Friday, December 16, 2005

Friends & Foes

THE STROLL. “How does this compare with other years?” That’s what a new GreeneLander asked an old-timer last Saturday, during the “Holiday Stroll” along Main Street in Catskill (conjoined with parties at Beattie-Powers House and Cedar Grove). Hundreds of people were visiting galleries and crafters and food stalls, caroling, partaking of refreshments provided by hospitable merchants, gift-shopping, schmoozing, dancing, wishing each other well. “Wrong assumption,” said the old-timer. “We’ve never had anything like this before. Never.” So successful was the event that a sequel will be held next spring.

GALLERY RECOUNT. Our latest revised count of art galleries in downtown Catskill is seven. Welcoming Holiday Stroll participants last Saturday night (12/10) was previously unheralded Gallery 384. It’s in the northern half of what formerly was Ann Stewart’s kilt shop. Proprietor Peter J. Griffin says ( ) the 384 will show “emerging artists” who “make statements on our changing world, the impact of man on his environment, the grand mystery of nature….” Favored works will demonstrate how “the changing natural world…is altered by the artist” and will, moreover, transcend “the hyper-real” and “the banality of the contemporary digital age.” Conspicuous in the gallery’s first show are topical pictures that are, well, embedded in pictures. The artist is Roberta Griffin.

IMMINENT Sunday (12/18) and free at 3: Richard Dorr, distinguished operatic baritone, reads Dylan Thomas’s “A Child’s Christmas in Wales,” and then John Mace, illustrious vocal coach, leads Christmas caroling, at Catskill’s Brik Gallery, 473 Main St, Catskill; 943-0145.

“LIVING ON THE HUDSON,” says videographer Brian Branigan, “is like seeing a unique and beautiful performance on a daily basis. It creates conversation. It soothes the mind and fills the soul.” So: let’s get together and make a documentary. Let’s call it “Hudson—The River and the Man. It would be “fun, interesting, educational, entertaining and important.” It would be a not-for-profit venture because, like the river, “it doesn’t belong to anyone, but to everyone. And there’s plenty to go around.” There’d be 25 distinct high-definition segments, each well researched, made by floating {yuk yuk} teams of collaborators. Release date would be 2009, coinciding with celebrations, from Battery Park down in New York Harbor up to the locks at Troy, of the 400th anniversary of Hendrik Hudson’s voyage. Web address for the project is It is a glorious idea from a well qualified enthusiast. Count us in, Brian.

POLITICAL NOTE. After retiring from his two Hudson development offices at the end of this month, after ending a 35-year career in higher education and community development will Peter Markou file for election to the Catskill board of trustees? He’s eligible by residence, well known locally (as former chief of GreeneLand economic development), and not ready for a rocking chair in Florida. Local wags say he’ll run and he does not say No; but his target could be the Town board or the County legislature rather than the Village board. Anyhow, the terms of incumbent Village justices Forest Cotten and Jim Chewens expire in March. Both men will probably seek re-election.

FRIENDS’ NEW FOE. He co-founded the organization six years ago, gave it most of his time and energy, led it to a stunning victory, retired voluntarily from it in triumph, and then became its fiercest critic. Sam Pratt has mounted a stinging attack against the current leaders of Friends of Hudson. The directors, he declares in a widely circulated e-mail message, shut him out of “the transition” following his departure last September. They have failed “to carry forward the values and integrity that [we founders] tried to instill in the group.” Their president (Christopher Reed) and their present executive director (Susan Falzon of Athens, formerly Sam’s deputy director) merit “little confidence.” Members and supporters, he urges, should send their contributions elsewhere. To this indictment the directors respond that they are implementing plans that Sam and the membership formulated and that Sam has spurned invitations to participate in policy-shaping.

TOO DELICATE for words? “Newburgh City Police have charged a child advocate and Wal-Mart Santa Claus with asking a boy to with him.…[The suspect] is charged with allegedly showing a pornographic video to the victim, exposing himself to the victim and attempting to have the victim engage in with him.”—Hank Gross of

DAILY MAUL. On the Daily Mail‘s“Greene County” page, under a “Catskill” deckhead: a story about a Hudson Valley Choral Society concert, in Chatham. But what’s really conspicuous is absence: of the choicest Sunday features (Ray Beecher column, Carl Collection photo, Yesteryear column); and of “Terez Limer, Assistant Editor” from the paper’s masthead).

DISSOLVING on Monday (12/19): Literacy Volunteers of Columbia and Greene Counties, at a special meeting in the BOCES office in Hudson, with assets to be distributed in keeping with Not-for-Profit Corporation law. LVCGC President Lynn Seftner-Bloomer (828-4157; 758-9765) did not respond to voice messages requesting information. The dissolution, incidentally, comes at time when (as reported in New York Times today), literacy scores of Americans in recent years have declined. [We subsequently talked with Ms Bloomer, who said the organization had shrunk to the point where the State's requirements could not be met. But the Literacy Connections of Dutchess County may set up a Columbia County operation, based at least in part on surviving LVCGC tutors. The organization's assets would revert to State control, for use on literacy promotion in Columbia and Greene counties. The LVCGC focus had been on fostering literacy in adults. Written Saturday, 12/17].

POSTPONED until February: Trial or pre-trial hearing for GreeneLand Sheriff Richard Hussey, on the drunk driving charge. Prosecution will not be handled after all by District Attorney Richard Winn of Washington County, because he’s preparing for a murder case.

FIRE FIGHTS. “I find it ironic,” says a Seeing Greene correspondent, “that as the town and specifically the Village is making a comeback,” “the Catskill Fire Organization is unraveling at the seams. Do I need to purchase a home alert system? Will the fire trucks show up?” That anxious assessment is based in no small measure on messages posted as comments in the wake of our October 25th blog. Most of those messages—233 at last count, and the daily dose seems to be increasing—relate to the ordeal that has accompanied consolidation. And most abound in casual slanders, accusations, vituperation. Could there be a reconciliation? Post your suggestions.


Anonymous said...

I'm an "old timer" and like most of us "old timers" the young guys don't listen to us and they have to make their own mistakes and we have to sit by and watch them make mistakes eventhough they are the same mistakes that we made when we were younger. What I write won't be listened to and will probably be ignored but here goes.

I am a member of the Greene County Firematic community but not a member of the Catskill Fire Company or any of the former companies so I'm an outsider. I don't know everything that is going on but people from the Catskill Fire company talk to me.

The problem is that a few of the guys I've talked to have told me that they may fight fires under the Catskill Fire Company name but they aren't members really. Their loyalty lies with Hose 1. There might be guys who think the same way from the other former companies and I'm sure that there are but they haven't come out and said it. When you have fire men and leaders who are more loyal to the former company than the new company, it creates morale problems. Every decision and action is questioned are they doing this to help the Catskill Fire Company or are they acting to further the old company.

While I appreciate loyalty to the old company, it is time to move forward and stop trying to keep these old companies alive by being associate members, having meetings and all the other nonsense that is unfortunatly going on. There are many professional dedicated fire fighters from Catskill but you men aren't acting dedicated or professional and that is the talk of the county.

You need to let these old fire companies die and stop holding on to the past. Having ETA-311 in Hose 1's name just perpetuates the problem just like choosing paint colors that are being used to send the message that the old company is still alive and in control.

Either you are going to grow up, let the old companies die and unify as the Catskill Fire Company or you are going to continue having problems and we'll all think that you are foolish selfish people who put yourselves first.

Anonymous said...

Sir,you hit it on the head. I'm a member of the CFC and the problem
lies in loyalty to hose 1. We need the village to dissolve all three
former companies and leave only the catskill fire co. Next we need leaders who show up and show loyalty to the CFC not hose 1!!!

