Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Vinnie Takes a Turn

This blog has become a two-headed monster. One head consists of regular installments of news and occasionally ane remarks about GreeneLand matters. The other consists of comments ‘attached’ to installments. The latter have grown immensely. In volume of verbiage they dwarf the actual blogs. Most of them are not responses to the subject matter of the respective blogs. Most of them deal more or less directly with a single topic: the Catskill fire company. Most of them come from dissident firefighters or ex-firefighters. Most of these voice animosity toward the department’s (and the Village’s) current leaders and toward (it amounts to the same thing) alumni of the erstwhile Hose 1 company. Most of their messages are bitter, repetitive, abusive, smug, casually defamatory, and anonymous.

An occasional, almost incidental, target of these bloggers has been the president of Catskill Village’s board of trustees (who also bears the title of Mayor), Vincent Seeley. Attacks on Mr Seeley intensified recently, after he attended a meeting of the fire company, and made an appeal for compromise, for civility, for dreamy stuff like that. He decided to respond to the accusations and insinuations by way of a comment of his own, signed. When he voiced that intention, he prompted the directorate of Seeing Greene to start implementing a contemplated policy, namely, posting Guest Blogs. We are open to submissions and suggestions for other Guest Blogs, e-mailed to

My Turn

by Vincent Seeley

As a public official, I expect to catch a lot of flak. But some things that have been spewed out on this blog site, among other places, call for a response from me. Here goes.

“Forced Father.” I would appreciate that you would keep family out of this but I will answer your question. I have a sixteen year old daughter that my Wife of 5 years and I have custody of and her Mom lives in Florida. I fought the "system" and won. It was a long tough battle and I used the Internet as a tool and was successful. So I do understand your use of this Blog, I just do NOT do it anonymously as most entries in here are. I do not know where the misinformation in that post came from. Do me a favor, please feel free to bash the hell out of me but leave my family life at home.

My “Site.” "Dont forget to visit Vinnys site"
I do not have a site. You are just going to have to believe me on this one.

Secrecy. “VINCE SEELEY IS A PART OF THE PROBLEM. HE IS ARROGANT AND WANTS TO HIDE HIS ACTIONS IN SECRECY!!!!!” “… Seeley treats being on the board of trustees like being on the board of a private company. He doesn't think the public has a right to know what he is doing as a village trustee and he doesn't believe that the public has a right to know what the village board is doing or what decisions they are making. Doesn't he realize that we have open meeting laws because the public has the right to know.”

As a Village representative, I try to present a professional image at all times. I have worked very hard in my life to get the things I have. I am sure nothing was handed to you either. OK, I'll confess to the arrogant part, but what actions am I hiding in secrecy? Oh yeah, my wife has called me a few choice words recently, I’ll share if you want.

The past 20 weeks of Board meetings have been essentially standing room only and have gone over two hours. I make it a point to ask the public to step forward and address the board. What else can I do? Do we discuss topics during the week and before the meeting? Of course. The Village is a 5 million dollar business, do you expect for it to be run one night every two weeks? I frequently seek input from the public, including from the author of the question.

Bloggery. "Vince Seeley wants to shut this blog down because he doesn't want people to know what is going on."

Not true. I did say that I would talk with Dick in getting the this back on its original mission and balancing negative and POSITIVE. I do think the anonymous entries are out of control and provide little overall value. Sometimes, when too many reckless words are delivered, credibility gets questioned. Everyone loses.

“Alcohol at the Firehouse” The Bar is shut down while we investigate and determine a final outcome. Do I feel that there should be beer allowed in the social room? Yes. Do I feel that there needs to be changes made in policy to protect Firefighters and the Village? Yes. Will I treat grown men as children? NO.

Double Standard/Hypocrisy. In GreeneLand, “if you have money or you hold office, you don’t have to live by the same rules or laws that the commoners do.” For instance, Seeley instituted a cleanup program, in which police required people to remove unregistered vehicles from their property, “despite the fact that [he] had numerous unregistered vehicles”—a dump truck, a car, a motorcycle—“on his property.”
My 18 acre parcel is currently under development. Is there construction equipment on my property? Yes there is. I continue to work with property owners who have "works in progress" like me. The motorcycle mentioned is in the garage and that concerns me because besides being an anonymous blogger, you are also a trespasser. The contents of the garage are only visible if you are on my property. Besides all of this, let us not forget that I have property in both the Village and Town. The end result of the construction will be more than 5 high end homes on the Village tax roll. Thanks for appreciating that.

Ditto. “Or that he had numerous condemmed buildings on his property which the fire department burned down for him a few years ago.”
I did have unsightly buildings, and did burn them under fire department supervision--as anybody is entitled to do, and ought to do. It happened before I was a public official. I also donated money for the fire company's time and effort.

Ditto. “Or that he still has a building that is as bad if not worse than the building that was torn down on the corner of West Main and Bridge Street.”

The West Main/West Bridge building posed a danger to passersby. We went through elaborate legal proceedings before arriving, reluctantly, at the point where we had to tear it down. The structure on my property is sound, and again, can only be seen while trespassing.

Ditto. Moreover, Mr Seeley “didn’t…have to file work permits and appear in front of the planning board like the commoners when he had some 1800’ of a water line run into his property.” There’s a mystery about the authorization (if any) of this connection and/or of use of Water Department equipment to trench and install this water line. This was “misuse of taxpayer equipment.” And “Was the Police Sgt who helped install this water line the same one who served some 30 or more violations of unregistered vehicles causing owners to get rid of their property.” "How else would the tax payers on Landon Ave know that they too can simply borrow Village of Catskill machinery to install a water line on Landon Ave, just like the service folks on Edge mere Road was provided. Has the Edgemere road residents been charged or was this a Village of Catskill freebie?"
Ah yes, the infamous water line. The residents on Edgemere road were not charged EXCEPT for one, ME. Every last inch of this line was paid for by my wife and I at the tune of over $50,000. I have receipts for everything and would love to share. All permits were filed so feel free to contact Village Hall.
So what if a friend of mine helped install a water line off duty and made the Village a better place to live while on duty? I thought people would be happy that we built a $300,000 home in the Village of Catskill and added it to the tax rolls. This would be an issue if I got on the board and pushed through a free new water line or a road. Not the case.
I am not sure what Landon Avenue has to do with anything. The folks on Landon Avenue have an inadequate water supply; we are fixing that. I had several PUBLIC informational meetings which were all well attended. No back door.

"DOWN WITH SEELEY." Does this come with a picket sign? I am not sure but I am assuming that this is negative. I guess that I have really succeeded in screwing up my part time job when I get chanted "down with seeley". Contrary to"anonymous'" beliefs, I very strongly believe in open Government; as a matter of fact, I may have been the only person in many years to talk openly about the deficits in the Village budget and, with the Boards help and support, acted on and fixed the deficits. I have even contributed to this blog, through Dick, on occasion. So, get down with Seeley.

And Finally. Although I am not happy about the recent blog entries, I do prefer you attack me instead of others not in public office. I realize that my response will undoubtedly gain more attention and earn me more thrashing. At the endof the day we should take pride in that the Village of Catskill is makingtremendous progress despite the dismal outlook provided by some of you. The Board of Trustees works very hard to make our community better. Jim Chewens is one of the hardest working men I know and he continues to be a valuable asset to our Village. Too often, the negative is clouding the positive and the great work that is being done is not recognized. Lastly, I commend the Fire Fighters who have stayed on and never wavered from the simple truth that fire fighting and saving lives is your main mission. Keep up the great work and thank you for your time.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see your not afraid to go head to head on the blogs. You've gained my respect for it. I'm sure that the cost of material came to $50,000.00 dollars and I appreciate the correction on building permits. I guess maybe I'm been fed some real BS.

Now I'm really currious because I have to dig a trench on my property. I understand that you used the Village equipment to emplace your $50,000.00 water line. Is that true? If so, can I use a village back hoe one weekend to install a small drainage ditch around my foundation? Who do I call to arrange the use of it?

OH before I forget, I think that bringing up your family and trashing them was pethetic and totally out of line.

as far as the Fire Chairperson goes, he may have pulled the wool over your eyes but he hasn't mine. Does any one have a good contact for the Mothers against Drunk Drivers local chapter. I want to contact them about the underage drinking on Village Property. Especially the sactioned drink fest that ended up with the DJs teeth being knocked out.



Fedup would be a better description than disgruntled when you refer to the Catskill Fire men using this forum to address items that have gone on for over two years. I think the biggest iritation is the fact that our two top leaders intentionally make smart ass comments trying to piss offsome of us as they throw fuel on the fire when your not around to see them. They probally describe us as a few disgruntled ff who are pissed that we have no voice. In reality we are making valid complaints to the appropriate agencys until your JR Leaders wake up.

As far as tresspassing if I admit it you'll have the back booted storm troopers raiding my house! So I'll just say that I had a super zoom lens on my 35 mm camera when I took a picture of your un registered vehicles.

whats the name of that pipe installation machine the village owns and whats the operating cost for its blade??

Anonymous said...

Oh only two comments? I guess no one has woken up and visited the page.

Anonymous said...

Oh only two comments? I guess no one has woken up and visited the page.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great blog Vinnie, maybe if alot more people were not anonymous alot more lies could be uncovered. I personally am not involved in the FH but like alot of other residents, have gotten addicted to the soap opera!

Anonymous said...

previous blog should have read I know our law enforcemnt community is NOT stupid. (They just have a tendency to cover up things for certan groups asif they should be above the law.)

Anonymous said...

I am sure each and everyone of us have broken the law in one form or other. Sounds like some people who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.

Anonymous said...

speak for your self 6:09am blog.

I also agree with the 5:57 am blog.

Anonymous said...

SONOFABITCH DICK, Keep Vinney off of this blog, he's boring the shit out of everybody!

24 hours and we only have 9 blogs to read.

get the truth detectives back on and we'll have 20 to 30 blogs to read!
Best part about it is they are not full of bullshit!

Guess Vinny sounds to much like the Fire Chair Person

Anonymous said...

Vinney, yooour soooo boorinnnnng!

Anonymous said...

Vinny, You might not have a site anymore but you did for about two days. For some reason when the truth detectives uncovered it the site was removed with'n three hours! To late about 25 people seen it! You'll have to take my word for it.

Truth Detectives

ps, face the facts, nothing reported by the T.D. has been false.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, because of you many disbanded hose 1 members have started coming aroud again. I guess all the blogs about them holding offices to run down the dept. and never going to alarms sparked them to prove us wrong. Thank you Mr. May now we have more firemen responding making us safer.

here's your sign:
Sad this is what we have to do to make them come around.

