Monday, February 28, 2005

Must there be a title?

ERROR. In debut blog (Dec. 13) we foreshadowed advent on Catskill’s Main Street of five art galleries (vs. present one). Make that six. And gallery we did not know about has already opened. It’s Wilder Art Space, located where adoptive GreeneLander Mike Tyson trained: top floor of what is now George Jurgsatis’s Townhouse Antiques, 375 Main. It’s run by two young couples: Maria Ornelas & John Peters, Hilary Manning & Earl Lundy. On March 12th (Saturday), from 5 pm, they unveil new exhibition. lnfo at (518) 653-6169 or by e-mail to

EXPECTING 4: GreeneLander Joe Konsul and wife Amy Ray. With quadruplets, former basketball standout Joe will be close to forming own team (The Konsulate?).

COMING SOON: second Bed & Breakfast for Catskill (after Caleb Street’s Inn, run by Rita Landy with help from Homer Hager).. Details at 15 (of March, or thereabouts).

“BOSTON YANKEES”= monogram on fashion baseball jacket available (for $350?) at Jennifer Johnson’s Purple Heart hip-hop boutique at 392 Main St, Catskill.

HITCHED AT LAST. On Thursday, Feb. 25, Yael Minor and Keith McMorrow closed Bell’s CafĂ© in mid-afternoon as usual, then strolled down Main Street to Greene County Courthouse where, after being joined by various kinfolk of his (hers are in Israel) and by Judge George Pulver Jr., they were married. When they returned (home is on the third floor) they found front door festooned with decorative good wishes from Heart of Catskill Association.

CHANNELED. At Meeting of the Minds Education Center, in Blue Pearl complex in East Durham, from 2 pm. this Saturday, proprietor Ulla Darni presents “Lois T. Martin and Adam F. Bernstein, Professional Psychics,” expatiating on “communicating with any consciousness that is not in human form, by allowing that consciousness to express itself through the Channeler.” For more information channel (518)734-6625.

SELECTED: “Spatial #1,” monotype print created by Freehold artist (and squash racquets ace) Michel Goldberg; for inclusion in juried show of abstract art works in Sarasota and in Venice FL during February-March.

HEEDED, in Las Vegas, at recent symposium of Appliance Therapy Practitioners Association: GreeneLand’s Dr Theodore Belfor, dilating on “The Homeoblock Appliance—Diagnosis and Treatment.”

UNBALANCED? Among Columbia-Greene Board of Realtors’ 11 directors, only two—Claudia Zucker and Liz Kistinger—are GreeneLanders. But that doubles our 2004 representation (by Jim Bulich).

BOOM in GreeneLand real estate prices has been charted by State Association of Realtors. Median price of existing single-family home here rose from 2002 to 2004 by whopping 54 per cent, highest of any county in New York. Also showing steep increases during 2002-04 were Columbia (43%) and Ulster counties (36%). GreeneLand’s big jump can be ascribed in no small measure to its low-cost starting point. Median price of a single-family home here in 2002 was only $90,000, as compared with $120,000 in Albany, $150,000 in Columbia,$155,000 in Ulster counties. Thus, although we’ve had a big price jump, homes here still may be relatively cheap, Among single-family homes that changed hands here last year, median price was $139,000, vs. $164,400, $215,000 and $210,500 for Albany, Columbia and Ulster counties, and with $232,000 State-wide. Oddest thing about figures distributed by NYSAR is showing of apparent big DROP in VOLUME of sales from 2002: from 655 to 346 (2003) and 370 (2004). Not plausible.

>MULIEBRITY=female counterpart of virility. For more verbal zingers--sitophobia, tribology, matrocliny--google A.Word.A.Day.


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