Anonymous said...

As a roving Seeing Greene corespondent I often find myself out tramping through the hills of Greene Land seeking out the indigenous populace. Its refreshing to return to the office after a hard day and discover some well aged reasoning as found in the prior Blog. From its start the transition has been intentionally sabotaged by certain old timers who just couldn't give up their acquired belongings. To them it was always mine and not the firemens.. These die hards always felt that they were going to be able to reverse the Village Boards Decision to consolidate..They believed that if they screwed things up enough the board would simply give in. Ironically, the Catskill Fire Company was voted and approved by the majority of the Catskill Fire Department membership.. Most of the members who were pro consolidation have been very supportive of the new company. What was never considered was that the old wall bangers from two of the fire companies would conspire together to disrupt the consolidation process. First it was a totally inept Fire President who could not move the company forward one iota. (He never intended to either). However, many of the pro volunteer services gave their all and continued to function after a majority of all three companies stopped coming around. They originally thought that they would be able to eventually prove their abilities to the Better than thou crowd. However after two years of uncovering scheme after scheme they have said enough is enough. They stated that they no longer intended to be cast aside in order to allow a small group of egotistical individuals further their life long dream of becoming Full time Paid Firemen at the what ever cost to the tax payers.

The dedicated volunteers refuse to be included with this groups scheme of trying to hijack the Volunteer fire service. They have started becoming more and more outspoken each and every time they uncover another scheme reportedly instigated by the Chief and Fire Commissioner. They are disgruntled because they are often ignored concerning critical decisions that affect the future of the Catskill Fire Company. Weighing in on all of the various events, black listing of members, falsify reports, cover ups, and other activities which are evidently designed to further degrade the capabilities of the department; the members feel they have no other choice but to join the ever increasing ranks of whistle blowers and make it known to the public.

Some informants have spoken about the obvious poor morale and the over all reduction in service to the public. They are very adamant about the direction that the Fire Commissioner and Fire Chief are intentionally leading the company.

An ever increasing number of tax payers are joining ranks with these firemen by voicing their opposition to a paid fire department. Their various concerns about poor response, inadequate training, law suits, Mis- appropriation of tax payer funds, footing the bill for Village Trustees and Fire Company Members wrongful transgressions.

The hottest topic seems to currently be the failure of the Village Board to properly dissolving of the three fire companies IAW NY State Not For Profit Law. It will be interesting to compare the Catskill Fire Department to the Literacy Volunteers of Columbia and Greene Counties. Will the tax payers simply smile if the County boards simply instruct the volunteers to take home what ever assets they wish? And if someone decides to keep the van or bus, can they just put their name on the door like Hose 1? Why are basic laws and standard operating procedures ignored when discussing a volunteer fire department? Is it because all of them are granted special favors or do we simply have a weak Village Board and an over zealot cliche within the Catskill Fire Company?

This reporter plans to continue his day to day coverage of this fast paced story as it unfolds. I hope to be able to report on the other side of this by next week.

Anonymous said...

Dear Roving Greene County correspondent,

Since the Village of Catskill has transfered ALL fire fighting duties to the Catskill Fire Company, I think that it is important to find out what the non-firefighting companies plan to do with the money in their bank accounts. Is it a tax-exempt purpose?

Anonymous said...

I think that this is the answer to the last comment

At 6:01 PM, Anonymous said...
I'm seeingred that the money I donated for fire fighting and my tax money given to fight fires is in a bank account of companies that don't fight fires.

The Elks and the Masons do chariatable works like the shriners hospitals and Muscular Dystrophy, helping vets etc.

What Charitable deeds do you defunct fire companies plan on doing. You'd better do something other than spend it on parties and beer and other things that only benefit your members. There is no reason you are tax exempt if you don't actively, as a corporation fight fires or use your money for charitable purposes.

Anonymous said...

After reading these postings and doing some research of my own I have decided to file a complaint with the NYS Attorney General. I would advise other taxpayers and residents to do the same. I was told that there is an online complaint form which could be used as well, however you will need to print and mail it through the standard process. They stated the form for Not-for-profit and charitable organization complaints would be fine. Please be clear in stating the nature of the complaint, mainly the likely misuse and misappropriations of donations and taxpayer contributions to a defunct, non-active village fire company but one that maintains incorporation and social operations with those monies.

Anonymous said...

The NYS Attorney Generals Office website:

Anonymous said...

I am angry, too, that my donations and tax dollars are being held by a "fire company" that no longer engages in fire fighting and isn't acting therefore pursuant to its powers as contained in its certificate of incorporation.

the assets are from donations given with the intent that the donations would be used for fire fighting purposes and tax money given with the same intent. This money is being used contrary to the constructive trust that they are held in.

Anonymous said...

I am new to the area and a member of the growing population that came to Catskill because of its beauty and to avoid the "rat race".

I know no one and owe no one and I am outraged to see that my adopted village and its leadership allow this Hose co. no. 1 to continue having a bank roll and assets eventhough fire fighting responsibilities now lay resident in the Catskill Fire Company.

How can the Village let this continue knowing that public safety is at stake. From reading the blog, it appears that the Town said no to hose co. 1 because to give them what they wanted would have got the dander up of many, many residents in the fire district.

We'll Village Board, I can tell you that you are in the same situation. Stop this nonesense and get a few firemen upset about tumbling their empire or have many, many residents upset with you.

It is your choice. Perhaps you should look into this matter and stop what is going on before the AG's office or some other agency gets involved. I can tell you that I won't donate one cent to the fire fighters if this is what happens to money I donate.

Anonymous said...

Hose company #1,INC earned its money providing service in the fire district and what Hose company #1, INC wants to do with its money is the business of the membership. Hose Company #1 is not afraid to fight for whats right

money earned? That is another way of saying payed! Hose 1 people want to be payed firemen but not in the sense of getting a paycheck but to fill their corporate coffers so that they can spend the money "anyway they want".

Anonymous said...

This roving reporter found himself once again smack in the midle of the action this past Friday. I was sitting in my car in front of the Village Pizza waiting on my dinner order. I was killing time listening to the scanner when I suddenly heard the Catskill Police announce that their was a report of smoke coming from beneath a soda machine on Water Street. The Police Department was dispatching the police department to investigate, but had not dispatched the Catskill Fire Department yet. The first police car responding reported tht smoke was coming from beneath the door at the old used book store.
Initially there was instruction by the Police Sgt not to open the door and then informed the dispatcher to notify the Fire Department. Luckily, this delay did not create an irrepairable delay; since huge old structures of this size are highly flamable and couldd have created a major fire. However the quick action of the Police Department and response of the fire department twarted the aparent attempt of an under achieving arsonist.
The fire alarm began souinding shortly after the order to call the fire departmnet went out. I waited on the side walk hoping to observe first hand the type of response that the east Side Station would have. Expecting to only observe a small turn out.

I made a statement to a local GreeneLander that I had not observed a fire response first hand in several years, but always remembered the admiration I had of the dedicated fire men scurrying about tho get the fire trucks out of the station on Main Street. Regardless of the weather conditions I could always remember watching firemen running to the fire house in shirts and underwear. Rain or shine snow or sleet, you could always count on the Volunteer Firemen responding to the call. Remakably, they would often arrive befor the Fire alarm even started to sound. And they were always driving down the road way befor the fire alarm ever stopped.
Much to my dismay, the fire alarm sounded for over a minute and yet no firemen ever came to the main Street Fire House. Where were all the blue lights I remembered so foundly? I spoke to the GreeneLander sitting in front of the barber shop and she informed me that its very rarely that you ever see the men running to get the cream truck out of the fire house anymore. She said they started coming back this summer but it stopped onc e they opend up the road construction project.
This quiet lady holding her young child expressed dismay like many Greenelanders living on the East Side. She stated a lost of security she once had knowing how fast the volunteer firemen would come to the fire house time and time again. She was obviously very concerned about the child she held and the length of time it took for the fire trucks to show up anymore.
I got back in my vehicle and headed for water street. I parked the car in the County parking lot and headed towards the fire scene. The Village Police were actively putting out flares and attempting to stop traffic from driving by. I couldn't help feel the addrenelyne flowing through my body as I had arrived long before the fire trucks had.