Anonymous said...

Q: How does Vinney Seeley take a bubblebath?

A: He farts in a puddle.

Dissolve the village,
Take back eta 3-11,
start Wiley hose 1.
Viva Hose 1

Anonymous said...

You guys better STOP airing your dirty laundry on this blog. have you read the recent article in the website????
Ohio Town Disbands Dysfunctional Dept.
here is the link:

Anonymous said...

entry 8:52 P.M. I think you have a very big problem. It seems you are obsessed with Vinny,his family ,his personal belongings and whatever he has done and what he is going to do in the future. Under law I do believe you are considered a stalker. There are people being prosecuted for the things you have just admitted to doing in your comments.

Anonymous said...

This is the article from It sounds a lot like the Catskill!!!

An Ohio village disbanded its fire department indefinitely after both the mayor and an independent report determined it dysfunctional.

(Sounds like Catskill should think of this)

Last week, the Glendale Council voted unanimously to temporarily disband the Glendale Fire Department after reviewing an independent consultant's report critical of the department and recommending major changes.

(What happened to what Catskill's CONSULTANT'S recomended,at least these people listen to what the PRO's tell them.)

The village council determined that a disorganized department presents too great a liability to keep functional.

(Catskill again)

"There was informal leadership coming up through the department which conflicted with the formal leadership of the appointed chief," Glendale Administrator Walter Cordes said of the largely volunteer department. "There were concerns that orders may or may not be followed at an emergency scene."

(We have the reverse happening!!)

In addition to a chain-of-command conflict, the report also cites problems with staffing, recruitment, retention, budget limits and "turf" disputes with neighboring departments.

(need I say it?)

"If only cost is considered, the simple choice is to disband the fire department and contract with [a neighboring department]," the report states.

(Let's hire leeds !!!!!!)

However, the report acknowledges that the council must balance the firefighters' strong emotional attachment to the department with budgetary concerns.

(treat hose 1,2,5 equal!!!)

Furthermore, the report suggests that last year a faction of firefighters started what amounts to a "character assassination" campaign against the fire chief after the village administration announced it was considering, among other options, disbanding the department and contracting with a neighboring department.

( This is us in reverse ie the chief doing the "character assassination" to the ACTIVE members!)

The report goes further in stating that those firefighters wanted to promote a chief from within their ranks and, partly because of that desire, accused Chief Donald Latta of conspiring with the village to disband the fire department with the ultimate goal of becoming fire marshal under a new fire service structure.

(Hey, its Randy wanting to only have his family involved and become paid chief ie tanker task force battalion chief!)

One firefighter, who the report characterized as the faction's leader, said the problems cited by the report are greatly exaggerated.

"He was pretty liberal with his assumptions," assistant chief Thomas Benjamin said of the consultant who wrote the report.

Benjamin, who had been with the department since 1989, said that the staffing problems and safety issues the report identifies are overstated.

(we hide our safety issues!)

"Our staffing problems are really not that big a deal," Benjamin said. He added that Latta tried to prove the department needed more firefighters by pointing out it wasn't meeting National Fire Protection Association minimum staffing standards of four firefighters working an internal structure fire.

(go ahead hose 2 and quit we don't need you!)

"It's almost impossible to operate with less than four people" because if there's any sign of a large fire, the automatic aid agreements with surrounding towns kicks in, Benjamin said.

(thats why we have hudson!)

Benjamin concedes that there had been recruitment problems.

(who wants to come around when the chief makes fun of you and knocks you down!)

"It is tough for us to do recruitment," Benjamin said.

( we rather have a bar instead of more members!)

Latta set a standard that volunteers live within four miles of the station. But the mainly white-collar workers who live within that radius have not shown much interest in volunteering, according to Benjamin. Additionally, about half of the village's residents are 45 and older and, as the report points out, that makes it difficult to find adequate volunteers.

( or Lt. lives two fire dist. away!)

While he agrees with the report that recruitment is difficult, Benjamin called false the report's claim that certain members would drive out new recruits who wouldn't conform to their opinions of leadership.

(just quit hose 2 chewens will just replace you.)

The report states: New candidates "who did not agree with the prevailing attitudes toward Chief Latta would be made to feel very uncomfortable within the organization and at times would be denied the opportunities to engage in active, interior fire fighting on working fires."

(thats us, can't drive, be on the board, truck committee, unless your "IN THE FAMILY")

Last year, a group of firefighters sent a letter of no confidence to the village about Latta. The report describes the letter as highly critical of Latta's leadership and organizational skills.

(we have leaders who have been arrested and kicked out once before.)

While the report disagrees with several points the firefighters made about Latta, it does state that he "lacks some organizational skills and habits." Yet, the report notes that Latta's "position of postal clerk leaves him little time during the business day to complete the necessary and routine duties of a fire chief." (Latta did not respond to phone messages in time for this article.)

(if it has to do with pesh or osha just don't do it)

"Doesn't seem like [Latta] was going the extra mile for the fire department. ... guys were getting frustrated," Benjamin said. He also said that the report was wrong in suggesting the firefighters' problems with Latta started when the village announced the possibility of disbanding the department.

(even hose 1 hated Randy and de-chiefed him once before from his bogus "Dist. Chief.")

"The breakdown in command came after the letter of no confidence in July," Benjamin said.
But Benjamin also acknowledged that the firefighters were resentful when they found out Latta could remain chief if the village decided to keep the department, while he might be promoted to fire marshal if it disbanded.

(Our break down in command = no officers show up to alarms)

Because of those possibilities a faction of firefighters accused Latta of conspiring with the village to get the department shut down, according to the report.
Benjamin said that he and other firefighters felt that on learning about the village's possible plans, the chief should have said, "'I have never seen this before, nobody's ever talked to me about becoming a fire marshal.'"
However, the report states: "Chief Latta professes no desire to disband the fire department and was not privy to the early discussions between Glendale and the communities from which proposals for contracts were solicited."

(Randy keeps pushing for paid fire admin.)

The report recommends two options for future village fire service: a joint operating agreement with a neighboring department in which the Glendale Fire Department re-forms; or, the department will remain disbanded, and the village contracts with a neighboring department.

"The internal issues cited above would have to be addressed before Glendale would be seen as an attractive joint partner," the report states in reference to the first option.

Additionally, a majority of village residents will have to agree to a tax hike to fund a re-engineered Glendale department.

A civilian-based task force will help decide the department's future. It is due to come to the council with a first report by June 2006. Until then, a neighboring fire department will handle all emergency calls.

(shut her down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I wonder if they have a blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Seeley states he is for open government. Why hen was a meeting held last Thursday with the Town board and developers for Irving school and not advertised?

Where is the open government there?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Seeley stated he never had his own blog when in fact he did!!!!

Why did he take it away?

Truth Detectives!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Seeley stated that all beer must be removed from the firehouse until futher notice. If not he would punish! Mr. Seeley why are KEGS still at the firehouse? Why haven't you punished?????????????
If you let this go what else is being over looked? Some leader you are.

Anonymous said...

Q. What does CHAOS stand for?

A. The Chief Has Arrived On Scene.

Anonymous said...

copying "forced father" was a bit off base. Seeley said it was misleading but all the person that posted it did was copy word for word what Seeley posted on some website.

This makes it hard for me to believe what Seeley is saying about the other things he wrote.

Anonymous said...

I see your point. How can he say that the comment was "misleading" when it was only a copy of something he wrote?

There was a secret meeting about Irving school?

Did Mr. Seeley really do this?

Anonymous said...

Q.How do you put out a fire?

A.Take away the HEAT , FUEL , OXYGEN , or the CHIEF!

Anonymous said...

The words of Vinney

Jim Chewens is one of the hardest working men I know and he continues to be a valuable asset to our Village.

He's either fer us or against us and we know who he sides with now.

Anonymous said...

no Vinny said it was "misinformation" but I see what you mean.

Anonymous said...

Well now your on to something!

two peas in a pod!

Chewens and his ultra Hose 1 elitist bullshit has been going on under everyones eyes and Seeley doesn't know it? Bullshit!

Seeley knows it and doesn't care!

Her wanted his water line in and ran for office to insure he got it!

Curruption pays in greeneland for those in political places!

Notice how Seeley never mentioned the fact that the village workers worked on their day off for him. Why didn't he say that one village worker was from the water department and that they utilized the Village of Catskills Thermaweld machine to install it?

Which by the way the blade cost aproximately $12,000.00 to replace when worn out. How longs it last? I don't know, but I still want to use the back hoe!!

Why hasn't the Fire Chair Person been replaced? Because Seeley has the utmost trust in him.
Trust as one would gain from mutual respect like they will refuse to speak abouteach others wrong doings.

Truth detectives will eventually uncover it all!

Anonymous said...

If Seeley is stating facts such as he has a $300,000.00 home built and hes telling the truth.

Super slueths, here is your next mission, Find out what Seeleys house is taxed at and report back here.

after all it should be taxed at $300,000.00 or does he enjoy special favors?

Anonymous said...

The last thing the tax payers want to do is allow potato head and oh my god win by closing down the fire department. This is exactly what they wanted to do two years ago. they will do anything to prove that they were right at any cost.

their ultimate goal is to justify everything they did over the years!

Anonymous said...

If they don't take emmediate actions to right the wrongs they are stalling.

Everytime you stall or give in a little where did it get us?

End the favortism once and for all!

The longer Vinny waits to do anything constructive with the fire department chaos the worse its going to be for him, becuase the public is going to know that he waffled!

Anonymous said...

Thermaweld = village eqiupment= unauthorized use = new water line = abuse of power!

Alcohol abuse = abuse of equipment = assault = 2 missing teeth and 6 stitches = who paid the bills = who paid for the silence = abuse of power.

Chewens = Seeley = abuse of power.

cover up = abuse of power.

Anonymous said...

Coming soon to a bill board near you!

The Truth Detectives!

Anonymous said...

You guys r idiots

Anonymous said...

Truth Detectives! Just found something that may nail all the bad people so tell me what you think. Please respond back with your hard hitting reporting.

This site
seems to say it all. I am surely glad you guy’s are on the job.

Thank you seeinggreene!

Anonymous said...

12:27 Blogs a porn site so dont waste your time going there!

I can see you wanting to get the Truth Detectives, but what about all of us innocent tax payers that your trying to rope in.

They'll do anything to keep the public off of this site!

Keep up the good work Dick!

Anonymous said...

