Monday, December 13, 2004

News of Greene County NY

Hello anybody. Here's first, experimental, installment of intended notes about life in Greene County NY. SOON TO BE FIVE. Art galleries. In Village of Catskill. On Main Street. Sole present gallery, in County Council On [sic.] the Arts building at number 398, soon will be flanked by showroom at southeast corner of Thompson & Main. After completing top-to-bottom hands-on makeover, new GreeneLanders Julie Chase and Dina Bernstein will live upstairs and display art, including own sculpture and pottery, on former Kentucky Broiled Chicken site. Similarly, up at 460 Main, just north of Second Baptist Church, Hudson Talbot and Rudy Berkhout have been doing (actually doing, with own labor) radical restoration of building where, again, they’ll show art of own as well as others’ creation. And across street, in beautiful curved building at ___ Main, entrepreneur Frank Cuthbert (with versatile tradesman Todd Wade and others) has been preparing elegant space for works of art. Finally, down south near Community Center, Patrick Milbourn, himself an artist of distinction (as GreeneLanders know especially from his Beaux Arts Ball posters), has been toiling daily to create yet showplace of art. And maybe he and Alyson will occupy elegant upstairs apartment. Those projects have been funded partly by Downtown Revitalization grants. So have many other Main Street makeovers. By next spring, cumulative results will be dazzling. 50 Ways to Feed Your Lover. That’s title of latest book (2002) by new GreeneLander Janeen Sarlin. As head (and mid-section, and tail) of Cooking With Class Inc., Janeen works as executive chef (for editor of Wine Spectator and Cigar Aficionado), caterer, columnist, cookery coach, and butt of sundry farmer’s daughter jokes. Other Sarlin works such as Everyday Roasting, Brunch Entertaining, and New Meat Lovers Cookbook, she maintains demurely, are only about food. . FILM COMMISSION IN OFFING? Another new GreeneLander, Michele Saunders, is exploring creation here of film promotion group. Michele’s specialty, cultivated in New York, Miami and Paris, is finding, and touting, locations suitable for fashion advertising shoots as well as movies. If you meet her, say Bonne chance avec cette affaire. TOO MUCH BUSINESS. Kilt-maker Anne Stewart has put her bonny Main Street (Catskill) shop on market. Reason: “too much walk-in business.” Wants to concentrate harder on needle-wielding end of mission to clothe northeastern America in clan tartans. She’ll remain here, in Leeds, along with husband Ron, ace fiddler and premier Santa Claus.

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