Anonymous said...

The fire chief was yelling for the firemen to grab hose lines and advance on the fire once the truck arrived. T 3-15 was trhe first truck to arrive driven by 2nd Asst Chief Jack Ormerod. He intitially parked the truck directly infront of the building but the chief told him to pull it forward. The men geared up and prepared to attack the fire. Much to their surprise the fire was solely contained to the dooir. The fire was obviously set by someone.

Luckily the quick actions of the police department and help by the Fire depaartment quickly got the situation under control.

As of press time their was 4 youngsters and one convicted arsonist Ray Stewart still being investigated for the fire.

Anonymous said...

The fire chief was yelling for the firemen to grab hose lines and advance on the fire once the truck arrived. T 3-15 was trhe first truck to arrive driven by 2nd Asst Chief Jack Ormerod. He intitially parked the truck directly infront of the building but the chief told him to pull it forward. The men geared up and prepared to attack the fire. Much to their surprise the fire was solely contained to the dooir. The fire was obviously set by someone.

Luckily the quick actions of the police department and help by the Fire depaartment quickly got the situation under control.

As of press time their was 4 youngsters and one convicted arsonist Ray Stewart still being investigated for the fire.

Anonymous said...

It is all about the fire chief and fire commisioner consoladating power up on the hill to make the Hose 1 guys stronger and destroy the morale of the "east siders".

Read the comment about YOUR truck is at OUR HOUSE on the back burner with a for sale sign.

Safety of the community isn't as important as the "Hose #1 plan" to take their company out of moth balls.

We must drive a wooden stake through Hose 1's heart before someone gets hurt, dies or loses their house.

Chime in guys!

Anonymous said...

Hey, That known arsonist thats being questioned about the water street fire; His son is good friends with Fire Chief, Use to be a Lt. with the Catskill Fire Comapany and a long time Hose 1 member. How ironic, it must be the water we GreeneLanders drink.

Anonymous said...

He is also a greene county sheriff"s deputy!





Anonymous said...

use intials ... who?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stewart a member of Hose 1? He would fit right in wouldn't he?

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the medium rescue truck already owned by the village. Why a heavy rescue truck?

Anonymous said...

We are INCORPORATED and are not a part of the village fire department and NEVER will be!! It won't be long before the Catskill Fire Company goes down in a heap but Hose Company No.1 INC. will be left. We were created to fight fires in the district and not in the village. Look what happened to Dushane and Battalino. This village board won't make the same mistake because they know that Hose Company No 1 INC is not a Village controlled Fire company and they will let us provide the protection like we used to without interfering in what we do as a INCORPORATED fire company.

Step back all you angry firefighters. The East Side is a thing of the past. Where's E-31? Oh yeah on the back burner, in Hose 1's house, FOR SALE!

Now Who still owns a truck? Hose 1 Inc. Still in our house? Yep. Still have majority control over the new company? Yep.

Step back all you loser firefighters. The East Side is a thing of the past. HA HA HA Where's E-31? Oh yeah on the back burner, in OUR house, FOR SALE!


Anonymous said...

The Daily mail is called the Daily Maul by Mr. May but in this weeks blog note the following errors:

the terms of incumbent Village justices Forest Cotten and Jim Chewens ...

of those messages—233 at last count, and the daily dose seems to be increasing—relate to the ordeal that has accompanied consolidation. And most abound in casual slanders, accusations, vituperation. Could there be a reconciliation ...

See the errors? Maybe Mr. May should be a bit kinder to the Daily Mail which prints everyday when his weekely blog isn't always

Anonymous said...

Hose 1 does not have control of the new company. Yes, there are old Hose 1 members that are still there causing thses prbolems. But there are also a growing number of members that are starting to fight them.

I am for the new company. Yes I was not happy to see my "old company" desolve. But I moved on and have accepted the new company.

There is many problems in the new company. But that was expected. You couldnt expect all of the members from 3 different companies to just get along. It takes time and we are getting there.

But I do agree. As long as we have members from either old company trying to cause problems. We will never be done with this problem.

So I ask you. What would you have the firemen that show up and try to make this work do? There bashed because they dont get out fast enough. There bashed because there isnt enough of them. Listen, they show up. Dont knock down the members trying to make things work.

I applaud those that stuck it out and are trying to make things work.

Those members who sit behind their computer and type. There nothing. There stuck in the past. It will be a cold day in hell before Hose 1 has control of the new company!

Anonymous said...

I hate to disagree with the 4:58 blog, but your really missing the point. A select few are very much running things at the Catskill Fire Company. If you don't see that your really being deceived. hOW DO YOU HAVE RECOGNITION GOING TO INDIVIDUALS WHO DIDN'T EARN IT? How does Potato Head and Oh-My-God look at themselves in the morning? I hope not as grown men, because all I see is little boys in mens bodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you have a Lt who only made some 34 calls out of some 280 total calls last year be reelected to office? It wouldn't be because he is the Fire Chiefs brother in law would it?
I guess if the Village Board imposed certain requirements we would be protected from such favoritism. How do you have an election where so many of the membership is absolutely disgusted with the favoritism and obvious the leadership and and don't even bother to come to elections? The Chiefs election had the lowest turn out in history. Now there a unanimous cry that Oh-My-God must go!

Why doesn't the Village Board make it mandatory for all Officers and Chiefs to live in the Village? This would insure that they have some resemblance of loyalty to the village and not to the town board.
This is not ridiculous considering that we do not work hours , but are on emergency call and must have a quick response.
Why was the color of the new truck selected by a few and not voted on? Probably because he membership voted for it to be Safety Greene.
You blame the responders but the blame should be on those Hose 1 members who intentionally try to destroy morale by attacking the fire fighters. I remember the Fire Commissioner, Chief and Line Officers antagonizing and belittling the membership for voting down an apparent problem child from joining the Fire Company twice. I bet Oh-My-God and potato Head will actively try to put this man in again next month.


Anonymous said...

ok, so if you think that randy is trying to control the new company. if you think that he is doing things to destroy it in anyway. then why dont people do something about it? he is only elected. he can be thrown out any time.

do you think that all the board members are helping hose 1? elections were last week. why didnt anyone else run? one person ran for an officers spot. my feelings are the same as yours on that one.

i do feel that if things did get worse and old hose 1 members really did try something. that the membership would stand up and stop it. i know i will stand behind the new company against any attempt to take it over.

i know i am for the new company and im here to see it work. i could care less about hose social company 1. that group means nothing to me.

but we should stop feeding them. they love that fact that were on the net with this. what ever happened to keeping things "inhouse?" i understand that a lot of you are angry and want things to change. but is making everything public the way to go? stand up at the next meeting and say something. you might be suprised. i dont think that your alone.