Truth Detective Update:

(The following is taken from a 1935 transcript about the 1935 Fire Citesens Hose 5 Fire.)

On January 15, 1935 at 2:00 a.m., disaster struck. Fire raged through the Village Hall. Due to the fact that the village fire alarm was mounted atop the burning building, only one short blast could be given before the wiring burned out. However, A. M. Osborn Hose Co. No. 2, housed only a few short blocks from the fire, together with Wiley Hose Co. No. 1, located on West Bridge Street, quickly responded and proceeded to quell the flames, but not before the entire building, as well as an adjacent building, was completely destroyed.
(This shows an entirely different mentality than the Hose 1 that was shut down for two weeks in 2002)

(Citesens Hose 5 lost their truck and parade wagon)

Stunned by this event, Citizens Hose Co., together with Village officials, immediately met and made arrangements for temporary equipment. With the cooperation of a local firm, a rack body truck was loaned to the village. Equipped with a few ladders, a couple of nozzles and some fire hose, the company was again “in service” answering alarms together with the other two village fire companies only two days following the fire.

(It clearly indicates that the three companies did and can work together. Harold, You have to stay on track and the company will work through this mess. Just remember its contingent on equality for all three. We know your only one man, but it only takes one man to generate the motion to get things rolling! Look how your predecessor did everything imaginable to prevent consolidation. Just remember when one man rolls over and allows a group to minipulate and intimidate the department only frustrates everyone. Theres been a lot of crap thrown out from all sides, and then a lot of truth also. We all want to see this department get back to its fullest potential!

However, Lets get there because we earned it and dont just expect it. Many mutual aid companies in Greene County hate us because of the arrogance and better than you attitudes. We have no better men than the smallest volunteer dept in the state. We have more men, more money, and more fires that we have gained more experience from. But we are no better as men! Our arrogance is what hurts us! Now that we are at rock bottom maybe we can rise up with out the atitude! Being proud and competitive is one thing, being arrogant and belittling is another! Rebuilding our friendship with our mutual aid broothers and sisters as equals will go along way to repair the damage that we ourselves have caused.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vinney,

Why is Chewens allowed to wear items labeling him "Fire Commissioner"?

It's a fact that Catskill DOESN'T have a fire commish!!!

We have a fire chair person i.e. Chewens.

Why do you allow him to make his own title? Isn't that misrepresenting a village leader?
What else can he do on his own??

Change his helment that reads commissioner at once by order of the taxpayers who elect you!!!!!

If not any one in the village who pays taxes can call them self fire commissioner or police commissioner.

Anonymous said...

What don't you all make a list of things that would help unify the Catskill Fire Company and other changes that can be made by the Village Board and make sure that the list includes simple things and see if the Village trustees, such as Chewins and Seeley take action. If they don't then they haven't earned your confidence and work to get them out of office. If they do then they have earned your confidence and support.

If they support you and change support them if they don't support change then they don't support you and you shouldn't support them at election time.

It looks like simple things like the board acting on the complaints that a fire truck is owned by Hose 1 and that company doesn't exsist to figh fires anymore is something that they can do. Maybe putting the Hose 1 and hose 5 and 2 stuff in storage might be another. Maybe dissolving the non active fire companies might be another.

Hose 1, 2 and 5 really no longer exsist and the sooner everyone figures that out and the sooner the Village takes steps to deal with that issue the better everyone will be.

Anonymous said...

8:52am blog great job! Keep up the good work. We consider you a jr Truth Detective!

Anonymous said...

Joke of the day!

How can you tell when Vinney Seeley is lying?

answer: His lips are moving.

Anonymous said...

Joke of the day 2!

What's the difference between the village board and a bucket of shit?

answer: The bucket

Anonymous said...

The after the village election joke!

Knock, knock

Chewens: Who's there?

Taxpayers: Not you anymore

Anonymous said...

Mr Seeley, Mr. Cotten

Since we know at least one of you reads these comments, will you

Address the issue of ETA 3-11 and since Hose 1 is no longer a corporation actively engaged in fire fighting take steps to transfer ownership to the village of catskill just like all the other trucks used by the CFC

Question whether it is appropriate that corporations no longer engaged in fire fighting have bank accounts and maybe other assets that is tax money and donations given with the intent that it would be used by an active fire company for fire fighting purposes and either voluntarily or by law see to it that this money be transfered to the CFC or the village so that the money is used for the purpose it was given?

I think alot of support and votes count on it.

Anonymous said...

Good evening, I stopped back in to see what types of responses came in from my summary. I have to say that I am not surprised and probably could have written most of them myself. There are some innovative jokes that are pretty damn good; the others are just a waste of time. There seems to be a lot of repetitiveness.

There are many people advising me to just ignore these blogs but I can't do it as I need to see this through and solve the issues. I am not going to get into the mix and then walk away. One thing that does trouble me is that all of the attacks on me started when I went and met with the Fire Company. What incentive would anyone have to help? Don’t you think that might be one of the root causes of the problem?

I am a firm believer in applying modern technology to solving today’s problems; this blog is a form of technology that could be a useful tool if managed. In the past, the typical forum for the public to bring up issues is the bi-weekly Village Board Meeting. I do understand that some folks, due to their schedule or as a matter of convenience, can’t make it to every meeting or pick up a paper so a well regulated blog could be a useful tool. Mr. May’s original mission for this site can still be achieved.

I am going to make a last ditch effort with this site and try a different approach. If this doesn't work, then I don't know what to tell you.

Here is what I would like to do, let's pick one topic at a time, stay focused, talk it through, resolve it, and move on. There are enough topics to keep the conversation alive. This approach may not be as “juicy” as the usual, “someone is stealing”, “someone is lying”, “this one is drunk”, “Vinny is arrogant”, etc… but I bet it will be far more productive.

So with all that said, please post 1 or 2 topics to this blog and we will tally them up and start from the top until every last one of them is resolved. Fair?

Thanks, Vinny

Vincent Seeley

Anonymous said...

Fair enough Mr Seeley.

here is the first (a copy of the comment before yours)

Mr Seeley, Mr. Cotten

Since we know at least one of you reads these comments, will you

Address the issue of ETA 3-11 and since Hose 1 is no longer a corporation actively engaged in fire fighting take steps to transfer ownership to the village of catskill just like all the other trucks used by the CFC

Question whether it is appropriate that corporations no longer engaged in fire fighting have bank accounts and maybe other assets that is tax money and donations given with the intent that it would be used by an active fire company for fire fighting purposes and either voluntarily or by law see to it that this money be transfered to the CFC or the village so that the money is used for the purpose it was given?

Anonymous said...

To the submitter of the 6:59 entry:

Thank you. We submitted our entries right around the same time and your theme is right on track.

Maybe this is the first topic to take to the finish line.

Here is what I believe and I will find out more.

1. There is a document called a "stipulation of settlement" that addresses the ownership and use of ETA 3-11. I am getting my hands on the original document. From there, we can lay the cards on the table as to what the facts are.
2. The truck is in use and does roll to fires when needed.
3. It is an intricate member of our fleet and helps us meet some standards.
4. I heard discussion of a "compromise" with regards to the lettering on the truck. Something to the effect of "owned and operated by ..."
5. The truck is operating safely.

More to come, Vinny

Anonymous said...

Mr Seeley

Thank you for a quick reply. There has been a lot of negative things written but maybe all the attacks and negative things served a unanticipated useful purpose. It made people take notice of the blog and maybe because of it and because of the attention, we can have MEANINGFUL CONSTRUCTIVE participation and resolve issues. I think that now is the time to stop the attacks and have a constructive dialogue. What you proposed is fair and reasonable and I think deep down it is what the people here wanted all along.

Our fire company is alot like a blended family. In this case like 3 families that have come together. If a man and women get married bringing kids from a previous relationship if each sub family keeps separate assets and money it creates a "ours and theirs" "have and have not" atmosphere and it just doesn't work. That is what is going on at the fire house. Having separate bank accounts and with Hose 1 still owning a truck, it creates an atmosphere where there will never be unity.

What good reason is there for a corporation that doesn't actively engage in fire fighting activities to own a truck other than for the sake of saying "we own a truck" and implying to the others "you don't".

The bank account issue is important also. Tax money was transfered to active fire corporations and donations were made to active fire corporations with the intent that the money would be used by an active fire corporation to further fire fighting activities. It is not fair to the donors/taxpayers that this money is being kept by corporations that don't actively engage in fire fighting actvities. I bet that the village attorney or an attorney from the not for profit section of the AG's office might have something to say about this. It doesn't seem right and if it doesn't seem right it probably isn't.

I am so glad that you are a part of the dialogue and seem serious about dealing with these issues. There may be some resistence and bumps in the road but doing what is right isn't always doing what is easy or safe.

I think you showed us something good tonight.

Anonymous said...

Let's stay on the truck topic.
ETA 3-11;
1. Transfer it over to the Village?
2. Sell the truck and put the proceeds towards a new truck?


Anonymous said...

Ditto to the last 2 comments!

Anonymous said...

On Friday, 1/20, I received in the mail the notice sent out by the Catskill Central School District. It informed me of the information meeting taking place on January 11, with a questionnaire requiring a return on January 17.
Further, the notice says .. "the school district is 'also' interested in improving communications .."
Since school taxes are a major expense for most property owners, can we reasonably expect receiving such a notice before instead of after a meeting, or deadline.
Harold M. Hanson, Catskill

Anonymous said...

Before you waste your time critizing Mr. Seeley for not supplying open govt. to the public, you should research Open Meetings Rules. The Village was within their right to hold a closed meeting if their discussion could affect the aquisition or disposition of real property. But since that has nothing to do with a firetruck, you wouldnt know that. 5:05 Mr Hanson, you were right on the money.You dont think the timing of that flyer going out was an accident, do you? Just like the Board being questioned about a settlement they made with an employee COULD NOT be discussed. The specifics of the case cannot be discussed, but the final settlement amount and who voted for it can and should have been stated. Dont think this is going away. Now watch, someone will start the firemen up on another hot topic, and take the focus away from Mr Hansons and my entry. I hope you dont think this is an accident. In the meantime no one ever asked the Board who voted for the settlement. You as taxpayers are entitled to that information. Keep up the good work Mr Hanson.

Anonymous said...

Great comment 5:05am blog!!!!!!!
Keep up the good work!!!!!!

