Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Hard News &

GRANTED: to Joseph Capone; by New York State Council on the Arts; $2500; toward staging Anton Chekhov’s “The Seagull” this summer (August 19-22) at Catskill Point. Period costumes to be crafted by Korine Mason of Chatham. Set design and dramaturgy provided by GreeneLanders Kico Govantes and Richard Philp. Casting call (13 parts) to be sent out through local media in February or March. This production will be sequel of sorts to Capone-directed performance of “The Cherry Orchard” at Beattie-Powers House in summer 2001. An erstwhile professor of theater at Pace University, Joe has been GreeneLander, along with wife Eileen, for 18 years DENOUNCED: major GreeneLand hostelry; for allegedly foul conditions; by professed victims,. “Dirty, dangerous, and smelly.” “Unsafe.” “Horrendous.” “Travesty of hospitality.” “Reminded me of ‘The Shining.’ The only way I could sleep in the room that was deemed newly renovated was to get totally intoxicated. This way, I did not care about the flies I could not kill, the mildew covered walls, the noisy bathroom and what was under the sheets.” “Sheets and pillows and rug had a disgusting SMELL that stuck to...us." “Why is this hotel still open?” Some other reviews—in www.weatherunderground, zip code 12414; TripAdvisor--are not so lethal. DEMOTED: Jules Molenda; from publisher of Hudson Valley Newspapers (Catskill’s Daily Mail, Hudson’s Register-Star, Windham Journal, Chatham Courier); to advertising director; abruptly. Replacement was signaled (vs. announced) by change in masthead and 30-column-inch profile of successor Roger T. Coleman--with no mention of predecessor. It happened last September; we’re just catching up. BLOATED: obituary of one Catherine Johnson of Watertown NY; in Daily Mail and other up-State newspapers; to extent of record-setting 63 column-inches. Possible explanation (vs. news value justification): deceased was matriarch of parent newspaper company. CONJECTURED: that new publisher Coleman’s main mission here is complete consolidation of already-integrated mid-Hudson dailies (Register-Star and Daily Mail) plus termination of weeklies (Courier and Journal, Greene County News having already been buried). Main consequences would be unemployment for staff and further shrinkage of already-emaciated local coverage. (This could be wishful thinking on part of competitors). END OF COMMERCE? Greene County Chamber of Commerce web site offers link to, among other things, its “quarterly” newsletter. Which turns out to be LAST winter’s newsletter. Whose big page-one headline (edited, apparently, by Tar Riedinger) says “…Coalition UnvAiled” (emphasis added). Chamber President Don Gibson says whole site is being done over by Mid-Hudson Media. Not a moment too soon. Dick May dickmate@mhcable.com

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