Anonymous said...

ok, so if you think that randy is trying to control the new company. if you think that he is doing things to destroy it in anyway. then why dont people do something about it? he is only elected. he can be thrown out any time.


i do feel that if things did get worse and old hose 1 members really did try something. that the membership would stand up and stop it. I DONT KNOW HOW IT CAN GET ANY WORSE. WE DONT KNOW WHO TO TRUST ANY MORE. I CAN SAY UNEQUIVICALLY THAT I HAVE NEVER SEEN A BIGGER LIAR AND SELF EGOTISTICAL INDIVIDUAL THAN OH MY GOD AND I'M SURE THAT POTATO HEAD ISN'T MUCH DIFFERENT!


5) ALIENATED ALL MUTUAL AID DEPARTMENTS. (If any chiefs beleive that they are friends you should hear Randy talk shit about you behind your back. We call it the Arnold Swartzenager complex,)

i know i am for the new company and im here to see it work. i could care less about hose social company 1. that group means nothing to me. NEITHER TO US BUT IT DOESN'T STOP THE HOSE 1 CLICK FROM CONTROLING EVERYTHING

but we should stop feeding them. they love that fact that were on the net with this. what ever happened to keeping things "inhouse?" i understand that a lot of you are angry and want things to change. but is making everything public the way to go? HELL YAH, AFTER TWO YEARS OF SAYING ONE THING WHILE THEY ARE ACTIVELY DOING SOMETHING ELSE IS OVER WITH. THE FIRE COMPANY IS A PUBLIC SERVICE AND I'M TIRED OF A VOCAL MINORITY SHOWING UP WITH THE WHEEL CHAIR BRIGADE AND GETTING THEIR WAY stand up at the next meeting and say something. you might be suprised. i dont think that your alone. NOW I JUST REALIZED THAT THIS ENTIRE BLOG WAS A PLOY TO TRY AND FIND OUT WHO IS TELLING THE TAX PAYERS ABOUT YOUR SCHEMES. I JUST WASTED MY TIME EXPLAINING THIS TO DEAD EARS.

Anonymous said...

Im not a member of hose 1 nor do I care about that social company.

So you think that all the social officers are for this hose 1 take over then? you think that all the line officers are for this hose 1 take over? I find it hard to beleive that all the officers we elected are on hose 1 side. I can think of a few that i know that are for the new company.

i feel this issue is going no where. there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

im not trying to figure out who anyone is that writes on this blog is. but its not hard to find out. everytime you leave a message you leave your I.P. address. thats something you can hide or delete.

if people are going to file reports with whoever. then do it. get the ball rolling and stop talking about it. do what you feel you must. if what people are saying is true then why hasnt anything been done?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a subtle threat .... we can easily find out who you are by your I.P. address.

Why do you want to discourage peolple from using this forum to inform the public what is going on?

Doesn't the public have a right to know what is going on? Or is it that the public only has a right to know what you want them to know?

Anonymous said...

i only said that because you thought i was trying to find out who you are. just letting you know its very easy to find out.

i could care less who you are. or who anyone else thats using this blog. you are right the public has a right to know whats going on. but whats the truth and whats a lie? do you know what everything your saying is 100% true? do you have proof to back up your accusations? if so i ask you to step forward and do something.

im not saying that your a liar and you dont know what your talking. im not saying your a trouble maker. im in the dark about whats really going on. as are a lot of the other members. im just asking you to let us know what facts and proof you and the others have to justify what you have been saying.

if you can provide this you might have more backing. but if you dont want to let us know. thats up to you.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope that something is done. It seems that a growing number of firemen are tired of the games that are being played at public expense and at the expense of public safety.

Keeping it "in the firehouse" got us no where. For example, the symbol of Hose #1 elitism, ETA 3-11 the very person who said I'll take it to the Hose 1 directors was the first person to speak up against doing the right thing at that directors meeting.

Keeping it "in the firehouse" maintains the status quo. Things will change only because it has gone public and more public participation and disclosure is needed before any real change will take place.

When things change, the need for public disclosure will be over.

The public will learn more and more until there is change. If you want public disclosure to stop, you had better be in favor of making dramatic changes and see that those changes are made.

Anonymous said...

To the 6PM post:

Many of us are in the dark and I apologize for taking your entry the wrong way. I don't have all the answers but I do know that Hose companies maintaing an exsistence even if it is for social purposes only is not healthy for the morale of the CFC. Kinda the united we stand divided we fall type of thing. I know that picking Red as the color of the new truck is being done to send a message and if it is not, it still has the effect of hurting morale because the perception is that the color choice is being made to send the message that Hose 1 controls. In fact, some of the messages here particularly the one about we still own a truck and yours is for sale support that perception. ETA 3-11 being owned by Hose 1 is thrown in our face and further creates rift in the company.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, reasoned voices to help resolve these long-time conflicts are coming to the surface. Long may they be heard!

Anonymous said...

you said that nothing can be done to randy if he is in fact trying to destroy the new company. how is this? he is an elected official. he is not god. if something is out there thats 100%. something can be done. have these feelings ever been made public to the village board at their meetings? it seams like a lot of people read this. why hasnt anyone asked people to show up a their meetings and use their voice. not saying you have to. but the public in general.

that eta 3-11 thing bothers the hell out of me. i remember many converations revolving around that. why did the village board draw up some stupid contract? that truck belongs to hose 1. but we maintain it and use it. i say empty it and put it in the back parking lot. we dont need it. its not used now and wont be missed.

i did now know that 3-1 was up for sale on a web site. if this is true why wasnt the company notified of this. i dont see how this can be done.

the new color of the rescue truck is red and white. i dont think that its because its a hose 1 thing. but then again i could be wrong. i have talked to some members who sit on that. as far as i know there were only 2 choices brought up. red and white and black and red.

cant the board do anything about this? i.e. the president and the 3 vice presidents. dont you think that its about time they did their jobs? this is a social problem as well. why havent they addressed this problem yet? one of them had problems earlier this year and wanted to leave. now he is back. one of them doesnt do anything. the other one cooks. but not one of them have opened their mouths about whats going on.

Anonymous said...

the ETA 3-11 thing bothers the hell out of me too. Morale suffers because it is thrown in our face and when morale suffers public safety suffers.

It is in the village boards hands and before election time, the issue must be addressed or a trustee or two might notice a change come election night.

Anonymous said...

There is many things going on good and bad. Many hidden truths that are known to some and unknown to others. Lets face it, they are not going to openly tell the company to its face. Just look how often Oh My God over embellishes himself when he puts down others. There is not one single mutual aid company that has Chief as well trained as him accept possibly his beloved Hudson.
A few examples of behind the scenes manipulations come to mind; like the "cFc" emblem. The large "F" stands for F__k the Catskill Fire Company. I learned this over hearing former Hose 1 members bullshitting in the bay after the vote for the emblem was made. Pissed me off then and still does! Yet during the meeting these same individuals where in total support of the new emblem because they knew what it actually would represent; while the rest of us would support the new company moving forward.

We cast ballots on the new color of the trucks and uniforms. Lime green was selected. I watched the president count the ballots. How did red and white or red and black come in as the only colors? Because the only one I ever heard state it was Randy. I never heard it brought before the membership again. Just a done deal!

Remember the uniform purchase? The first color selected was Tan. It had the historical color of Hose 1's early parade uniform. When the uniform was presented it was mistaken by one member as a Lady's rain jacket. Nothing was wrong with the color it was the skimpy wrinkled thin look of the material. What happened next?

The wheel chair brigade was remobilized and a new color was selected. The change insured that the Hose 1 look would live on again. The color is a dark blue one or two shades from Hose 1's Blue. Yes if you place it side by side to a hose 1 uniform it appears a different shade but its Hose 1 all the way. Once again we overheard the comments that they were keeping Hose 1 alive!

ETA 3-11 continues to display the arrogance and contempt that the Chief and the Fire Commissioner has for the CFC and any member from the former companies.