Fellow taxpayer

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Seeley,

Having ETA3-11 signed back over to the village is the best and only way to start solving problems. Police chief Masse didn't keep his patrol car when he retired so why would hose 1 keep a truck since it's been "retired" as a active fire company."compromise" is just making the former hose 1 members feel they won and screwing over the taxpayers. That truck is the property of the village of Catskill and it's taxpayers and the only answer to the problem is in black and white. Sign it over to the village, take hose 1 off the sides and place the village of Catskill on the side. One of the reasons for closing the old companies was to create unity. We don't have that when people are saying we own trucks and you don't.
What I don't understand is most of the former hose 1 members are also on the cfc. So if this truck is given back to the village for the cfc to use they aren't losing anything they are gaining. Now the fire company would have total control to use or sell the truck, but it would be done in the best interest of the cfc not hose 1 which many forgot has been closed as a fire company. The only reason hose 1 wouldn't want to give the truck back to the cfc is if it's planning on taking to open a new fire company. Next I have seen the "stipulation of settlement" document and no where on it does it state the name hose 1 has to stay on the side of the truck, it simply states the truck can't be sold with out the village and former hose 1 agreeing on it. So the last three years of the active membership asking to put the cfc on the side and being told they couldn't is all lies. That was hose 1 blowing smoke up everyone's ass. It's time for the village to take back what it already owns!

Do what's right,

Joel Shanks

Anonymous said...

Joel or Vinny

Can you scan or type as a comment the stipulation of settlement so we all know what it says?

Anonymous said...

Yes, we can get the stipulation of settlement out for review. I would prefer that it be a scan or a pdf but the blog will not take attachments so I will have to have someone type it up. Give me a day to get it done.


Anonymous said...

I don't want to change the focus from the fire truck because that is an important issue which needs to be addressed and should be the focus of the comments but somebody commented about the open meeting rules and what that person wrote about the rules was only partially true.

A board can go to executive session to discuss the rental or sale of real property ONLY when public disclosure can effect the price of the sale or lease. The board still must give notice of the meeting, and go into executive session as part of a public meeting giving the general topic and reason for going into executive session.

Mr Anonymous at 6:17 I'm not sure that your tone was justified when you don't have a full understanding of the open meeting rules yourself. Like me, maybe you should call the committee on open government in Albany to get a complete understanding of the rule.

I think for some reason you want the topic to change from the truck to the school but that isn't going to happen. The days of name calling, charecter bashing and all that is over. Something positive is now coming out of this blog and we are going to use this forum to better the Catskill Fire Company.

Anonymous said...

I am an insurance agent and I am concerned that since Catkill Hose Co. #1 is no longer recognized by the village of Catskill as an active fire company and part of the village fire Department that the village may not have an insurable interest in that truck.

Please check with your insurance agent or underwriter because this could be a serious liability issue. It depends how the policy is written.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Mr. Seeley, Mr. May or any of you.

I do know that Mr. Seeley was gentleman enough to make a response - and put his name to it.

My apologies if I've missed it, but... has anyone else?

The Internet is a wonderful place for venting frustrations, isn't it? I'll bet if a few of us tried, this could be a positive forum full of useful ideas - a place where if someone like Mr. Seeley saw constructive criticism posted, it could be taken as something other than the grinding of axes.

Anonymous said...

Update; I have the stipulation of settlement in my possesion and will make it available soon. I may put the pdf (portable document file) on the Village web site for all to grab. It is lengthy so having it typed out and proofread may take a day or two.


Anonymous said...

Amigo I dont understand what you are trying to say.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a copy of the Hose 1 certificate of incorporation? If you do, maybe you could put it here on the blog along with the stipulation of settlement? It has been said that the Hose 1 certificate of incorporation says that Hose 1 was incorporated and its corporate purpose is to fight fires in the village.

If that is true and the village doesn't recognize them as a part of the fire department then they really no longer exsist as a fire company. That might be important as far as the words of the stipulation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vinny for your help.
You are showing what a real leader is all about. Keep up the good work and like the other blogs say,just do what's right.

Anonymous said...

We appreciate that you are listening to us and will help us unify CFC

Anonymous said...

Good point the 4:35pm entry said about Hose 1 corporate papers, but we should also get the other company (Hose 2 and Hose 5) corporate papers as well since they still might have some assets. I know Hose 5 has assets, and that is their antique truck as well as Hose 1 has an antique truck too. Not to mention the money in the accounts.

Lets settle each company once and forall.

Anonymous said...

Paragraph 10 of the above mentioned Stipulation in Settlement, States

10. Hose Company #1 agrees to the consolidation of the village fire department,
in which either all three companies will retain some type of identity,
or none will.

Said consolidation is contemplated by the village board within three years of the date hereof.

As mentioned in an earlier blogs, Hose 2 and Hose 5 had there names removed from the equipment by former Hose 1 members.
Had their Fire Houses shut down,
had their social hang outs closed,
had their trucks removed and some sold.

And remember, all of this took place just months after Hose one had been shut down and threatened with being dissolved for all of the crap that they had been involved in.

Hose 2 and Hose 5 helped pay for significant portions of their trucks and turned those donations over to the Village, BUT received absolutely nothing in return. The village also assumed debt that was illegally made by Hose 1, and paid off the trucks. What did Hose 1 loose? Your right absolutely nothing!

I've always thought that the Village acted under very bad legal advice,
and thought that all parties were simply trying to get out of a no win situation.
After 9-11 it was political suicide to go against a fire company.
But the real crime was being perpetrated against the fire fighters who stood loyally by the Village Board despite the fact that they were going to loose everything for the good of the new CFC. When the above agreement was reached it figuratively stabbed these men in the heart. That's why it iritates us so much when we are intentional belittled by the Hose 1 die hards.

Vinny don't be surprised if they don't come out and admit it to you or the public. But look at all the indicators that point to it.

The Hose 1 emblem on the floor,

The Hose 1 emblem on the truck,

The Hose 1 emblem on the sign in the rear of the building.

The old Hose 1 emblem copied and place on the floor and over the bar.

The constant comments etc.

The large number one on the building may all seem petty to some, but not to those of us who were told that everyone was going to give up there separate entities collectively.

And our very own fire commissioner and fire chiefs actively support these actions.
But honestly, You cant very well support the CFC if your actively holding out for Hose 1.

truth detectives

Anonymous said...

The assets bring up a good point, because turning them over needs to be done fairly. Hose 1 proved what they were going to do with equipment taken to their house. The new E3-21 had its name removed with a razor blade just to piss Hose 2 members off. "Village of" was intentionally removed from all trucks by whose authority? If the old trucks are turned over to the new comapany, there must be specific members assigned to them. IE Prior Hose 5 members assigned to the 37 Lefrance, and Hose 1 members assigned to the 49 Mack. By the time these members die the trucks will be fully integrated into the CFC.
But when is the Village going to have the books reviewed to insure no hanky panky occurred with the tax payer dollars tied up in the assets?

Anonymous said...

The following shows how Hose 5 had given their own money towards the purchase of trucks, and they lost the equipment,


In April 1923, the Hose Company 5 met with village officials and receive permission to purchase a new Seagrave combination service truck for $8,500. The Village would pay $5,000 and the company $3,500. By July 1925, the company had paid its loan note to the bank in the amount of $3,500, and on November 13, 1925, voted to deed complete ownership of the truck to the Village.

The late 1920’s saw the disbanding of the F. N. Wilson Engine Co., with Citizens Hose obtaining their hook and ladder truck, thus entrusting the company with two pieces of fire apparatus. The trucks were housed on the first floor of the Village Hall.October 4, 1937 saw the delivery to the company of a new 12-cylinder, 750 gpm American LaFrance pumper, also purchased by the Village Board. This unit remained in service until December 1966. It was later bought back from the Village of Catskill by the company. Having been completely refurbished, it has been entered in many parades as an antique piece of fire apparatus and has won several awards.

Anonymous said...

Owned and operated or anything of that nature shows favortism and will only result in a major lawsuit.
Hose 1 was so dispicable that they were going to be closed down in 2002. Why should they get anything when the other two companys didn't get a thing?

Anonymous said...

If all the "former" companies wanted to get in a pissing match about $ left over..didnt all companies have tax payer money left over? for parties, cruises, etc. wasnt that tax payers money also?
I think everyone should be careful what they wish for if you all want to open a big can of worms
Lets work it out amongst ourselves

Anonymous said...

Mr Hanson, I would like to know what you think is going on regarding the School settlement. This will hopefully start a constructive conversation. As far as the school survey that was mailed out, although I think it may be a bit redundant with all the other surveys that are in the works (ie. pedestrian survey, Joint Comprehensive plan survey) it is an attempt by the new superintendent to gather data mainly regarding voting. The turn out for voters and candidates for our school board was very low this past time. Maybe they really are just trying to collect information. I have some thoughts regarding the settlement but they will be as a tax payer and I will wait to hear what others have to say. As I said in a previous entry, any topics that are brought up are worthy of conversation and resolution.

Thanks, Vinny

Anonymous said...

Would the person who went to the site that they are saying was "vinny's site" please contact me. I would like to know where the site was, it's content, etc. Like I said before, I did not set up any blog site.

Call if you like 755-5784
(Use a pay phone if you want. Although this is not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things, I need it resolved)

Thanks, Vinny

Anonymous said...

What can of worms is anonymous at 8:47 pm talking about? Do the former three companies have something to hide? (Sounds like it).

Anonymous said...

Regarding 3-11 ,etc.
More of my thoughts -
The major difficulty in all of this is that there were 4 money sources:
1. Village tax money
2. Town fire contract money
3. Donations (tag day, breakfast, etc)
4. 2% money

I am honestly unclear about what can be done with each of the money sources. As I see it, a corporation (business) can take left over money (profit) and use it for what ever they want, re-investment, savings, etc. If the fire contract was for one dollar and it only cost 80 cents to provide the protection service, then the remaining 20 cents can be used for whatever, including fire fighting equipment. Of course it has to be in the law, etc.


Anonymous said...

8:47 Your wrong. You obviously know more about the situation. Hose 2 and Hose 5 amounts to a pittance of the moneys.

There was a certain amount of money allocated for and could be used for partys etc. I know for a fact that our company consulted a lawyer into exactly what our money could and could not be used for.

Hose 1 received 22,000.00 from the village plus $118,000.oo unaccounted for dollars each year into their account. Hose 2 and Hose 5 received only $22,000.oo from the village. So please look into where the money went. You will really discover something is not right.

The problem appears to be that one company had a large amount of money that disappeared. It was used for more than just partys and money was transferred from the fire account to another location to hide it. [(This makes the air bag theft look minor) and we are not even discussing the attempt to walk off with all the trucks originally just ETA 3-11 now.]

