Friday, March 21, 2008

Hot News?

SOLD, almost, after 62 years as an independent GreeneLand business, with 75 employees and with headquarters in Catskill and branches in Hudson and Chatham: Dunn Builders Supply. The buyer, almost, is Ed Herrington, whose eponymous building supply company includes yards in Hillsdale (Columbia County) and in four other locations, two in Connecticut and two in Massachusetts. Vendor Steve Dunn bought the business in 1980 from his father, Carlos, who had acquired it in 1946 from the wreckage of the bankrupt Catskill Supply Company. The deal with Herrington, Mr Dunn told Seeing Greene, has not been finalized although the parties have “agreed to agree” on terms (which he declined to name). The buyer, he added, “is a colleague and a savvy business friend whose business practices and commitment to this employees are regarded highly in our industry.” The sale comes in the wake of the recent arrival in Catskill of branches of the giant Home Depot and Lowes Home Improvement chains. Those new competitors cut into Dunn’s sales to do-it-yourself builders, but dealings with professional contractors, Mr Dunn said, have remained robust. (Steve Dunn is not related to Sandy Dunn of West Virginia, who is president of the National Association of Home Builders).

“THEY HAD AN ELECTION AND NOBODY CAME” could properly describe some of the balloting that took place on Tuesday in GreeneLand villages. In Tannersville, with the polls open all day as usual, incumbent Trustees Mary Sue Timpson and Linda Kline were returned, with all of 72 and 62 votes respectively, while Clifford Bertrand picked up 32 votes. In Hunter, as reported by Jim Planck (Daily Mail 3/19),182 voters turned up at the polls for the mayoralty contest, and they gave exactly 91 votes each to incumbent William Maley and to challenger Michael Tancredi. The outcome hinged on the division of 32 absentee ballots, of which Mr Maley garnered 24.

In Athens, to be sure, 612 voters did turn out. They filled two vacant Village Board seats with Herman Reinhold (222 votes) and Tim O’Leary (214), while Richard Greene (176) came up short. (He had wanted to put vinyl siding on a historic dwelling?).

Coxsackie’s election, held in the midst of simmering local controversies, did draw substantial turnout. Incumbent trustee Greg Backus, unopposed, was re-elected with 420 votes. In a three-way contest for two at-large Village Board seats, incumbent John Oliver was re-elected with 385 votes, and former mayor Dianne Ringwald was returned to the Board, after a setback in 2006. She out-polled Jason Warren, with 368 votes to his 186. Mayor John Bull was not elated.

Newspaper reports of the election contests gave prominence to the candidates’ political party affiliations, thereby suggesting, spuriously, that those labels convey vital information about personal character and/or local policy stands. The Daily Mail made some endorsements, and did so by way of claims about candidates’ beliefs and intentions, thereby suggesting, spuriously, that authors of editorials can read minds.

“FAIR” was the official medical rating Thursday morning for Ricky Caridi, co-manager of GreeneLand’s Friar Tuck Resort. Mr Caridi was airlifted on Monday morning to Albany Medical Center after reportedly shooting himself in the chest, twice, with a .38 caliber pistol. He and his cousin, Ross Caridi, are sons Friar Tuck founders Salvatore and Steve Caridi.

SIDELINED indefinitely, by complications encountered during surgery: Catskill Middle School principal Marielena Davis. Her place will be taken by Elementary School principal Selma Friedman, who in turn will be replaced by Lee Bordick, a retired administrator who has filled in here on past occasions, including being Middle School principal. Also sidelined, we understand, is Transportation Supervisor Kathy Bruno, whose duties will be added to the responsibilities of Food Services Director William Muirhead. Meanwhle, an anonymous correspondent was “just wondering if the rumor is true about The Superintendent of our schools Kate Farrell getting a shower installed in her office. Why in the world would she need one? Who's paying for it? Especially when the showers in the middle school are not useable for the students to take showers after gym class.” Another commentator says it’s “a shame that the Catskill CSD has caused the circus to be cancelled. Many area parents can't make the trip to Albany or NYC, and this was a cute, small event for them. I would strongly encourage the Kiwanis club to cease providing the school with free dictionaries, scholarships and everything else. Maybe the group can find an organization to support that would actually be grateful.”

RE-OPENING in May, for dining: the former Freehold Inn, now called Freehold House and operated by Michal (“Mickey”) Johnson. She promises “international cuisine, a good wine list, and a choice selection of New York beers.” ( ; 965-3784)

RECRUITED as Education Co-ordinator for the Thomas Cole National Historic Site: Gregory Rosenthal, a Bates College graduate (magna cum laude), a Master in Public History graduate of SUNY Albany, and recent intern at the Adirondack Museum. He started work last Monday, taking on responsibility for recruiting, training, assigning and otherwise managing volunteer docents.

HONORED, by the New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association, as Best Tourism Employee: GreeneLand’s Nancy Petramale. Her nominator, county tourism director Daniela Marino, commended Ms Petramale’s effectiveness in “taking over responsibilities for matters completely outside of her job description” when the regular person was absent on medical leave for many months.

FIRED UP? Burning with outrage? It’s hard to shun word play when talking about a serious matter in Cairo’s fire-fighting company. As reported by Dollie Gull (Daily Mail, 3/14, 3/20) Chief Gerry Buckley and all four assistant chiefs—Randy Buel, Ray Feml, Bill Smith, John Buckley--have tendered resignations, and all the members of the fire company who attended a March 13th meeting voted in favor of hiring a lawyer. Those actions were, well, ignited by a decision of the town’s fire commission, in a 3-2 vote, to buy air-breathing equipment that, they contend, does not comply with State-prescribed standards. John Fabrizio, chairman of the fire commissioners, evidently has said that the cited equipment is, or will become, compliant. Here’s hoping the dispute will soon be extinguished.

HOTTEST EVER? This year’s Beaux Arts Ball, at age 20, next Saturday (3/29) at Hunter Mountain’s Copper Tree Restaurant. The usual array of fine items for sale by way of silent auction before dinner—enhanced, in no small measure, by the open bar and the ear+eye candy of Lex Grey’s “naughty cabaret.” A post-poster work of art by Patrick Milbourn. An award ceremony honoring a great Mid-Hudson friend of arts & history & letters. Music for dining & dancing by the incandescent party band Nite-Time led by new Athenians Yves Gerard and Amy Serrago ([518]444-8131), backed by Richard Hammond, Jack Moer, Mark Rivera and Scott Eggert. Some of the Ball-going men will not be clad in tuxedos. The ball-gowned ladies may look different and similar. At blog-post time this event, which is the GreeneLand Arts Council’s big annual fund-raiser, was not quite sold out. Telephone 943-3400.

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Anonymous said...

It would be great if you could find out if it was true that the new principal , Ms. Friedman, is having a shower installed in her office? The showers in the junior high school don't even work? What do the kids do after gym?
Why would anyone who works in an office type setting need a shower at the taxpayers expense?
No wonder why school taxes are so high. If this is true, the school budget should be reviewed a little more carefully before we are asked to pass another budget increase.