You know as well as I that many of us have continued to support the Catskill Fire Company despite the fact that we know that the leadership despises us. The fact that the Village Board has failed to listen or support the membership time and time again is a given. Are we trying to make it public? Not for years, but they repeatedly refused to listen to our concerns that we expressed to them. They allowed us no other choice than to publicly report on these events. Embarrassing? Just as much to us as to you. If you speak up for whats right your automatically labled a trouble maker and your living in the past. Not true on the members who have actively supportted this company throughout this ordeal.The 603 blog points out where we ended up and why.

Whats sad is many of us have gone out of our way to improve the morale of the fire company while a a few are still intentionally destroying it. What are their individual motives? I don't know. I think there are many different desires. And I know that certain individuals are being hurt undeservedly on both sides simply because of the repercussions from these antics. RS and JDsr have gone out of their way to make everyone feel part of the fire house and they both have 20 - 30 plus years with Hose 1. While others continuously show their contempt and and go out of their way to insure that their is always a distinction between former Hose 1, 2, and 5's. You can see it in special details like funerals or public appearances or mutual aid or stand stand-bys at Hudson. The chosen ones are sought out first and only then are the "unacceptable" asked to help fill any voids. Funny how the unacceptables are the first one asked to do the undesirable work details.

What are the under lying reasons for many things that have been pushed through the company and who is the ultimate benefactors every time?

trucks Painted Red with white Stripes = Hose 1 lives on,

New Dark blue uniforms = Hose 1 lives on,

Hose 1 remains on ETA 3-11 = Hose 1 Lives On,

Hose 1 allowed to claim owner ship of ETA 3-11 = Hose 1 lives on.

Village of Catskill removed from all trucks = Hose 1 lives on.

Big red Number one on West Side building (Justified by the farce that its address is 1 Central Ave.)= Hose 1 lives on.

Fire House Web Site depicting only Hose 1 pictures = Hose 1 lives on.

Fire House web site depicting E 3-1 for sale with the caption [Like New, hardly used, cover your moves] (WHO has excess to this web site? Fire Commish Chewens, Fire Chief Ormerod, 2nd Asst Fire Chief Ormerod? (Note: the cover your moves is a veiled threat to East Side members)= Hose 1 lives on.

Sale of Ladder 3-2 to Coxsackie = Hose 1 lives on.

Attempted sale of E 3-21 = Hose 1 lives on.

Closure of Osborn Hose 2 Station = Hose 1 Lives on.

Closure of East Side Station = Hose 1 lives on.

Fire Department service at funeral Home intended to send message of Hose 1 and not Catskill Fire Company = Hose 1 lives on.

25 year member as token asst chief and 12 year member as Fire chief = Hose 1 lives on.

Hose 1 antique truck placed in convention to be inspected while Hose 5 truck was placed in for show (Unknowingly to men who spent week cleaning her) = Hose 1 lives on.

All leadership positions in Chiefs, Line officers and Company board given to Hose 1 members and token positions given to others = Hose 1 lives on.

Sign over West Side Station replaced while East Side Station sign removed and never replaced = Hose 1 lives on.

The continuous uncovering of the Hose 1 emblem on the entrance floor before all meetings held at the West Side Station = Hose 1 lives on.


Anonymous said...

ok, i have been taking the back seat and just reading. but i feel its time to say something.

not all the board members are on the side of hose 1. im on the board and in one of the top positions. i dont nor will i ever side with hose 1.

the 3 old companies are no longer in existance. their membership, whatever is left. now belongs to the new fire company. we knew from the start that there was going to be problems.

someone asked if their was any proof out there about whats going on behind the scenes. i too would like to see proof. im not saying i dont beleive any of you. but seeing something hard would make more heads turn. it would be better then just saying the color of the new uniforms or the color of the truck. the color of the number 1 on the building. lets make the motion to change that number.

if things are trying to be done to hurt the CFC then there not doing it in board meetings. granted i might have blinders on and might not see it. but i think that i would have cought up on it by now. there are board members that do question a lot of things.

as far as the sale of 3-1 goes. i didnt know anything about that. again, why hasnt the company been notified about this? are we not good enough to be told? if the selling of 3-1 is true and not just a rumor.

there should be only one side. not evryone is going to see eye to eye all the time. which is normal. but having members from inside trying to make the fire company fail is not just. this is uncalled for and has to end.

one last thing. for the person that said its easy to get your I.P address. your very wrong my friend. its in fact very hard to get that info. you have to have a court order and a damn good reason. so dont let that chase anyone away. if you dont trust me chack on it for yourself.

the CATSKILL FIRE COMPANY will live on. i dont care who tries to hurt it. the few trying to hurt it cant do anything more. it matters not what position they hold. the members with the help of the public can change things. it may take time. its going to take some solid proof. but if what people are saying is true. then its time to stand up and show hose 1 what the CFC can do and push them around for a change.

Anonymous said...

It looks like we are uniting over pushing the 3 old companies out of exsistence and rallying around the CFC.

I hope that the people who are holding onto their old companies will stop conducting business and join us in a unified company.

That means no more hose 1 director meetings, no more being associate members of closed Catskill companies etc.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

To the 10:39 blog, go to local click on fire departments in the top left corner.
Scroll down to "NY" and click on it. Scroll down the list of NY fire
companies until you reach Catskill Fire Company INC. and click on it. Next click on gallery and scroll through the pictures until you see
the picture of engine 3-1 with "For Sale Call 943-3830" under it.

This is the offical web site of the Catskill Fire CO. controlled by catskill car 3-30!!!!!!!!!

There's your hard evidence!!!!!!

"There's your sign"

Anonymous said...

Photo Taken: October 7th 2005
Department: Catskill Fire Company Inc.

I just copied this off of local /Catskill Fire CO.
posted by car 3-30!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for that link. now i have to ask why this was not told to the company? how long has this been posted?

this does change my attitude a little towards a select few. i realy think that the company should have been told about this.

is this move against the old hose 5 and a slap in their face? is this a move from hose 1 and a slap in the face of the new company? why sell that truck? why not give 3-11 back to hose 1?

i guess the blinders have been pulled over my eyes. i guess its time to wake up and realize that you cant trust those in charge.

time to open my mouth. i have nothing against the things the old 3 companies have done in the past. i respect al they have done for the protected area.

however as much as some of you might not want to admit. the old 3 companies are done with. now your mad and want to do something to the new company. Why cant you accept things like the rest of us did. yes I would love be be 3 different companies again. but were not. we are 1 company. get over it already.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the evidence. Thinking about it, I quess that all the signs were there but it is hard to believe or you don't want to believe that a bunch of people would be doing this to us, the CFC and the residents.

Count me in!

Anonymous said...

what does "cover your moves" on the web site for the sale of the truck mean?

Anonymous said...

This is a direct threat from the officers of the CFC that they will
find out who is writing the blogs and throw them out. Also they feel these blogs are connected to them being turned into PESH for several violations. I look at it as a if they didn't do anything wrong they wouldn't have gotten any violations which included several of serious nature.

cover your moves = when we find out who's writing blogs we will retaliate against you!!!Same for the PESH informant.

That threat is illegal under PESH
law which covers whistle blowers,
and a copy of the web page before it was changed has been sent to PESH!

Also a copy of our PESH violations
is hanging up out side of the F.D.
bar in the truck bay and is there for all taxpayers to see!!!!

I hope the VILLAGE OF CATSKILL steps in before they hurt one of us
for exercising our freedom of press and speech!