Who gets to spend this unaccounted money and on what? Was it the entire amount that was paid each year? Remember do the math, $118,000.00 dollars a year was given to Hose 1 plus 22,000.oo for a grand total of $140,000.oo. Yet we the tax payers had to pay off trucks?

The math indicates 2 million + dollars went in and where did it go? A large percentage of that was suppose to go for equipment did it? I don't know but it is an injustice not to review the books and find out.

Seem surreal you bet. You see the village board previously listen to a few and took the easy way out. That being dont rock the boat and everything will work out. Guess what the same individuals kept rocking the boat and we've ended up hear with the blogs. They just couldn't leave well enough alone and they kept attacking the members.

Until the books are reviewed we wont know what has happened. This subject has been brought up time and time again. ETA 3-11 is just one asset in the entire asset/cash problem! Yes its not impossible to be talking about hundreds of thoussands of tax payer monies that are unaccounted for! This really is a gigantic issue that will not go away.

TTruth Detectives

Then this brings up anouther iss

Anonymous said...

Just some thoughts

A antique out of service fire truck is not the same as a modern truck in service. Maybe at some point the antique trucks should be transfered to the CFC but the truck that is in service should be turned over to the village.

A for profit corporation can use left over money for any reason they want but that isn't true for a fire company which is controlled by the not for profit corporation law.

The fire companies are created for a specific purpose and that is to fight fires. Look at the certificates of incorporation and see what the corporate purpose of Hose 1, 2 or 5 is. These incorporated companies only exsist in name because they no longer perform do what they were created for. Hose 1 wasn't a "paid" fire company not under their certificate of incorporation anyway so all the money is covered by the not for profit law. When a not for profit stops performing what not for profit thing they were formed to perform then they have to transfer that money out. If the humane society stops caring for animals can they keep the money? Of course not. It is the same thing. They can't keep the money because when a not for profit gets money the law says that it is in a trust. Think about it. Catskill Little League gets donations to run little league baseball. They stop running little league baseball ... They can't keep the money and do what they want with it like a for profit corporation can and does. It is the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Just some thoughts

A antique out of service fire truck is not the same as a modern truck in service. Maybe at some point the antique trucks should be transfered to the CFC but the truck that is in service should be turned over to the village.

A for profit corporation can use left over money for any reason they want but that isn't true for a fire company which is controlled by the not for profit corporation law.

The fire companies are created for a specific purpose and that is to fight fires. Look at the certificates of incorporation and see what the corporate purpose of Hose 1, 2 or 5 is. These incorporated companies only exsist in name because they no longer perform do what they were created for. Hose 1 wasn't a "paid" fire company not under their certificate of incorporation anyway so all the money is covered by the not for profit law. When a not for profit stops performing what not for profit thing they were formed to perform then they have to transfer that money out. If the humane society stops caring for animals can they keep the money? Of course not. It is the same thing. They can't keep the money because when a not for profit gets money the law says that it is in a trust. Think about it. Catskill Little League gets donations to run little league baseball. They stop running little league baseball ... They can't keep the money and do what they want with it like a for profit corporation can and does. It is the same thing.

Anonymous said...

The old Hose Co. No. 1 did get that amount from the Town contract. If you ever looked at the contract it stipulated that a certain portion had to be spent on fire fighting equipment(of which the company always spent more on equipment than what was demanded by contract). The rest on company operating expenses. Every year all the books were turned over to Barretts CPA PC for his accounts to go over. Every entry was looked at even depreciation on the equipment was accounted for.

Anonymous said...

Vinny I have a suggestion. Why don't you and the board lay out about consoladation etc in a letter to the comptroller and ask them to give you an opinion about the money in the bank accounts. If they say that they can keep the money fine that ends it. If they say that they can't, then each of the old companies can do what they should do whatever that might be.

If you do this, you have done what you can do.

Just remember garbage in garbage out so make sure you include all the info including copies of the certificate of INC and an old copy of the agreement from the town so they understand exactly what has happened and where the $ came from.

Anonymous said...

Question # 1 Who paid for Barrets CPA PC to look over the books? Who would Barret owe alegiance to and who would they report any findings to?

Question #2 Were they inspecting for fraud or just looking over books for normal addition and subtracting mistakes? One insures that figures work out correctly and would not account for unjustified entrys that hide the actual purchase or repair.

PLUS Why doesn't the millions earned equal or surpass the amount of the used trucks purchased. I'm no finacial whiz kid, but something just doesn't add up! And we still had to pay off truck debts.

Ma Ma didn't raise no fool!

Municipal law calls for the availability of not for profit books to be reviewed by the public. Thats where the real discrepancies will be discovered. If there are none then the tax payers will be put to rest. Refusing to expose them, point to something sinister!

Question #3 Will Barrets CPA PC tell the Da that any money transfered to Hose 1 ladies account be considered a legal transfer of tax payer monies? Or would they consider this inappropriate for the amount trransfered?

Question #4 Does Barrets CPA PC have the firemetics background to investigate possible fraud and are they required by law to report anything suspicious? (I know their are ways to hide items and pretend it was spent on something it actually wasn't.) Just because the books were reviewed doesn't mean that they had the insite to know what to look for.

Brings Up another good point.

Remember how Hose 1 always told us not to report damage equipment from a district call until they were out on a village call. This way the village paid for the repairs. If this and countless other examples of minipulating the books that we as tax payers are concerned about.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget the ladys auxiliarys also. We are hearing money has been transfered to hide it!

The trucks certainly don't reflect the millions that came into the company. All red trucks need to be replaced so where did the money go?

Anonymous said...

Tax payers want 3-11 back now!!!!!

Anonymous said...

In reply to V. Seeley .. my point was that I received the Board of Education notice about the public meeting 'after' it had taken place, and that the questionnaire required a reply before I even received it. There is no confusion about my mailing address, or delay by the post office .. just ineptitude it seems. I'm not a lawyer (the settlement issue), it just strikes me that all taxpayers are entitled to know the circumstance on how this settlement was reached. Why aren't the particulars a matter of public knowledge. Again, school taxes are a major expense for everyone. Whether the litigant was entitled isn't the issue I am addressing, just public disclosure by the BOE. H. M. Hanson

Anonymous said...

Harold, I will be seeing Dr. Kate Farrell tonight (she is the school superintendent) and I will ask her about the timing of the meeting and the survey. I'll have an answer for you late tonight or tommorow. On the topic of disclosure, I will mention it and see where it goes. I believe that some folks sent in a FOIL request (freedom of information law). It may be appropriate to see the result of that.

Anonymous said...

It is widely known that Hose 1 would have the village make repairs for the "district" truck.

But lets keep the focus on turning ETA 3-11 over to the village

Anonymous said...

My point was thew village has paid for the truck many times and we need to follow the money issue via the audit. Thgis will disclose true ownership which will eventually be proven to be the tax payers PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what I'm pointing out. Auditing the books will prove once and for all who the vehicle belongs to. We cannot simply repair a private vehicle because its in aour good nature. The focus has to be on all aspects of the truck, which will have to include performing an unbiased audit by individuals familiar with fire fighting.

Anonymous said...

But if Hose 1 is required to turn over the truck and does prior to an audit is there a need for an audit?

I think that the focus should be that a non-active fire corporation should not own a truck in service with the duly established fire company. Period.

Many reasons including the liability issue raised by the insurance agent who visited the site

Anonymous said...

This blogg represents the reason educated people do not get involved in village politics. My hat is off to Vinny for putting up with knuckle-head fireman. best bet is to close all the fire houses and start from scatch ,maybe you could locate new fire-house down at the hop-o-nose. See how many of these small minded red-necks would want to join then.

Anonymous said...

you say that Barrett didn't know about fire fighting equipment. If I am not mistaken he was a member of Hose 5 for a good period of time and maybe still is.

Anonymous said...

please stop taking the Hose 1 bait and focus on ETA 3-11. Vinny said he is going to provide us with the stipulation of settlement and we can take it from there. As far as the bank accounts are concerned, I think that the suggestion that the Village write for a comptroller opinion was a good idea. We can take that up AFTER we deal with the ETA 3-11 matter.

Stay focused on ETA 3-11 and don't take the bait. If we stay focused on one thing at a time the village will have to do what is right. IF we go all over the place and lose a unified focus, they win and we lose.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that it is a good idea to have the village board write a letter to the comptroller about the money in the bank accounts? Vinny, what do you think?

I hope that the issue about transfering title to ETA 3-11 can be resolved but really, how long will it be before ETA 3-11 goes to the scrap yard at the port of Albany to be put on a barge to Japan where it will get turned into a Toyota? How long will it be before there is little or no money in those bank accounts? Sometime all this will end anyway. It seems though that you might want to consider doing the right thing now transfering money to the CFC or Village to be used to further fire fighting and transfer ETA 3-11 to the village so that the old companies can die with class as opposed to dying in selfish disgrace.

Sooner or later the chrade is going to end anyway. End it while you still can hold your heads high.

Anonymous said...


United to get 3-11 back, we stand.

Divided against 3-11, disbanded hose 1 wins and we fall!

Stay on track and demand 3-11 back!

Joint Coalilition of cFc members and appalled taxpayers against corruption from disbanded former hose company 1 "inc."

Anonymous said...

Daily Joke!

What's the difference between ETA3-11 with hose 1 on the side and a porcupine ?

A porcupine has pricks on the outside!

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Hanson. Keep asking the questions. The board cannot vote in executive session. Its important to find out exactly who voted for the settlement to decide if you want them to represent you for another term. The vote MUST be made public. If the district refuses to make that information public, contact Bob Freeman,the director of FOIL in Albany.

Anonymous said...

Fire Commish's SAT Score!

What did the fire commish get on his SAT's?

Answer: Drool.

Anonymous said...

7:25pm blog,

Please stay focused on the first issue! ETA3-11!!!!!!!!!!!Next we can talk about the school board!

Concerned with 3-11!

Anonymous said...

Keep focused on ETA 3-11. Don't buy into Hose 1's attempts to change the topic. Give Vinny time to reply to some of the good points made and let's give him a chance to bring these important issues up at a Village Board meeting. I am sure that he is talking to the Village attorney about the legal issues involved. Give him a chance to show that he is committed to unifying the CFC.

I think that he understands that ETA 3-11 being owned by a non active fire corporation presents problems and effects morale at the firehouse.


Do the truth detectives agree?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Stipulation of Settlement

As requested, the May 2002 Stipulation of Settlement with Hose Co. 1, Inc. is now on the Village of Catskill Web Site under minutes and documents.

