Friday, May 09, 2008

Second Sweep

90,000=State dollars allocated, as announced today by Sen. James Seward, to five GreeneLand organizations. The Thomas Cole Historic Site in Catskill, where Mr Seward spoke at a news conference, will receive $20,000 in Senate funding to provide “interpretive” exhibits and an introductory film. Catskill’s Chamber of Commerce gets $10,000 to boost its Saturday Strolls promotion. The Athens Cultural Center gets $10,000 to advance the restoration of its headquarters. The Greene County Historical Society gets $10,000 in help to repair and restore a wall of the 314(!)-year-old Bronck House. The County Arts Council gets $20,000 for headquarters renovation and another $20,000 to support a Jonathan Donald Productions documentary film about GreeneLand history.

In announcing the State-budgeted awards, Senator Seward hailed "the rich history" and--thanks to recent developments--"the bright future" of GreeneLand

2700=pounds of debris collected last Friday and Saturday by the scores of participants in Catskill’s Operation Clean Sweep. Trash was collected (by hand, by stooped-over volunteers) from Main Street, the public library, Water Street, West Bridge, West Main, and Dutchman’s Landing. Conspicuous among Saturday’s volunteers were crews from Lowes and WalMart, along with Village President Vincent Seeley, Village Trustee Joe Kozloski, Public Works boss Lewis O’Connor and Code Inspector Michael Ragaini. Among contributors of time, money and/or resources were Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Kiskatom Reformed Church youngsters, Nancy Richards and Robin Smith (chief organizers), Kelly Stabbe, Joan Young, Susan Kozloski, Holcim, the Fortnightly Club, the Garden Club, Mountain Tshirts, Brockway Landscaping, Divine Enlightenment, Panini CafĂ© (to be), and Transfer Station personnel.

30=souls allegedly saved in another “Operation Clean Sweep” that uh, swept Main Street. ten years ago. According to a Harvest Newsletter, volunteers from the Full Gospel Tabernacle here took to the streets “to compel lost sinners to come to the house of God.” In spite of intimidation by local cops, who warn “our young preachers” that they “will be arrested” if they “harass the drug pushers,” this Clean Sweep yielded “30 salvations of young people involved in drugs and prostitution.”

BUSTED lately, according to local newspaper reports: >>>William Malley, mayor of Hunter, on suspicion of driving in Hudson while intoxicated. He allegedly failed to stop at a red light and crashed into another motorist. Hunter Trustee Michael Tancredi, his political adversary in Village politics, says Mr Malley should resign. >>>George E. White, Greenville school bus driver, on suspicion of endangering the welfare of a child. Responding to a heads-up from elementary school principal Peter Mahan, State Police investigators formed the judgment that the 65-year-old driver had allowed a 10-year old pupil to change seats in exchange for a hug, and on previous occasions had given her candy, money, his telephone number, and suggestive comments. >>>Maceo Jones, 55, of Catskill, convicted by GreeneLand jurors of robbing an elderly East Durham couple, Patrick and Noelle Ryan, who had given him employment. The length of his prison sentence felonious crimes will be announced next month by Judge George J. Pulver Jr. And the judge will not be weighing the conduct of a model citizen. In 2005 Jones achieved a twofer: arrests within three days for different offenses. On a Wednesday he was arrested, arraigned and then released on bail ($100) for allegedly making criminal use of a Social Services Benefit card, namely, selling the $100 card to his sister, for $35, instead of using it to utilize prescribed services. Then on Friday he was riding in a car driven by Victoria Arnold (aka Vicky Roe). The vehicle was stopped by a police officer who recognized Ms Arnold as the recipient of three active suspensions. When Jones was instructed to exit the car, along with Ms Arnold—he too had no valid driver’s license, so the car had to be towed away—he made a fuss about undergoing the customary pat-down. The ensuing proceedings prompted his arrest on charges of resisting arrest and being in possession criminally of an illegal substance, namely, crack cocaine.

ACTORS WANTED for roles in a summer staging here of Amadeus, the Peter Shaffer play that was made into a superb movie, are available. The show will be performed in late July and early August at Historic Catskill Point. Director Joseph Capone is auditioning non-Equity candidates (by appointment; telephone 943-2680) for the parts of Constanze Weber (“early 20’s; beautiful vocal quality; energetic; great acting range”), Johann Kilian von Strack (“50’s; groom of the Imperial Opera; commanding presence, extremely articulate”), and Baron van Swieten (“50-60; prefect of the Imperial Library; elitist and vain; commanding presence”).

JOHN KIEBART, who served for 28 years as a State policeman in GreeneLand and then did eight years as sheriff (prior to the advent of Dick Hussey and then, since January, of Greg Seeley) died yesterday of cancer. A wake will be held on Monday from 2pm at the Traver-McCurry mortuary in Catskill. Sheriff Kiebart was honored 18 days ago at a heavily attended ceremony in Prattsville, where his name was given to the sub-station that he had opened in 1993.

TONIGHT we can enhance our “Sense of Taste” and our “Sense of Place” in the same, well, place. At the Catskill Community Center, wine expert Michael Albin will distribute tastes of his favorite beverage, together with edifying observations, while photographic artists Susan Wides and Fawn Potash exhibit placefulness (the opposite of placelessness). The entrance fees will support the Center’s program of photographic instruction for youngsters.

TOMORROW (5/10) brings to downtown Catskill, most likely, a sense of repletion. Shops, galleries and food outlets will stay open late. Vintage cars, trucks and—with special emphasis—motorcycles will be on show up and down Main Street. At the same time, Saturday strollers will be welcomed (most audibly, by the Drum & Bugle Corps) to the new Welcome Center at the Community Center, and to the Center’s program fair (lots of information about lots of projects and organizations). Among representatives there will Liza Dichter ( ) and Dharma Dailey ( ), who will present the plan for the new community FM radio station, with training and participation available ( (About this event--more info at ), a Daily Mail scrivener envisioned a ribbon-cutting, door-opening concept: “The long-awaited ‘nerve center’ concept at the …Center will cut the ribbon and open it’s [sic.] doors this weekend, featuring a smorgasbord of …activities.”)

SUNDAY is (so say the greeting card makers) Mother’s Day, which could be celebrated by attendance at a performance by Bard Conservatory students who play and sing music of DeFalla, Garcia Lorca, Bernstein, Bowles, Cook, and Rachmaninov. From 2pm at Beattie-Powers House in Catskill.

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