Anonymous said...

sleepy the black tooth slack jaw yokel and your wife bozo the clown,
we haven't forgotten about you guys!!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard that the 2nd asst. chief
who posted all of his training on the web site hasn't finished a single class yet. 3-30 just because
you went to a class a couple of times doesn't mean you passed it or finished. Your just blowing smoke up your already stretched out colon!!!!!!! Almost as bad as your I'll never be a greene car brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Does his work provide him with dental care? His teeth are all chipped up and black!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

follow the money. The taxpayers and the state won't be happy that Hose #1 inc is no longer sctioned by the munincipality as a company actively engaged in fire fighting activities yet is maintaining its corporate status for non-firefighting or charitable purposes and maintains tangible and liquid assets derived from donations and taxpayer money which are being used in a manor inconsistent with the intent of the donors instead being used for non tax exempt private purposes.

Hose #1 also is required to file a financial statement with the county clerk by January 15th.

We should file a complaint with the NYS Attorney General. I hope other taxpayers and residents will do the same. there is an online complaint form which could be used you will need to print and mail it through the standard process. They stated the form for Not-for-profit and charitable organization complaints would be fine. Please be clear in stating the nature of the complaint, mainly the likely misuse and misappropriations of donations and taxpayer contributions to a defunct, non-active village fire company but one that maintains incorporation.

let them know about the consoladation of the companies, include a copy of hose 1's certificate of incorporation which can be copied at the greene county clerks office and let them know that you are not a member of hose 1.

Anonymous said...

Its finally been announced that former Catskill Fire Department Chief George Lackie has been selected as the next Assistant Greene County Fire Coordinator. For all you radio and scanner buffs he will be known as Greene Car 4. It was a hard decision to make with many highly qualified applicants applying for the position. However the bottom line is that Chief Lackies' myriad of qualifications speak for themselves. These qualifications, along with his leadership style and his ability to handle stress under pressure all help to make him an excellent choice for this position. Congratulations Way to go George !

Anonymous said...

5 16 Blog, Way to go Man, I wish I could have said it as well! We just need to get as many individuals to send in a complaint! Don't assume that just one complaint is needed. The more emphasis we place on this the faster response we will get. This entire fiasco has been going on way to long and we the tax payers suffer because of it. Just like when they stole the air bags it was denieing the equipments availability to protect and save a life if the need arose! We donate to the fire department as a whole and do not expect splinter groups to break away and keep the equipment for personal gain.

When I spoke to the comptrollers office they indicated that they were understaffed and the more tax payer complaints sent in the quicker action would be taken.

Its time to stop and expose the wrongs occurring here on a daily basis and expose the personal agendas. Lets face it, if they are not doing anything wrong they will be exonerated. If they are or have done wrong then everyone will know and the wrongs can be corrected.

Anonymous said...

the problems with morale are being caused by the continued exsistence of a monster called Catskill Hose company #1 Inc. The only way to kill this mosster and solve many of our problems is to kill Hose #1.

Money is the the life blood of that non-fire fighting trouble making fire company. Drain the money and assets and it dies. When the money and property are gone, they will stop being associate members, stop holding meetings and etc and the CFC will start to grow and unify.

For the sake of the Catskill Fire Company and more important, for the sake of the residents who rely on fire protection, complain to the village board, the comptroller and the AG.

We need to do this or things will never change for the better.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone, I just heard about this site the other day at the coffe shop. Today they were talking about various blogs again..

There was discusion about how Hose 1 has had a long history of trying to minipulate their positions in everything by stacking the deck in their favor. They were claiming that Hose 1 always had someone on the Village and Town Boards and they claim it still is true today.

They even told me the two guys that the chief put in for Greene County Firemen of the year were both related to the Chief. One was his brother and one was the father of his sisters husband. These were the two honored in the parade this summer in Athens. They said that the President of The fire Company was also the President of the Green County Fire Committee. They also pointed out that there was four family members on the committee for the new fire truck.
Nothing like stacking the deck to get what you want!
Sounds allfull fishy to me!

Anonymous said...

The New Year is upon us and I offer a solution to the problem of what to name the newly formed fire Co.,To end the resentment. We can have a nude firefighter Calender . Wich ever Co Has the most hose in(feet),can name the new Co. apropriatly. Now if you your Co. comes up short well thats just the way the hose rolls. Then we can put an end to this Business and get down to serving the comunity

Anonymous said...

Greene county fire companies be aware that there should be some good competiton for this calander because cFc sure does have alot of "hose" heads!

Anonymous said...

I was just rereading your original 25 Oct piece The Private Law Suit on the Dushane Story. Its really obvious that their was a long history of Hose 1 involvement in these attacks as even admitted by some Hose 1 members. Their investigations, picture taking, stalking, filing complaints and harassment were all done by them.

I did just realize that the former Catskill School Board President Morris Darling is a NY State Corrections Officer. You read through the 280 something blogs and you realize there is a awful lot of NY State Correction/Hose 1/family ties associated in this entire hodgepodge.

Do GreeneLanders live in typical small town USA;
a land full of vindictive, cut throat, small minded hipocrites and assinine imbeciles?

Way togo Hose 1, your way or no way!

Anonymous said...

You should see the sad attempt former hose 1 is making to try to stay alive. To bad boys because just like a baked potato your done!!

PS please bring out more of your half dead members,it's good to see them for the first time in 3 years, and I love seing how fast they have aged.
Can you say time for the firemens home in Hudson.

P.S. H.T. hose 1 is disbanded!!!

Anonymous said...

I pay taxes, in return those taxes pay the salery of the police dept. So am I paying randy to be a dispatcher or a fire chief? Every time I turn around he's leaving work for fire calls and the taxpayers foot the bill for him and someone on overtime to cover his shift. Sounds like an abuse of taxpayers money to me. Is he a dispatcher or paid fire chief? Not only would I like to know ,but so would the comptrollers office!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This was just sent to me from a member of the catskill FD. I will leave the name of the writer out in order to protect him! This shows how upset the members are at all the hose one crap going on, and the direct disregard for firefighter safety!!!!


Just when I thought I have seen it all.

It totally amazes me that people “THINK” that they are qualified to do a job. The sad part is that those people who “THINK” they are qualified have baffled others into “THINKING” the same.

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of the people that are put in charge of firefighters be qualified to do such. It is utter negligence by any organization to install (vote in) anyone into a position who doesn’t have the credentials to fulfill the job. The village of Catskill Fire Department has such in place in the OPERATIONS – BOOK 1, SECTION 6.0.

PESH / OSHA / NFPA, etc; are written in plan text and in ENGLISH.

Fire Department training instructors must receive a higher level of training and education than the Fire Dept. members they will be teaching. This includes being more knowledgeable about the functions to be performed by the Fire Dept. and the hazards involved.

The Village of Catskill Fire Department Safety and Training Division MUST be proactive in it’s adherence to the required regulations set forth. We will be starting the mandatory 8 Hour OSHA (PESH) Safety Training early in January 2006. Your input and suggestions are always welcome and will be taken under consideration for the Safety and betterment of the members who diligently serve…"

viva the CFC!!!!!!Down with hose 1!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Steve Darling,

It's time you wake up and smell the coffee. Your part of the problem, never come around and don't even have a clue. Not only do you lack as a member but as a medical officer as well. You have done nothing in the years you have been in office. There are members who haven't had yearly physicals in over three years because you could care less about the dept. all that you wanted was the title. And as a officer of the village of Catskill who are you to release personal medical files and info. of employees? Do you do this at your work as well? No wonder your own family talks sh*t about you. You should take your own advice and turn in your gear since you have proven to be a drain on the new company as well as the village. Looks like me and hose 1 can agree on one thing, we both hate you!

Anonymous said...