Review and comment

Thanks, Vinny

Anonymous said...

"Joint Coalilition of cFc members and appalled taxpayers against corruption from disbanded former hose company 1 "inc." "

This all sounds like "mutany" and each of you members of the fire department should be thrown out by the village board for mutany just like the village board a few years ago wanted to do with the hose 1 members. You are causing disharmony in the catskill fire department. I believe the village charter has a section refering this.

Are we ever going to look at this issue?

Probably not.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Joke Man, I realize that you are trying to bring some levity to the situation through humor but can you please give it a rest for a few days? We are trying to get to the bottom of a few issues and I would rather hear constructive comments from you.

Thanks in advance, Vinny

Anonymous said...

To the person who entered "Do you think that it is a good idea to have the village board write a letter to the comptroller about the money in the bank accounts? Vinny, what do you think?"

My Opinion; I suggest that we take the time right now to review documents and facts as well as put all of this into perspective.

I still have a few fundamental concepts that I need to get clarification on.

Thanks, Vinny

Anonymous said...

what is the address for the village of catskill web site?

Anonymous said...

Someone stated

Hose 1 received 22,000.00 from the village plus $118,000.oo unaccounted for dollars each year into their account. Hose 2 and Hose 5 received only $22,000.oo from the village. So please look into where the money went. You will really discover something is not right.

My response:
When you say "received $22,000 from the Village" I need to ask a few clarifications:
1. Are you saying that a lump sum of 22k was written on a Village check to Hose 1?
2. Or is this an accumulated amount?
3. If Hose 1 got 22k and Hose 2 and 5 got 22k. That makes 66,000. Is that the math?

I just want to be clear so I focus on facts.

Thanks ,Vinny

Anonymous said...

Let me know if any of you have trouble finding or viewing the document.

Anonymous said...

A couple comments. In paragraph 10, Hose 1 agreed to consoladation and it was agreed that either all 3 companies will retain identity or none will. The question is has Hose 2 and 5 retained some identity because if they haven't then Hose 1 can't either. Lettering on an active piece of apperatus, holding meetings is maintaining some type of identity. isn't it?

Ownership of a truck may be maintaining some identity particularly when that truck is in service and being used by the company that was formed to effect consoladation.

Ownership of a truck by a fire corporation not recognized by the municipality as an "active" fire company may create liability issues. It may be wise for the village to check that out as suggested by the insurance agent who wrote one of the comments.

just throwing some thoughts out there. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

To 8:40 pm
This all sounds like "mutany"

In a way I do agree that this is not the best way for all of this to be handled and the anonymous style does not help. On the other hand, I am convinced that good will come out of this. The fate of the Catskill Fire Company depends on these topics be taken to the finish line or there will forever be a shadow cast and everything that occurs will be called a "conspiracy".

I was in the back social room and noticed the nice mirror on the wall and I thought to myself now that is top notch. I wanted to thank the person who worked on getting that done. I was then told that the "Desire to serve" on it really was from an old slogan, etc.. Did anyone stop for one minute and simply talk to the person who did the project instead of jumping to the conclusion that it was a plan to agitate? "Desire to serve" sounds like a pretty good theme.

Final thought for tonight.
Let us think before we talk and ask respectful questions instead of dropping accusations. That in itself will start to bring back the respect in and out of the Company.

Goodnight. vjs

Anonymous said...

I agree 9:51 blog.

I like the letter at the bottom written by President of the company, asking for permission to change the lettering and hose 1 saying no. Funny because no where in the document did it say hose 1's name must stay on the side. Then in letter they mentioned board members of the cfc being members of hose 1 and the conflict of interest.

Go check it out, the truth is out for all to see. Hose 1 has been screwing us the whole time.

P.S. check out the line towards the end that states if anything is found to be illegal later the rest is still valid. I guess they are talking about maintaining a privately owned vehicle being illegal!!!!!

Thank you truth detectives,
one of your biggest fans,

screwed tax payer!

Anonymous said...

The insurance issue is interesting but it might also be that since Hose 1 is no longer an active fire company and part of the fire department that the village insurance won't cover them. As owner of a vehicle they are liable for the negligence of the operator and can be sued.

It might be a significant liability issue for them if they don't have their own insurance.

Anonymous said...

There has been a lot of speculation re: the "other" village blog.

Vincent didn't write it. I did.

I did so for a single reason - after reading a lot of the early comments on this board, which seemed to be more speculation than fact, I wanted to see whether or not things were really being investigated as truthfully as some were suggesting.

So, I put up a sample post or two, and waited to see what would be reported back before I took it down. It bears mention that NOWHERE ON THAT BLOG did Mr. Seeley's name appear, nor was there any indication as to who might be reporting. In fact, I even mentioned myself twice in the initial posts - and let's face it, unless we do something really newsworthy or monumentally stupid, ex-trustees don't get much media play.

In a very short period of time, I got my answer. People began reporting that it was Vinny's blog, and even the alleged "truth detectives" came out with a statement swearing that VINNY'S blog existed.

I hope that disclosing this information will result in one or two things taking place:

1.) For the most diehard readers of what I feel has been, UNTIL RECENTLY, one of Catskill's biggest train wrecks (people can't stop themselves from staring, even when there's character assassination all over the place), perhaps you'll reconsider some of the alleged "truths" that have appeared here.

2.) If there is enough interest, I will reopen the Village of Catskill blogspot as a moderated forum - meaning that we pick an issue, see it through to its conclusion, and then move on to the next one. Identities WILL be disclosed, and the focus will remain on the topic at hand - not the personalities behind it.

I agree with Vinny that the blog can be a powerful tool for Village residents. However, it should never be a vehicle to attack someone from behind a curtain.

What do all the anonymous posts fear? Retribution? We all make our life choices. If you choose to say something and speak your mind, isn't it better to weather the storm briefly, patch your differences, and move on? Or is it better to carry the weight, making lifelong enemies of people whose barbecues you used to attend, because you won't get it off your chest? It's time to decide, FOR ALL OF US, because it's impossible to call a truce if no one lays down their arms. It's also impossible to call a truce if only one side lays down their arms.

We're a small community. Our strength is in banding together for a common goal, and we will never realize strength unless we learn from the past, avoid repeating it, and stop throwing it in each other's faces.

As for me, this will be my last visit back, so there's really no need to generate a rehash of consolidation-era nonsense or character attacks for me. If you're interested in my site, visit. If you want to follow Vinny's discussion, do so. Whatever you do, make your community a better place, not a place where you always wonder what the truth is.

Anonymous said...


I just want to clear a few things up that might be a little cloudy.

Hose 1, 2, and 5 each split the 25% of the Town of Catskill Fire District Contract the first year (2002) and the first quarter of the second year (Jan-Mar 2003). The math of $66,000.00 is not correct. I believe each company recieved about $12,000.00 - $13,000.00 each.

The Catskill Fire Company has recieved the 25% of the Town of Catskill Fire District Contract from that point forward.

Any money that has been raised by fundraisers or through donated to the fire company since the Catskill Fire Company was established in March of 2003 has went to the Fire Company to be utilized by the company. NOT INTO OTHER COMPANYIES ACCOUNTS.

Prior to 2002 Hose 1 recieve the whole $118,500.00 from the Town of Catskill Fire District Contract and they purchased necessary equipment that was needed for the fire district, and that equipment was also avaliable to the village.

Through the Fire District Contract money that Hose 1 recieved over the years they purchased ETA-3-11, ETA-3-12, M-3-14, Truck-3-15, and the current M-3-16. These were all purcased and utilized by the Village without the Village of Catskill paying for them. 2 pieces of apparatus responded to every village fire call as well as district fire calls and was maintained by the village. If that unit needed repairs done as a result of a district call, then the company paid for that expense.

As far as the Village taking over the payments of Truck-3-15, the village took the Fire District Contract money that paid for that truck, so in reality, the Village didnt pay for it. I do believe the Village is using the Fire District Contract money to pay the payments on E-3-21. So I think someone should show us where Village Tax Dollars purchased fire apparatus since E-3-1 (1991).

The Village of Catskill also budgeted money for each company for equipment and things that they needed. NO Village money was given to any company. Each company had a budget and everything was purchased through the Fire Chief and vouchered through the Village Offices.

If you dont think this is what happened, you can go and ask any chief or older member of Hose 1 and they will tell you the same thing. There is nothing to hide.

Anonymous said...

I don't thinks that it very productive to go over and over the fire protection district money becauses that was the past. The village gets the money now and then gives it to fire company to pay expenses don't it? So that issue has alreadys been taken care of. You cant change the past and that problem, if it was one is fixed.

ETA 3-11 is the thing we got to be talking about. There have been some good points made and that is whats we should be thinking about. Everyone keeps thier corporation identity or no one does that is the first thing and seeing the hose 1 name on the truck is keeping the identity and is totally against the whole purpose of consoladation.

Anonymous said...

I agree 5:58pm blog, Vinny get eta 311 back.

Tax payer.

Anonymous said...

Vinny we want you to know that we are all still here but are giving you time to absorb our comments.

Anonymous said...

Mutiny, it began befor consolidation and continued until the blog became an affective way to fight back. Man has it worked.
I dont want to rehash all the blogs that pointed out examples of the Hose 1 must live on mentality.

The motto may seem insignificant to a non firemen , but it means a lot to those who select it for their motto. When that motto is selected by someone who has a devious intent to always push Hose 1 agenda then it changes the whole equasion. Especially when it is used to carry on the Hose 1 "we won" mentality. Having lived through two and a half years of Hose 1 scheming while watching the Fire Department self destruct could no longer be allowed to continue. Members came out because of schemes. Some of out Trustees even played a part in this problem. I remember your willingness to simply give vehicles to the town. It really encouraged Hose 1 to fight on while screwing the tax payers interest.

Anonymous said...

Even , Your Blog sucked and it was obvious you were using it for political motives. Misleading even. Attack the truth detectives? Why what is there to hide? Just like when you came to the fire house looking for votes! Now your trying to play the big hero as you misportray your original attempt to hijack this site.

Whose side were you on during consolidation? What was discussed at your private meetings with Hose 1 prior to your election? Were any kind of promises made between the parties present?

Do you recall the Trustee who made the public statement that he would just as soon give the District fire trucks to the town and be done with the fire district? That would have been really fiscally responsible to the tax payers.

