Monday, July 31, 2006

Bicentennial Bash

Where’s the party this weekend? Why it’s in rocking, ripping, caterwauling Catskill NY. As Patrick Milbourn’s poster conveys so brilliantly, by endowing Rip Van Winkle with a long beard and a young, lively stride, it’s party time in the rejuvenated Village that is 200 years young. And the weekend will be one long birthday party. Festivities begin on Friday at 6 o’clock at the front of the Greene County Courthouse on Main Street, with speechifying, and dancing (to the live music of “Steppin’ Out”), and food vendors (especially from local churches), and solidarity. Saturday’s kick-off event is a mile-long parade starting at noon. Fed by the 70 participating groups from many side streets, it will pass from West Main Street to upper Main Street, and from there down to Dutchmen’s Landing, site for a day (and a good bit of the night) of live entertainment. Parking and motor traffic on many Village streets will be banned, but shuttle buses will operate from off-Main Street parking lots as well as from Catskill High School’s parking lot. In addition to hours of live music, the revelers will be offered rides on the old fireboat John J. Harvey, an exhibition of antique cars, games, tables of arts and crafts, food and fireworks. Among Sunday’s festivities is a tour of historic homes, organized by the Greene County Historical Society. It starts from the Thomas Cole National Historic Site (218 Spring St) at 11 o’clock in the morning. Prospective participants can get tickets there ($20 per person, with proceeds going to the Historical Society) and can visit the selected sites (12 of them) at their leisure until 5 pm. (Information: [518]731-6490, or 943-6452, or 943-7465). Meanwhile, on Main Street, from noon, many shops and art galleries will be open, a Dixieland band will be strolling and, at 3 o’clock, in front of Bell’s Café (387 Main St), a huge birthday cake will be cut. At 4 pm., in the parking lot between 466 and 468 Main Street musicians (starting with Lex Grey and The Urban Pioneers) will play and play some more, in advance of the opening (at 6 pm.) of a new BRIK gallery show (473 Main St) that is composed of art works by 37 (t-h-i-r-t-y s-e-v-e-n) Hudson Valley artists, all female (f-e-m-a-l-e). Meanwhile, at 5 pm. at the First Reformed Church (310 Main St) Michael deBenedictus will give an organ recital. An important additional feature of the bicentennial celebration is the publication of a new book, lavishly illustrated, written by a collection of distinguished contributors (plus a drudge from Seeing Greene). It would make for the ideal durable souvenir. To reserve a copy ($20 if you call immediately, $25 by Friday), telephone the Heart of Catskill Association (943-0989) or the Village office (943-3830 ) and leave a suitable message. The supply is dwindling rapidly. Honest. But a second printing may be ordered. Equally suitable as a bicentennial memento would be a copy, full-sized, of Patrick Milbourn’s poster (as above), signed by the artist. The price is $60. Also available from HOCA or the Village office.


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Great job with

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Check Out Harold Rivenburgs site seeinggreenefire!!!!!

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The Overbaughs have scumbagged Neal Russell by running John Dees for 2nd asst. Chief over him!

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Check out Harold blogginburgs new blog the case of "Officer Jack MeHoff!"

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While I was not able to participate in all of the Bicentennial events, I want to commend the Village of Catskill's administration and volunteers for their exceptional management of the Event .. a wonderful celebration of our village's history. A major highlight, in my opinion, also was Frank Cuthbert's hospitality and generosity in offering a village 'get together' with art and music in the early evening on Saturday .. fantastic!
Harold M. Hanson, merchant and resident.

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Great Job to the entire Bicentennial Committee. You made Catskill shine on Friday night with the Block Party and again on Saturday with the BIG Parade and lots of vendors. Saturday night's fireworks was the best show that has been in our area in many years. Thank you to the whole committee who worked on this massive project. GOOD JOB TO ALL..

Anonymous said...

The three hour parade only lasted 1.5 hours with 15 minute breaks in between each group.

The 1.5 hour fire work display only lasted 20 minutes and some jerk forgot to turn out the lights at the monestary that rouined the entire fire work display.Lets face it, you wait until dark so you can enjoy the fire works, we waited and then some simpleton turned the lights on trying to light up the sky! its only 20 minutes I'm sure we could have survived 20 minutes with out some simpletons lights on ! Other than those two problems the fire works were pretty good!

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree. Yes, the fireworks were not 45 minutes long. But I was on the river and they were great. My suggestion to the critics is if you dont like it, help out next year. And Dick, I think you should invite all of your readers to sit on your lawn and watch the fireworks next year. Other than sitting on the river, you have the best spot in the county.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank all of the Village of Catskill employees and the volunteers of the Bicentennial Committee for working together to provide a fantastic celebration for the Village's 200th birthday! They all did a wonderful job and put in many hours of hard work and dedication and all deserve a big thank you!

While we celebrated a milestone in the Village of Catskill, we also are setting the stage for bigger and better things to come in the future.

The Village of Catskill has come a long way in 200 years and we are still growing and getting better each day. There is more work to be done, but I believe the Village of Catskill is on the right track and heading in the right direction.

Thank you again, to all who helped make this a wonderful celebration!

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Hell the hell can you claim that when the board has spent 5 months with a fire fighter ilegally suspended while you claim administrative leave for his safety. What about protecting the victim and suspending the villains until a hearing is conducted IAW with General Municipal Law? What about his rights?

What about his civil rights being violated and him being denied the chance to participate in once in a life time event?

What about the Village Trustees allowing the fire department bar to remain open after it was ordered closed by the state? I called today after the drinking there Saturday night and just like the PBA bar it is not authorized and is ilegal!

What about the disposition in court about ETA 3-11, Nothing done either!

What about the Chewens Drunk fest? Nothing done? what about the orchestrated attacks on certain individuals at the fire house?

If your not Hose 1 they are going to run you off!

What anout changing the police cars to black and white?

What about changing the fire trucks to red?

What about picking Hose 1 colors for everything? Trucks uniforms etc?

Lookjs like the most discredited company has been given everything by a disgruntled fire commissioner and the the board of trustees allowed them to.

I agree with you were are moving forward!
The wrong direction so lets start talking about disolving the villaage and all workers going out and finding new jobs before the idiots break the bank!

Anonymous said...

Because safety was a cover story for the harassment conducted by the Fire Chief and the fire Commish! tHEY WENT CRYING TO vINNEY AND THEY CONJURED UP THE ENTIRE SAFETY ISSUE AS A COVER STORY! Think it will hold salt in court? Especially after all the discussions conducted at the fire house about it? Ohhh The tangled webs we weave! Especially simply because of jealousy!