You have never released anyones personal medical info?

Here's the hard evidence!!!!!!

"what about people who are at risk of having a seizure in the middle of an attack on fire , a potential risk of a few people getting hurt."

You said it not me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe you forgot you said it?

Sounds like a violation of HEPA to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"So in response to this I am resigning as medical officer as of next months meeting,for the simple fact is that evryone else thinks that they can do my job."

I thought that you said you don't care what people think of you.

Maybe your the crybaby you speak of!

"To whoever the unamed idiot is"

Who's the idiot me or you? After all you spelled everyone "evryone"

You sound like a real health care professional to me!!!!

Looks like you changed your words again.

I think anyone who has a pulse chould do your job as medical officer, after all you just get appointed and then never show up!!!!

"I stated before I may not come around"

You said it not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't hold any of this against me because you said it, not me!!!

Play hard ball? This is a site were people can express there freedom of speech and press. Don't come using your name and acting all tough if you can't take the heat!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, then all I have to say is you made a statement before with out the facts. Lets face it people believe what they read. Maybe you shouldn't get involved in something you know nothing about or make false statements.

Once again this was your statement!

"In some of the blogs I notice about the capabilities of firefighting well what about people who are at risk of having a seizure in the middle of an attack on fire , a potential risk of a few people getting hurt."

I take this as specific info about a persons health, and we all know who your talking about. I find it even more disturbing that this firefighter stopped coming around a long time ago and yet you continue to attack him because of a law suit his father was involved in! As a professional you should watch what you say about people. I'm not accusing you of anything I'm just pointing out what you said and signed your name to!!!!

This is the end of me wasting my time talking with you. You can also
stop calling me an idiot, I'm not the one who jeopardized my job and now acting like that is not what I said. Even if you never said his name we all know who you are talking about!Same difference!

Anonymous said...

If you dont like what is going on quit.Or start a new fire co on prospect ave.

Anonymous said...

SHANKS HOSE CO one call gets it all OSHA PESH BEER BOARD AG. OFFICE.Then maybe your son can finally have a title.Or maybe Tom i'm so smart Burke can be your chief.If Burke is so smart why does he work a wrench for a living.

Anonymous said...

If the 6 guys who couldn't get elected to town idiot would quit cfc would be alot better off.Join the girl scouts they are looking for a few good leaders.I think they are looking for a engineer to come up with a new cookie

Anonymous said...

No we want Neal Russel because he is such a great leader screaming like a maniac at the board meetings.He is so far up o my god's ass .

Anonymous said...

How long does it take you to get to the west side Shanks?Maybe you should move over to the west side also. You will never ever see 3-1 over on the east side any more. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the east siders can be like capt. Russel and drive to everything and pretend we are chiefs also.

Anonymous said...

Now that Shanks and Burke have been outed this web site will be a lot less about the fire dept..

Anonymous said...

Steve, you are so madd because your going to lose your job you stupid piece of shit. Your brother is the one who always talks shit about you. And by the way burke and shanks are just as big of pieces of shit as you and the rest of hose one.

Have you released anyones personal files at work today dildo?

Fuck all of you guys and the cfc.

Got beer? Got a bar? Got pesh?

Viva la taxpayers!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well you guys are way off! But keep slamming burke and shanks because i'm sure they would love to file a law suit against you guys. You are just grasping for air now.

GOT BEER?????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Hey, keep putting names out I love it. Why don't you tell us about there medical records as well!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep digging a hole dildo darling.

By the way, it's my kid!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is the village paying for 311
if it's hose 1's?

Sounds like a conflict of interest!

Anonymous said...

I think I may have the common cold.
Do you want to tell everyone?

Anonymous said...

Joke of the day

What would you call potato head if he srapped his knee?

answer-potato skin

Anonymous said...

From this point on anyone who hasn't made any alarms in the past year has no right to blog.

Anonymous said...

Funny you stopped posting your name to stuff you big bad man you.

Anonymous said...

it's awfully funny that as soon as certain names join the ranks of this blog, lawsuits are threatened. I thought this was about free speech??

Anonymous said...

I think all of you are jealous of Hose 1 and its members. To call these men by names is so rude. Grow up and respect these men of Hose 1 and CFC. On judgement day we all know where your going and it isn't where these men are going. GROW UP will you.

Anonymous said...

Give it up JS,remember you wanted to join the ranks of officers in the cfc.You are sadly mistaken if you think you are gaining any support by bad mouthing the firemen, you are very wrong.You should know this by the amount of votes you received when you ran for Lt.If you truely want change than join the rest of the men and women and lets focus all your energy on the future,using this site will not help your cause.

Anonymous said...

Give it up E.D. just because you started consalidation doesn't mean you need to stir the pot.Hose 1 would still be on top if you didn't have our men arrested!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I shouldn't say your name mr D. We'll just call you
I would even bang men.

Anonymous said...

After all you put it in (o my gods )head to sell the biggest ladder truck in the village.

Anonymous said...

Hate to disappoint all of you truth detectives, but it wasn't me.
Sorry to burst your bubbles, but I'm not the big bad evil blogger your looking for. You should all know by now that any time I have a problem
I speak my mind and do not need to hide behind a blog. I also don't need to ask permission before I speak or decide to run for office. Some people say that I run my mouth too much but I've been taught to speak my mind, especially when standing up for what I believe is right. I certainly am not going to cower down or kiss some ones ass. Especially if they have't earned it. At least everyone always knows my opinion on a subject. And yes I do change my mind if someone can show me a better way. Traits I learned from my father and which we both are criticized for.

No one can accuse me of being afraid to go against what's popular. Its more important to fight for what you believe in than simply going with the flow.
That's what you get with me, I speak for what ever I think is right. I don't have to suck any ones ass!
I'm me and I don't plan on changing. I stand behind what I say and am not afraid to speak my mind. I have yet to write a blog
but now is as good as any time to start. Considering all the trash talk that goes on around here I'm surprised its taken so long to throw us in. You all mock my father and Mr. Seeley but you sure kept your lids shut at the company meeting. Was that to convince Mr Seeley that everything is great at the CFC, or were you trying to keep something from him? Well, considering I've had my gear doused in diesel fuel, have officers who refuse to speak to me, have had hose lines shut down on me while inside of burning structures, had the feign hearted refuse to follow me into a burning building, or one of those who can only write a blog. I guess after all this that I can take a little jab here or there without crying. I recognize the absolute need for some to utilize a blog as it may be the only way they have the courage to speak out. Considering the demonstrated willingness of our current leaders to address anything unless forced to, its kind of comical in a sick way, but oh so sad.

So I might as well tell you how I feel about all of this. Lets see
should I begin. Sad to say it, but a lot of what is on this blog site is actually true, it doesn't mean I agree with it or like it being publicized. Its obvious that the blog site has generated more action than the CFC board has accomplished since its start up. It would have never reached this point but enough people had simply stood up and said enough is enough. In fact many of you have never said anything openly,. You simply bitch up a storm behind close doors. But lets face it, you haven't ever stood up so the crap continued to escalate. As I stated at the January meeting what harm has been done if we are simply being forced to do what we should have done in the first place. The CFC will only get better. Its the crap behind the scenes being orchestrated by a few who still think that Hose 1 is the only fire company in the world. Why shouldn't we have to follow the same rules as any one else?. This simpleton mentality has created all these problems. You claim that my family and I are nothing but die hard Hose 5 members to try and discredit us, but we fight on for the CFC. Even when our own officers and some of our Chiefs despise us. Volunteering for the community in a professional manner is more important than bowing down to your childish attacks.

