr. May,

If I were you, I would not be too concerned with all the Comments, and sign up for some advertising, to make some money, with all the hits you have on here.

Atleast, then, it may be worth some of your time..........

Anonymous said...

Hose 2 and Hose 5 has said that they will turn over their money to help victims of fires, etc. It seems that they understand that the money they got when they were active fire companies was given with the intent that that money would be used for public purposes and should not be held by a non-active fire company that no longer fights fires. That shows alot and this fact should be reported by you in its own post.

Anonymous said...

Funny hose 1 got paid by the cfc for old crappy chairs.

How did they do it?

they scooped members up in wheel chairs and packed the house,voted as a "member of the cfc" to give
$15000.00 to disbanded hose 1 for chairs in great disrepair. Then 99% of them never answered a single alarm as a active cfc member,never did anything for the taxpayers but make them pay twice for the same old equipment.I also remember chewens voting yes for this, some trustee for people! What people hose 1's?Then to add insult to injury two meetings later the same disbanded hose 1 members expressed concern with the shape of the chairs feeling that they were unsafe and that the village needed to buy new ones,once again chewens supported anti cfc anti village movements,and he claims to be for change! Change for what, the worst? At that time hose 1 had about $90,000.00 before the $15000.00 for the out dated broke dick chairs! Leaving hose 1 with around $105000.00 to date of donations and taxpayers money, boy did the village taxpayers get screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You,
Can't sit down after hose 1 got done screwing taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

A trustee for corruption!


A change for the worst!

Vote no for Chewens, help save the village!

Anonymous said...

Joke of the day!

Why should village taxpayers put perfume on their ankles?

Because they are going to end up behind their ears when hose 1 gets done with them!

Is that a joke or the truth?

Anonymous said...

Chewens is a great example of a


Anonymous said...

On the news .. RadioShack is closing 10% of its stores across the US .. what happens to its stores in Catskill and/or Hudson .. another thought .. I prefer Aubuchon to Home Depot. What happens when another 'home repair' mega-store opens in Catskill Commons .. Aubuchon is user-friendly, and deserves our support.
H. M. Hanson

Anonymous said...


From Friday through Sunday, August 4 to 6, Catskill’s Bicentennial Celebration will attract thousands of visitors. A Block Party on Friday evening will kick off events featuring the band, Steppin’ Out.
On Saturday, August 5, vendors are wanted for a fun-filled day of activities at Dutchman’s Landing, historic Catskill’s riverfront park. This fun event, held rain or shine, will feature music, crafters, great food, and a fireworks show to top off the day.
The cost is very reasonable, but spaces are limited. If you offer popular food items, quality crafts, or other specialties, send an e-mail message to: or call (518) 943-0989 as soon as possible. An application will be mailed to you.
Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!
Year-round, Catskill’s Main Street now features many antiques shops, art galleries, and fine restaurants. Always a destination!
Catskill, exit #21 of the NYS Thruway, is between Albany and Poughkeepsie, and only a 114-mile drive north of New York City.


Anonymous said...

blog 5:41

Anonymous said...

Get the job done!

Vote no for chewens

and yes for change!

Anonymous said...

A top-of-the-fold article about nursing homes being fined listed Columbia-Greene Long Term Care. $1,000. The article never says 'why'? Also, a seemingly-public meeting held by developers of Catskill Commons took place on Wednesday morning, and what effort was made to make this information meeting 'inclusive' .. it matters to all of us in Greene County.
H. M. Hanson

Anonymous said...

to the 4:52 am blog,

I agree vote no for chewens

Anonymous said...

chewens a change for the worst!

vote yes for change vote no for chewens