Hope you enjoy your site, because I dont plan on going there. It mainly sounds like a political site that you can control for your own interest. Well and a honary truth detective stated that site was you through and through. So a truth detective di have you nailed! Why did you take your site off so quickly? And why did you return? Seeking votes or trying to generate interest in your site? You retain the right to erase comments etc. Block entries, You sound like a real control freak.

Dick is making real headway because the chicken hearted have to hide behind knowing who is attacking them. I dont think you were completely truthful with your base supporters and I think it came back to haunt you in your last election.

Even Vinney is utilizing this site constructively. I couldn't help feel that your trying to take away the momentumn he is gaining here. Many complaints have been exposed here and at least now is being reviewed for authenticy.

You attack the truth detectives, but at least they are seeking out the truth. It may not always turn out exactly how they expected. But the truth is whats important.

Many individuals have picked up on the Truth Detectives fame and use their collective noteriety. So we cant always help what is signed. Freedom of speech and unsensored discussions are far more constructive in exposing wrong. At least any one can jump into the ring.

Anonymous said...

The 118,000'00 was the contract money for the district. The recent blog wanted you to forget the amount of money that Hose 1 brought in every year prior to consolidation.

In addition to the 118,000 district money there was approximately 22,000.00 dollars bugeted for each fire company. Note the district money was sent directly to Hose 1 and bypassed the villages control. In essense Hose 1 took in $118,000.00 per year and had the other village bugeted money to use. It amounts to 140,000.00 collectively versus the 22,000.00 the other two companys had yearly.

It was Stanley Dushane that finally followed the Comptrolers rulings and corrected this mishandling of tax payers money. Why do you think there is such a vindictive attack against Dushane and Bataglino for so many years?

Anonymous said...

Did the $118,000.00 get budgeted and controlled by anyone but Hose 1.
I rest my case. As a tax payer I demand that the books be audited and properly accounted for. Let the chips fall where they may.

Anonymous said...

I plan on staying away from Evens site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I consider it as contentious as the porn site that someone tried to enter on here before.

NO Even, No Porn, No Scorn!

Anonymous said...

Not reviewing the district money fiasco is like not performing a DNA test on an unsolved mystery.
What are we afraid of?

or more accurately,

What are they afraid of?

Anonymous said...

How about this?????

A new name contest...

"Katerskill Firefighting Company"

slogan: "Fire Companies United for the good of our community"!!

All old companies named in one badge or crest on all the trucks.

Anonymous said...


Prior to 2002 Hose 1 received 118,500.00. Where did it all go year after year? Not the purchase of used trucks. Come on I wasn't born yesterday. They could have all been paid off in two years! Where did the money go?

Then again, if the books are audited and opened up it will reveal where the money went!

Tax payers are entitled to review the books!

So why haven't they been audited?

Anonymous said...

I love the thought, but what if the
KFC meant Keep Fkng the Company.

I could live with the KFC since everyone is fried trying to correct the wrongs of a few disgruntled Hose 1'rs led on by Even the Pied Piper.

Anonymous said...

To the 8:40 comment reference mutiny.
We have a long history of double standards in the department. How can you accuse us of mutiny simply because you want to stop us from speaking out.

Lets see who admitted to, and were observed doing the following mutinous acts:

calling false report to insurance company during the middle of a fire,
creating radio interference during emergency calls,
makeing repeated false accusations against fellow department members,
put nails under fire members and trustees tires,
boycotted attending village calls,
refuse to man village trucks,
call news papers and news teams,
filed court papers,
stole village equipment,
attempt to steal village trucks which they later turned over to village,
had titles to trucks placed in their names,
intentionally drove members away,
push Hose 1 agendas over any one Else's.

Mutineers or deserving medals for standing up and admitting the truth. Its not our fault that the Trustees did not listen to anything for over two years. Remember they were told numerous times by numerous individuals and nothing was ever addressed.

Along comes DICK MAY who had the courage and foresight to launch the Seeing Greene Blog Site which gave the members a place to voice the truth instead of the Wizard of OZ story the trustees were routinly recieving.

Anonymous said...

Don't play into their hands. Stay focused on ETA 3-11.

The contract money goes to the village now.

Lets get the lettering off ETA 3-11 and then work on getting the truck turned over to the rightful owner which is the taxpayers.

I hope in the meantime that no one gets hurt on ETA 3-11 because I would hate to see someone sue the current owner of the truck and I'd hate to see Hose 1 spend all the money that they have left on lawyers and paying a settlement.

Anonymous said...

did you see how many comments are on evens blog?


Which is how many votes he'll get from us when he runs for Village trustee.

Anonymous said...

When Hose 1 wanted to leave the village and start a fire company in the town everbody knew that they were doing that because they wanted to keep the contract money and they wanted to keep district chiefs. They killed themselfs because the public knew that red lights and money were more important to them then protecting the public. When hose 1 tried to do this they lost public support. This is how they destroyed themselfs and they have no one to blame but themselfs because they took a gamble and lost and showed there true selfs in the process.

Why do they insist that eta 311 say hose 1. Because that is the only thing they got left and being able to say they own a truck is more important to them then having good morale at the firehouse. They throw that they own this truck in our faces and just like when they wanted to start there own fire company they show that having property is what is most important to them. No one else has kept the old identity but them and they openly have hose 1 meetings and openly have decals on eta 311. There word is no good because they agreed that either everybody would keep there old identity or no one would it is in black and white but they don't care about what they agreed to. They agreed with the town to use most of the money for fire fighting but I bet some of that money went to paying there lawyers when they sued the village. But again, when the town fire company deal fell through they then sued the village to try and keep money and trucks. Everything was about money and owning property for them and it still is because they are going back on the deal by not removing the decals on 311.

Why cant the village board tell them that a deal is a deal and order 311 to get CFC decals.

If they wernt playing games with the money why did they fight so hard to try and keep the money and not just let the money go to the village where the trustees could decide on how to spend it on the fire company.

Anonymous said...

It took Hose 1 less than 24 hours to remove emblems off of the trucks.

It took them less time to remove any reference to the Village of Catskill off of the trucks.

Why is it taking Vinny two weeks? let alone the two years that we have been asking for Hose 1's removal off of ETA 3-11?

gid hur dun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Money could equal hundreds of thousands! Who would know?

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't the ETA 3-11 issue dealt with originally 2.5 years ago?

I hope the Village fired the Lawyer for this redicous and ilegal stipulation insettlement!

Last paragraph was because he new it was ilegal!

Anonymous said...

Stay Focused? We have never been so focused as we are now!

When dealing with the Hose 1 die hards every step of the way has been slowed by intentional deception and stalling techniques.

Such as the three years prolongment that this redicous stipulation in settlement crap gained them. Hey was Hose 1's Poster Child "Even the Great Mediator"/ "I want to out do Vinny but no one will follow me" involved with this stipulation when he was on the board?
Sounds like a few paybacks to me.

Stay focused afer two years squandered by the "Hose 1/Hose 5 Reverse Consolidation and regain our seperate Fire House Committee" Chaired By the garbage collector and the Black Widow. and led by CFC President "I've never accomplished anything"except "I really would like to know his name"

Sealed charges instead of sending the arrested thieves to jail? And they are running the show now.

Agreements which were written which always favored Hose and screwed the tax payers. Who was paying the Village Lawyer? I hope the tax payers didn't because they were robbed!

Why has it taken three years to address the legal issues that should have been taken care of by now?

When the books are audited by the NY State Comptrolers selected officials and not by Hose 1, 2, or 5 we will then start discovering the truths.

Like who actually owned all of the trucks all along. ETA 3-11 belongs to the tax payers in name and title!

Lets change the subject now. Everything is perfect in the land of CFC. What glorious leaders OH MY God and Potato head are. Next thing I'll here that they are riunning for the NY Senate

Anonymous said...

I assume this week's blog will end soon .. just wanted to thank Vince Seeley for speaking with reps of the Board of Education (as he said he would). As reported in the Daily Mail, there at least is some acknowledgment that 'most' school tax payers didn't receive information in a timely way. I am sure that others did as I did, throw the questionnaire in the waste because of its delayed arrival ..

Another thought, Evan's blogsite isn't appropriately named, although an added voice is generally welcome .. it has a quasi-official 'name', although privately operated. Blogs are the voice of the present, and the future .. and can be of value.

H. M. Hanson

Anonymous said...

A deal is a deal and Hose 1 agreed that all would keep an identity or no one would keep an identity. Taking Hose 1 off eta 3-11 is the right thing to do to start unifying CFC and Hose 1 agreed to do it because that decal is keeping an identity and no one else has kept an identity.

Why should the village trustees not want to upset these guys or let them off easy? When they wanted to start a fire company in the Town did they care about the fact that taking manpower and eqipment out of the village would hurt the village residents and probably make them less safe from fires in thier homes?

They wanted to start this town company when the village said that the district chiefs couldn't have red lights and when the village said that they were not going to allow the contract money to go directltly to Hose 1.

Red lights and money in the bank was more important to them then the Village fire department then and having a decal on their truck and saying that they own 311 is more important to them then the Catskill Fire company now.

Same old greedy attitude different day.

For the unity of CFC make them take the decal off the truck

Anonymous said...

Mr Hanson thanks for your input. I guess Even just doesn't get it. This Blog site has been absolutely phenominal in expressing everyones unsensored view and has not been allowed to serve just one individuals minipulation.

I'm sure your frustrated at times with the constant fire related topics, but then you can appreciate the way we feel. Having been attacked, bullshitted, ignored and over ruled every step of the way. Simply to always further a select groups personal agendas at the tax payers expense.

Are you involved in politics or interested in running for office? We just couldn't fathom another term with Mr Chewens.

Anonymous said...

Joke of the day!

Well even though I don't think there's any bigger joke than Evans site here goes.

Q: What does Evan Ulscht use for birth control?

A: His Personality.

Round 2-

Q: What do honest hose 1 members and UFO's have in common?

A: You always hear about them, but you never see them

Round 3-

Q: What's the difference between baseball and the laws of Hose 1?

A: In baseball, if you're caught stealing, you're out.

Anonymous said...

Evan sounded like a whining frustrated suck titty that was mad that Vinney was getting all the credit for his site. We were just trying to draw the squall bag out of his nursery.

I want to play and I want to be a Trusttee


We cant trust him to play fair and square.

Anonymous said...

Is vinny out there? It has been a couple of days for you to think about some of the good points made and are you still thinking and getting opinions or just haven't had a chance to respond. Do you think that some of the issues will be talked about with the village lawyer and maybe addressed at a meeting?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the "other blog"? when it was anonymous it annoyed me and especially annoyed Vinny it seems. Maybe Even should call in the feds?