Yes I I ran for a
lieutenants position this year against 1st LT. John Darling. I lost 23 to 14
in a fair election. I had previously spoken to 2ND Lt John Dees numerous times about running and wanted him to move up and run for the 1st Lt. position. We were both tired of the 1st Lt and Capt never showing up to calls and John was always complaining about doing all the work. I'm for anything that betters the CFC. John told me that all the line officers made a pack together that no one would run against anyone else and he was afraid of breaking it. John said he wouldn't run against Darling so I said fine and I put my name on the ballot for first LT. I didn't conspire or lead a campaign to simply oust him and I did not jump John Dees accept out of respect to the fact that he didn't want to run for a higher position. Its no different than 1st Asst Chief Prince not wanting to run for Chief. He had 25 years of service and experience as a Chief, Capt and Lt. yet he allowed an individual with with less than half the years experience to take over as Chief. Randy also jumped from a bogus district position to 2ND Asst Chief to Chief with out following the lines of progression. I don't remember anyone crying foul back then but Hose 1 members are always given an easier standard than everyone else.. Where was the childish mentality of the officers saying to him You should have asked permission to run? Give me a break, that's the kind of crap I was subjected to.! What else can I say. I ran against JD because I do not believe that he makes enough alarms. Primarily because of the fact that he lives in Palenville
is 2 fire districts away from Catskill. I feel that line officers should be leading the way from the fire house directing man power for the
first arriving trucks to be affective. How ever, I never said
that he
was a bad firefighter or line officer or anything bad about him
outside of
him not being able to make enough alarms to hold an office. If john
like me because of that then it's his loss not mine, I've never did
anything to him. In fact he hasn't spoken three words to my entire family in some six to eight months.

To be honest I also feel that Neal Russell should
resign as captain because he doesn't have enough time to
do his duties as captain. Not saying he's a bad officer but I don't
feel he
has enough time to dedicate to being captain at this time. I am also
with the intimidation captain Russell tried to put on me when he got in
face for no reason at a recent board meeting. It took 3 to 4 people to
him back when he attempted to assault me. This is not the way an
should act when dealing with someone. Especially when I came forward to the Fire Company Board with a serious safety violation involving two probes who had run a stop sign and a red light with out any regard to fellow FFs or the public. I'm not referring to a controlled look all ways and proceed with caution drive through, but a I'm invincible and I can run straight through with out stopping carefree drive through. Four FF's saw this occur and three of us wrote supporting letters as requested by the board president. We reported it to the Chiefs etc. and followed every ones recommendations. Only to be attacked within the first minute by the Fire Chief followed by others.
This was an intentional vendetta led by the Chiefs and officers against the complainants. I was shocked that we were attacked for doing what was right, but this has been a consistent pattern around the fire house.

I also feel we have a
couple of members on the board of director's who are in it for the wrong reasons. I believe that
Harold is
doing a good job as president, and the same for John Dees. I am a
upset that john voted against me when he was the one always complaining that
he was
the only line officer who did anything around the firehouse. John sorry
you get mad at me for saying this, but you can't deny it. You said it to
and several others numerous different times.
Randy's not the worst chief but then again he's not the best either. I
don't even
dislike Randy as a person but I don't care for the way he treats many of us
who I feel do a lot around the firehouse. I definitely don't like the fact that
Randy sat at the bar in the firehouse and told a group of people that
wishes my fathers house burned down when he had a small electrical fire
the wall. That's a hell of a thing for the Chief of the Village of Catskill Fire Department to say. It can't
denied either, I was told by three different people who sat their and
it. That's OK I won't hold it against you, you've hated my family for
years. I also don't respect the fact that you went to a fireman's funeral in Cairo and was bragging about when you become a paid Fire Chief your going to kick my family out of the department. Once again reliable sources from different departments informed about these conversations. Unbelievable but true, and yet we keep serving the tax payers because we understand the importance of doing our civic duty to volunteer and have no hidden agendas to form a paid fire department.

Chewens, he's not my favorite person but I don't hate him. Feel sorry that he is so infatuated with his Hose 1 and the fact that by all standards they lost the real competition. I do think
head is funny, it makes me laugh. Kind of humorous in its own way.

The bar being closed down isn't that big of a deal I'm here to fight
not drink beer. Maybe the bar should only be open for special
lets not deny the fact that we have had a lot of drinking related problems. The
issue, I think it's stupid, the truck belongs to the village and it
say Village of Catskill Fire Company on the side. The village has been ignoring
for years and enough is enough. The new rescue is a cool truck but I
the company should decide the color, not the truck committee which I
is made up of too many people that are related. E3-1 being posted for sale on the Web Site is being done simply because the Chief and Fire Commissioner want to punish Hose 5. You might have convinced the board that moving E3-1 was entirely to insure all apparatus gets off of the floor. But in all honesty it was to fulfill statements made by the fire commissioner and the chiefs that they would teach us a lesson by moving the truck up the hill. Go ahead and sell it, because I don't worship it. Just don't expect us to quit the fire house because of the childish games that are played. Selling it makes more sense than leaving the truck rotting away in the corner due to simple childish ignorance. You could never stop the East Side response so you attacked us the only way you could. Yes I also do support having
truck on the "east side". The whole reason 3-1 was moved was so we
could use
it more with more manpower on it. Funny because the truck never gets
used any more.
As far as more man power excuse, trucks a always rolling with two to three guys
even in a
ten man cab. How come the Chief never asks for the manpower status of anything from the West side? What's even funnier is that there are usually people
pulling up in the parking lot when the trucks pull out and leave them. So if your not
going to use 3-1 put it back on the east side and allow it to
with 2 and three guys.
That brings out another item of interest. Its pretty sad when The Fire Chiefs, The Fire Commissioner and the Captain state at a Fire Company meeting that they are moving E 3-1 back to the East Side temporarily during the 9w construction because they are afraid that not doing so they will not get their rescue truck. BUT emphasizing that it could only be used for a confirmed structure and anyone responding to anything else would be suspended from the company. The Chief stated that it was strictly a move to pacify the tax payers until they get their rescue truck purchased.
Health problems, that's a touchy subject. I feel people should be
careful at
pointing fingers. There are several people with health problems and I
believe that they probably don't have medical clearance to be doing the things they
are. As far as a medical officer making the kinds of comments that he did were inappropriate and out of line. If someone has a possible condition that needs too be appropriately addressed then do your job and address it. Don't come out in a Blog and make accusations or threats and then state your the Medical officer. The high street fire was the first one I remember seeing you at in months if not longer. If you had a an issue with someone you should have addressed it then. Not a year later and in a blog as a veiled threat. You certainly never heard me tell anyone that you froze or hesitated in the door and was using the hose issue as a reason for not entering the structure fire. Hesitation can cost lives and yes I grab a nozzle when ever someone demonstrates timidness or slowness at attacking a fire.
I did speak up at the last monthly meeting with Mr
Seeley about issues that bothered me so there's nothing to hide.
because I had balls to speak out in front of a lot of the people who
there like scared little kids doesn't mean I turned you in to the state
agencies as some have accused. You should be more afraid of the people
act like your friend until you leave the room then talk shit about you. They are the ones that hate you not me. I also
that people should make a certain number of alarms a year in order to
or hold office or have any firematic say. Well now that I have sunk to
level of writing blogs you can feel free to attack, harass, intimidate,
slander me. These are my words like them or not. But remember one
just like when I wrote letters to the editor I will sign my name to it.
go ahead and do what ever you want to my truck or house, I have
And if you think your going to run me off I have news for you, I'm here
life. By the way if you have any problems with me be a man and feel
free to
call me at home 943-0502.

Dissaponited with my brother firefighters behavior,

Joel Shanks