Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Hello anybody. Welcome to installment 2 of an experiment in communication—in, I fervently hope, two-way or plural communication. I solicit help. Immediately needed, among other things, is help in compiling a hit list of e-addresses of people to whom notice of installments should be sent. Also earnestly invited are corrections, suggested additions, leads, tips, and even denunciations. They could help to pave the way for an on-line Seeing Greene magazine. Responses can be voiced by clicking Comments (bottom of blog) or by e-mailing me at dickmate@mhcable.com --Dick May MOVIE HOUSE SOLD? Rumors of sale of Catskill’s Community Theater (and two store fronts, and capacious upstairs apartments) by Tom Thornton, are afloat yet again. And again there’s happy talk about restoring old Vaudeville stage so as to house live performances. But sale is only a prospect, via New Yorker who’s genuinely interested, and theatrical, but must sell a city property first. If it happens, maybe Art Klein would reprise his tournament-winning joke fest; Jim Riley would dust off his professional stand-up routine; Kenny & Denny & Ron would provide musical intervals; Jerry Smith (Broadway pit orchestra veteran) would tootle; Joe Capone would stage one of his plays here; Flo Hale would draw on rich casting and directing experience; and let’s not get carried away. NEW NAME? If sale and conversion occur, new owner might wish to revive theater’s first (1888) name: The Nelida, derived from Nelly and Ida, names of original builders’ wives. Years later, after boisterous New Years Eve party, according to Philip H. DuBois (A Catskills Boyhood, 1992), The Nelida burned to ground. Resurrection under present name, as Vaudeville AND movie house then was achieved under direction of Howard Silberstein. Nelida’s first show was “Rip Van Winkle.” New Nelida could be launched with new musical version of “Rip,” composed by our Frank Cuthbert. ANOTHER REVIVAL. Restored legitimate theater would be GreeneLand’s second. Already well under way is $2 million restoration of 400-seat Orpheum in Tannersville. Built in 1956, on site of silent movie-era picture palace that burned down, Orpheum had been shuttered for 22 years before being bought, as prospective state-of-art performing arts center, by Catskill Mountain Foundation. TOO LATE FOR MANDALA. Already transpired (expired?) here is weekend Haines Falls retreat devoted to enabling women to “practically experience their positive inner self and be moved and transformed by their experiences, moving more deeply into the self’s inner treasures….” Promised too (in Press release) was mentoring in “mining the depths of your loveliest diamond qualities, to learn how to bring one to the surface, to appreciate its radiance, and to polish this quality ...so that it can shine brilliantly in life.” A “life-size mandala” was to be created collectively at Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization’s Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center. For future diamond quality mining opportunities, telephone 518 589-5000. (Since you immediately looked up mandala, you do not need to be told that it’s Hindu or Buddhist symbol of universe, in form of circle enclosing square with deity on each side). ATM CUSTOMERS of Bank of Greene County must insert card, then punch in password numbers, then obey instruction “If this is correct, press Yes” even though the PW numbers do not appear on screen. “Don’t Know” not an option. SEX ON SCHOOL BUS? Not this year. So far. Maybe. HOMEOBLOCK= name of unique trademarked medical device that, according to new GreeneLander Theodore R. Belfor, DDS, “straightens teeth as a result of developing facial structure.” It’s removable, bioengineering-based orthodontic device that corrects malocclusions in adult mouths without removing tooth tissue. No ugly braces, or hammer and pliers. When not in Manhattan, Ted and wife Pamela work on the project here, in their Hudson-hugging house. (www.facialdevelopment.com). NOT THAT JIM. The Jim Palmer who now inhabits 60-acre GreeneLand spread called Catwalk, along with wife Purcell, is NOT baseball’s pitching Hall Of Famer. He’s basketball’s 80-inch, shooting, passing, shot-blocking ex-Olympian and Knick- erbocker. SAGGING FORTUNES? Rumors of money problems at Catskill Golf Club are false (although more members would be welcome). What DID sag was front deck. All of it. While people were sitting on it. All fixed now. AND FINALLY. “If a person does not take his time and deeply checking, looking, examining or research in helping something, he might miss something important and it might result in a very big mistake. That is why all people and things better have to be considered equal to be treated fairly, or you can be to cause like a crime yet too, even you’re not intend really to.” Got it? From Gone Wind of GreeneLand’s Mahahayana Buddhist Temple, in our Daily Maul.

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