Anonymous said...

I have been setting up meetings, doing research, and essentially getting a Doctorate Degree in the history of fire fighting in Catskill as well as learning about Firematic financing, etc. There are great points brought up here but all need research and validation and that is happening. I have spoken with the attorney regarding many of these topics. I have been reviewing the blog regularly but only commenting with an update or just to get clarification. I'll be back later with more.


Anonymous said...

Regarding 3:10 PM:

I was annoyed with the anonymous blog because I was being accused of creating and running it. The accuser would not let it go and kept at me even after I was blunt about it not being mine. Sometimes things are not as people say they are. Maybe an apology would be in line. Not a big deal, but I said that ALL of these issues raised on the blog would be resolved no matter how big or small. Another one resolved, 5 million to go...

Anonymous said...

I think if you resolve one or two things everything will work out ok in the end.

Anonymous said...

I just checked the comments and one is worth repeating:

A deal is a deal and Hose 1 agreed that all would keep an identity or no one would keep an identity. Taking Hose 1 off eta 3-11 is the right thing to do to start unifying CFC and Hose 1 agreed to do it because that decal is keeping an identity and no one else has kept an identity.

Why should the village trustees not want to upset these guys or let them off easy? When they wanted to start a fire company in the Town did they care about the fact that taking manpower and eqipment out of the village would hurt the village residents and probably make them less safe from fires in thier homes?

They wanted to start this town company when the village said that the district chiefs couldn't have red lights and when the village said that they were not going to allow the contract money to go directltly to Hose 1.

Red lights and money in the bank was more important to them then the Village fire department then and having a decal on their truck and saying that they own 311 is more important to them then the Catskill Fire company now.

Same old greedy attitude different day.

For the unity of CFC make them take the decal off the truck.


Anonymous said...

How much money does Hose 1 have in the bank? Rip the decals off 311 and let em sue you. Without the town contract money still going in there bank account to pay for a lawyer how long can they afford to pay lawyers to sue? There money will dry up and they will to

Without them throwing the hose 1 name in our faces the CFC will be able to unify and consoladation will be complete.

Make them live up to what they agreed. Either all former companies keep an identity or none. Keeping former identities is what is tearing the firehouse apart.

Anonymous said...

Hose 1 can't sue! No where in the agreement does it say hose 1 can keep there name on the side. It only says the village can't sell it with out permission from the non active firefighting company! Then the last statement about "if this agreement is found illegal" sums it up!

It's illegal,


Put the village of Catskill on, after all we paid for it!!!!

Anonymous said...


Some idiot made the comment we can't put the village of catskill on the fire trucks because we also respond to the town.

What about the Town of Catskill ambulance that responds to the village? It's fair they own the squad and contract out to the village. Thats why we should take pride in our trucks as well.

Maybe we can compromise and put proudly serving the town of Catskill under "village of Catskill Fire Dept."

Concerned Citizens for the Catskill Fire Dept.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that hose 1 parked there utility trailer on the side of the fire house so the hose 1 name is visible from Central Ave? What a bunch of punks!

Vinney you should make them take it off Village Property. What a smack in the face to village tax payers.


Anonymous said...


Sorry about the web site mix up, However Even made the 1st site sound like it was you with the wording.I was wrong, which doesn't happen much. Sorry to confuse you with Evan,even I would be offended if someone called me him.

Thank you for what you are doing,you are ten times the man Even is.

Viva Vinney,
Viva cFc,
Viva the Village

Anonymous said...

Correction to my spelling

"Evan" instead of even

I got it correct once.

Anonymous said...

Geez, I never realized how little interaction Dick received in the beginning until I reviewed last years comments.

He had to be ecstatic to get 1-2 responses to an article because there often was none at all.

NOW That the Truth Detectives have teamed up with him and WOW!
(His articulation and our snooping)

I guess you could say
all hell broke loose!

I am addicted to the blogs and discovering the truth, even if it means sifting through a myriad of comments.

It seems telling the truth is a hard trait to find in GreeneLand politics!

Lying to get your way is inbred in many Greenlanders from a very early age. But don't be alarmed oh faithfull Greenelanders!

It may not only be reflective of your Fire Chief and Fire Commissioner. You may find some consolation knowing it may actually be a pandemic spreading throughout the country.

I guess all the interest generated by the team of May and Truth Detectives is why EVEN"a day late/and dollar short"OHSHIT wanted to claim some fame for his ill fated campaign
by jumping into the parlay,

BUT he just couldn't compete with Vinney "Slam Dunk" Seeley.

Oh how pathetic Even looks showing up at various meetings and basically begging for forgiveness/support.

Guess he should have dealt with the Hose 1 issues when he:

could of,
would of,
should of,
Listening to Hose 1
and now wishing he had!

Anonymous said...

By now you must have realized that there are way to many coincidences of Hose 1 MUST LIVE ON mentality to allow even the most trivial and seemingly harmless crap to go on.

Strip ETA 3-11 now not next week!
Stip the Fire Commish of his fire department chair, Now not after the elections!

Strip any reference to Hose 1 so the CFC can flourish!

Viva CFC

Viva the Truth Detectives!

Anonymous said...

All keep an identity or none that is what consolodation was all about and it is in the stipulation of settlement. Hose 2 and Hose 5 haven't kept a corporate identity and you don't see those names anymore.

Hose 1 keeps it corporate identity alive by the display on the utility trailer

Hose 1 keeps its corporate identity alive by lettering on ETA 3-11

Hose 1 keeps its corporate identity alive by keeping the big RED one

Hose 1 keeps its corporate identity by hose 1 signs

Hose 1 keeps its identity by having meetings, etc


Anonymous said...

Another morning, a good cup of coffee, and my blogs,

What more could anyone ask for?

Anonymous said...

DID YOU GET THE DAMN DECAL OFF OF ETA 3-11 YET??????????????????

What the hell are we waiting for?

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow, Saturday, December 28, the Greene County Council of the Arts, 398 Main St., will host 'Art and Soul', an exhibition celebrating Black History Month .. from 5 to 7 p.m. Other galleries and shops will also be open, many offering refreshments. This is one in a series of Evening Events that mark the renewal of Main Street. All are free, and open to the public. See what all the excitement is about! H. M. Hanson, Verso .. on behalf of Main Street Merchants.

Anonymous said...

So, after the decal is taken off the truck and/or the truck sold everyone will be one big happy fire department again?
No one will still have feelings and loyalty towards their former companies? There will be no more fighting? That would be great.

Anonymous said...

Two years and their constant prodding has earned this need.
Equality is not one sided. Not doing anything will only make the wrath worse. So lets do whats right and and do it.

Anonymous said...

4:55 comment

What good reason should the decal stay on? We consoladated and it was agreed by all that everyone would keep thier identity or no one. Keeping old identities defeats the purpose of consoladation.

It was important to Hose 1 that all keep identity or nobody when they signed the stipulation of settlement. Now it isn't important to them because they are the only ones who kept an identity but if Hose 2 or Hose 5 kept an identity and hose 1 didn't you wanna bet that they would jump up and down waiving the stipulation of settlement around.

We are not asking Hose 1 to do anything that they wouldn't insist we do if the shoe were on the other foot.

Anonymous said...

The 5:18 comment is right on the money. Hose 1 insisted that the stipulation of settlement say that when consaladation took place that either all would keep former identity or none because they knew that it would be unfair to the fire company if one company kept thier old identity and the others didn't and that consaladation would be in name only and wouldn't work.

We must hold Hose 1 to what they agreed to and if they wont then the village should not be held to the agreement either.

Anonymous said...

To everyone:

I just found this site regarding a new Federal law that effectively prohibits anonymous "flaming," or posting of harassing comments, on Internet-wide resources. Under this law the (the host of Mr. May's blog) could be subpoenaed to release the IP addresses of each visitor/poster. In conjunction with local Internet Service Providers (MHCable, AOL, Francomm, Verizon, etc.), the IP addresses can be traced back to specific computers and allow prosecution. We would find out the identity of the bloggers making the personal attacks and anonymous posters on the blog as well as the "truth detectives".

Anonymous said...

To the idiot of the 10:48am blog,

You for got that it says anyone who annoys anyone is guilty! By you threating me with my ip address you are annoying me and there for are GUILTY YOURSELF. Plus you big bad man forgot to sign your name to your blog!

You must be a hose 1 member trying to scare taxpayers from blogging, just to try and save village eta 3-11 from being stripped of it's ugly emblems!

Anonymous said...

That's right hose 1 signed "some for all or none for all," so hold them to it.

Come on Vinney take hose 1 off of
eta 311 with out further hold up!!!!

Be part of the solution not the problem.

Anonymous said...

While some comments here have been innappropriate even if justified or not, alot of comments raise good points about the stipulation and removal of decals etc and the last comment was meant to scare these people from bringing this stuff out.

Anonymous said...

the last comment being at 12:26 I mean ...

Anonymous said...

They are running scared because there is no telling what lies behind closed doors.

The truth detectives look forward to their day in court! We have so much to discover and have to wait patiently while one thing at a time gets taken care of. We realize that this is a stall tactic intended to give them time to regroup and spend tax payer dollars on lawyers.

Remember the audit will expose all expenditures.

Anonymous said...

Wow and I thought I had drama in my home with all the stuff going on with my high school children. You all keep me entertained so very much over this stuff. Alas, most of you must have gone to school in Catskill as there are so many spelling errors and grammatical errors. Hmmmmm interesting town we all live in, guess the saying is correct, "boys will be boys!"

Anonymous said...

Any jerk on Email knows they can trace emails, phone calls, hell letters are even tracable at times. Your obviously a Hose 1'r because we have nothing to hide.
You want to scare people away!

Anonymous said...

Isn't funny that as soon as good points are made about the stipulation you get a flurry of "we can find out who you are" type comments here and a similar warning on the other ( apparently Hose 1 affiiliated) blog?

Intimidation tactics are Par for the Hose 1 course.

Isn't it funny that some comments from Hose1'rs imply we are being immature etc but the all or none language was demanded to be included by Hose 1.

Stop being hypocrits and honor the stipulation. Remove the decals now!

Anonymous said...

i think 10:48 blog was refering to attacking individuals and thier families and jobs. If you want to attack the issues that is all and well but making it personal is another thing.

Keep it to the "real" issues and not personal issues and maybe the issues can be righted.

Anonymous said...

As a group, are we staying on this thread or moving to the next installment to track ideas?


Anonymous said...

Please vinney,

For the love of god remove the lettering off of eta 3-11!!